Rose Antonette Viña III BSHRM Reaction to the Issue Soil Erosion


Many people cutting down trees and how bad that is. I am a really animal lover and I hate to think of anything losing a home because humans want to take their homes, and turn it into their homes. The threat of mans ability to destroy the environment are really alarming. And yet there are other almost imperceptible changes. I am thinking of the exhaustion of our natural resources, and especially of soil erosion and these are perhaps more dangerous still, because once we begin to feel their repercussions it will be too late. Landslide kill people, destroy trees, crops and other plantations. This catastrophe could drastically affect everyone who lives near an elevated area. A single but relatively strong rainfall, thunderstorm, hurricane / tropical depression could make the soil erode, which will cause immense flooding, and will definitely rage on the resident below. More so, in the case of crops without a doubt, the floods that could be cause by landslide will tremendously damage them, if or totally wipe them out. However, all this can be prevented if illegal logging and other unscrupulous practices against Mother Nature could be checked and controlled. The video I¶ve watch are recent example from around the country. They show what¶s left after a slide. The house or building crushed but in almost every aftermath the losses are real, the damages total and the terrain changes permanent. Because the factors affecting landslides can be geophysical or human-made, they can occur in developed areas, undeveloped areas, or any area where the terrain was altered for roads, houses, utilities, building, and even for lawns in ones backyard. People can reduce their personal risk by learning about potential local landslide hazards and taking steps to reduce those hazards. If you live in a landslide prone area be alert particularly during periods of heavy rainfall. This is a nice example of the way that logging causes a short term problem. It should be clear from the video that the logged areas have suffered significant shallow land sliding.

1. You can even run when landslide is coming your way. 2. What does the country do to rebuild this? 3. This is all about what people did to our forest