Predisposing Factors y Age (40-60) y Gender y Lifestyle (Alcohol Ingestion) y Familial tendency Precipitating Factors y Malignant tumors y Gastric Hyperacidity y Stress y Irritating Foods

Damage to mucosa with alcohol abuse, smoking, use of aspirin & NSAID s

Acid & pepsinogen release with chronic vagal response to increased stress

Infection with Helicobacter Pylori

Damaged mucosal barrier

Imbalance of aggressive & defensive factor

Low function of mucosal cells; low quality of mucous; less of tight junction between cells

Infection gives increased gastrin & decreased somatostatin production

Erosive gastritis: inflammation >> decreased acid and intrinsic factor

Mucosal ulcerations, possible bleeding and scarring

A damage mucosa could not secrete enough mucus to act as a barrier against gastric acid

Severe ulcerations: Signs and symptoms: Epigastric pain Hematemesis Dyspepsia Pyrosis

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