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The Messenger was Right by Dr Ali Muhammad
Notice: This work is the copyrighted property of the ISIS Research Institute and Dr Ali Muhammad No part of this work may be duplicated without the expressed permission of the author except for reposting the Article for the reading of others with no alterations July 26th 2011 AD 15096 AC Peace Family I am making corrections to this note in order to clear up mistakes i made in my former calculations and in order to vindicate the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I recommend that you get an astronomy software to understand what i will present. A simple one for free is Stellarium. You can google it and then download it for free. After recalculating and counting from the vernal equinox point i have found something astounding... It is a sad state to see our people all over the world languishing in the conspiratorial deception of spiritual systems with almost no help...All original people globally need the lessons i am preparing in respect to Islam. If they take them they will once again become the 'bright shining stars of our ancient system' and regain their wealth political power scholarship etc... if u reject the severe accuracy of this and other reports the parasites will plummet Africa into complete submission and the negroe in America will never know his true lineage...Ali to the rescue Here are my points of contention 1) Ramadan as presently practiced by all Muslims of the Earth is based on an inaccurate calendar that was not the historical calendar of Nabi Muhammad as revealed in the Qur'aan. Ramadan mathematically takes place commencing on the 9th month from the vernal equinox (Celestial Merian in Astronomy) and ending 30 days from that time 2) The calendar system of the Muslims matches the ancient global calendar system of their Moorish forefathers and foremothers who were masters who developed and perfected the science of Astronomy 3) My primary source to make these corrections is Allahs first book the Universe and its Astro-physical movements and in this case the Quran itself as the second Kitab (Record /Book) supported by other traditions of calendar keeping 4) As Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of the faith practiced by hundreds of Millions of Muslims worldwide if i am correct, and i am (MA), then the false lunar calendars and false histories inserted by deviant Khalifs and so-called pale arab scholars...the devils must be reviewed and if found wanting forever removed from our spiritual systems 5) Doing this will place the Original Khalifah of Islam the man of 'Hamiat anam', the original black man back in his natural place as the leader of Spiritual systems on this planet as predicted in Qur'aan

If there is one thing that i have learned as a historian and anthropologist it is that lineage is one of the most important ingredients of any discussion. Each people, religion, spiritual system, etc... springs from former systems and when our arm can reach back far enough we find that ALL scientific based spiritual systems are based on Cosmology and Cosmogony, Cosmology being a study of the Universe and Our place and purpose in respect to it and Cosmogony being the actual laws that brought about the anatomy and physiology of the universe and all things within from te Creator of the Universe. I can admit to knowing NOTHING about accurate calendar systems until i meet the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man who we know of as The Messenger of Allah to the Black man in America first and all Original People on the planet. I recommend the theology of time lecture series which can be purchased via the Final Call Website and other websites. Get the audios the Book has been compromised in that it does not include every word of that series. This type of science (The Study of Cosmology and Cosmogony) leads us into one of its brances which is called Astronomy. This was a science developed amongst the ancient peoples of humanity. Their recording of their so called mythos and Indigenous orals traditions and their leaving of marks based on the movement of the heavenly bodies tell us when (time wise) they lived. The Original People developed a very accurate science of calendar keeping which displayed their complete knowledge of the measurements and geometry of the universe (which is an electomagnetic field of stars, planets, asteroids, comets etc...) within in endless amount of space according to Indigenous myth systems. The recording of calendars was based on a very simple science that primarily dealt with Sun, Moon, Star, and Earth