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Profile of Molecular Movers Company

Profile of Molecular Movers Company

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Published by: Tsarrio 'Champion' Millard on Feb 12, 2012
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Profile of MMC

“If it has mass and occupies space, we will move it” This, in a nutshell, expresses what Molecular Movers Company (MMC) is about and what it represents. Whether it is moving moss & dirt build-up on the ground from the drive-way to the front drain or freights on the sea moving it from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, is our intent at MMC. In both examples, both the moss and the sea freight has specific mass and occupies some sort of region of space, therefore, MMC can be called to the job. As indicated in the company’s motto our market expands the Globe. MMC is known for its provision of maintenance transport and building construction service. Maintenance services includes focused on horticultural and janitorial maintenance services, such as power washing, grounds maintenance, floor maintenance, office cleaning, household cleaning, landscaping and beautification works. Transport services are presently restricted to land transport but we intend to expand to air and sea transport as our young and vibrant company matures. Our building construction services extents as far as constructing domestic housing units and other constructions services that is parallel with this construction niche.


To convey unparalleled levels of service, etiquette and customer satisfaction Company Registration Number: BN 167-9

Anstey H Payne on the 6th February 2011. These abilities range from horticultural services to general masonry. Couva. We are currently advancing in the number of contracts. FINANCIAL FACTS MMC has supporting financial documents that exempt it from registration of Value Added Tax. The outcome of these negotiations by the managing director of MMC is expected to meet the expectations of the company by the beginning of the year 2012. two (2) 1. MMC is presently able to accumulate adequate labour to undertake small contracts. are between fifty to seventy-five (50-75) persons. The company is projected to be qualified for VAT registration in eighteen (18) months.5tonne. and one (1) 7tonne trucks. FOUNDED Molecular Movers Company is a young and vibrant company still in its first year of existence. Current members of staff. We also have the network and power to provide additional trucks at the request of the client. We at MMC have at our disposal for transport. PERSONEL/ASSETS MMC has twenty-five (25) employees who work with the company on weekends and on a contractual basis. MMC was founded my Mr. 2 To convey unparalleled levels of service. Our monthly clientele is steadily growing in various districts which strengthens our relationship with the nation’s banks.COMPANY DETAILS HEADQUARTERS 56 Rivulet Road Brechin Castle. who possess various working abilities and skills. These projections are based on current negotiations between the company and a number of private and state enterprises. whether domestic or industrial. in any of areas stated at the back of any MMC call cards. two (2) 3tonne. etiquette and customer satisfaction Company Registration Number: BN 167-9 . workforce capability (both permanent and temporary) and fiscal facts.

Value that resides in knowing with each obstacle we overcome. sub-sector or country to sell and supply goods and/or services in a given market. We have and know how to acquire all the factors that will have our current small firm compete with the largest firms. more self-confident and more successful. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES In every difficult situation there is potential value. we are extremely competitive.COMPETITIVENESS Competitiveness is a comparative concept of the ability and performance of a firm. a client requests a particular square area of their business place power washed and there are three (3) possible companies that are capable of providing such a service. 3 To convey unparalleled levels of service. The founder of MMC knows and believes this. For example. we will grow incredibly stronger. When the services and size of MMC is considered. What makes MMC highly competitive in such a situation is the fact that we employ work oriented skilled labour and the necessary supervision that will ensure the job is executed professionally and in a timely manner. which is then patterned by all members of the Company. more skilled. and this belief transcends into action. etiquette and customer satisfaction Company Registration Number: BN 167-9 .

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