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For a Prosperous & Developed Pune...

Nationalist Congress Party Pune Municipal Corpora on Elec on 2012


Our Inspirations

It is our desire to take Pune to its rightful glory in the near future. In our quest for success, we have been inspired by the ideas of great philosophers, nationalists and thinkers who had chiselled and nurtured Maharashtra to its present eminence. The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is the only party that is committed to carry this legacy forward through its ideas and visions.

Strengthening bonds...

Dear Punekars,

Pune is the eighth largest metropolis in India, the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune has a rich historical lineage and to complement it, a well-bred cultural base too. Being the educational and IT hub and blessed with a pleasant climate, Pune is growing at a fast pace bringing along with it several challenges. It is essential to address these challenges with a methodical approach and at the proper time, which is NOW. The Nationalist Congress Party became the largest party in the Pune Municipal Corporation elections in 2007. However, not with a clear majority. Inspite of this, we, along with our allies, could complete several developmental projects in the city. We have constructed new roads, hospitals, schools and fostered other essential services to meet everyday demands. For the poor, we have provided housing through various schemes and worked for their social upliftment by empowering the women through self help groups. There is still a long way to go. Our Party got a clear majority in the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) elections in 2007 and we have been able to transform Pimpri-Chinchwad into a livable and promising city. We wish to take Pune on the same path of progress and development. Its our dream to give every citizen of Pune a healthy, peaceful and happy life. The Nationalist Congress Party, with its visionary and able leadership in Mr. Sharad Pawar, is the only Party which would be able to realise this dream. As the guardian minister of the city, taking this vision forward is my responsibility. To be able to achieve this, we need Punekars to give us, the NCP, a CLEAR MAJORITY. Let us all join hands together to make our city a wonderful place to live in. I request you to cast your valuable vote in our favour.
Yours sincerely,

Ajit Pawar


World over urbanisation is happening at a fast pace, Pune and Maharashtra are no exception. As per the census of 2011, Punes population is around 31 lakh, and by 2044 it is expected to grow manifoldaround 90 lakh. There is burning need to identify and face the challenges of this humongous population, and take proper steps for the overall development of the citizens and the city as a whole The citys immediate requirements are:

For a safer, smoother & secure life

An efficient, transparent and participatory city governance Provision of in civic amenities Efficient and well-planned mobility and transportation Environment preservation and conservation Efficient land use policy Emphasis on schemes for the economically backward Facilitating industry, trade and commerce Heritage conservation Empowerment of women and the other marginalised sections of the society

4 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Tomorrow's Pune will be "an economically vibrant and sustainable city with diverse opportunities and rich culture, where all citizens enjoy a safe and liveable environment with good connectivity".

The Nationalist Congress Party has a league of able, active and capable leaders with a visionary foresight at both the state and national level. It is only the Nationalist Congress Party which has the capacity to deliver results for the citys development, keeping in mind that -

We will not launch schemes that prima facie look attractive, but fail in the long run. While setting long-term goals, we will not overlook the immediate needs of the citizens. We will make certain that whatever projects are launched for the benefit of the citizens will be completed on time. We will seek and respect the views of citizens and experts in the planning and execution of developmental work.

We will work closely with the State and Central governments, financial institutions and private sector for planning and execution of various schemes. With the Nationalist Congress Party at helm in the State and Centre, we are confident of executing major developmental projects for Pune. We will ensure capacity building of the staff of the Pune Municipal Corporation. Every NCP corporator will focus on long-term development of their wards and the city as a whole.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 5

Changing Face of Pune Challenges & Opportunities

Pune is fast metamorphosing itself from a pensionersparadise to the 21st century dream destination. To pave its way towards making Pune a world-class city, we will have to race against time, and address the following herculean challenges A major boost to the Information and Technology sector in Pune, coupled with the citys rich standards in higher education has resulted in a considerable rise in the population of the city. The inclusion of twenty-three villages into the Pune Municipal Corporation limits has resulted into an expansion of area of city to 243.84 square kilometres.

Steady influx of people

With the growing population, the demographics of our city is witnessing diversity within various economic, cultural and linguistic groups. The old city limits are witnessing very high density of population resulting in pressure on civic amenities and other infrastructure. More than 40% of city's population lives in slums with inadequate access to civic amenities and infrastructure. Provision of affordable housing and basic infrastruture to the poor. Old wadas (traditional residential complexes) have become dilapidated. Relocation of people staying there is a serious issue. There is a need to address the demands and requirements of highly proficient human resources employed in Bio and Information Technology industries in the city. Around 350 new private vehicles are registered in the city every day. Currently, the total number of private vehicles in the city is 21,57,000. This number is expected to touch 40 lakhs in the next 10 years. Higher education, tourism, growing job opportunities has put an extra load on the urban infrastructure.

Changing sky line

Deluge of vehicles

Accentuation of stress factor in our daily lives.

6 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

...Our Initiatives

Steps have been taken to convert Pune into a green city. Till now, we have developed 110 gardens and have launched joint forest management programme for greener hills.

Special impetus has been given for improving public transport system. Care has been taken to provide special facilities for pedestrians and bicycle-riders. Effort has been made to provide parking lots at busy places.

Garbage separation through citizen participation, effective waste management and production of electricity from waste.

Rehabilitation of slum dwellers through various housing schemes of the government. Till date, 7,000 houses have been constructed and delivered.

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nts chieveme e Central Our a

Rs 25 crore
distributed among 20,000 students as educational scholarships.

Water pur ifi with addit cation plants ional capa city to treat

465 milli

of water p litres er day.


Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 7

Human Face to Development


Regularise and Rehabilitate slums that have come
into existence upto 2005. Try to provide each slum owner a tenement measuring 350 square feet in-situ. Build 50,000 houses in the next 5 years for people living in slums. Convergence of various housing schemes related to urban poor. To effectively implement the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana. To make an effort towards making Pune a model for effective implimentation of slum rehabilitation. To encourage private construction companies to participate in this programme as their corporate social responsibility initiative.

To ensure that 2 lakh hawkers in the city are
allocated hawker zones in the market and to devise a separate policy for them. Funds from JNNURM would be used for this purpose. Relocation of hawkers from Kharadi, Baner, Wadgaon Budruk, Wadgaon Sheri, Parvati under the Otta scheme. Provide insurance cover upto Rs. 1 lakh for workers from the unorganised sector.