movements. Since the Lunar Earth catastrophe which included the planet Mars our ancestors have charted the tilt of the Earths Poles the tilt and movement of the Suns Poles, its (The Suns) motion around Sirius and the most accurate Astronomy ever recorded. They based the count of the year on what we call the 13th Constellation Sirius. This Constellation is mentioned in our Qur'aan as the qara word 'Shiraa'. Notice i did not say Arabic which is NOT the name of the Qur'aan (ic) language. Shiraa in qara we call a broken Plural which means it is denoting Moor than one Star. We know from so called modern research that their are 3 stars in this system and one planet, yet Aboriginal Peoples and Aboriginals who are Muslims knew this thousands of years ago. How so then did they develop such an intricate knowledge of Astronomy. How did Muhammad know that Sirius was a multi-star system if he did not have telescopes and other advanced equipment. How did the Dogon Tribe of Mali know this? In Surah 53 of the Qur'aan called Al Najm (The Star) the only Stars mentioned are the Sirius system (verse 49). The Surah Starts out discussing the 'Hawaay' of this Star its 'setting' which is an accurate description in English of the qara expression. In discussing the celestial mechanics of the start of Ramadan Just as the Sun is rising on that day it (Sirius) is setting in the west. The Author of Qur'aan then in Surah 53, The Star is recounting this celestial event which actually marks Nabi Muhammads initial interface with the Mala'ikah Jabriyl who was undoubtedly a man (see Quran 6:8&9),it also speaks of the lote tree

symbolism and the Sirius Star which is setting as the marker date for the commencement of Ramadan...and with proper translation more is revealed. The most important part of this discussion is that white scientists allegedly discovered what they call the precession of the stars by and through Hipparchus a Greek who's records were left in Ptolemy's Almagest however the precession period has been known since it began and is recorded in every Aboriginal Civilization on earth that dealt with astronomy. These Greeks and Romans studied that particular science only after invasion and missappropriated its knowledge. They have still to this day not figured out the actual measurements of the universe which is tied directly to this area of study and it is all based on calendric astronomy...and yes the universe does have a diameter, circumference, etc...that is measurable These events of Sun movements, earth movements, and calculation of time based on Sirius occur and are measurable with perfect accuracy on the vernal equinox, atumnal equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice of every year which is the day that the Sun 'stands still' (sol-stice) in its lowest position in the sky. The Sun remains in this low position for 3 days and begins its ascension or begins its climb on its ecliptic path...the days begin to get longer from that point. Sirius can be seen setting on the western horizon at dawn (sunrise) for the entire month of December just as stated by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Ramadan is in December. Sirius in this position or aspect in respect to the Sun was so special to the Aboriginal Astronomer that this was the mark for the resurrection of the most important part of the year, as the Sun was on a celestial cross in aspect...3,6,9,12, the clock of todays mathematics. This Sirius, Sun celebration occured 3 days after the Solstice point, which celebration takes place now around December 24th or 25th as X-mass and yes the X must be unknown to the masses thus they celebrate Christ-mass...or the birth of Zeus (Seus) also known as Jesus (Ieosus in Greek) u see that the catholic church and the jewish scholars who wrote the new testament themes for them understands your Moorish Rhythms and plays on them. The Sirius Cosmo-anatomy was considered the 'world tree' and this tree is mentioned in the Qur'aan in Surah 53 (The Star) as the so called lote-tree, which according to Islamic tradition is the highest anyone can ascend in their 'approach to Allah". What these folks dont know is that this level of Astronomy if understood based on Aboriginal Cosmology and Cosmogony takes one into the ultimate knowledge of the universe which is called 'Revelation' by most people in religion. This world tree symbolism actually springs directly from my ancestors as the Yaxkhay tree of the mythos of the Amaru or Tutul Xi (so called Olmec-Maya) and we taught this to all high civilizations of the world. This mark for this important celestial time on the winter solstice caused Aboriginals to count months in 30 day increments of 12 months accounting to 360 days and we left the last 5 days for offerings to the Creator and ancestors in Sun calendars and a 13 month Lunar system based on 28 days which accounted for 364 days and a single day and nearly a quarter left for the same ritual system. The 9th month which is called Ramadan in Islam marked the period when Sirius is setting at dawn. This period the 9th month on all Sirius

