What are your biggest hopes and fears concerning this semester of Internship?

My hopes and fears during my final internship are rather normal. My hopes range from being liked by my working teacher, as well as working in a positive atmosphere. My fears vary from having misbehaved students to malfunctioning computers. My first hope upon meeting with my teacher was that she would like me and enjoy working with me. During our first meeting, I could sense some type of apprehension and knew that I would have to impress my teacher. Also, I hoped that I would enjoy working with my new teacher. I am a pretty easygoing person and can usually work with anyone. I was also hoping that my new teacher would be positive and supporting. I find it easier to work with someone that has a positive outlook on life. My main fear in the classroom was a lack of technological capabilities. I rely on computers quite heavily in the classroom and have grown accustom to using them. I have already experienced computer systems failing during the middle of my lesson and have adapted the lesson accordingly. In addition, I have faced the challenge of the projector not recognizing the computer (that occurred last week). These difficulties have taught me a lesson to always have a plan b or even a plan c. Another fear of mine was that my students would be out of control due to a lack of discipline. Fortunately this was not the case and it has been a smooth transition. I also hoped that my students would enjoy my methods of teaching as well as my personality, so far so good. My biggest hope is that my students will remember what I taught them and perform well on the CRCT this April.

Taking everything into account. I really enjoyed working with my previous teachers because they were such wonderful people. . What makes a great school is the people that you work with. I am still not quite sure how inviting my new school is but it has only been three weeks. my hopes outweigh my fears. I hope to be a great success during my last semester and leave with a sense of accomplishment. My fears are quite miniscule with regards to my final internship. My biggest fear of all would be jobless after years of schooling.I also hope that my fellow teachers would be as warm and inviting as the last school where I worked as an intern. it can either make your day or break your day.

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