150 Knit &

Crochet Motifs
Anything-but-Square Shapes for Garments, Accessories, Afghans, and Throws

Heather Lodinsky

Circles Crochet Patterns pp 22–28 Knit Patterns pp 29–31 1 Tri-color Bullseye Page 22 2 Tri-color Swirl Page 22 3 Tri-color Granny Page 23 4 Post-stitch Spoke Wheel Page 23 5 Picot Spiral Page 24 6 Geometric Wheel Page 24 7 Water Wheel Page 25 8 Popcorn Circle Page 25 9 Tri-color Bullseye Page 26 2 10 Color Ten-spoke Wheel Page 26 11 Flower Medallion Page 27 12 Tri-color Post-stitch Medallion Page 27 .

13 Bobble Swirl Page 28 14 Two-tone Lazy Wheel Page 28 15 Two-tone Pinwheel Page 29 16 Tri-color Bullseye Page 29 17 Lace-spoke Wheel Page 30 18 Two-tone Sunburst Page 30 19 Lace Spiral Page 31 20 Lace Star Medallion Page 31 Diamonds Crochet pattens pp 32–33 Knit Patterns pp 34–35 21 Crochet Mitered Diamond Page 32 22 Tri-color Granny Page 32 23 Geometric Diamond Page 33 24 Bobble Diamond Page 33 25 Ribbed Diamond Page 34 27 Garter Diamond Page 35 26 Knit Mitered Diamond Page 35 3 .

1 ch) into each of next 15 ch sps. dc in 2nd and 3rd dc) to last ch sp. Foundation ring: With A.CirCles Colors: A B C 76 T Ri -C oL o R Ci R C Le See page 23 in the directory It is hard not to think of the words “Granny Square” when looking at this motif—but there is nothing square about it. 1 dc into first ch sp. sl st to top of 3 ch. 2 ch (2 dc. 4 ch. This motif can be worked in a single color or in as many colors as you like. sl st to top of first puff st. 2 dc. 3 ch. Fasten off A. 1 ch) twice into each of next 7 ch sps. sl st to top of 3 ch. (1 ch. (2 dc. sl st into next ch sp. 2 ch) into each of next 7 ch sps. Symbols and abbreviations Turn to page 126 for a full explanation of the symbols and abbreviations used. 3 ch. 3 ch. sl st into next ch sp. 2 dc in ch sp. 1 ch (4 dc. 4th round With B. (puff st. sl st to top of 3 ch. 1 ch) into each of next 15 ch sps. join with sl st. 1 ch. hdc into ring [counts as first puff st]. 2nd round Sl st into next ch sp. (1 dc. 3rd round Sl st into next ch sp. 1 ch. sl st to top of 3 ch. 5th round With C. Sl st into top of 3 ch. 2 dc into same ch sp. dc in 3rd dc. Mix and match: 76 + 99 4 . 3 ch. 1 ch. 1 ch (3 dc. 3 dc into same ch sp. 6th round Sl st to first dc. 1 ch) into same ch sp. 1 ch. 3 ch. 2 dc in last ch sp. First round 3 ch. 1 ch) 7 times into ring. Fasten off B.

sl st in center ring. Repeat from * around. Do not turn. insert hook into foundation ring. 1 dc between the 2 dc. 2 trs in next ch. 2nd round Working back along sts made in first round. Repeat rounds 2 and 3 until 10 wedges are completed. 5th–7th rounds Repeat round 4. 3rd round * Work 1 puff st. Rep from * around. 2 dcs in next ch. inserting hook from right to left under the dc of previous row. 4th round Join B with sl st to dtr at point of wedge. First round Working in the 9 ch tail. but the “spokes” of the wheel can be worked in different colors. 3rd round In back loop only. tr. sl st to first st on every round. tr. Once you have mastered the “puff stitch” you’ll be amazed at how this pattern makes the bobbles swirl around on its own! Special Stitch explanation Puff stitch: (Yo. 2 dtrs in next ch. draw up loop) twice. 1 ch. work 17 ch and join with sl st to 8th ch. ending with sl st in first ch of round. 1 ch. Foundation ring: With A. First round 12 sc in ring. ending with sl st in first ch of round. This lazy wheel is worked in two colors. Rep from * 11 times. 2 trs in next ch. 1 dc) in 1ch space. Fasten off. 2 dtrs in next ch. dc. rep from * 10 times. 7 ch. * Sc in dtr at point of wedge. dc. dtr. 7 sc over 7 ch. and draw loop through all five loops on hook. 2 dcs in next ch. dc. hdc. * 2 sc in sc. 4th round * Work 1 puff st inserting hook from right to left under puff st of previous round. Sew first and 10th wedges together. dtr. Sl st to beg of last round and fasten off.Colors: A B Colors: A 77 Lazy Whee L See page 23 in the directory 78 B o B B Le S Wi R L See page 22 in the directory Circular motifs can be worked in may ways. Fasten off. Foundation ring: Work 6 ch and join with sl st to form a ring. 5th round 2 ch [counts as first sc]. hdc. work in order: sc. 1 dc between the 2nd dc and the puff st. (30 cm) tail. dc. 2nd round 4 ch [counts as first dc and 1 ch] * 1 dc in every sc. leaving a 12 in. yo. reverse sc in front loop only in each st [12 sts]. 1 ch. sc. 1 dc. Do not turn. 1 ch [counts as first sc]. Rep from * 11 times. 1 ch. Mix and match: 77 + 95 Mix and match: 78 + 76 5 . (1ch.

