BY Kaushik Dutta

Railways are said to be the back bone in Indian economy but Indian railways are still lacking behind in terms of modernization so government of India with vision document 2020 constituted a committee headed by Sam Pitroda who is adviser to the prime minister the other members of the committee are Deepak Parekh(chairman HDFC). Core areas for vigilance  Tracks  Signaling  Rolling stock  Terminals . Raghuram (IIM-A professor). Rajiv Lal (IDFC managing director) and Vinayak Chatterjee (chairman feedback infrastructure) to take Indian railways to the fourth generation.M S Verma (former SBI chairman).

Indian railways are lacking in competition to the rest of the world lets take the example of china our neighboring country who had created world record by making the fastest train with a speed of 302 mph but in India many parts of land are still not being connected and many places single tracks still prevails which creates chaos and slow down in country progress because every thing are interrelated. China railways .

The vision was formulated by the earlier railway minister Mamta Bannerjee but she could not make it .The new railway minister Dinesh Trivedi commented on the vision 2020 as ³The economy would grow at about 8% provided Indian Railways grow at 10% or 12%.Vision 2020«. Future of Indian Railways .Railways was and will definitely be the engine of growth´. The expert committee head Sam Pitroda says that modernization could only be achieved when there is availability of funding's which is impossible without private investors.


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