based calendars was considered a sacred month of fasting and a period when the celestial influences of the Creator were at their highest, thus we have in the Qur'aan, "The Month of Ramadan in which is revealed in it the Qur'aan guidance for Man and the Clear proofs from the Guide and the Criterion for Judgment" Surah 2 Al baqarah ayah 185. In the full writing and presentation i will give the correct astronomical data in the way of right ascension and declination of this star system in order to substantiate further these claims that this data is accurate and that ramadan was based on a astro-celestial science with the purpose of acting as a energy harmonizing day of universal coherence made to bring balance complete balance to the social order of humanity along with the other pillars of Islam. The marking of the 4 sacred periods and the 12 periods of calculation denotes the solar calendar and 4 tropical shifts (seasons) made by the earth in its revolution due to its 23.5 degree inclination to the plane of its orbit. Simply put since the earth is 23.5 degrees titlted it causes seasons...4 of them and these seasons are celestial rhythms. They are time markers and markers for how celestial rhythms impact human consciousness and thus were given attention in order to give a divine prescription for society about how to behvae in these shifts. The adding of the Moon in Islamic calendars was based on the FACT that before the lunar earth catastrophe there were no 'seasons' and shifts in the earths magnetic field and polarity. However after this event which is discussed in full by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad we have these 4 seasons and tilts of the earths polar axis. So as we will begin to see this information is very important to all of humanity, and the true Islamic calendar was not a lunar based calendar based on a false history of a hijrah from Mecca to Medina. Yes the Quran verifies every word i am ill give you a peek Surah 9:36 •Inna addat ash-shuhoori inda Allah aathnaa ashara shahran fee kitaabi Allah yaum khalaqa as-samaawaati wa al-aard. • Minhaa aarba’at hurum. Dhaalika ad-deen al-qayeem. Falaa tazlimuu fee hinna aanfusakum. Wa qaatiluu al-mushrikeena • kaafat kamaa yuqaatiloonakum kaafaatin. Wa aa’lmoo anna Allah ma’a almutaqeena •Surely the Calculation of Time Periods with Allah is Twelve Periods in Allah’s Record. • A period in which he creates the Heavens and the Earth. Of these four • are Sacred. This is the interpretation of the upright, so do not wrong your • souls in them. And make war with the polytheists in unity, as they will make war with • you in unity. And have full knowledge that Allah is present amongst those who keep • their spiritual obligations The charting of this Sirius based calendar in the Quran is verified in Surah 53 and others 2, Surah, 70 Surah 97, Surah 34, and many other Surahs. Specifically Surah 53 charts the start of Ramadan in the first verse when it states

By the Star when it sets This star is Sirius which is mentioned later diretly in ayah 49. The verses that follow discuss Nabi Muhammads receving of the initial ayah of Qur'aan from Jabriyl and the vision of the lote tree (symbolizing the 'World Tree of Indigenous Tradition and sciences Celestial Magnetic Field aka Unified Field) The problem with those Muslims who have been deceived is the pale Arab imbellishment of sighting new moons which according to Surah 2:189 is for allgedly calculating Hajj NOT RAMADAN. We have via this small writing proved that new moons and a lunar calendar cannot be used for Ramadans calculation. In reference to the Al Aahillati, which is translated as new moons...ill simply say this is false. The word for moon in this language is Qamar (See Surah 54-Al Qamar) and Al Aahillati is the root word Aahl which means the family and lineage of the Nabi or Hall which is a negation. Ill leave that for another writing Most Muslims do not follow Qur'aan, they follow the scholars interpretation only with NO SUPPORTING PROOFS and this deviant body of non Qur'aanic information invented by the pale Arabs is called HADITH. It is a fact that the Qur'aan condemns these hadith in several locations Take a peek Which ‘Hadith’[history], other than Allah and His revelations, do they uphold? [45:6] It (The Qur'aan lessons on former messengers) is not a fabricated ‘Hadith’[history]; details everything. [12:111] Bukhari Could not have possibly done the work he is alleged to have done this is pure myth making to destroy Islamic history of the Original Man. Take a read on this chapter from a book i have not published and challenge me on the mathematics that i produce to prove that Bukharis work is a farce. " HADITH CORRUPTION: Repairing the Pure Truths of Prophet Muhammad & Islam The Qur'aan condemns the ‘hadith’ that most so called orthodox scholars of Islam call ‘the Sunnah’ [which are not the Sunnah[1]] in over 31 places in the original Arabic Language. Rashad Khalifa was a known scholar who was murdered for making this matter known. There is no science to ‘hadith’. The scholars who adhere to ‘hadith’, which are so-called Islamic traditions of history passed down from the time of Prophet Muhammad to his companions, say that these traditions are the way we get to know the details of the early period of Islam and the life of Muhammad. There is no ‘science’ to their methods of verifying the truth of most of the statements made by Bukhari or others. Science deals with actual facts, so let us begin. ▪ There are over 6,000 verses in the Qur'aan. ▪ Bukhari in his 9-volume collection gave tafsir (explanation) on only 275 verses. ▪ The Qur'aan says that there are allegorical and basic verses but none know its interpretation but Allah or a Messenger raised by Allah. Bukhari was never considered a Messenger

Bukhari was said to have studied over 600,000 hadith. Some say 300,000. He is said to have memorized over 100,000. It is also said that He gave two 'raka ' [positional prayer] for each hadith He studied. Bukhari died when He was 70 years of age. He is said to have done this work in a period between 16 and 17 years. The ‘SCIENCE’ on this is that this would have been and is impossible considering the time it would have taken to complete a work of this magnitude. When studying ‘hadith’ the historical information itself is not the essential thing studied by so-called scholars in order to provide verification, it is ‘the chain of transmission’ called 'isnad' in Arabic. This is done to check the authenticity, character, and measured honesty of the transmitters all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad. There are some chains with one level (person), while there are others with up to four or five levels (persons). Let Us consider this, if Bukhari studied up to 600,000 ‘hadith’ and did two ‘raka‘[positional prayer] prayers for each, plus studied the ‘isnad’ (chain of transmission) of each ‘hadith’ to filter out the unreliable, untrustworthy people in the transmission, and even memorized 100,000 ‘hadith’ and recorded thousands, giving him one [1] Hour or thirty [30] minutes to process and establish each ‘hadith’ would have made it SCIENTIFICALLY impossible for him to complete his work in 17 years. At a rate of thirty [30] minutes per each ‘hadith’ it would have taken 18,000,000 (eighteen million minutes), which equals 300,000 hours (three hundred thousand hours), which equals 12,500 days (twelve thousand five hundred days), which equals 34. 25 years (thirty-four and one quarter years). If we give Him an hour for each ‘hadith’ it would have taken 78 years. Of course he could not have done any check on isnad (chain of transmission) to verify the hadith in 30 minutes or an hour. We are only using one [1] hour or thirty [30] minutes as an exaggerated period of time, to prove the impossibility of a thorough work of recording histories that Bukhari was nearly 150 years removed from. It would have taken him days to properly investigate each ‘hadith’ he recorded. He died at 70 years of age, which means He would have had to start processing ‘hadith’ from the womb as an infant and still would have fell short of what somebody said He did. These alleged true and authentic records and sayings of Prophet Muhammad are not very scientific at all. This alleged science is in fact deviation from the purity of Islam as given to Prophet Muhammad and were given to deviate from the true revelation of Muhammad. Need i say moor...not until the lecture...check my page Dr Ali Muhammad - Sons of the Shrine Order of the Mahdi Salaam Alaikum

[1] The Arabic word ‘Sunnah’ means the way or path and is most often associated with the example of Islam left by Prophet Muhammad. The word is used in the Qur’aan six times and refers to the Sunnat Allah, the course or way of Allah. There is no reference to a ‘Sunnah’ of Muhammad in the Qur'aan.