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Introduction: I. The Trance State…….8 II. Beginner Psi Exercises…….10 III. Intermediate Psi Exercises…….12 IV. Advanced Psi Exercises…….15 V. Psi Shapes…….17 VI. Telekinesis…….19 VII. Pyrokinesis…….20 VIII. Electrokinesis…….21 IX. Cryokinesis…….23 X. Aerokinesis…….24 XI. Using Energy Work to Heal People…….25 XII. Practice Makes Perfect…….26 XIII. The Notebook…….27


This text deals with astral and physical forces that can be dangerous if misused or used carelessly. It is important that the reader know his or her own physical, emotional, and psychological limits before undertaking the studies within this book. The exercises herein and techniques discussed are not to be used in lieu of the services of trained and qualified professionals such as physicians or psychologists. The reader is responsible, in every way, for his or her actions involved in using the rituals in this book and the author, publisher and the distributor of this text are not responsible for any undesirable outcomes from the use of this book.


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the exercises in this book will show you quickly and simply step by step how to easily accomplish all of these tasks and many more. clairvoyance etc. Anyone can accomplish these tasks with the easy techniques in this book and a little bit of practice. At the end of this book is a notebook to record your exercises and results and by doing this you will be amazed how fast you see will incredible results! 6 .Introduction Want to move objects (telekinesis)? Start a fire (pyrokinesis)? Send electricity (electrokinesis)? Put words into people’s minds? Create energy balls (Psi balls)? Control ice and water (cryokinesis)? Move wind and affect weather (aerokinesis)? Use energy work to heal people? From many years of experience. will also open us as well as these exercises greatly train all of your psychic senses. After doing these exercises many of your psychic abilities such as astral projection.

I. In normal waking day to day life you are in a beta brain wave state and when your brain slows down further it is an alpha brain wave state and then delta which is sleeping. The yogis talked about this for meditation and many prophets as well. The easiest way to get into a trance state is to simple count down from 1 to 30 as you imagine yourself walking down some steps or going down in an elevator. Then say “every time I do this hand gesture I 7 . You will know you are in an alpha brain wave state because your chatter day to day mind will instead be silent. Today we know as a fact that when the brain slows down it puts us into this quiet state called a trance. The Trance State For thousands of years many people have been trying to figure out how to get into the mental state needed to communicate with spirits. Once you are in the trance state then say to yourself “I am now in a deep trance state” and then decide on a finger or hand movement that works best for you. For example you can cross the first two fingers on each hand.

8 .” So now every time you want to go into a trance you can simply cross your fingers or use that hand gesture and you will be immediately in a deep trance instantly without having to count down to thirty. This is called a “trigger trance”.will be in a deep trance.

Pull your hands apart and visualize the ball getting bigger 3.II. Cup your hands together and visualize a ball of energy between them 2. Beginner Psi Exercises Making Psi Balls 1. Make a Psi ball 2. Make a Psi ball 2. Continue to do this until you can really feel a very strong Psi ball Compressing the Psi Ball #1 1. Put your hands closer and visualize the ball getting smaller or denser Compressing the Psi Ball #2 1. Visualize the Psi ball getting denser and denser 9 .

Visualize the words of what you want it to do going into the ball 3. Make a Psi ball 2. Visualize the option you want appearing on the list 4. Visualize a drop down menu of options drop down from the ball 3. Visualize the Psi ball doing what you want it to do Controlling the Psi Ball #2 1. Make a Psi ball 2. Intermediate Psi Exercises 10 . Let go of your Psi ball Controlling the Psi Ball #3 1.Controlling the Psi Ball #1 1. Make a Psi ball 2. Let go of your Psi ball III. Make a Psi ball 2. Select the option you want 5. Visualize what you want the ball to do going into the center of the ball Controlling the Psi Ball #4 1.

Do the trigger trance 3. Take out a fork or spoon 2. Visualize the atoms of the fork or spoon and the atoms of your finger mixing with the air to become a liquid substance 6. When you feel the substance warm and gooey then bend the object with your mind! The Psi Wheel #1 1. Rub your finger lightly over the surface of the fork or spoon 4. Do the trigger trance 3. 2. Focusing on feeling the surface and not thinking what it is 5. Buy a “Psi wheel” on Ebay or make it this way: Take a flat based thumbtack and turn it up so the sharp point is facing upwards and take a ¼ by ¼ inch paper or aluminum foil and balance it on top of the thumbtack.Bending a Fork or Spoon 1. Do the trigger trance 11 . Focus on one corner of the foil or paper and will the foil or paper to move in a clockwise direction and then reverse the direction The Psi Wheel #2 1.

Do the trigger trance 3. 12 . Place the Psi ball on top of the wheel and say: “Please help me move this Psi wheel now” The Pendulum 1. Buy a Pendulum at any occult store or online or attach a weight to a string 2. This information will be accurate information to any question you have in your life directly from the Universe. Decide which direction is “yes” or “no” and make it swing in that direction to establish this. Place your hands around the Psi wheel as if they were on a bowl that was over the Psi Wheel 3. Now ask a “yes” or “no” question and then see which direction the weight swings. 5.2. Do the trigger trance 2. Make a Psi ball 3. Visualize a Psi ball and then it spinning around really fast in either direction and spinning the Psi wheel with it The Psi Wheel #3 1.

