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The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases. Danica Collins Danica Collins Editor. cutting-edge -. It is brought to you by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing. the publisher of the bestselling book.  Introduction This report features a compilation of 5 popular secrets from The Underground Health Reporter E-Newsletter's treasury of little-known.and TM unconventional -.com often to get your daily dose of startling discoveries in health and wellness. Wishing you the best of health. We trust that these 5 secrets will contribute significantly to your health and your life. Underground Health Reporter TM Brought to you by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing.health discoveries. When you're ready to gain access to more of these health secrets that most people will never know. and the Underground Health Reporter E-Newsletter. which is TM read by hundreds of thousands of subscribers from every country in the world every single week. LLC. we invite you to visit UndergroundHealthReporter. LLC Page 2 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     .

...............................Naturally ................................ 4 REPORT #2: Why Drinking the Juice of this Young Grass May Turn Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color.  TABLE OF CONTENTS REPORT #1: How to Make a Cancer Tumor Dissolve in 40 Seconds ....... 16 Brought to you by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing... LLC Page 3 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     ......................................... 12 REPORT #5: Rub Your Stomach Away in 2 Minutes a Day? ........................................................... 7 REPORT #3: A Mushroom That Cures Cancer and AIDS?........... 9 REPORT #4: How to Make Your Cells Grow Younger ...... 13 ENJOYED READING THESE REPORTS? .

In the early 1980s. and the link appears at the bottom of this report.. to improve the flow of the vital energy or life force called qi (pronounced chee).000 times more powerful than those who are elderly or ill. affirmations. breath work.and 1. Ph.or on a part of the body afflicted with an ailment or disease. 1 How to Make a Cancer Tumor Dissolve in 40 Seconds! Did you know.. but the signals generated by the Qigong masters are 100 times more powerful than the average individual -.000-year-old healing practice called Quigong? In fact. [Note: A videotape of the 40-second procedure has been uploaded to YouTube. China.  Report No. Four Qigong masters from the hospital dissolved the tumor described above while 2 doctors monitored the procedure via real-time CT scan. Every human being generates such acoustical waves. Page 4 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     .] Since it opened its doors in 1980. a senior scientist at the National Electro Acoustics Laboratory in Beijing.000 patients with 180 different diseases -. the Center has treated more than 135. Qigong healing masters are able to accomplish healing simply by projecting qi on a patient -. visualizations and meditation. that there's a hospital in China that routinely dissolves cancerous tumors using the 5. there is a stunning videotape showing hospital practitioners dissolving a cancer patient's orange-sized tumor in 40 seconds! The HuaxiaZhineng Qigong Center is the world's largest medicineless hospital. discovered that the hands of Qigong masters emitted high levels of low frequency acoustical waves. Lu Yan Fang.and has achieved an overall success rate of 95 percent! Qigong (pronounced chee gong or chee kung) is a Chinese healing practice using movement..D.

pain.  Qigong may sound unbelievable to Western doctors who are untrained in energy healing methodologies. Here's how to do it: 1. and almost touching. Dr. "selfservice" form of Qigong called Chi Lel. depression and anxiety. hypertension. digestive problems. Page 5 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     . Hong Liu. coronary heart disease. which is taught at the HuaxiaZhineng Qigong Center. Qigong has been shown to help heal not just cancer but also cases of HIV/AIDS. achieved those amazing results by using this La Chi technique. It is a simple and effective way of collecting qi and using it to heal yourself or others. Many people who have come to the Center. away from your body. while cancer cells in a control dish that received no qi continued to flourish. and author of Mastering Miracles. Although the practice of Qigong takes years to master. has demonstrated the ability to project qi that is lethal to cancer cells. he emitted qi to kill cancer cells that were being cultured in a petri dish. The cancer cells in the dish died. While at Shanghai Red Cross Hospital. with the fingertips of both hands pointing at each other. who have been healed of cancer and other diseases. asthma. a Qigong master now residing in California. bringing life to every cell. arthritis. It is a scientific and progressive self-healing system consisting of a set of simple exercises which dissolve the blockages so that qi can flow throughout the body. even Harvard physicians who have experienced Qigong healing admit they can feel electrical sensations in their bodies when a Qigong master projects his invisible healing energy onto them. One of those exercises is called La Chi. there's a shortcut. insomnia. However. Place your hands in front of you.

