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Project Report

Project Report

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Music store manager is a system used to big music shop or mall. This project is mainly useful for music station .This system will help to manage all the activities in a music station using computers. Currently all the works are done manually, by computerizing all the activities inside a music station can be managed easily and effectively. The modules involved in this project are: • • • • • • • • LOGIN FOR USER AND ADMIN COLLECTION PLAY MEMBER SEARCH SALE REGISTER RENT REGISTER SHOP ACCOUNT




This is a project in which no. of albums are stored. There is no need to search manually which album customer want. This project is only used for big Music Shop or Music Mall etc. Our project reduces the manually working of manager in Music store. If album or video is not present which customer wants, you can also search online through our project. It also saves information of customers (i.e. Members) who buy or take album for one or more days. The store deals with all types of music albums of various artists be it Hindi, English or any other regional language. They can be in different formats like mp3, audio and even videos which are available in the store. Our project contains various forms and tables, all of which are optimized using all the concepts known about VB and SQL.There are various tables will be created in this project like i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. Album Member Supplier Supplied Account Rent Register Debit Credit Bill.


arranging. inserting ) would depend on our project.  Such programs are very useful in maintaining all the accounts very accurately. Need of this project  To reduce all the paper work done by stores to maintain various accounts.MUSIC STORE MANAGER SCOPE  In future most of the works of music planet (i. 3 . programs.  Most of the music shops or music planet need our project for their music store and their planet’s accurate working.e searching.  The human errors like calculation errors are eliminated using such  Online option is also provided for searching their favourable albums.  They are user friendly and less time consuming then the primitive methods of writing all the accounts.

500 MHz Minimum Disk space :.100 Mb minimum Printer.  Requires less space on Hard drive.  Compatible with any version of windows.  Secure HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:-- • • • • RAM :- 128 Mb Minimum Processor :.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Features of Music Store Manager  Less time consuming then the primitive methods of writing all the accounts.  Online searching option is provided for customers. 4 .  No effect on speed of execution.  Portable.

MUSIC STORE MANAGER SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT :These specifications of software required for running the system are as follows.NT.0 Oracle SQL-server E-R DIAGRAM : s_id supplier s_na me m_phot o m_name e m_add ress copies sup plie d m_i d s_id ren t genr e idate anam e m_ph one m_i d member s_dat e aname cost album_id Albu m_na me rdate Album album _artist no_of_ copies cost format 5 .2000 Visual Basic 6.98.Vista.Window-Xp.    Operating System :-Windows 7 .

member_address char(100).s_album char(44).acost number ).album_name char(45). create table rent1(mid number. create table account(mid number.idate date. create table rent(mid number. create table member(member_id number.genre char(44).member_name char(44). create table credit1(balance integer).MUSIC STORE MANAGER DATA DICTIONARY create table album(album_id number. create table debit(balance integer.primary key(member_id)).aname char(88).cost number. create table sid(id number). create table supplier1(supplier_name char(44).adate char(44)).no_of_copies number .balance number).balance number).cost number). create table register (cname char(44).s_date date).aname char(80).cost number.idate date.acost number.genre char(44).member_phonenumber.mname char(88).cost number.aname char(88).copies number . 6 .idate char(44).s_date char(44).no_of_copies number).cdate char(40)).s_paid char(44)). create table credit(balance integer.s_copies number.aname char(85).member_age number.aname char(80). create table bill(aname char(88 ). create table rent_register(mid number.s_cost number.format char(44).aname char(85). create table supplied1(sid number.rdate date).primarykey(album_id. create table supplied(sid number. cost number.album_artist char(45). create table saccount(sid number.album_name char(45).album_artist char(45).copies number . create table supplier(sid number.supplier_name char(44).cdate char(40)).rdate date).s_date date). create table reciept_no(rno number).album_name)).rdate char(44). create table album1(album_id number.primary key(sid)).photo char(187).format char(44).

The normal form is used to minimize the various types of anomalies during the database design. it reduce the complexity of the database 7 .i. Entity It is the distinguishable address of the real word.if any relation satisfy certain set of condition then it said to be in particular normal form.e. NORMALIZATION The normalization process is based on the concept of normal form . The attribute are represented by ellipse labeled with name of attribute and it is attached to the entity. Procedure by which a relegation in some given normal form so it can be converted into more desirable. The normalization means the simplify the database .MUSIC STORE MANAGER create table total(balance integer). RELATIONAOL DATABASE DESIGN Primary key The primary key is a candidate key that is chosen by the database designer for identifying entities within an entity set. Entity set Entity set is the set of entities of the same type Attribute The attribute are used to describe the properties of the entity.

the project is technically feasible. 1) 2) 3) 4) Technical Feasibility Economical Feasibility Operational Feasibility Time Feasibility TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY :- Technical study is the study of the hardware requirements and software requirements i.e. 8 . Thus the project is economically feasible. actual cost of the system is calculated in the economical study so as to inform the user management that this cost will be required to develop the system.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Feasibility Study Functions Feasibility study was carried out considering the following aspects. NearAbout cost of our project goes to five thousand rupees. ECONOMICAL FEASIBILITY: Economical Feasibility is the study of the actual cost and benefit of the system. actual cost of the system is calculated in the system. technical requirements of our project in order to inform the management and user that fro particular system designing this much technical resources are required. Considering all below requirements.