8 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Human Face to Development

It is not a mere dream to make the city free of slums. It is our resolve to make sure that every individual lives a respectable life, and to ensure that development of city happens in a planned manner. The Nationalist Congress Party will ensure that the development does not bypass the weaker sections, and they can live a respectable life.

Our Initiatives...
1,416 tenements in Hadapsar and 2,616 tenements Free PMPML bus passes have been distributed to
in Warje have been constructed under the BSUP scheme of the Central Government. 582 houses have been constructed in Yerawada and Taljai area under the In-Situ scheme, with another 3,000 under construction. 134 proposals under Slum Rehabilitation Scheme, out of which 2,688 tenements in 9 projects are completed. 74 hawkers and stall owners have been relocated to the newly constructed subway at Pune Railway Station. Financial support of Rs. 25 crores has been provided to over 20,000 students from open and backward classes in last 5 years under the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Annabhau Sathe Educational Scheme. 30,000 high school students.

Free PMPML bus passes have been distributed to

2,300 physically challenged students under the Disabled Welfare Scheme. Initiated computer education to weaker sections of society through 'Sharad Computer Mobile Lab' Currently, 5 such mobile labs are active. Provided assistance under the Ashok Faral Scheme to 116 Self Help Groups. Provided grants to 125 Self Help Groups for manufacturing paper bags. Set up 250 child development centres in city. Launched the 'Kanyaratna' scheme. Launched 'Gharte' (short-stay homes) scheme. 350 beggar kids benefitted from the scheme.

Allot extra FSI for redevelopment of old Wadas to
ensure in-situ rehabilitation of the residents.


Day care centres equipped with entertainment and
healthcare facilities will be set up.

Necessary facilities will be made available at all

health centres at concessional rates.


PMPML bus passes to be given at concessional
rates. Effective execution of the 'Suvarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojna'. Health camps to be regularly conducted in slum areas. The right to work is a basic right even for the poorest of poor. The Nationalist Congress Party has already enshrined this in the party declaration. We will ensure that this right is respected in policies of Pune Municipal Corporation.

Free PMPML bus passes will be provided. Healthy and nutritious food will be made available
to senior citizens below poverty line.

Manifesto | Pune MunicipalPune Municipal Corporation | Nationalist Congress Party &n 9 Manifesto | Corporation Election 2012

Traffic & Transport

The aggravated traffic and transport problem needs urgent and effective solutions. At the same time, long-term, capital-intensive projects like Metro rail also need to be undertaken. The number of vehicles in Pune has already crossed 21.5 lakh. If this growth in number of vehicles continues in next few years, Pune will become the most polluted city with highest number of road accidents.

Our Initiatives...
We have taken major steps to change the image of Pune from a 'City of Potholes' towards a 'Potholes-free City'. Road widening and construction of concrete roads at Baner, Sus, Ahmednagar road, Hadapsar, Sinhagad road and the Sangamwadi-Airport road. New bridges at BEG Campus (Khadki) and Bund Garden. Widening of the railway flyover at Pune-Solapur Road. New flyovers at Hadapsar and Dhayari under construction. Considerable improvement in Katraj-SwargateHadapsar BRT Pilot Project (loopholes in the plan developed during last regime still need to be plugged). Approach roads and footpaths for BRT under construction. From the funds made available under JNNURM, 500 new buses to be purchased; Out of these 150 buses already added to PMPML fleet. Subways at Baner and Warje, and an approach road in Sangamwadi under construction. A subway near Zilla Parishad office, two foot-overbridges on Karve Road, Grade separator at Sancheti Chowk under construction. Interlocking blocks and mastics being used wherever required keeping in mind the traffic load in various chowks in the city Special Zebra Crossings for senior citizens on all the major roads in the city. 550 traffic wardens for traffic control. Cycle tracks of 100 kilometres to promote use of bicycles. Mechanised parking lot at Sambhaji Park (Jungli Maharaj road). Multi-storey parking lots at Narayan Peth (near Phule Mandai) and Pune Railway Station. Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System at traffic signals in highly busy junctions. These junctions are under electronic surveillance 24x7.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Bridge in Bund Garden

Kridamaharshi Haribhau Sane Parking Lot in

Narayan Peth

10 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Traffic & Transport

Multi-model transport system is the need of the hour in the city. Strengthening the public transport system in the city is our prime objective. Improvements on the roads for implementation of BRT scheme are in final phase. The needs and safety of the pedestrians and cyclists will be the main focus of the city development plan. We are also committed to providing them with safe and dedicated routes.

Our Resolve...
Pedestrians and cyclists, along with public transport, will be our priority in all the planning and execution. We will take the necessary steps to make walking a safe and pleasant experience. Special attention has been given for the safety of the disabled, children and senior citizens. We will follow all the national guidelines and principles while constructing roads and footpaths. Bicycle tracks will be connected to all the roads to make cycling a safe and enjoyable experience. To launch a 'bicycles on rent' scheme for citizens. This will be the first of its kind initiative in entire nation. Creating awareness about BRT among citizens, for effective implementation of BRT. Special monthly PMPML bus passes for weaker sections. Required number of new buses to be added to PMPML fleet. If required the buses will be taken on lease. Separate roads only for public transport vehicles (HCMTR). Paid parking in densely populated areas. Two-storey flyover to be built between the Engineering College Chowk and Patil Estate. A flyover from Shankar Maharaj Math to Katraj is already flagged off.

Advantages of BRT
Situation before the implementation of pilot BRT project Situation after the implementation of pilot BRT project

272 34 23
Kilometres / hour Kilometres / day Average / year


3.57 2.75

220 8
Per day in lakhs

Fatal Accidents

Average Bus Travel

Average Speed

Number of Passengers

Pursuing under-ground metro to address long term traffic needs

The Nationalist Congress Party had initially fevoured an overhead metro, as costs involved were comparatively less. However, after studying in detail the pros and cons of metro projects in Mumbai and Bengaluru, we have come to the conclusion that overhead metro would create long-term problems for citizens. The under-ground metro not only will solve traffic woes of the city but also will help in keeping the citys environment healthy and clean. Though constructing an under-ground metro is relatively more expensive, the funds for that can be raised. To execute this plan, we will make all efforts to procure funds from the State and Central governments, DMRC as well as from financial institutions.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 11

Waste Management
We have been tackling the issue of waste disposal head on. From separation of garbage (wet and dry) to its decomposition, we have taken efforts to manage the waste effectively. We have received excellent support from citizens and self-help groups to bring the problem of waste management under control. However, a lot more needs to be done to overcome this problem.

