EL-1 Electrical Installations in Buildings

by Juha Hyvarinen ² last modified Mar 06, 2011 07:41 PM

Business needs: Technical installations (Electro/HVAC) in new buildings represents in many cases approximately 40% of the total cost. Business need seen from the user/usage situation (architects - electrical engineers) : 


The IFC architectural model is transferred to the electrical installation engineer. The architectural model initially may include some"electrical functions". Heat requirement calculations. Room info., wall material etc. of interest.· The electrical installation is completed and made available through IFC. Electrical installation available also in architectural systems but also for ie. FM

Business need seen from the user/usage situation (HVAC engineers - electrical engineers) : 

The HVAC installation is made available through IFC. HVAC installations have a significant amount of equipment that "requires"to be connected and controlled by electrical installations. 

The actual HVAC "objects" provides the information for what is needed to be controlled / connected / supported by electrical functions 

The electrical engineer completes the installation and makes it available in IFC.

Features and benefits insummary : Focused to make possible the actual need for Electrical installation "information flow" between involved "professions" at different stages in the planning process. Solution: Provides a detailed capability for sharing information concerning power and lighting installations in building Extends electrical domain schema.

Scope of work: In Scope: 

Electrical installations/functions in buildings like switches, power-outlets, alarms, sensors, luminaires, phones connections etc. ("mounted equipment"). 

Focus to get a good design of common "electrical base classes" to ease implementation also for "none electrical installation" applications. (FM etc.) 

The model will be prepared and "validity tested" for "natural expansions". In other words designed to be able to handle additions for i.e. cabling, calculation data, simulations etc. in accordance with IFC guidelines for a future extension. 

How equipment are (optionally) connected to circuits, centrals etc. are within scope since it's

printers etc.one of the more important parts of a electrical installation documentation Out-of scope:    The path of cables/conductors Cable routers (cable ladders) Electrical appliances like fax machines. phones. .

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