Take it as a suggestion!! if VO asks " how did u come across the univ??

" instead of sayin " i researched abt it on internet or blogs or usnews ect" try sayin these "i am a member of USIEF and also i attend many of ur seminars at USIEF and OUCIP...and i think you are doin a very good job...i really appreciate that...that was very helpful for me..." USIEF-UNITED STATES INDIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION....its in collaboration with US govt...they hav archives of all univ..they can get some info abt all the univ ..they will even get u in touch with the univ profs as well....and the consulate also has tie ups with this association.. the VOs themselves give seminars over there abt how to attend and crack the VI..... OUCIP- Osmania univ council for international programs.... same as USIEF ..its a satellite center of the above..has almost same info... mention these and it will hav a good impact... thanks for reading...cheers!!..:)

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