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Created by the Masaii, these are weapons which are custom built and
weighted to their owner's anatomy, by means of a mediscan to use as a
gauge. (In ancient times this was done by means of long drawn out
measuring of each joint and range of motion.) Any other user of the finished
Gri-Gri Weapon not only doesn't get the bonuses, but takes it's usual
modifier at a penalty. It's claimed that when crafting Gri-Gri Weapons, the
artisan's hand is guided by their ancestors, in keeping with the cultural
beliefs of the Massaii people.This claim is in some ways supported by
testimony by metascientists, who claim that Gri-Gri Weapons can be used
against otherwise intangible foes. (Shakti, Hunger Spirits, etc.) In normal
use, Gri-Gri Weapons enhance their owner's usage of them. Note that the
artisans put equal attention to stylizing these weapons to make each a work
of art, so they will seldom appear like others of their type. (As in a Gri-Gri
broadsword would have elaborate decorations, and a more stylized hilt.) It is
customary for customers to name their weapon at the time of purchase, lest
the artisan be offended and refuse making the sale. Names chosen are
usually poetic, as opposed to combat-related, to honor the artistry that went
into crafting the weapon. (Examples: a sword called Life-Swimmer, a
hammer called Color-Spray, etc.)

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Game Mechanics: Bonuses are added to the user's appropriate attack skill.
(ie., a +2 Gr--Gri sword would increase it's wielder's Edged-Weapon Attack
by +2) The cost of Gri-Gri Weapons is based upon the level of the bonus:
take the normal cost of the weapon, and increase it by the bonus' modifier.
(ie., a 100cr weapon created with a +3 bonus would cost 400cr. -as in an
additional 300cr due to the +3 bonus) The maximum bonus allowed for such
a Weapon is +5, and Gri-Gri Weapons are exclusively archaic weapons;
swords, axes, whips, shuriken, crossbows, etc. The process of making a
Gri-Gri weapon takes a matter of hours equal to double it's bonus.

Ad Astra: The New Age RPG and All Materials Herein Copyright 2001 Paul DuBois & Lemming

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