Visualize a tunnel between you and the object 4. Advanced Psi Exercises How to Move a Small Object 1. Do the trigger trance 2. 13 . Send each word of your message to the person’s mind or black hole and visualize it going down into them 6. Make the words thicker or louder for people that tend to talk a lot so as to make sure they hear it. Use a small lightweight object such as a ring 2. Make the words thicker if you want them to be louder 7. Look at the person and see their mind as a big black hole that is sucking everything into it 3. Do the trigger trance 3. Visualize your energy like a hand pulling the object towards you and make the proper noise in your head as if you are really pulling this object towards you How to Send a Psychic Message 1. Visualize your mind as a white sphere of light 4. Connect your mind with the other person’s mind with a beam of light that looks like electricity current back and forth 5.IV.

14 .

Psi Shapes Psi Shapes 1.V. Put metal or any materials you want in your shield to give your shield extra protection 4. Visualize in what ways this shield will protect you and against what energy or person 15 . Visualize wrapping this energy around your body over and over and make it as thick as you want it to be. 3. Move the ball into the shape you want it to look like Psi Protection Shield 1. Visualize a big tall layer of energy 2. Make a Psi ball 2.

Use the sword and make sure the shape stays the same but affects the other shape. 16 .Psi Sword 1. Stretch out your hand and visualize energy wrapping around your arm and turning into a sword 2.

Use a light cheap plastic ring to start off with or a light object 2. Visualize a hand coming out from your mind and grabbing the object very tightly as your energy still surrounds the hand 3. Visualize the hand slowly moving or pulling the object or even floating the object VII. Use a light cheap plastic ring to start off with or a light object 2. Do the trigger trance 3. Use a light cheap plastic ring to start off with or a light object 2.VI. Do the trigger trance 3. Pyrokinesis 17 . Visualize a wall of energy in front of you that looks like glass 4. Visualize the object very slowly move Telekinesis Exercise #3 1. Telekinesis Telekinesis Exercise #1 1. Put your hands out in front of you and push the wall so that it will push the ring or object you are using Telekinesis Exercise #2 1.

Make a tunnel between your mind and the flame and feel an oneness with the flame 3. Electrokinesis 18 . Light a candle 2. Put a penny in the palm of your hand 2.Put Out a Flame or Fire 1. visualize the flame to grow bigger and bigger and get hotter and hotter Heating up a Penny 1. Will the flame to go out Start a Flame or Fire 1. Visualize a flame on the penny for as long as you can to heat it up VIII. With the flame still bright. Light a candle and then blow the flame out 2.

Do the trigger trance 2. Practice this daily for 10-15 minutes for a few weeks before you expect to see results Electroball 1. You may see faint pencil lines or sparks of electricity 5.Feeling Electricity and Sending it out 1. Don’t do this technique on a person as it can harm them 19 . 3. Make a Psi ball 3. Then shoot this electricity out through your hands to your TV or radio to see if it messes up the reception 4. Close your eyes and visualize electricity flowing throughout your body like a real electric current making noise. Visualize the electricity going out from your hands into the Psi ball making sparks and noise emitting from all around the ball 4. Do the trigger trance 2.

Build up electricity in your arm and shoot it out of your hand and work on controlling the amount of electricity that comes out in a blast 20 .Electroblast 1. Make a psi ball of electricity 3. Do the trigger trance 2.

Do the trigger trance 2. With your hands out in front of your stomach area. Cryokinesis Working with Ice/Water Energy 1. Visualize waves of ice emitting from you body and going throughout the entire room X. Aerokinesis 21 . This make take up to two months so be patient. You will feel a cold point in your hands which is where this ice energy is being created from. Hold an ice cube in your hands and do this daily for a longer period of time until you condition your body to adjust to it. Focus on dropping the temperature in the room and getting colder and colder until it feels like ice and visualize a thermometer dropping as well 3.IX. shape your hands in a ball and visualize some cold energy sweeping by you and forming and ice ball. 2. Also take colder showers to adjust your body to a colder temperature. Do the trigger trance 3. Dropping the Temperature in a Room 1.

Feel the air and temperature of it and how strong or weak it is 3. Do the trigger trance 2. In time practice this with no wind at all. 22 . When the wind blows in your direction then increase its effect on your body.Controlling Air and Wind 1.

Practice makes perfect! End. When you feel the energy pulling back then stop the healing and you are all done. You don’t need to focus on anything but just feeling their energy. 23 . Hold your hands there and make sure you feel their energy and then slowly move your hands back away from the area but make sure you keep feeling the energy. Place your hands about an inch above the persons place on their body that needs to be healed 2. Do this as far as you want too.XI. The Healing Exercise for Healing People 1. 3. Using Energy Work to Heal People Healing with your psychic gifts is a very easy thing but the secret is to be able to strengthen your energy through focusing it and practicing on developing your concentration.

So you have the power to be great at anything you want. It all depends on what you are willing to do every day persistently for seven years.XII. dancers and yes Magicians too! Most people do something once or twice and give up. This includes singers. A few people go on and do it for five years and then give up and one person will go on and do it daily for decades and will be really great at it! Most people then see that one person who is great in their field and say to them that they are lucky when in reality they never saw the daily practice that they did on average for seven years. So if you want to be a great Psychic then practice every day!! 24 . The researched showed that they not only must do it daily but they must also be persistent on success and try to improve their results constantly. Practice Makes Perfect The Latest scientific research now proves that any person that is really great at something has practiced every day for seven years on average. writers.

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