Sample PMO Implementation Plan Phase One Step 1 2 Task Project Planning and Initiation Assess Current Environment

Detail Outcomes Project Plan and Schedule Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Analysis

Resources (Staff, Skill set, Funding, Project Tools) Organizational Readiness (Culture, Organizational Support) Governance and Escalation Mode PMO Mandates PMO Policy & Direction Critical Success Factors PMO Models


Establish Vision & Mission

Consensus, PMO Vision & Mission

4 5

Establish Goals & Objectives Develop Business Case High Level PMO Requirements Implementation Strategies & Schedule Cost Estimates

Consensus, PMO Goals & Objectives Business Case Document

Phase Two Step 1 Task Define Organizational Structure Staffing Requirements Detail Roles & Responsibilities Identify PMO Lifecycle Framework Identify PMO Process Domains Integrate PMO with Current Governance Processes Facilitate BuyIn Consensus Define PMO Lifecycle Outcomes Organizational Structure & Staffing Requirements 2 Facilitate Supporting IT Governance & Escalation Structure Define Project Management Methodology Framework Establish Goals & Objectives Establish Review Process & Performance Metrics Develop Training Requirements Updated IT Governance & Escalations Structure 3 4 5 Balance Scorecard. Project Management Training or Certification Coaching or Mentoring Skills Development Sourcing & Relationship Management Skills Project Management Methodology Framework PMO Processes & Supporting Documentation PMO Review Metrics Training Requirements 6 . 360 Feedback. etc.

Phase Three Step 1 Task Develop Deployment Plan Deploy PMO Detail Schedule Resources Costs Acquire / Develop PM Methodology Add PMO Staff Pilot PMO Outcomes PMO Deployment Plan Program Assessments Semi-Annual PMO Review 2 .

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