paralysis. Whil doing thi step. 3. systemic lu upus and m many other c chronic illnesses.  h lders and h hands relaxe slowly m ed. With your shoul are several inches apart. Move your hand back inw e ds ward to the s starting pos sition until the fingert tips almost touch. which h explains the Chi Le exercises more thoro s el oughly. move your h hands outw ward until th hey 2. Repe the outw eat ward and in nward hand movement (Steps 2 a 3) for s d ts and several min nutes or more while affirm ming to you urself that a pain and sickness a gone. eart disease e. ima a le is agine that yo pain or sickness is our r s leaving y your body and disappe a earing into infinity. arthritis. For m more inform mation. he r. W While doing this step. and tells the st d tories of 101 individuals 1 who mir raculously recovered fr r rom cancer diabetes. read 101 Mirac of Natu d cles ural Healin by Luke C ng Chan. Page 6 of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     . severe d depression. 4. an that you' all d are nd 're complet tely healed. imagine that you are d g directing qi or life ener to the p i rgy part of the bo where it is needed ody i d.

that consum ou ming fresh wheatgrass juice regu s ularly has be shown to een turn gray hai back to its natura n ir al colo or? How does this happen? w Acco ording to T Traditional C Chinese Med dicine. aken alone or mixed in fruit and/or vegetabl o n le and is ta drinks. It is often available in juice bars and smoot n thie restaur rants. Foods that acco omplish thi include is wheatgr rass and any food with high chlorophyll cont y h tent.Natu C -urally Did yo know . hair pigmentation is r influ uenced by t quality of blood an the nd the strength of the kidney If your h f ys. your kidne and bloo eys od need to be d strength hened. hair has gone gray.. 2 Wh Drinking the Juice o this Youn Gra hy g of ng ass May urn ray M Tu Gr Hair Ba to Its Na ack atural Color . Page 7 of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     . Wha is wheat at tgrass? Whea atgrass refe to the yo ers oung grass o the comm of mon wheat pl lant.. Triticu umaestivum Its leave are juiced or m. es dried int powder for human (or animal) consumpt to f ) tion.  Rep port No.

go way beyond beautification and anti-aging. it is transformed into blood. mercury. That's because wheatgrass cleanses the blood. or 7 to 10 wheatgrass tablets (500 mg) a day. and polyvinyl chloride Contains liquid oxygen-. such as the following: Fights tumors-. In his book Health Magic Through Chlorophyll from Living Plant Life. Some prefer the convenience of buying the juice at a juice bar like Jamba Juice or a health food store like Whole Foods. Note: Some health practitioners claim that you can double your red blood cell count just by soaking in chlorophyll. and helps tighten loose and sagging skin. and neutralizes toxic substances like cadmium.Studies show that wheatgrass juice has a powerful ability to fight tumors without the usual toxicity of drugs. Some consumers who use wheatgrass for therapeutic purposes grow wheatgrass in their homes. minerals.An important aspect of the chlorophyll in wheatgrass is its remarkable similarity to hemoglobin. Renowned nutritionist Dr. however. The average dosage is 1 to 2 fluid ounces of fresh-squeezed juice once a day (or 3 to 4 times a day for detoxification). When the chlorophyll is absorbed in the human body. and protects the body against cancer cells (cancer cells cannot exist in the presence of oxygen) Blood builder-. and extract the juice using a wheatgrass juicer. strontium. Bernard Jensen found that wheatgrass and green juices are the most superior blood builders. Even more rapid blood building results occur when patients consume wheatgrass juice and other chlorophyll-rich juices regularly. the compound that carries oxygen in the blood.this is vital to many body processes. nicotine. he cites several cases where he was able to double the red blood cell count in a matter of days merely by having patients soak in a chlorophyll-water bath. vitamins and enzymes enable wheatgrass to provide a wide range of health benefits and curative benefits. Page 8 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     . The benefits of wheatgrass. The high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass. or 1 tablespoon wheatgrass powder (1 to 3 times a day). helps rejuvenate aging cells. as well as the amino acids. which transports nutrients to every cell of the body.  In The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore.protects the liver and the blood. Powerful detoxifier-. consuming wheatgrass juice is named as a beauty treatment that slows down the aging process.

The flavor mushro rful oom was als believed to so prevent prema ature agin ng. and to boost ene o ergy. ex r xhaustion a and weakn ness.3-beta glucan has anti n) i-cancer properties in humans as well as in s animals. Page 9 of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     . Its medic cinal use da ates back to the Ming o Dynasty (AD 136 68-1644). poor blood r ry d circul lation. shiitake mu ushroom grows on the The s wood of dead de d eciduous tre ees. 3 AM Mushro oom T That C Cures Cance and AIDS er d S? Did you know… tha the shiita mushro at ake oom has bee shown to be a powe en o erful fighter of r cancer a AIDS? and Over the past few centuries. th shiitake mushroom has been h e c he m hailed as an amazing n botanica wonder with medicinal propert al w ties. Ever since the shiita mushroom has bee shown as a possible treatment for ake en s e cancer a HIV inf and fection. liver trouble. Japan nese studies have show s wn that a ingredien of shiitak an an nt ke.  Rep port No. activa ated hexose e-containin compoun ng nd (also known as 1. a it was u and used not on as a del nly licacy but as a remedy for s upper respirator diseases. The co ountless ben nefits it pro ovides have e been sup pported by research an clinical t nd trials condu ucted world dwide for m many treatm ments involvin cancer an the imm ng nd mune system m. rese earchers in the U. an other cou nd untries hav begun ve formaliz studies of the mush zed hroom's me edicinal pro operties. Mo of the fo ost ormal studies concerni ing shiita mushrooms have b ake been conducted in Jap pan.S.