Amhr ho Ho$b Our Initiatives...

An emphasis on setting up of plants to scientifically process the generated waste, and ensuring disposal of waste at the level of housing societies. Open dumping of waste at the Urali-Devachi and Phursungi waste depot stopped completely from 1st June 2010. Pune Municipal Corporation is the first in the country to stop open dumping of waste. Capping of waste at 43,000 square metre area near Urali-Devachi. Collaboration with a voluntary organisation SWaCH for collection of garbage. Pune is first city in India to collect garbage through participation. Processing of one thousand metric tonnes of waste which is generated in the city. Implementation of biogas and vermicomposting plants in large housing societies has been made compulsory. Concession in property tax to 11,850 properties which use solar energy, harvest rainwater and which use vermicomposting to process and reuse all garbage generated within the property. 15 biogas plants set up to process waste; Every day, 450 units of electricity is generated in these plants. Set up two vermi-composting units with a garbage processing capacity of 100 metric ton. Waste generated in city restaurants is supplied to farmers within a distance of 75 km from city without any charge by PMC as per demand. Strict rules for processing and disposal of biomedical waste; separate facilities for biomedical waste processing. In villages of Urali Devachi and Phursungi, several developmental works like water supply project, primary health centers, roads construction and crematoriums initiated.

State-of-art garbage processing unit

Biomedical waste being treated

12 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Waste Management
Plans are afoot for disposing, management and processing of waste. This will be done in a centralised as well as in a de-centralised manner. The Nationalist Congress Party will also focus on disposal of bio-medical and electronic waste. Apart from all the workers under the Municipal Corporation, there will be active involvement of the citizens in these projects.

Our Resolve...
The system for collection, management, processing and disposal of solid waste will be strenghtened further. It will be ensured that the waste generated in a ward is decomposed in the same ward. Pune Municipal Coprporation will recognise individual citizens, who have proactively and successfully demonstrated best practices in waste management and handling, as 'Green Ambassadors' to promote decentralised waste management. Special schemes to promote waste processing plants in all residential complexes. Pune being a major IT hub, almost 3216 metric tonnes of electronic waste is generated in the city and surrounding areas. As levels of electronic waste generated is harmful to health and environment, a formal mechanism will be put in place for management of electronic waste. Use of advance technology to tackle growing levels of electronic waste. The number of persons and vehicles engaged in garbage collection and transport activities will be increased. Nationalist Congress Party is committed to empowering the rag-pickers. Emphasis will be on health of these workers and giving them benefits of organised sector.



Daily collection of garbage

By the end of 2012, electricity will be generated

by processing 700 metric tons of solid waste.

Vermi-compost, mechanical compost and biogas

projects of collective processing capacity of 5 metric tons of solid waste will be implemented on lands available with the Pune Municipal Corporation. Gardens will be developed at all dumping sites after capping of the garbage.

Biogas plant Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012 Nationalist Congress Party &n 13

Public Health
Due to growing inflation, medical facilities are becoming unaffordable to the common man. It has been our constant endeavour to build well-equipped hospitals in various parts of the city to bring healthcare facilities within reach of every citizen.

Chhatrapati Shahu Hospital in Wanowrie

The new hospital in Kharadi

Our Initiatives...
Improved facilities at the Kamala Nehru Hospital
in Mangalwar Peth

We have been proactive in introducing special scheme for

families with an annual income of upto Rs. 1 lakh. So far, eight thousand families have benefited from this scheme. 43 Swine Flue testing centres set up across city. Almost 4 lakh people have benefitted with the H1N1 vaccination. A 24-hour helpline and control room set up at Naidu Hospital for the benefit of persons suspected of H1N1 infection. Kamla Nehru Hospital has been expanded and modernised. A new hospital in Kharadi operationalised at a cost of Rs. 3 crore. This is the first municipal hospital in the area. Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Yerawada, Chhatrapati Shahu Hospital in Wanowrie, Sonawane Hospital in Kasewadi and a maternity home in Hingne-Khurd set into service. For concerns of public health, strict adherence to food license rules by street food vendors is being ensured.

State-of-art equipments in PMC Hospitals

14 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Public Health
With the city growing in leaps and bounds, it is important to provide medical infrastructure in various parts of the city, and that will be our main focus. We will create awareness amongst citizens about epidemics like Swine Flu. Efforts will be made to increase the number of public toilets in the city. We will also make sure that qualitative hygiene and cleanliness is maintained in these public toilets.

Our Resolve...
We promise to provide Punekars affordable and accessible medical facilities.

Municipal health centres to function under the

supervision of ward level committees. A separate section for rights of the patients to be operationalised in all hospitals. Public awareness campaigns about heart diseases, diabates, and physical and mental disabilities to be run regularly. Number of municipal hospitals to be increased further, and the quality of medical equipment and facilities therein to be improved. Number of ambulances to be increased, and the facilities in them to be improved. Number of maternity homes to be increased in proportion to the population ratio of women. Special programmes to improve women's health will be undertaken with a focus on controlling cases of anaemia. Mechanism for regular and timely vaccination of childern to be set up by health department. Number of public toilets for women to be increased. A strict check to be put on exploitative practices in private medical sector. Hygiene and quality of food sold on the streets to be checked regularly.

Well-equipped hospital to be set up in every state assembly constituency

Nationalist Congress Party is committed to the health and wellbeing of children in the city and to provide them with nutritious food.

Special attention to be given to reduce anaemia among women.

We have always put special emphasis on setting

up toilets for ladies at public places. Special attention will be given to cleanliness and upkeep of these toilets. Funds for this have been allotted by NCP MLAs even from outside Pune.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 15

Water Supply & Drainage System

Pune is surrounded by natural water bodies with an abundance of water. The water has to be properly channelised to reach every household daily. To initiate this task, we have constructed more water tanks and water treatment plants in and around the city. We have also increased the capacity of several sewage treatment plants.

Our Initiatives...

Water Supply
New water tanks have been set up in Kharadi (25 MLD),
Vadgaon Sheri (30 MLD), Maharashtra Housing Board (10 MLD), Sus (35 MLD), Baner (50 MLD), Chandani Chowk (85 MLD), Mahatma Society (60 MLD), Dhanori (15 MLD), Tukali Hills (50 MLD), Waghjai Tample (25 MLD) and Taljai Hills (50 MLD). Thus, the overall storage capacity has been increased manifold.

