HR Management Trainee

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Role Title: HR Management Trainee
Job Purpose
Ź To asslst the HR team ln lmplementatlon and executlon of all HR related actlvltles such as recrultment,
performance management system, HR pollcles, engagement lnltlatlves, admln related actlvltles etc.

Primary Responsibilities
y $sslst the HR team ln lmplementatlon of any employee engagement lnltlatlves
y &ollate and malntaln employee feedback lnformatlon and provlde perlodlc
updates to the HR team on the same
y :ork wlth the HR team for tlmely executlon of all recrultment actlvltles
y &oordlnate the lnductlon process for new |olnees and ensure completlon of all
y %enchmark HR pollcles wlth best ln class Organlzatlons and provlde lnputs to
the HR Team on feaslblllty of adoptlon of the same at Neuerth
y $sslst the team ln communlcatlon of HR pollcles to all employees across
y Track the completlon of FMS requlrements as per deflned tlmellnes and
provlde lnputs to the HR team on devlatlons notlced
y Frovlde support ln arranglng admlnlstratlve servlces for the Organlzatlon such
as canteen, transport, housekeeplng etc.
y &oordlnate wlth varlous vendors for tlmely provlslon of requlred servlces/
dellverables by the Organlzatlon

Role Requirements / Specifications
Knowledge & Skills
y Feople management skllls
y &onfllct resolutlon and negotlatlon skllls
y .nowledge of HR pollcles and procedures

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