Dear Diatribe; I cannot access the system while I am in air.

I am trying

to come up with a good document to paste out on what we actually need. I will be meeting with Gaurav in about 19 or 20 hours. I

would like to seem like I have it together.

I hear that he does.

I know we had enough research on the system to file for the patent, but we want Leverex to evolve further on the system with other contributors. We would like to have some piece of what

eventually becomes a manufactured Leverex come from someone somewhere else. Only Blythe understood when I began calling Leverex “Proptor Hoc” the other day. I had to explain to people that

this is a statement of something that is often misconstrued about our prized invention. this. 1 2 3 4 It goes a little something like

“Because Dr. Malcolm Blythe, the inventor of Leverex, wants to do things this way, others should take notice and consider it as well.” This other, stronger one, is not true. “Leverex was invented in with an Open Source model. proves the efficacy and scientific value of the concept.” This

The second statement is one we are challenged to either make true, or create truth with another drug. Some might

conclude falsely that Leverex came from SO/Med under it’s methods, they might even conclude that we are trying to say that. This is an example of “post hoc ergo propter hoc”. In

easier words, this Latin phrase means “because steps A came before B, A was the cause of B. Because SO/Med was officially formed, and it’s founders together before they patented Leverex, does not mean that SO/Med invented it. A good defense is that drug companies who control

patents, aren’t necessarily the inventors, they are just connected to them in some way. “Post hoc ergo spit” is the form that most are more familiar with. Tribe Title: Post Hoc Ergo Spit The reason for that spew of words is that I need an operating system to take in more research data on Leverex. would also like to add another drug. I have writing that is I

more than a couple of years old which defines a process for introducing and crediting the initiators of a new drug project. As I go back to old writing, I realize that the big picture

of management of a organization like this is something I have thought a lot about. at the time. There was no reality tied to any of this

Then it was easy.

The mocked up computer system I showed Gerhardstein was pretty recent at that time. The most positive batch of thought

I have had in recent weeks is that I was rather stagnant in the Open Source Medicine writing when I met him. The reason why I developed a little computer program was that the big picture writings were largely complete. They were

completed as far as what my feeble cranium could muster. I could have presented this as a Masters Thesis Proposal at the University. I had planned to, but not until now. I was The

thinking I could try for admission in the spring semester. professor of some undetermined discipline (I thought of Philosophy or Computer Science.

I was never sure what field it

fell into) would be the one to tell me what more should be written. I had thought about asking her boss, Gerhardstein, where it might be best received. nervous. I hadn’t met him. His name made me

I thought he might be more overbearing than he was.

Plus, who was I to present such a far-reaching concept?

Tribe, for the first time in my life, at least that I remember, I fell asleep sitting up. on the in-flight movie. I saved spending any money

Bollywood without subtitles hardly I am not sure whether

seems worth my remaining currency.

dollar, rupee or pound sterling is their preferred transactional means. We are to be in Delhi in an hour as it is. at the airport by Gaurav, he is my sole contact. I will be met She told me I

that I will meet her uncle, but not the rest of her family. couldn’t get a lot out of her about why this was. that they don’t know that we are really married.

I understand Maybe there is

a lie here that I am not fully aware of or trusted to preserve. I am told that all is taken care of and I will live like a King. I have heard of this type of thing. I have never really

lived like a king exactly. in Mexico before we met. that.

I told her of an experience working She told me it would be far beyond

She deserves more credit that I gave her.

I did thank her,

but to stay there in that emotional condition, and produce the results he did; that is commendable. This was done for me. I

suppose she gets some joy and satisfaction out of my success. All the better.

I wonder how much Gaurav knows.

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