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Surviving the Data Explosion

enable them to manage their data networks as effectively as they currently manage their voice networks. Related to this, the performance of data networks is becoming a competitive battleground between operators. As a result, operators need to understand how they benchmark against competitors, the reason for poor performance, and the most effective way to improve network quality.

Maximizing roamer revenue
With an estimated 150m subscribers now roaming on data networks, assuring data roaming revenues is a vital activity for operators. To maximise revenues from roamers, operators need to effectively target network capacity and performance to the geographic areas where roamers are.
High speed data traffic density for London

Data now accounts for the majority of total traffic carried by many of the world’s mobile networks and for operators it also accounts for the majority of incremental network investments. New technologies, such as HSPA+ and LTE, are needed to carry the increasing amounts of mobile broadband traffic. However, data is less profitable and voice continues to bring in the majority of operators’ revenues. As a result the key challenge for mobile operators is to ensure that their data networks are able to meet competitive coverage, quality and capacity targets in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Troubleshooting VIPs
To retain VIP subscribers, they must get great data service from the radio network. To be able to achieve this, operators must understand the data service experience of their VIP customers and to be able to quickly identify problems, understand the underlying causes and establish the best way of resolving them.

Investigating problem handsets
The tsunami of smartphones and data devices has broken traditional testing approaches. With the complexity of data devices, post-launch problems are the new norm, from high profile antenna issues to more subtle mobility, RF or call quality issues. Operators need an effective way of measuring the performance of their new data devices in live network environments.

Challenges for Operators
Increasing network capacity
LTE is on the horizon promising increased network data capacity at a lower cost per bit; however, due to spectrum availability, especially in coverage bands, and high rollout costs, most operators remain focused on getting the most out of their existing HSPA networks by investment in additional carriers and the deployment of HSPA+. To make this evolutionary approach work, it is critical for operators to establish where additional capacity is needed to best serve data hotspots, and the most effective approach for delivering additional capacity. Once additional capacity is deployed, operators need to ensure that data service KPIs are met and end-to-end performance is effectively measured.

Introducing ActixOne
ActixOne is the only platform that delivers a unified workspace for visualizing, analyzing and optimizing modern data networks. ActixOne is Actix’s mobile network optimization platform and is the realization of 15 years of experience delivering software and solutions to mobile operators. ActixOne is a multi vendor, multi technology platform that supports all key radio network data sources, embeds automated diagnostics and solution finding algorithms, and delivers visualization, analysis and optimization capabilities through a web-based interface. Actix has worked closely with leading edge operators rolling out and operating data networks to develop ActixOne’s data service optimization capabilities.

Ensuring data service quality
Once data networks are up and running operators need to establish a data network performance optimization strategy to

and modulation usage. ActixOne embeds Analyzer’s sophisticated drive survey analysis capabilities. Network Acceptance Detailed data session analysis Competitive Benchmarking Network acceptance drive showing CQI measurements The ActixOne solution for HSPA+ and LTE acceptance automates acceptance reporting to verify capacity and performance KPIs. allowing operators to get a true picture of performance of their data network during network acceptance and validation. Match data performance events from SwissQual. Full RF analysis: ActixOne provides automated drop call diagnosis and integrated radio network analysis to diagnose cell coverage. allowing operators to evaluate the quality of different voice and data services as perceived by end users. These solutions can be deployed individually or combined in a single system capable of supporting the full lifecycle of modern data networks. multi-technology drive test format support: ActixOne supports the latest HSPA+ and LTE decodes from all of the major vendors. Layer 3 analysis: ActixOne provides embedded Layer 3 analysis. Key capabilities: The broadest multi-vendor.ActixOne Solutions Overview Visualize. clearly identifying how your data network compares to your competitors. Automate processing and reporting on data benchmarking drives. View benchmark results and trends in a benchmark dashboard with integrated reports. Flexible voice and data service KPIs: ActixOne supports powerful top-down KPIs. Reuse benchmark drives for use in day to day network optimization. including color-coded regional maps and tables. before and after launch. right from rollout through to decommission. . allowing detailed message-level inspection of drive survey results. Benchmark dashboard Complimenting the Network Acceptance solution ActixOne also provides a rich set of data benchmark visualization and investigation capabilities. Capture detailed network measurements: ActixOne supports the measurement of the latest HSPA+ and LTE features including: CQI. Data session analysis: Detailed data session analysis makes it easy to establish whether poor data service performance is due to poor radio quality or congestion on the core or radio network. missing neighbor. Analyze & Optimize Data Services 2 ActixOne Data Solutions ActixOne provides a number of solutions for data service optimization. Key features: Leverage sophisticated data service analysis also available within Actix’s network acceptance solution. and automates troubleshooting and optimization to resolve violations. Performance Reports: Out-of-the-box performance reports enable operators to quickly create validation and acceptance reports. To achieve this. and interference / pollution problems. ASCOM and Nemo benchmark drives and use call event analytics to provide automatic diagnosis. IP packet inspection: ActixOne through Analyzer provides full IP layer decodes and session analysis to provide full inspection into the IP traffic layer. frame usage.