Cancers that have responded well to lentinan include colorectal cancer. hepatocellular carcinoma. researchers at Tokyo's National Cancer Center Research Institute discovered a compound that they named lentinan. according to Japanese studies. anti-candida and anti-viralproperties (including anti-HIV and Hepatitis B) o Blood sugar moderator o Sexual potentiator o Stress reducer Page 10 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     . and lower re-occurrence of cancer. Lentinan is a compound isolated from the shiitake mushroom. higher quality of life. Shiitake mushrooms have also shown great promise in the fight against HIV. gastric cancer and cancers of the stomach. Lentinan possesses anti-tumor properties. pancreatic cancer. the extract from shiitake mushrooms has proven to be more effective in eradicating HIV than AZT. it was found that patients with HIV infection who were given lentinan together with AZT maintained higher CD4 cell counts for longer periods of time than those who were given AZT alone. In some studies. and human clinical studies have linked associated it with a higher survival rate. o Possesses anti-bacterial. lowers cholesterol levels by as much as 25%in one week. Even the City of Hope National Medical Center is currently conducting clinical trials to determine if the shiitake mushroom can inhibit lung cancer. In a 1998 study done in San Francisco.  Back in 1969. Research has also demonstrated that the shiitake mushroom has the following therapeutic effects: o Immune system booster o Blood pressure control o Contains a cholesterol-reducing amino acid known aseritadeninewhich. which is used as an intravenous anti-cancer agent in some countries. They found that mushrooms grown on logs have higher levels of lentinan than mushrooms grown on other types of organic material.

They can also be ordered by mail from online websites. soups or rice dishes. For the best therapeutic results.S. These products are available at health food stores and retailers of herbs and nutritional products. the exotic shiitake mushroom has gained favor among the taste buds of Americans and people all over the world. These mushrooms are now available in many supermarkets across the U.  Once merely a staple of Asian households. Page 11 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     .com. including Amazon. Shiitake mushrooms can be stir-fried or added to teas. many herbal medicine practitioners recommend taking extracts or concentrated forms of shiitake mushrooms at doses of 1 to 3 grams. throughout the year. 2 to 3 times daily.

that there are certain foods that can actuall make you younger? you n ly u In an article title "Make C ed Cells Grow Y Younger. sp hat w not d prouting ne stems. Their ag correspon ge nded to tha of a man of ninety ye at ears. and p g pasted it on the edge of a leaf.they indu growth after their own kind o activity. 4 4 How o H to Mak You Cell Gro You ke ur ls ow unger Did y know . There is something in the chem g mical subst tance of a y young growi auxinon which. t t and thei bodies be ir egan to grow w younger r. The resu were am ults mazing. wh ing n hen you eat i as food. y ew young leave es.. ot me ther scientist discovere a root-au ts ed uxin in plant roots... The best auxin foods a produce in mung bean sprou e non are ed uts.' th is. food which had n finished growth.." B Brown Land done. makes the cells of y it m e your body reproduc younger cells inst ce r tead of older cells. roots g e l grew even on the edge of a leaf. They were fed w 'immatu with ure food.. "At ab bout the sam time. Th old he decrepit rats were transformed. Whe they en extracted this auxin from the t n tips of young growing roots. The f e miracle of auxin e non foods -. ted tritional effe of enzym ect mes in anima experime al entation by reporting: "Experime ents were m made on old decrepit ra d ats." Page 12 o of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     . a 20t century th medical doctor turn New Th ned hought lead recount the nut der. "Youth-g growing sub bstances from new gro owing sprou will ind uts duce cells to grow youn o nger.    Rep port No. A uce of root aux will grow roots and a youth au xin w d uxinon will grow you uthful cells s.

