Principles & Practice of Banking and Insurance Question Bank

Unit-I What is a commercial bank? What are the main functions performed by commercial banks? How far are they useful for economic development? What is credit creation? How banks create credit? What are the limitations of credit creation? State the advantages and disadvantages of branch banking system. State the advantages and disadvantages of unit banking system. Unit-II Explain the Management of Banking deposits and advances. Write Short Note:1. Classification of Deposit accounts 2. Types of Advances 3. Explain the Sound Bank Lending. Unit-III Explain the Nature of Bank Investment Management Why do commercial banks avoid accepting real estate as security for their advances? What precautions should these take in such transactions? Explain the characteristics of a good security for advancing loan by a banker. Unit-IV Explain the various books maintained by a bank. Explain the provisions regarding audit of bank accounts. Write a note on the audit of accounts of a bank. Unit-V What are the Fee based and fund based services provided by Banks? Explain the Mechanism of operation Fee based and fund based services.

Explain the Salient features of KYC and AML Act. What is the meaning of insurance? Explain the tax benefits under insurance policies Difference between Insurance & Saving and Investment.Write Essay on Merchant Banking Services. Unit-VII Explain various types of insurance policies. . Unit-VIII Define health insurance. Unit-VI Explain the characteristics of a good security for advancing loan by a banker. What is the procedure involved in claim settlement in general insurance Unit-X Explain the role of IRDA in Insurance Industry. Explain the personal of business in general insurance. Briefly trace the history of health insurance in india. Mediclaim policy of GIC 2. Write short note on Performance evaluation of the regulation in the insurance industry in india. Healthcare Issues in India Unit-IX What have been the constituents of Indian general insurance before and after liberalization? Explain. What is life insurance? What is the ned of life insurance? Explain the basic elements and features of life insurance planes. Write sort notes on the following:1.

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