so it is also feasible with respect to time? Hence the project is form of technically.e. legally feasible. Which is considerable time for development and analysis. The total working capacity will be improved due to this software based MUSIC STORE MANAGER.MUSIC STORE MANAGER OPERATIONAL FEASIBILITY: The system is operationally feasible because of the benefit of computerized system i. economically. software based system. TIME FEASIBILITY: The client that the system must be completed within 5 or 6 months proposed it. 9 . operationally.


11 . In this form there are various options available.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Home page : This form is the main form of the project which is executed when we run the Login form.

it also facilitates the customer to check the sample of music.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Play Media :- Now you can enjoy your work media player allows you to listen to music or play video. 12 .

with few very easy steps Click on member on home page then click add member and enter the fields then hit add And done No mess of creating ids manually grace will do all the things 13 .MUSIC STORE MANAGER Add Members :- Add members .

MUSIC STORE MANAGER Return Media :- To return media now so easy just type in the member id and done all the information grace will provide. 14 .

MUSIC STORE MANAGER Add Suppliers :- Maintain the information about supplied albums who supplied it and maintain account. 15 .

16 .MUSIC STORE MANAGER Search Media :- To create buy item list just search for media double click the id of album and click add to bill Your buy list is created.

MUSIC STORE MANAGER TABLE DESIGN View Registers :- Now view and print various registers You can print now rent register. 17 .sell register.supplier reports and collection reports in easy way.

0 the enterprise edition requires more than 40 GB of hard disk space. 9) Creating and customizing forms and reports. The visual basic programming system. Visual basic is an ideal programming language for developing sophisticated professional application for Microsoft Windows it makes use of graphical user interface for creating powerful applications with graphics. Oracle. 3) Easy to learn. 11)It includes a GUI environment fro making windows based applications. . 10)Data Access features allows you to create database and front-end applications for most popular database formats. 2) Easy to get program up and running quickly.0- The power of visual basic 6. A complete installation of most powerful version of visual basic6. 5) Develop windows base application. application edition included in MS-Access and many other application. Visual basic 6. Visual basic provides you with a complete set of tools to simplify rapid application development. 4) Provides wizard to assist users.MUSIC STORE MANAGER CODING FRONT-END : MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 6. menu bar and shortcut menus 7) Designing of database is simple. FEATURES OF MICROSOFT VISUAL BASICS:1) It is graphic user interface. Microsoft Access and other enterprise level database. 18 working with data. P 1 processor and minimum of 512 MB of RAM.0 come from the main source that is a simple and efficient way in which one can program.0 for windows requires at least Windows 95/Windows NT. including Microsoft SQL Server. 6)Using and customizing toolbar. 8) Securing and administering a database.

17)Visual Basic is an event driven programming language. with independent sections of code for each option that the user may select. 19)ADO Data Control (ADODC). Command buttons. 14)A multitude of wizards and other graphical tools aid developers new to Visual Basic. DLL’s. 19 .0. 25)Packaging and Deployment wizard. Selection lists etc. You can even automate applications and professional or enterprise editions of Visual Basic.MUSIC STORE MANAGER 12)Active X technology allows you to use the functionality provided by other application such as MS Word. It also allows creating robust applications that fully make use of the graphical user interface. This is known as Event driven programming language. 22)By connecting it with Oracle. 28)Allows for the creation of COM components such as Active X controls. 23)Visual Basic Component creation. 20)Data report design and Data form wizards. SQL statements can be run and terminated through Visual Basic 6. 26)Allows for rapid application development and is excellent for business applications. 24)The language is very easy and it provides a very user-friendly environment while programming in Visual Basic 6. Pull down menus. MS Excel and other Windows applications.AVisual Basic allows you to adopt more of parallel approach. Scroll bars. 18)Visual data tools (VDTS). 15)ADO-compliant data-bound controls. 27)Has an excellent integrated help facility and book online as well as it includes good debugging facilities and have many wizards that help automated repetitive tasks. 16)Hierarchical record sets and the Flex Grid Control.0. 21)It also helps the user with the SQL editor. and Exec’s. 13)It provides a vital link to graphical environment and allows you to develop applications based on standard Windows features: Dialog Boxes.

BITMAPINFOHEADER:It contains various parameters and this function is used to store the total data of the bitmap picture in memory which is required to capture image.”Enabled” property which returns/sets a value that determines whether an object can respond to user-generated events. 30)Integrates with Microsoft transaction server. It has various members like “Tag” it Stores any extra data needed for your program. 4.”Index” it returns/sets the number identifying a control in a control array. or 24 biCompression As Long 0 data is not compressed biSizeImage As Long size of bitmap in bytes. • • • • • • • biSize As Long Size of this header biWidth As Long width of your image biHeight As Long height of your image biPlanes As Integer always 1 byBitCount As Integer number of bits per pixel 1. 2.MUSIC STORE MANAGER 29)Can create Active X Automation server. 8. DATA REPORT Special controls used in project 1. typically 0 when uncompressed 20 . THE TIMER CONTROL The timer control is a control which can execute code at regular intervals by causing a Timer event.