k2. p2] twice. yo. (6 sts) Row 37: K2. k2] twice. (35 sts) Row 7: k2. k2tog. k2tog. k2tog] 7 times. yo. yo. p2. p1. k6. Symbols and abbreviations Turn to page 126 for a full explanation of the symbols and abbreviations used. k1. Row 32: K2. (9 sts) Row 33: K2. k2] twice. p2. p2] twice. p2. p3tog. k1. k3tog. p3tog. k2. [k2. p2. (15 sts) Row 27: K2. k2tog. k2tog. [p2. (31 sts) Row 11: K2. yo. [p2. k3tog. p2. k2] 3 times. p2. k2tog. yo. p18. k3. [k2. p2. Row 24: K2. (37 sts) Rows 2 and 4: Knit Row 3: K2. k5. p2. k2tog. p2. p2. [k2. k2. yo. p3tog. k2tog. k2tog. p2] 3 times. yo. Row 34: K2. Cast on 39 stitches. [p2. k2] twice. k2tog. p2. (13 sts) Row 29: K2. k1. p2. p2. yo. k1. yo. [k2. k4. k2. (29 sts) Row 13: K2. k2tog. (27 sts) Row 15: K2. p2] twice. k2tog. k2tog. p2] twice. k6. k2tog. k3. k2. (7 sts) Row 36: K2. k2. p3tog. (33 sts) Row 9: K2. p2. k3tog. k4. [k2. k3. p2. k2tog. Row 1 (RS): P18. p1. k2. k2tog. yo.Colors: A 25 Ri BBe D DiaMon D See page 18 in the directory A classic rib is used to make this fun and flexible diamond. k2. Row 10: K2. k2. (25 sts) Row 17: K2. p2. p3tog. k2. p1. k3tog. yo. yo. k2tog. k4. k2tog. [p2. k6. k6. k2] twice. p1. k1. [k2. k2. [k2. [p2. yo. yo. p2] twice. Fasten off. k6. k3tog. k4. p2. k6. k4. (21 sts) Row 21: K2. p2. yo. (3 sts) Row 39: K3tog. yo. k2. Mix and match: 25 + 15 6 CRoChe T Te Chn i q u eS . p2] 3 times. yo. yo. k4. [k2. k3tog. yo. k4. k6. k7. k2. Row 12: K2. k2. p3. [k2. p2. p2] twice. p2] 3 times. [yo. k2tog. (23 sts) Row 19: K2. p2. k1. k4. yo. k3. k2. Row 6: K2. p2. k2. k2tog. yo. yo. k2. Row 30: K2. (11 sts) Row 31: K2. k2tog. p2] twice. k2] twice. yo. k4. k4. p2. [yo. p2. k2. k2] twice. Row 18: K2. k2tog] 8 times. p2] 3 times. k3tog. k2tog. [k2. k2] twice. k4. p2. p1. k2tog. k2tog. p2] twice. (8 sts) Row 35: K2. p2. k1. k3tog. Row 14: K2. k1. k3tog. yo. p2. k2. k6. k3tog. yo. [p2. Row 5: K2. p2. Row 20: K2. k3tog. k2tog. p2. k2] twice. k2tog. p2. [k2. k4. k1. p1. k6. p2. [k2. yo. p2. [k2. Row 8: K2. [p2. yo. k2tog. k2tog. Combine with curved or straight-edged shapes to create inumberable combinations. k2. p2. p3. k2. k2. p1. [p2. k2tog. k6. [k2. k2tog. k1. [p2. p2] 3 times. k2tog. p1. k6. (5 sts) Row 38: K1. p3. k6. k4. k2tog. k3tog. k2. [p2. p3tog. yo. yo. p2] 3 times. p2. k6. p1. yo. k1. p1. p3tog. Row 28: K2. yo. k2] 3 times. yo. k2. (19 sts) Row 23: K2. yo. Row 16: K2. k1. yo. k2. Row 26: K2. k2. Row 22: K2. (17 sts) Row 25: K2. p1. p1. p2. p3tog. yo. k4.

