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Global Health Experiences Handbook 2011

Global Health Experiences Handbook 2011

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Global Health Experiences

Handbook 2011

University of Toronto

I Medical


I 2011




As our world becomes geographically smaller, more and more medical students are considering doing electives in low-resource settings to complement either throughout are participating their training. At the University of Toronto Medical School a large population of students have expressed an interest in working in Global Health contexts, their medical training or as part of their careers. Over 25 second-year medical students in the inaugural Global Health Elective (www.torontomeds.com/ghe). Because of this

strong interest we hope to provide you with some resources to start your search towards finding medical electives, as well as courses, to equip you to become leaders in the field of Global Health. This document is a working document that will eventually be incorporated into an online database

launched in conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). The contacts within this handbook are by no means exhaustive, but will hopefully provide you with a starting point to find an observership or clinical/research elective in your area of interest.

All University of Toronto students who participate in electives abroad will be required to participate in pre-departure training. Please stay tuned for more information. to the handbook and who

Finally, we would like to thank all students who took the time to contribute were willing to share their valuable experiences with the rest of the student.

Best Wishes, Moneeza Walji & Dominique Karas Global Health Liaisons University ofToronto Medical Society




Global Health Experiences: student profiles
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Egypt Contact: http://www. Some logistics and organization tuned.ca/karenng/pipad/pipadeng.utoronto. Medical sessions were somewhat basic. and the labs were pretty useless.scmsaonline.-4 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK AFRICA Agency/organization: SCMSA Location: Ismailia. Very good for a student run program. Hospital visits very University of Toronto student contact: N/ A Agency/organization: Contact: Calvain Dongfack Projet lntegre Pour la Promotion de I'Auto-Developpernent (PIPAD) province Location: Cameroon.fr website: http://individual. specifically the villages of Bamenda and Dschang in the Northwest E-mail: dcalvain@yahoo. The social experience and traveling was amazing.ca) Student reflections (2): Due to doubling of students in a single year some logistic difficulties. we were exposed to cases we would never see in Canada. University of Toronto student contact: Jaisy Yang (jaisy.even in the few weeks there.lectures by Suez Canal faculty of medicine professors . interesting.yang@utoronto. The lecture still need to be finecontent would be covered at UofT.htm Duration: 4 weeks . at the first year medical student knowledge base.Mornings of clinical experience at the hospitals . The experience of learning (particularly to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with other international PBL) with other students from around the world was definitely very unique. and it was on the whole valuable medical students.Some labs and PBL group work Student reflections (1): The clinical experience component was amazing .com/winter-summer-schools Duration: 3 weeks How did you hear about this opportunity? Listserve via VP Global health Type of placement: N/ A Would you recommend this to another medical student: N/ A Description: 3 weeks of 'summer school' on infectious diseases: . Social & Cultural activities interesting.

I went as an RN (have my license) and felt like I was in over my head on a regular basis.ca) and getting outside financial support rather than outside members defining the goals of I think that this is an important aspect to making sustainable progress within a Agency/organization: Location: Ghana AMURT Contact: http://www. a program for through and several water projects in surrounding communities. it can be a dangerous situation being the only . I think the PIPAD is unique in the respect that it is local people in control of the projects and defining the needs of the community the organization. with this organization Type of placement: Observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: I had the opportunity of spending two weeks observing at a clinic in Bamenda where I spent time with a physician.fuller@utoronto. Student reflections: I learned a great deal on my trip and met a lot of dedicated people through the organization that are working hard to improve the lives of people in their own community. I would only recommend going once you have some clinical experience under your belt otherwise medical "professional" for miles.net/programs/africa/ghana/ Duration: 2 months How did you hear about this opportunity? Recommended to me by a colleague who had worked at the clinic in Mafi-Seva. as students have been going for the past several years to spend time working and having the opportunity to be involved with the community work that do. mothers with HIV/AIDS to provide formula at reduced cost to reduce vertical transmission breastfeeding.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I . It was certainly interesting to see the difference between what diseases plague the health care systems of Cameroon versus Canada and how health care is delivered differently were spent in Dschang with PIPAD. Student reflections: It was a very stressful but rewarding experience. support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS. University of Toronto student contact: Elisa Fuller (elisa. an HIV/AIDS counselor and within a TB diagnostic clinic. Pt's present with anything from labour to diarrheal illness. prevention as a result. My second two weeks development and that focuses on community I had the chance to see the wide range of projects with which they are involved: HIV/AIDS talks in remote villages.amurt. It is not uncommon to be the only health care professional at the clinic. community.5- How did you hear about this opportunity? The medical students of U of T have had an ongoing relationship with PIPAD. Ghana. an organization education. Type of placement: N/ A Would you recommend this to another medical student: N/ A Description: This was a rural community health clinic with only the most basic of supplies and very limited support. a midwife.