 We have efficiently implemented features like triggers.• • • • MUSIC STORE MANAGER biXPelsPerMeter As Long preferred resolution in pixels per meter biYPelsPerMeter As Long preferred resolution in pixels per meter biClrUsed As Long number of colors that are actually used (can be 0) biClrImportant As Long which color is most important (0 means all of them) BACKEND: SQL -  The Back End platform used is SQL (Structured Query Language):  The SQL language is used as a database management system. aggregate functions like sum along with the basic commands required for the database generation. to make them work in together in a single project.  We have optimized our tables to the fullest by using concepts of normalization up to 2nf and 3nf.  The SQL language is used as a database management system. various clause. we have learnt to connect these to platforms. aggregate functions like sum along with the basic commands required for the database generation.  We have efficiently implemented features like triggers. various clause.  We have used ORACLE vendor for SQL in our project Having used both these platforms successfully. using connectivity properties of VB. 21 .

Testing Strategies :Code Testing: Code testing strategy examines the logic of the program. The result thus produced was examined to find whether system performs according to specified requirements. Various test cases were developed such that they result in execution of every instruction in program so that every path would be tested. It also gives us a more reliable and efficient software. It provides recovery of errors. Specification Testing: Specification testing which involves examination of the various specifications stating that the program does and how it should perform under various conditions was carried out. 22 .MUSIC STORE MANAGER TESTING Intorduction :Testing is the most important concept after the development of any software. Various test cases were developed for each condition and submitted for processing. The objective of software testing is to recover the errors and check software that it fulfills all user requirements and makes the system more users friendly.

or module. which we adapted to rectify our project. As soon as any error was detected we tried and succeeded in eliminating those errors. were the two basic types of testing plans. which are unit testing and integrated testing. and that to done by the consumers. Each unit (basic component) of the software is tested to verify that the detailed design for the unit has been correctly implemented. 23 . The ways. to identify and rectify the errors is the format of unit testing. Testing them one by one. this is usually at the class level. and the minimal unit tests include the constructors and destructors. We also believed in rectifying our project so that we can satisfy the consumer requirements completely. In an Object-oriented environment. Through it took more time but was very satisfactory because it showed us the right path for connecting the forms where it should have been connected. This process was continued till each and every form was completely tested and made error free. Unit testing:Unit testing tests the minimal software component.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Test Practices :Project Testing:Any software or project is incomplete without testing. We tested each and every form by running it separately one after another. The same way was adapted by us to test our project.

We used this fundamental after we completed designing and coding forms. we decided to take temperature readings with help of thermometer and see whether they match with readings that we receive on the computer. Our project was fully successful in this testing. he should be able to understand what he has to do next. Progressively larger groups of tested software components corresponding to elements of the architectural design are integrated and tested until the software works as a system. compiling it to forms a main project and then testing it from top to bottom. so that once a user progresses. was able to understand each and every process in deep.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Integration Testing:Integration testing exposes defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components (modules). works properly when connected to the main process or not. To test the working of our project. We tested that does our project provide control over these temperature and are receiving correct readings of temperature. which were working properly individually. Besides performing this two testing methods we finally approached one of the main grosbeak who examined this project thoroughly. The top to bottom approach identified and rectified the errors and compiled a project which was easy to understand and efficient to work on. 24 . For these purpose we took some amount of boiled water. This helped us to know where the user will find difficulties in accessing this project and what ways you should apply. was able to operate this project on his own and satisfied by our efforts. we checked whether the forms we completed earlier. kept on sensing its temperature from time to time.

 It can be also used in discos.    Reduce the paper works done by store to maintain various accounts. APPLICATIONS  This application can be used In Music stores and big Music shop. suppose we want to print sold albums. i. Eliminates the human errors like calculations.e. Easy to understand and install.MUSIC STORE MANAGER ADVANTAGES:   Save reasonable amount of time of Manager as well as Customers. saves information of customers for long time. Saves full information with photos of customers. 25 .e.  Quickly process time. Solution for storage problem i.  It can be also used in cyber cafes. there is no need to make it is already available whenever we met.

etc. Think digit(magazine). Manager can search quickly which album is available in store or which not.MUSIC STORE MANAGER Conclusion:This project work offers design Recommendations that support the online access to search the album.0. WEBSITES:26 . It makes easy to whole works of Music store.Steven Holzener. video. Visual Basic : Black Book. So it play a very important and valuable role in the buying and selling process undertaken by the respective customers. Embedding SQL book. REFERENCES BOOKS • • • • • Mastering in Visual Basic 6. SQL reference book.

MUSIC STORE MANAGER www.google.yahoo.com 27 .com www.

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