With detailed traffic maps. The solution allows detailed density maps to be created. Generate traffic maps based on data session volumes and throughputs to build a picture of usage hotspots Combine with RF coverage. Use OSS performance statistics reporting to identify sectors with data service quality / capacity issues Roaming locations central London Likewise. blocking 3. . SHO.ActixOne Solutions Overview Visualize. add carrier. engineers can then determine the best solution to a particular capacity issue. quality. Use GEO located subscriber trace data to identify if there is a geographical component: a. … b. quality and capacity measurements to identify the underlying cause of subscriber issues. In addition the ActixOne rules engine can streamline processes automatically generating a prioritized list of issues. For capacity: look at Traffic volumes. Analyze & Optimize Data Services 3 Traffic & Roamers Traffic maps can be further split to identify lucrative smartphone and VIPs customers. Huawei (CHR) and NSN (ICSU) subscriber traces allows detection of data hotspots to the sub sector level. Identify sectors with data service issues: a. Knowledge of exactly where these customers are hitting your network allows engineering teams to ensure the network is optimized to capture the maximum revenue from these high-value customers Network Status & Performance High speed data coverage map for Los Angeles ActixOne automatically processes subscriber trace data and geo-locates all subscriber activity. Data optimization using subscriber trace and OSS counters ActixOne’s unique ability to combine subscriber trace. including in-building and pedestrian users. Power/user. potentially deferring CAPEX for more expensive options or at a minimum ensuring that the CAPEX is used highly efficiently. These integrated visualization. For capacity: offload traffic. For quality: adjust tilt.. . add site. indicating where data service demand is highest. drop call density b. roaming hot spots can be identified and optimized to ensure a high quality of customer experience in order to maximize roaming revenues. which are then tracked from inception to resolution including hand-offs between other groups within the operator. EcNo. network OSS data. Decide best course of action a. For quality: look at CQI. blocks 4. 2. For sectors with issues visualize and analyze performance KPIs to establish underlying cause: a. RSCP b. for example: High level data service optimization process 1. planning and drive survey sources in a single platform allows operators to streamline day-to-day analysis of data service performance. UL RTWP. PRACH. For quality: check coverage . Key capabilities: Accurate GEO location of Ericsson (GPEH). Detailed drop call analysis that goes beyond vendor cause codes for better identification of underlying causes. tune neighbors. Noise Rise. analysis and optimization capabilities enable engineers to follow a multi data source approach to troubleshooting data service performance. For capacity: check traffic density.

to enable our customers to optimize the performance of their Mobile Networks. retainability and mobility ActixOne . Actix software solutions provide analysis of network-wide. Measurable Customer Benefits VIP Subscriber Experience ActixOne solutions have been widely deployed to support the visualization. automating network optimization processes. and troubleshooting customer experience issues. Key features: Generate reports detailing the network experience of VIPs in terms of drops and the network coverage and quality they received Detailed VIP drop call analysis goes beyond vendor cause codes for better identification of underlying causes Proactive notification on VIP issues to enable rapid response and effective problem management .when integrated with Radioplan .actix. along with their root cause. please see http://www. analysis and optimization of data networks. and automatically extracts information on VIP customers to measure their experience and to identify any problems.ActixOne Solutions Overview Visualize.enables automated planning of new sites and additional carriers needed to bring additional capacity to data networks. Our software solutions address key challenges including rolling out new technology such as HSPA+ and LTE. multi-vendor and multi-source Mobile Network data. with over 230 operators in 106 countries using its optimization solutions. call and data session information to build a detailed picture of the performance of individual devices. For more information. Integrated neighbor list optimization and antenna visualization supports day to day optimization activities to tune neighbor lists and correct overshooters and pollution issues. Electrical tilt recommendations The solution captures rich RF. results seen by Actix customers include: A global top 30 operator accelerated HSPA capacity rollout tasks by 20x by automating a standardized validation process A top Asian operator accelerated subscriber problem resolution tasks by 18x through the use of real-time subscriber trace data A global top 30 operator automated their operational optimization process improving efficiency by 40% A global top 30 operator automated benchmark analysis increasing speed 15x and as a result moved to number 1 in data quality in a previous problem region Fast detection of VIP issues About Actix Actix provides analytics software to visualize. Reports provide manufacturer and handset level information on: Data session failures and their underlying cause RSPC & ECN0 RRC Request types RAB type breakdowns Accessibility. The company is a leader in this segment. analyze and optimize the Mobile ActixOne loads and processes subscriber trace data as it becomes available. Analyze & Optimize Data Services 4 Device Performance Network Optimization Sample from a device performance report Actix’s Device Performance solution uses subscriber trace data to compare the performance of devices used by customers in the live network.

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