New water treatment plants to treat 465 million

litres of water per day (MLD) have been installed in Cantonment (100 MLD), Vadgaon (125 MLD), Warje (200 MLD) and Holkar Bridge (40 MLD). Increased the capacity of water treatment plant in Warje. Replaced old pipelines and sewerage with new and higher capacity lines.

Sewage Treatment
Sewage treatment plants Installing pumping stations
of collective capacity of treating 262 million litres of sewage per day (MLD) have been installed in Mundhwa (45 MLD), Baner (30 MLD), Viththalwadi (32 MLD), Kharadi (40 MLD) and Naidu (115 MLD). in Kasba Peth and Tofkhana. Installation of drainage system to carry waste water to sewage treatment plants is in progress.

Sewage treatment plant on Sinhagad road

16 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Water Supply & Drainage System

We will try and ensure that every citizen in old as well as new parts of Pune gets equal amount of water supply at equal pressure. Water will be processed and recycled, wherever possible. Precautions will be taken to ensure that drainage water does not get discharged into the Mula-Mutha rivers. We plan to prevent this discharge by improving the sewage and treatment infrastructure.

Our Resolve...

We will map water supply pipelines for maintaining the same level of water pressure in all parts of the city and provide equal amount of water per capita.

Plans are afoot for fitting a new 2500 mm pipeline between Camp Water Centre and Khadakwasla to stop leakage. The old, rusted pipelines to be replaced with new ones.

100% Processing of Drainage Water

To put a check on the pollution of the Mutha river, the Nationalist Congress Party has launched an ambitious project in 2007-2012. The project would be completed between 2012 and 2017. Under this project, as per the National River Action plan, all the drainage water will be processed and treated before being discharged into the river. The Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran project division has created a detailed project report in this regard. The fact that Punes population is projected to grow to 90 lakh in future has been considered while planning this project.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PROJECT After completion of this project, not a single drop of untreated drainage water would be discharged into the Mutha river. 10 new sewage treatment plants will be built in various parts of the city. Capacity of existing sewage treatment plants will be increased. Processing and treatment of 100% of generated drainage water. Use of worlds best technology to achieve this. Processed water will be used for production of electricity.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 17

Changing Times Ahead...

Zilla Parishad Subway: Yerwada: Houses constructed under

the Basic Service to Urban Poor (BSUP) scheme

Hadapsar: Concrete houses built for weaker

sections of the society

Rehabilitation of hawkers at the subway opposite the Zilla Parishad. This initiative also helped in a streamlined traffic at the busy junction.

Formulation of a new system

that helps in waste disposal from hospitals and restaurants

Inception of 12 biogas plants to

facilitate waste disposal

Addition of 250 buses to the

PMPML fleet

The adventure sports facilities at

Peshwe Park

Construction of 100 kms cycle

track all over the city

The Park at Bopodi, is

one of the many parks that have beautified the city even more

18 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Taljai Hill: Oxygen Park set up

Considerable number of beds have

been added at Municipal Hospitals

The multi-storeyed parking lot

near the Pune Railway Station is an attempt to increase the number of parking lots in the city

Grade separator that help in the

smooth running of traffic on the Ganesh Khind Road is one step towards reducing traffic snarls

The Magarpatta flyover has helped

to drastically reduce traffic jams at Hadapsar

Jogging parks all over the city have

been a boon for health conscious Puneites

'Indradhanush,' an Environment and Citizenship

Centre has been launched at Dattawadi to create environmental awareness

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 19

Public Parks
The number of parks and landscaped gardens in the city has now reached up to 110. Plans are afoot for developing 40 more parks and gardens in the city. The NCP has a vision to beautify the city and make it into an attractive tourist destination. The NCP has in its own way contributed to the beauty of the city.

Our Initiatives...
Planted 15 lakh saplings. Beautified lakes in Pashan and Katraj. Established the Environmental and Citizenship Centre
in Rajendranagar.

Gymnasiums have been set up in various parts of

Kharadi and Aundh. A rappelling wall has been erected at Shivajinagar Gaothan for mountaineers. Swimming pools have been constructed at Warje, Karvenagar, P. L. Deshpande Park, Ghorpadi Peth and Bopodi. A gymnasium in Shukrawar Peth has been built. An 'Adventure Park' has been set up for children to increase their guts, skills and decision making abilites. NCP played a pivotal role in setting up of some notable initiatives like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Art Gallery, the Butterfly Park at Sahakarnagar, the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as part of the Katraj Lake project and the enclosed Boxing Ring at the Bhawani Peth stadium.

20 new parks have been developed across the city.

Late Shakuntalabai Nikam Park at Gokhalenagar

Our Resolve...
Preventing encroachments on open spaces, grounds Beautifying the lake at Peshwe Park. and parks and equipping parks with rest rooms, Implementing joint forest management programme
drinking water and first-aid facilities. Ensuring safe play zones in parks for disabled children. Keeping parks open from dawn to midnight, so that they can be better utilised by citizens. Setting up of committees of local citizens, regular visitors to monitor and manage the parks. Creating a bird sanctuary at Bhamburda. on hills across the city in collaboration with the forest department. Starting an Environment and Wild Animals Information Centre at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. Developing a theme park which depicts the seven wonders of the world.

Setting up a world-class aquarium in Pune.

20 & Nationalist Congress Party
Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Environment Conservation
Lack of environmental conservation is taking a toll on long term health of cities. For long-lasting development, environmental concerns need to be put at the centre of all developmental policies. As the Nationalist Congress Party is committed to the long term benefit of citizens, it lays very strong emphasis on environment conservation.

Our Initiatives...
PMPML buses older than 15 years ousted from the

A scientific approach to solid waste management. Polythene bags with thickness less than 50 microns
have been banned. Slum rehabilitation schemes have resulted in considerable increase in quality of life of the slum residents.

A grant of Rs. 2 crore has been sanctioned for

equipping auto rickshaws with CNG kits.

Untill 2011, 10.22 lakh square metres of construction

has been completed according to green norms. It has resulted in savings of 61,509 units of electricity and 75 lakh litres of water. Not only that, carbon emission has been reduced by 70,000 tonnes per year. It has been made mandatory for residential projects and parks to plant more trees of native varieties. As per the eco-friendly housing policy, it has been made mandatory for the developers to submit a proposal outlining green initiatives in proposed scheme.

A river beutification project has been undertaken to

prevent river pollution and maintain the flow of river water. Due to removal of slit, garbage and other barriers the carrying capacity of river has increased considerably.