5 Rub Yo St R Your tomac Awa in ch ay 2 Minu a Day? utes Did y know… that you ca rub you stomach away eff you an ur h fortlessly us sing nothing but your hand -. states that this simple 2-minute internal exercise. who's train in both Western an ned nd e Chinese medicine. los sing weight is a simple matter of increasing the efficien t e ncy of the di igestive syst tem.the reason is because your d ke digestive an nd eliminat tory system are not fu ms unctioning efficiently. S ay ard ve. Page 13 o of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     . and fl lushes them out of you body thro m ur ough blood sweat. an M. Chang. Accor rding to Dr. The fo ollowing 2-minute exe ercise work like a gen colonic irrigation t ks ntle that helps speed u a slugg up gish digest tive system (which u m usually carri at least 5 pounds of ies fecal ma atter within it). su as sit-u uch ups. and Ph. Stephen Ch hang. nfuse this in nternal exercis with the external ex se xercises of t Western the n world.D. er f hinese sages -.000 yea er ars.has been used success sfully as a self-healing mechani ism for ove 6. crunch and othe movemen that onl firm up t underly hes er nts ly the ying stomach muscles…but do noth h hing to mel the fat sur lt rrounding t those musc cles. and thi eliminati of useless sludge h the effec of burning n is ion has ct off exce fat. and fece es. uri d. Th exercise effectively m ess he metabolizes the fatty t tissues arou the und stomach and intest h tines. which does n come fr w not rom Wester rn medicin but rathe from the wisdom of ancient Ch ne. ine.fo only 2 mi r or inutes a day y? This ma sound ha to believ but Dr. What tever you do don't con o. If you ever wo u've ondered wh you fail to shed pou hy unds even w when you redu your foo and/or c uce od caloric intak -.D.  Rep port No.

or or until they feel hot. Use fa airly firm bu comforta ut able pressu and rub at a slow. r 2) Rub your hands ogether vigo orously to fo about 15 seconds. 4) 4 Concentr rate on the heat building up in. e ure even pace. and gradually make the circles lar nd ly e rger (as shown in the diagra n am). For F the best results.  o mach-rubb bing exerc cise: Here's how to do the stom 1) Lie flat on your ) n back on your bed or on the floor.approx p ximately 1 ci ircle per second. do this routin twice a day for 2 min ne nutes -. ar round and t throughout your stom t mach. y 3) Place one of your ha e ands directl on your b ly belly button and begin to rub in s n n small ci irclesaroun your bell button.firs thing in t st the morning (be m efore breakf fast) and ju before yo go to bed. Most pe ust ou eople see noticeable results w n e within 1 we of cons eek sistent prac ctice. 5) Do about 40 to 50 c t circles. yo top off or pull it our up u so that yo our ab bdominal area is a bare. m Note: It is im N mportant to keep the a o abdominal area warm while doin the exerc m ng cise. es specially du uring winte months w er when even h heated indo air tend to be cool oor ds l. Take . or fo an approx or ximate dur ration of 2 m minutes or more. Page 14 o of 19  © Cop pyright 2011 Underground Health Rep porter     .

nausea.. or ulcers of the intestines and stomach. or have inflammation of the uterus. femoral. vomiting and the adverse effects of overeating Caution: The stomach massage should not be practiced immediately after a heavy meal. inguinal and umbilical hernia. kidneys or bladder. lungs or brain. diarrhea..  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ovaries and fallopian tubes. • • • • Stimulates the abdominal organs Helps speed up slow digestion and remedies constipation Increases blood circulation in the abdominal area Helps heal indigestion. Page 15 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     . the stomach is the center of energy. stones in the gall bladder. bleeding of the stomach. general. Neither is it advisable for women who are pregnant. bladder. Massaging the stomach in the manner described above therefore accomplishes more than just melting away adipose tissue (fat). and individuals who have the following conditions: hypertension. It also.

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and What Does Oil-Pulling: An Ancient Ayurvedic Practice for Super Health Super Nutrient Proven Effective by 294... 1 Longevity Food in the World Avoid Toxic Overload and Organ Failure with This All-Natural Liver Saver How to Stop High Blood Pressure Before It Stops You ..579 People for Flushing Arteries Clear and Boosting Heart Health Cinematherapy: Can These 6 Movies Transform Your Health and Your Life? Secret African Seed Makes Slimming Soup Is This Chilean Berry the Modern Day Fountain of Youth? How to Slow Down Your Body's Aging Process by 51% Reduce Your Blood Pressure by at Least 37 Points . in Just 2 Days Page 18 of 19  © Copyright 2011 Underground Health Reporter     . Dead Anti-Aging Technology Irons Out Wrinkles Why This Peruvian Herb is One of the Best Known Natural Aphrodisiacs Is This the World's Most Perfect Food? How to Bypass Your Conscious Mind and Program Your Unconscious Mind Directly -. 1 Cause of Death by Using an All-Natural Amino Acid WARNING: Lowering Blood Sugar to Curb Diabetes Can Increase Risk of Death The 1½ Cent Healthcare for Recessionary Times Remarkable Healing Herb Boosts Brain Power.  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • How to Prevent the No.to Create Accelerated Changes in Your Life While You Sleep Natural Remedy for Women Who Suffer from Hair Loss Why Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements Are Not the Solution to Nutritional Deficiency Why Joint Pain Pills Don't Work -. Improves Memory and Gives More Long-Lasting Energy Than Coffee The No..

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