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New Aminozyl, for carnivores-on-the-go!


From the makers of the Galaxy's first disposable kidney

comes a breakthrough that will revolutionize the way
YOU live! New Aminozyl, the first ever real solution for
carnivores-on-the-go! Aminozyl allows Raos, Jingos, and
Lithistrata to finally be able to metabolize cooked and/or
processed proteins! Just eat a tiny dose of the steri-sealed
plasma just prior to eating processed proteins, and enjoy!
Aminozyl has been fully tested on over a million test
subjects, and has few if any side effects! So relax, and
enjoy New Aminozyl!

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New Aminozyl, for carnivores-on-the-go!

Game Mechanics: Aminozyl allows Raos, Jingos, K'Mhrr

and Lithistrata to be able to metabolize cooked and/or
processed proteins, as found in starship Emergency
rations, and can be used for extended periods of time
without any risk of permanent damage. However,
Aminozyl allows the metabolizing of processed proteins
by means of a form of fermentation. Thus, the imbiber
much make make a successful Strength save of at least 2
Successes, otherwise up to an hour after each such
supplemented meal the imbiber is intoxicated; Suffer a -1
penalty to all Agility and Intellect Skills, and -2 penalty to
all Psionics.
Note: Since Aminozyl is a Biomorphic compound,
Imbibers who have any Biomorphic enhancements must
make an additional roll on the After Effects chart for
Cost: 20 credits per dose. Available only on Tech level 12
or higher worlds where Biomorphic products are legal.
(Cost is tripled if bought illegally.)

Ad Astra: The New Age RPG and All Materials Herein Copyright 2001 Paul DuBois & Lemming

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