Our Resolve...
Proposal to supply piped LPG to households in the
city. Number of CNG filling stations to be increased. River Improvement Programme to be implemented. Birds-friendly environment to be conserved in various forests in the city. The Central Government has devised a scheme to develop special section around cities for growing vegetables. Attempts have also been made to grow vegetables on reserved plots in the city.

Beefing up the preservation and conservation of

Katraj and Pashan lakes which is already underway. Proposals have been passed and decisions have been undertaken that would help in maintenance of these lakes in order to turn them into tourist destinations. In the suburbs, converting pits (created due to excavation) which have live springs, into beautiful lakes, and developing them into tourist attractions. Proper steps to be taken to fill up other pits with the debris generated in city.

The Nationalist Congress Party is committed to conserving the greenery in and around the river banks, play grounds, open plots, roads and residential complexes. It is in conjunction with the 1989 scheme launched by the then Chief Minister Shri. Sharad Pawar to increase the green cover on hills across the city. The NCP will tread on the same path for benefit of health of Pune and it citizens.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 21

Pune is known as the Oxford of the East. It is synonymous with quality education. But the educational patterns have changed over the years and the Pune Municipal Corporation has kept itself abreast with modern teaching methods and techniques. To keep pace with changing times, the PMC has established Marathi e-learning schools. The Nationalist Congress Party has committed itself to imparting quality English education, even to those from economically backward classes.

A serious attempt has been made to raise the bar of quality of education in Municipal Schools and to nurture students understanding ability. To initiate the process NCP plans to rope in reputed education institutions as well as educationists.

To commemorate the birth centenary of late Sharadabai Besides that, every year in all these Municipal Schools,
Govind Pawar, the party has decided to award scholarships ( Rs. 4 crore) to eligible students. Marathi E-learning schools have been established and are running at Koregaon Park, Maharshinagar and Dhankawadi. A military school is in the process of being set up at Katraj. Students from economically backward classes has been supported to learn English across 48 schools all over the city. Since 2008, semi-English medium have been introduced in 5th standard in 40 schools. English Resource Centre (ERC) founded through Centre for Learning Resources (CLR), an education institution, provides assistance for improving English conversation skills of students from Class 3 to 6. To improve their learning abilities, students are given CD sets so that they can improvise their vocabulary and speech. Printed booklets and brochures are also distributed free amongst the students. Counsellors have been appointed in Municipal Schools. These counsellors help to resolve different issues related to students, parents and teachers. Due to influx of students, additional classrooms will be constructed in the new session and requisite educational facilities will be made available. Annual Day is celebrated with great aplomb. Students present their artistic, aesthetic and creative skills with great enthusiasm in the event. Free picnics are organised for 1 to 7 standard students to boost team building spirit. Moreover, achievers participating in various competitions like sports, debate, elocution etc are offered prizes. The prizes include free trips to tourist, religious and historic destinations. Lal Bahadur Shastri Primary School at Shivajinagar has created a special class for mentally challenged and disabled students. 'Kreeda Niketan' has been established to give incentive to sports culture among school children. The institute besides honing the skills and abilities of the sportsperson also doles out nutritious diet and expert advice. Every year, NCP takes care of the educational expenses of 151 talented students. The expenses include tuition fees and other expenses incurred during their education. This initiative is of immense help to promising students. Competitive examination centres have been established at Bopodi. Plans are afoot of instituting a library to aid in UPSC and MPSC preparations. Special grants will be disbursed to promising students.

Municipal Schools have taken special initiative to impart computer guidance and E-learning for students of 1 to 7 standards 22 & Nationalist Congress Party
Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Heritage Conservation
Pune is rich in culture, heritage and history. To preserve and uphold Punes ancestry and traditions, citizens and organisations have joined hands. The joint endeavour is not only to place Pune on the world map, but also to explore the tourism potential of this historic city by attracting more and more foreign tourists. The Nationalist Congress Party will provide all the necessary support to such initiatives.

In March 2011, under the Chairmanship of former
Cabinet Secretary, Late B. G. Deshmukh, the social service arm of Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) 'Janvani' and Heritage India Private Limited had launched a campaign 'Branding Pune Heritage'. The aim of the movement is to find means for preserving and upholding the rich cultural heritage of the city and to develop cultural tourism. NCP has whole-heartedly supported the project. To attain success for the movement the party believes and feels that the drive should have a 10-fold approach. They are as follows: 1. Cultural (showcasing through craft, audio-visual media, sports, folkdance and music) 2. Architectural Heritage 3. Natural Resources 4. Womens Empowerment 5. Food Festivals 6. Projecting the rich historical Maratha cultural dynasty 7. Punes contribution to the Independence Movement 8. Science and Technology 9. Literature, Plays and Films 10. Education and Research. To attract tourists to the city, steps have been taken to organise special festivals, events and exhibitions around historic, modern and natural edifices built in

the city.

Improving services of the Pune Darshan bus. The bus

service gives a tour of prominent tourist destinations in and around the city. Plans are in the offing to introduce new bus routes and theme-based tours in future. In the near future, NCP plans to establish a Centre for Conservation of Marathi language. In the last 5 years, the party has constructed a multipurpose hall in Kharadi, multipurpose building in Hingane (Khurd), Veer Baji Prabhu Memorial in Vadgaon and a Cultural Centre in Aundh. Even the Savitribai Phule Memorial has been renovated.

Pune hailed during NCPs regime

Clean & Transparent Administration

Systems for a transparent, efficient and disciplined
administration. E-governance initiatives for enhancing efficiency. New and innovative methods for training and empowering the Municipal Corporations workforce. Insistence upon meticulous financial planning. Proposed the timely implementation of investment plans and disbursements. Strict measures for recovery of tax dues. Online service for payment of Property Tax. Time-bound plans put in place for all round development works in the city.

The Pune Municipal Corporation was honoured with the

'Nagarratna' award for best overall performance under the JNNURM scheme. Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal accepted the award from the Honourable President Pratibha Patil.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 23

Social Responsibility
Youth, women and children form the backbone of any society. NCP has always been proactive in implementing various programmes with an aim of empowering women, increasing level of education of all children, and securing the future of youngsters. Yashaswini Abhiyan
(Womens Co-operative)

Over 25 lakh women were brought together by 2.25 lakh

Mahila Bachat Gat (self help groups for women). In an effort to bring about considerable change in the economic and social conditions of these women, NCP President Sharad Pawar and MP Supriya Sule launched the 'Yashaswini Abhiyan.' The organisers successfully convinced the government to extend loans to these groups at 4% interest rate. Arrangements were made for the women to sell their products and wares in big retail chains like Big Bazaar, More and Star Bazaar. Provided the participating women with training facilities to improve the quality of their products. Involved the self help groups in handling meter reading and distribution of electricity bills in villages.

