Haroon Karim was born on February 28, 1992 in New York, USA. His father is a business man and imports leather goods from Pakistan and Vietnam usually. They have office in New York City. Haroon¶s parents are now staying at Pakistan and they usually visit USA every quarter almost. His father Arif Karim and mother Kalsoom Karim were born in Pakistan. Haroon is the youngest son of his parent and he has one brother and a sister. At present, his twenty four years old elder brother is helping his father to do the family business therefore very often he has to travel through Pakistan, Vietnam and USA for business purpose. His sister is the eldest and happily married in Pakistan. Haroon has completed GCE O¶level and A¶level under the University of Cambridge from Pakistan. After that he enrolled at Montclair State University to pursue his Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He would like to study for couple of semesters at Montclair State University and then he will try to transfer at New York University to complete his bachelor degree. During his high school, he was very popular among class mates and friend for his generous and inspiring attitude. He always extends his hand to the needed one without any concern about himself. Majority always commented about Haroon that he serve people without prejudice. Haroon has ambitious that after his graduation he would like to introduce his own brand in USA. His brand will carry leather items usually jackets, hand gloves etc. To fulfill his ambitious he is pursuing his degree in Business Administration at one of the best school of business in NJ. Side wise he is studying about the market in USA where he can launch his brand with wide acceptability. Throughout his life he has been continually placed in leadership positions: school,

Fall 2011 1

One of his aims in life is to roam around world. At present. Italian food and traditional Pakistani food. he is nineteen years old. Sometimes. At many tough incidents in game.ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW WITH HAROON KARIM games. Saudi Arabia and India. he always played with sincerity and inspired the whole team to win back. he loves to drift the car through local and highways. Driving gives him immense pleasure when he has nothing to do at all. On his food choice. Fall 2011 2 . Haroon is leading a bachelor life in USA and would like to get married when he becomes twenty-five or twenty-six years of age. perfume. He always likes to think out of the box and that shows his entrepreneur capability within himself. shoes and other fashionable stuffs. He had huge contribution in Cricket game at his school. England. At New Jersey. His expenditure is not limited only for buying clothes but anything else he likes to have. Middle East and Asia like Italy. One of his favorite restaurants in the town is Olive Garden where he likes to have Pasta for his meal. His interests are broad and varied. He goes through his own philosophy of life and do not interfere with others and nor he want other to poke at his decision. he play cricket. France. he gets worried about his parents when they will arrive again or when he will visit Pakistan to meet with them and siblings. he was a very dependable team player in Cricket game. During his leisure time. During his school. As a person he is very creative and intelligent of his doings. Still today whenever he get chance. Haroon lives alone in his father owned house at New Jersey. Haroon loves to spend money to buy new clothes. He takes his meal usually outside as he don¶t know how to cook. Till now he has visited few countries in Europe. He views his life very easy and successful. he likes fast food.

he visits to different malls at different places where he see the flow of products. Every day.ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW WITH HAROON KARIM During weekends or once in a month he goes to Pacha club in New York for entertainment and to relax. Haroon received several phone calls from his parents whether he has taken his lunch on time or having any difficulties with anything. He tries to learn the demand and supply especially on leather goods. very caring about him and never let poverty to touch Haroon. His parents are like his shadow. Additionally. Fall 2011 3 .

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