Today. NCDEX& MCX Promoted by Mr.20 I 0).NSE. Dinesh Thakkar. ·5700+ Employees • Over 8. For six consecutive years (2004 .' Angel is the only 100% Retail Stock Broking House that offers a gamut of retail-centric services. Angel Broking started as a sub-broker business in 1987 with just a team of three. Angel is one of the top 5 Retail Broking Houses in India.T About Angel • Memberships: BSE. 10+ lakhCustomers ·9600+ Registered Sub-brokers / Remisiers / Authorized persons . Angel has been awarded the 'Major Volume Driver' trophy by BSE. as we strongly believe that understanding your needs better has to be our top priority. We constantly generate value-added features without additional cost to our clients.We also bagged the Dun & Bradstreet Equity Broking Awards (2009) for 'Best Retail Broking House' and 'Broking House with • Registered asa DP with CDSL • Nationwide Network • 22 Regional Hubs • 156 Branch Offices the Largest Distribution Network.

we have always believed that investing for the longer term is better investing. to deliver much superior T Angel As market Gold A good investment decision is the right decision taken at the right time. on: valuation and related risks. Angel Gold is an advisory-based account that helps you premium equity risk profile and the investmenttime horizon you're looking at. by capturing the complete up move in the stock by cherry picking them at a very nascent stage. More over. it becomes becomes extremely dynamic and there is multiplicity of information very difficult to take decision at the right time. enabled by the exclusive research of Angel Broking. who will uphold our relationship with you based on stringent standard of confidentiality and high degree of build and manage your portfolio. your your and opinion. • Be contrarian at times and bet on unknown & unpopular businesses having potential returns. as your responsibilities and challenges increase. given the fact that market price of a stock finally moves towards its 'real' or 'intrinsic' value. . Our approach to fundamental research entails a proper calibration of growth. it may be more difficult for you to find the time to make well informed decisions with regard to your portfolio. with emphasis • Impetus to low-risk high-return stock. be Our Dedicated Relationship Managerwould your personal point of contact.12 sector specialists and 3 midcap analysts . personal assistance that you deserve.focus on understanding investment needs.Our Investment Philosophy In an era where patience is limited. Investing from twelve to eighteen months perspective is likely to create superior wealth. which is why our entire research team .

I Lakhto Rs. 3 Lakh • Active support in designing equity portfolio and monitoring bythe researchteam • Riskmanagement of the portfolio.T Angel Gold Features • Strongfocus on wealth creation • Delivery basedresearched recommendations • No exposure to the derivative segment • Periodicgroup meetingsand seminarsacrossbranches • An equity account with exclusiveresearchsupport • Dedicated Relationship Manager for servicing and advisory • Margin: Rs. approached with a holisticperspective T Investor • Dedicated Services will be • Dedicated research co-ordinators for stock-related queries • Event-based interaction with the research team • Servicing from large network of branches across India Relationship Manager who responsible for servicing your account and would be acting asa pesonal bankerfor all financial matters • Regular updates on allthe aspects of your accounts • Highly interactive back office access • Monthly research views on e-mails .

01% Returns. Since Inception ( 08 August 2007) 16.75% 24.15% 5. it is indicated A) in nature and are rate of retums portfolio client individual The returns are of the of entry / profit booking. Past performance research recommendations. The not be indicative of the future returns by the .59% 18. calculated on the time weighted suggested by the research.96% A Compounded Annualized Note: The above indicated returns are absolute performance may vary depending on the time may (Except where methodology.61% 40.92% 24. A 2 Years'" 24.T Angel's Research research experience • 30 member research team with 15 dedicated senior analysts • 120+ man years of comprehensive • Highly regarded among institutional clients • Active tracking of more than 200 stocks • Highly solicited in print and electronic media Past Performance Angel Gold .76% 19. 2010.02% 5.Model Portfolio 1 Year Model Portfolio BSE Sensex NSE Nifty As on 30th September.

T To Open the Account Ifyou wish to proceed with the investmentwe would need you to: • • Signthe KYC agreement Provide us complete account opening documents Your Relationship Managerwill help you completing all the formalities. I % after every six months thereon.5% per Transaction I % to be charged at the time of account opening and * On the Initial Margin in the account and subsequent margins thereon. we will advise you of your account details.T Fee Structure & Other Details Nature of Fees Fee 2%* Premium Research Charges Per Annum Custodian Fees Depository Charges Registrar & Transfer Fees Service Tax. Once the account has been opened. Security Transaction Tax & Other Statutory levies Brokerage As Applicable As Applicable As Applicable As Applicable 0. You will have to transfer funds or stocks to your new account. . Let your Investment Manager know what you want and he will take care of everything.

. Acme Plaza.: +(91)02239413940/40003600 The information given herein or in the accompanying material isintended only to be general infonmation relatingto the organization.Published in 20 I O. Subsidiary Companies and their affiliates. structure. demand or cause of action againstthe Company or any ofits Directors. functions. neither the Group Companies. Employees.or any or all of them. Opp. India. Angel Broking All rights reserved. Road. Andheri (East). Tel. 'Y\ngel" or the "Group" or the "Company" and while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information given.M. Members. variously referred to as 'Y\ngel Broking". Sangam Cinema. solicitation or recommendation forthe purchase or sale of any securities or other financial instruments based on the information contained herein. Mumbai 400 059. which expression may asthe context requires include the holding Company.V. Servants or Agents. areas of business. Members. Servants or Agents make any guarantee or assume any liability for any errors or omissions in the information furnished. Corporate Office: 612. 'Y\ngel Group". nor any oftheir Directors. The infonmation in this brochure does not constitute any offer. It is further made clear that nothing stated or anything omitted to be stated in this document can constitute a ground for any claim. potential and scope of Angel Group of Companies. Nor does the infonmation constitute advice or an expression of our view as to whether a particular security or financial instrument isappropriate forthe recipient or meets itsfinancial objectives. Employees. .

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