Save the Girl Child Supriya Sule, Member of Parliamentled led a padyatra
from Savitribai Phules birth place Naigaon to Phulewadi in Pune to create awareness about female foeticide. About five thousand girls raised slogans and took a pledge to oppose female foeticide during the rally.

Vision Career Fair 20,000 students benefited from the Vision Career Fair.
The fair was organised to initiate and educate youth about career options after SSC, HSC, Graduation and Post Graduation. Guidance and counselling sessions were organised for youth in the career fair.

Nav Maharashtra Yuva Abhiyan

(Bringing in a new dawn)

Organised workshops in 25 districts to formalise youth policy.

The party took the initiative to submit the draft of Youth and Sports Policy to the government.

Special programs were formulated to create road safety Guidance for school children Thousands of students from Class 5 to 10 were provided
special guidance on effective studying methods, personality development, methods to prepare for an exam and to deal with examination stress under the 'Vision Education Programme.' awareness and public opinion for a new road safety and transport policy.

Distribution of free artificial limbs to physically challenged

people along with required guidance. A physical survey was conducted of problems created by malnutrition among children in Melghat.

NCP has time and again proved that they dont believe in merely providing lip service but taking the required action towards the cause of womens empowerment Plans to invest Rs. 6,000 each per year for five years in the National Savings Certificates in the name of the girl child born below poverty line under the 'Kanyaratna' scheme. Grant of Rs. 50,000 to women self help groups to buy essential machinery for producing paper bags. Free vocational training camps for women between the age group of 15-45. Self employment grants of up to Rs. 5000 for women in the age group of 18-45. Organising exhibitions and fairs to provide womens self help groups with marketing opportunities, where they can sell their products.

Scholarship scheme for 10th and 12th standard students. Allotted burial land in Kondhwa and Katraj for the Resting rooms for Haj prilgrims at the Maulna Azad
Muslim community. Memorial.

Minorities Empowerment

Plans to conserve and protect the places of worship and

faith of minorities.

24 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

State Government & Pune Municipal Corporation

Every decision of Maharashtra government has gone into enhancing the reputation of Maharashtra as a development-oriented state. The State Governments energies have been channelised on creating better opportunities for women and minorities along with improving the speed and effectiveness of governance in the Municipal Corporations. The city of Pune has also benefited substantially by these initiatives.

50 % reservation for women in Local Self Government as part of the womens empowerment policy.

Clearing the proposal of granting 2.5 FSI for

redevelopment of old and depleted MHADA building in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Clearing the proposal for appointing more police personnel and establishing new Police Stations across the city. Proper steps have been taken for the implementation of the systematic development plan of the city and its adjoining areas. Legal provisions enunciated to improve and expedite functioning of the Municipal Corporation. This rule has made it mandatory for the Standing Committee and the General Body to decide on the Municipal Commissioners proposals within a stipulated time. Bringing all the officials, employees, councillors, all members of various committees and even the Mayor under the purview of the Lokayukta. Increasing the remuneration of 'Shikshan Sevak' the teaching staff. The monthly scholarship amount for pre-secondary (5th to 7th standard) and secondary (8th to 10th standard) students has been increased by Rs. 25 and Rs. 50, respectively. Electronic clearance has been initiated for timely payment of the scholarships. Increase in allowance for student occupants at government hostels. Ensuring efficient functioning of the State Building and Construction Labourers Welfare Forum . Established Maharashtra State Domestic and Women Workers Welfare Forum. Established Maharashtra State Rickshaw Chalak-Malak Welfare Forum.

# Maharashtra has become the first state in the country to make a special law for safe transportation of schoolchildren # The State government has decided to send the vehicle permits and RC books by speed post to the owners residential address to save them the trouble of visiting the Regional Transport Office at regular intervals. # Fast clearance of transfer permits for taxis and rickshaws.

State government jobs for sportsperson excelling at

national and international level.

Encouraging domestic sports like kho-kho, kabaddi and

wrestling. The financial aid for these sportspersons has been increased from Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh. Increase in cash incentive to players winning medals on the national and international level. Substantial financial provision for development of religious destinations like Alandi, Dehu and the Sinhagad fort. Plans to provide 24 x 7 state-of-art ambulances for the Municipal Corporation area. taking steps to set up an independent minorities commission. Introducing 2 % cut in Value Added Tax on kerosene.

The State Government Established a Separate Department of Marathi Language.

Nationalist Congress Party &n 25

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Women - The Catalyst for Change

Women form half the citys population. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a woman-centric policy after discussion with various stakeholders. The welfare of women is on top of our agenda, but our priorities ensure that the policy benefits senior citizens and children. Pune would be the first Municipal Corporation in the country to implement an agenda for a 'Women-friendly City'.

NCPs charter for a woman-friendly Pune To prepare an Annual Gender Status Report on the lines of the Annual Environmental
Status Report for the city.

To prepare a Gender Safety Audit. To create awareness amongst citizens to prevent and combat domestic violence. To formulate strict rules to stop atrocities and misbehaviour in public and work places. To encourage women-friendly and safe public spaces, transport and other amenities. To improve the condition of health facilities.
Wider roads, subways, underground and multistorey parking lots, underground Metro have become the need of the hour. All these places become unsafe for women, especially after dark.

Economic Empowerment
Economic empowerment of women to be the top-most priority. Different approaches to the economic empowerment of educated, semi-educated and uneducated women. To develop centres providing vocational training, skill development as well as computer and technical education. To provide a marketing platform for products manufactured by women. To set up incubation centres for business development. Such centers to provide information and advice aspiring women entrepreneurs. To collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and various voluntary organisations working in this field, to meet the set goals.

For safety
At public places Security of women would be on top of our agenda while designing and executing such structures. Related signboards, maps, hoardings giving directions to be displayed with proper lighting arrangements. Crowded public places to have adequate street lights, CCTV surveillance, especially during wee hours, security guards for subways. Moreover security alarm bells and public telephone booths to be placed at all such locations.

While commuting daily

All the necessary steps to be taken to ensure that
daily commutation of working women becomes safe, even during odd hours. Latest technology should be put into use to ensure safety. Special buses only for women on selected routes. Whereas, reserved seats for women on others.