Row 44: K1. k1. k2togtbl. (23 sts) Repeat the last 2 rows 7 more times. k2tog. Continue in patt set. (35 sts) Row 8: K17. Row 11: K14. (33 sts) Row 10: Purl. (9 sts) Repeat the last 2 rows 9 more times. ssk. Rows 28: K1. k2. sl1. k3 tog. K2tog. Cast on 41 stitches. yo. k2togtbl. Row 7: K16. yo. k2togtbl.Colors: Colors: A A 26 GaRTe R Dia Mon D See page 18 in the directory 27 M iT eR eD D i aM o nD See page 18 in the directory A simple but attractive gar ter stitch is used to create the body of this diamond. k2tog. k14. Row 36: Purl. p1. k1. k13. k2tog. k2. sl1. ssk. yo. Row 4: K2. (25 sts) Row 27: Knit. k2togtbl. (37 sts) Row 6: Purl. (29 sts) Row 14: K14. Row 5: K17. (27 sts) Row 25: Knit. k17. Row 39: K2togtbl. (3 sts) Row 40: Purl. k2tog. k2tog. K2. k1. yo. yo. sl1. p1. yo. sl1. p1. k2togtbl. ssk. (39 sts) Row 4: Purl. sl1. Row 13: K13. Cast on 4 stitches. k1. yo. k2tog. k2tog. k3tog. (5 sts) Row 3: Knit. (5 sts) Row 38: K2. k2tog. k2tog. k2togtbl. Row 2: K20. yo. k2tog. Row 6: K2. Row 9: K15. p1. sl1. Row 1 (RS): K20. ssk. (7 sts) Row 46: K1. k2togtbl. k2tog. k18. k17. k to last 5 sts. (5 st) Row 48: K1. The simple textured stripes of this mitered diamond can be used to create striking geometric pattens when repeated or combined with other motifs. until 7 sts rem. yo. sl1. Mix and match: 26 + 44 Mix and match: 27 + 50 DIA mOn DS 7 . yo. Row 3: K18. k2. sl1. (3 sts) Bind off. k1. yo. k20. k15. k2tog. (1 st) Fasten off. Row 41: K3togtbl. k20. k14. k17. Row 1: Knit. yo. (7 sts) Row 5: Knit. Row 2 (RS): K2. which is then finished with a pretty edging. (9 sts) Row 43: Knit. Row 26: K1. sl1. k1. Row 37: K1. (31 sts) Row 12: Purl. K3tog. k2tog. k16. k to last 2 sts. ssk. k1.

Creative Knitting. New York. Hexagons. and even paisleys. Diamonds and Squares Pentagons. and Paisleys Connectors Projects Techniques Index Credits Paperback 8¾ × 8¾. The patterns include colorwork. where she lives with her family. Family Circle Knitting. texture.95 Available February 2011 . and interesting outline shapes for innovative applications. Flowers. contents Introduction Visual selector Circles. 128 pages ISBN 978-1-59668-434-8 $24. The book also includes smaller blocks to join them together and edging ideas to add finishing touches. Clovers. KnitScene. dimension. Interweave Knits. Heather Lodinsky has been a professional knit and crochet designer for more than 15 years. and Shells Leaves. She teaches classes at her LYS in Buffalo. Triangles. Her designs have appeared in Vogue Knitting.Don’t be square! Break out of the box with 150 creative motifs for knit and crochet 150 Knit & Crochet Motifs is a fun and eclectic mix of patterns in both crafts. and is a freelance designer for major yarn companies. which originally appeared in KnitScene. with shapes that go beyond the traditional square. stars. She is the designer of the popular Central Park Hoodie cardigan. Get suggestions for mixing and matching the motifs and learn how to knit and crochet them together to create one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces. and Octagons Snowflakes and Stars Hearts. and Cast On along with other knitting and crochet magazines. The motifs are presented in a directory of different shapes and textures. Geometric and circular shapes are featured along with asymmetrical motifs such as shells.

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