Warm Up Day 1

What is the probability of landing on green on the following spinner?

Warm Up Day 2
If one letter is chosen at random from the word emerged, what is the probability that the letter chosen is the letter "e"?

Warm Up Day 3
A jar contains 24 black, 11 orange, 10 brown, and 9 violet marbles. A marble is drawn at random. P(violet). Express the probability as a fraction.

Warm Up Day 4

A number cube has 6 sides. The sides are numbered 1 to 6. If the cube is thrown once, what is the probability of rolling the number 4?

Warm Up Day 5
The diagram shows a spinner made up of a piece of card in the shape of a regular pentagon, with a toothpick pushed through its center. The five triangles are numbered from 1 to 5. The spinner is spun until it lands on one of the five edges of the pentagon. What is the probability that the number it lands on is odd?

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