Facilities for Working Women

Support services: To provide creche for the children of
working women.

To provide day care centres for senior

citizens. Special day care centers will be provided for children with special needs. Efforts to be made to keep some shops open till late night once or twice a week to enable working women to meet their needs. Hostels to be built for working women. Short-stay homes for deserted women. Gender Cell to be created to provide information and legal guidance to victims of domestic violence.

26 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Women - The Catalyst for Change

Health Care
Women tend to ignore their health. They be provided with all the necessary medical guidance and support to ensure that they remain healthy, strong and fit. To organise lectures on health and fitness relating to women at public gardens. To seek assistance of medical experts and voluntary organisations for the same. To encourage yoga, exercise classes and laughter clubs specially for women and senior citizens at Municipal Gardens. Workshops to create awareness about various stressrelated diseases and anaemia. Medical check-ups be made available for women and senior citizens at subsidised rates.

Promoting Creativity
To recognise the creativity and contribution of women in fields of art, culture and other fields. To provide a platform for women to express themselves. Efforts to improve portrayal of women in the media. To encourage leadership skills of women. To publicly recognise the exemplary contribution of women through various means.

Women-centric Housing
Multi-storeyed buildings will dominate the citys skyline in the future. This will however bring with it serious issues of womens safety for which certain steps will have to be undertaken 24 x 7 electronic surveillance to be provided at all parking and landing areas on each floor. Adequate lighting arrangements to be made at each and every corner of the building. Emergency alarm bells and phone booths to be provided in each complex. Elevators to have glass doors. The other option is to provide the buildings with glass capsules.

Enhancing Capacity
Honourable Sharad Pawar has played a pivotal role in the reservation for women in Local Self Governments. The ratio has shot up from 33% to 50%. It has encouraged and helped women to make a meaningful contribution to the society. To ensure effective participation in decision making process by enhancing capacities of women elected representatives and women groups. Dessiminate information relating to government programmes and policies for women. Exchange of best practices relating to women empowerment and governance .

The Girl child

Special initiatives to be taken for the
safety and security of the girl child. Special emphasis to be given on the education and nutrition of the girl child. Strict action to be taken on those who discriminate between a boy and a girl child. Strict implementation of law to prevent illegal sex determination practices. Officials from local self governments to keep strict vigilance on sonography centres.

Participation of Women in Building a Strong and Healthy Society.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 27

We, The Party

The Nationalist Congress Party has always given an equal importance to its social agenda alongwith the political work. The party has consciously laid a focus on various causes like women empowerment, environmental awareness, and attending the issues of youth. We are trying to develop a futuristic, longterm oriented culture by broadening the scope of our agenda.

Sensitive Party Worker

The government runs a lot of projects for socially backward
A presentation on female foeticide, thanks to 'Janmanas' forum

Save the Environment rally

people. In future,we will ensure that deserving people are initiated and enlightened about these schemes. Till now, since inception of these projects many people have benefited from these enterprises. Under 'Janamanas' forum, lectures and discussions were conducted on various serious issues like ragging, students suicide, female foeticide, reservation for women, civic rights and so on. A State-level conference on 'Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanisation' for the Nationalist Congress Party members was hosted by Pune. At the state-level conference of Nationalist Congress in Karla, the issue of global warming was discussed in great detail. Later on, a manifesto of 'Green India, Clean India' was also put forward. Workshops concerning this serious issue is organised on a regular basis all over the State.

Social Awareness
The Pune City Nationalist Congress Party and the
Doctors Cell confer the 'Dr. Anandibai Joshi' award to medical practitioners who work for social welfare and development of the society. A torch rally was organised on the eve of 50th Maharashtra Day. The event was a reminiscence of past history and memories of formation of the State. The Nationalist Congress Partys Foundation Day is celebrated every year by organising a Green Rally and distributing saplings to the general public.

Dr. Anandibai Joshi award ceremony

Shaping Dreams
Every year, Career Guidance Programmes and job fairs are
executed in various parts of the city. These programmes give students a proper and clear insight into career building and training. The participating students receive guidance from experts in various fields and successful entrepreneurs. Due to this valuable guidance and the direct job opportunities in these fairs, youngsters look forward to the programme. Besides that, we have also organised free guidance camp for police recruitments.

Hundreds of youngsters participate in the annual job fair

28 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Our Motto: Social Service - 80 %, Politics - 20 %

Empowering women
NCP has played a proactive role in providing 50%
reservation for women in Local Self Governments. However, the party is aware that it is important to educate women about the rules and regulations involved in running these bodies. To initiate them, we have organised workshops and lectures where eminent personalities deliver talks for training purposes. Petitioned Food and Supply Department to give permits to women self help groups who run ration shops and sell kerosene in retail market. Self help groups were established with a view to provide women an opportunity to step out of their households and create revenue-earning opportunities. But when the party found out that these groups were finding it difficult to sell their products in the market, 'Savitri Marketing Initiative for Ladies Entrepreneurs' (SMILE) was established to provide training to these women entrepreneurs. The training not only helped the women to run small scale industries but also groomed them on personality development.

Training camp was held for those applying

for police recruitment

Training was given at Sharad Computer Lab under

the leadership of MLA Bapusaheb Pathare

Foundation stone for competent political culture

Special workshops were arranged for Corporators, Party
office bearers, youth and women members to inculcate corporate values in them. These workshops helped to build a better understanding and rapport among the party members. NCP is the first political party to undertake such an initiative. It helps in getting clarity, cognizability on organizational objectives and increase efficiency in civic administration.

A State- of- art pathological lab on wheels was

flagged off under the guidance of MLA Anil Bhosale

Special training scheme for women was organised through

SMILE under the leadership of Vandana Chavan

An annual felicitation ceremony for teachers was

organised under the direction of Appa Renuse, Vice President of Education Committee

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 29

e the complet roject To ail P Metro R earliest at the

To follow up consistently for an International Airport in Pune

ns budget in e corporatio at common To draft th uage, so th ns. simple langnderstand the provision u tio citizens can ge citizens' participa d To encoura ion of the outlays an of in superv and implementation s, expenditure rious schemes. va

To establis Metropolit h Pune an R Developm egional en Authority t

for gular training rty Re he pa rporators of t co

To involve an d from Marath take assistance Commerce w a Chamber of heneve and necessarr required y

To conduct a w ard six months. The meeting every me organised on th etings will be e first Sunday o f January and Ju ly
cial To undertake spe ge dama initiative to curb of the city and defacement

Countering Global Warming

Our lifestyle has been adversely affecting the environment. If we do not address the issue on a priority basis then it could spell disaster soon. Keeping this in mind, the Nationalist Congress Party has decided not to merely provide lip service to the cause but has already published an agenda to tackle the problem. The party even adopted the 'Green India, Clean India' project as their official programme during the party conclave in Karla. The party will take initiative to create public awareness about global warming and is proud to announce that it is the only political party in the country to undertake such an initiative.

The provisions in the agenda are as follows:

Adopting policies that emphasise long-lasting


Promoting use of green technology to reduce carbon

emission from projects undertaken by individuals and government agencies. Emphasis on more plantation schemes. Increased public involvement in keeping the city clean and healthy. Promoting ways and means of recycling and processing garbage. Emphasis on public transport. Promoting use of energy-saving equipment. Creating awareness about pollutants and ways to counter them.

30 & Nationalist Congress Party

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Development for All

Planned development in merged village

The Nationalist Congress Party had been aggressively pursuing the demand for clearing the Development Plan for Pune city. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has played a pivotal role in getting the approval to add newly-merged villages to the Development Plan. The merger will allow the civic administration to provide civic amenities to these villages in a planned manner.

Widening of roads in these villages according to the Development Plan. Constructing a state-of-art auditorium at Sinhagad and Dhankawdi. Constructing a state-of-art hospital in Sinhagad, Warje and Dhankawdi, which will provide medical services to
people at affordable cost. Constructing flyovers at bottleneck zones. Alloting land for building police stations and post offices. The state government has undertaken many steps to effectively aid the progress of minorities and weaker sections of the society. The state government is also implementing many central schemes for them.

Economically backward classes

Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana for people below
65 years. About eleven lakh people above the age of 65 have benefited from the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Vruddhapkal Nivrutti Vetan Yojana and the Shravanbal Seva Rajya Nivrutti Vetan Yojana. Adopting the biometric system to ensure that only those eligible for the benefits get the money. Disbursement of tuition fee and examination fee for backward class students through banks. Sixteen lakh students to benefit from Central Governments e-scholarship scheme. computerising the public distribution system. Providing 35 kg of food grains to 10 lakh families below poverty line under the 'Antoday Food Scheme'.

Establishing an independent Minorities Commission. Provision of Rs. 217 crore for various welfare schemes
for the minorities. Uniform allowance for minority students and encouragement allowance for their parents. Scholarship for minority students pursuing higher education. Rs. 20 lakh grant for Urdu Sahitya Academy. Industrial Training Institutes for Minorities. Conducting classes as special batches for minorities in Industrial Training Institutes situated in areas where minorities have a sizeable population. Permission to build a Haj House in Aurangabad. Providing Rs. 18 lakh seed capital for Maulana Azad Alpasankhyank Aarthik Vikas Mahamandal. Special representation for minorities in police recruitment.

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 31

To cope with the multiple challenges of our changing society, Pune needs a strong political will with long-term vision that can think out of the box. The citys politics should be solely developmentdriven. The NCP is committed to it. - Sharad Pawar

Pimpri-Chinchwad is a classic example of a city that has changed at a phenomenal rate, making it a model of urban development. Apart from providing basic amenities to all its citizens, the city has shown spectacular development on all fronts. For this the PCMC has received accolades from State as well as Central governments, thanks to the trust shown by the citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad in the Nationalist Congress Party by giving it a clear mandate.
Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

LETS CHANGE THE FACE OF PUNE NOW Nationalist Congress Party &n 33

The Nationalist Congress Party emerged as the leading political party in the recent Municipal Council Elections across the state.


1999: 11 Corporators 2002: 22 Corporators 2007: 51 Corporators

Come 2012
We appeal to you for a CLEAR MAJORITY!

Mandate to a single party will help Pune prosper, Nationalist Congress Party is the

need of the hour!

Nationalist Congress Party has always stressed on development. The party has adopted a practical approach, based on communication rather than getting sentimental and aggressive. Despite not having the clear majority in Pune for the last five years, we adhered to our original plan and tried to resolve the citys problems. We seek clear majority now for the citys overall development. _Madhukar Pichad

The NCP has always believed in balanced development by treating all castes and creed in society equally. I am confident that Pune will support our belief that big metropolises need a balanced approach while practising developmental politics. _Chhagan Bhujbal

Every citizen should feel like he/she is the guardian of the city. Only the Nationalist Congress Party has the ability to inculcate political culture that leads to such a feeling. I am confident that Punekars will wholeheartedly buffer this feeling by giving us a clear majority. _R. R. Patil

The NCP aspires for overall development of all the sections of society. NCP has been a forerunner in excercising social justice, which have been mirrored in our governance. I am confident that Punekars will back the fact that NCP is the only party that is perfect to hold the reins. _Laxmanrao Dhobale

No city can progress without active participation of women. As mentioned in this manifesto, it is imperative that women in Pune should play an active, pivotal role in the citys developmental decisions in future. _Supriya Sule

We need to measure the citys growth based on its human development index. This manifesto makes it amply clear that we intend to govern with a clear objective of helping Punekars lead a happy and safe life. I am confident that Punekars will back us in our efforts. _Vandana Chavan

Manifesto | Pune Municipal Corporation Election 2012

Nationalist Congress Party &n 35

Yours Sincerely,

Adv. Vandana Chavan

(President, Pune)

Mohansingh Rajpal
(Mayor, Pune)

Adv. Ankush Kakade

(President, MHADA, Pune)

Bapusaheb Pathare

Anil Bhosale

Subhash Jagtap
(Leader of the House)

Kamaltai Dhole-Patil
(Former MLA)

Ravindra Malvadkar
(Former President, Pune)

Anna Thorat
(Former President, Pune)

Adv. Jaydev Gaikwad

(Former President, Pune)

Appa Renuse
(Vice President, Education Committee)

Adv. M. V. Akolkar
(Former President, Shikshan Mandal)

Vasanti Kakade
(President, Womens Wing)

Kasam Shaikh
(President, Minority Cell)

Pandit Kamble
(President, Backward Class Cell)

Balasaheb Raikar
(President, OBC Cell)

Hrishikesh Sutar
(President, OBC Cell)

Publisher :

Adv. Vandana Chavan

(President, Nationalist Congress Party, Pune)
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