.for a small slum community Nairobi.U ofT ._-\ \.-' 1 >1 .ca) ..~ Agency/organization: Sickkids Toronto and Red Cross Children's hospital Cape Town South Africa Location: Cape . <~(...com) <~~~-\'7 ).ca) .pajak@gmail. being observant and listening to locals.\_:~~Contact: N/ A Town. Kenya..robichaud@utoronto.levin@utoronto.. Nairobi. one can gain so much more than you would ever anticipate.-6 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK University of Toronto student contact: Carla Pajak (carla.. Duration: 2 months How did you hear about this opportunity? Type of placement: Research Would you recommend Description: MAA scholarship N/ A this to another medical student: We studied trends in pediatric trauma at Cape Town's largest public emergency rooms during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Student reflections: University The experience of a lifetime! Gained insight and perspective while doing valuable research. Kenya Contact: AIESEC(contact University Chapter) .org/) Duration: 3 months Self-initiated due to personal interest N/ A N/ A this to another medical student: How did you hear about this opportunity? Type of placement: Would you recommend Description: \_/ Working with local leaders and key stakeholders to develop a sustainable development on the outskirts of strategy . University of Toronto student contact: Pierre Robichaud (pierre. Lenana Slum. of Toronto student contact: David Levin (david./j. Student reflections: Pursuing my passion to learn about the struggle in developing countries and make a tangible impact was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience._.aiesec.targeting education and HIV/ AIDS issues ... Agency/ organization: AIESEC.. Ever grateful to the MAA. HUMANIST CENTREOF KENYA in Nairobi. -.http://www...... Kenya and the Ngando Preparatory School. Kenya Location: Nairobi.ca/toronto Humanist Centre of Kenya (http://humanistcentre.. What was most beneficial was that by keeping an open mind..

_-\ . Kiweewa (princemat_2003@yahoo.yin@utoronto.The clinic I worked at is called the Joint Clinical Research Centre... from both a medical and social perspective. the doctors were including me and quizzing me on what ARVs to use. and about the fistulas.co. this was a great opportunity diseases common in a developing.uk) How did you hear about this opportunity? AIESEC(www.. etc. ""'. fractures.ug (website works intermittently) Dr.org) Type of placement: Research. During my time there.. plastic) and to shadow an internist who looked after the admitted to travel inland and provide both surgical and primary care to rural villages. A very basic grasp in Portuguese _. the opportunity populated city.aiesec.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I ..jcrc. TB. I was also able to greatly appreciate the sophisticated learned to appreciate the complex issues of development. observed counseling sessions and sat in on patient visits. There was also to assist in various surgeries (general. Foster) who works at CEM. I observed rounds (by the end. would be greatly beneficial to this experience! University of Toronto student contact: Penny Yin (penny... I spent 9 weeks in Kampala.net Duration: 1 month How did you hear about this opportunity? N/ A Type of placement: Clinical & observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Medical Centre of Lubango) Description: This was a clinical observership with a general surgeon (Dr. II-. as the hospital was equipped with the bare minimum supplies. clinical & observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: Through the international doing a rotational student organization AIESEC.. helped with data entry and research tasks. Lubango and has a patients.. I also and what it takes to invest into a country and to make long-lasting.The JCRCis one of Uganda's largest HIV/ AIDS research centres and is partnered with Makerere University.7- Agency/organization: Contact: Dr.. war-torn to learn about surgery. internship at the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC). Stephen Foster N/A Location: Lubango.. imaging/laboratory country (malaria.).co. Student reflections: This trip was an eye opening experience. Uganda '''1 Agency/organization: AIESEC. HIV. vesiculo-vaginal advanced stages of cancer). sustainable changes in its health care system. Location: Kampala. I had the opportunity orthopedic. Uganda ·\_/~(~f~ Duration: 9 weeks Contact: www.ca) tools available in North America.'---._. Medically speaking. which is a 40-bed hospital located in Angola's second-most catchment area of over 2 million people.ceml. . Angola Hospital name: CEML (Centro evanglico medicina do Lubango/Evangelical http://www.

but working to educate and empower youth was extremely rewarding. Student reflections: Pros: -The scholarship covers the majority of expenses -The projects are very hands on and allow sufficient time for cultural experiences -Many project sites are well-established Cons: -This is a time consuming project requiring the submission of evaluations.. Feel free to contact me for University of Toronto student contact: Samantha Young (samanthavalerie.-\ Agency/organization: .youtube.the JCRCor Uganda. II-. reflections. devastating. Eight to ten interviewees with Sickkids Hospital and a Tanzanian NGO.ca) . papers.--". I was able to visit local schools and remote villages to raise HIV awareness and administer HIV tests. Type of placement: Research & observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: This was a research project done in collaboration future development application followed Health Summer Research are selected for the by an interview for a select submissions.com/watch?v=r-HcXLh4B8w for a video my friend made about our experience.-8 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK Also. -some expenses are not covered included mandatory -many sites have you travelling alone -projects rarely go as planned immunizations. ""'. with communities any more information about AIESEC. This included the submission of a written number of applicants based on the written scholarship. The contrast between our healthcare system and theirs was vast.young@utoronto. \}?: '''1 N/A Mbeya. Student reflections: This past summer in Uganda was life-changing. but the passion the doctors had for helping their patients left me constantly in awe. I was also able to go on cultural excursions and shadow physicians on home-visits. Seeing the impact of HIV in Africa was obviously. Tanzania. through AIESEC. Check out http://www.. The project sought to establish baseline health care worker knowledge in child health for the of a leadership oriented training program for health care workers in rural villages.-.. Location: Rural villages surrounding Contact: N/ A Duration: 8 weeks How did you hear about this opportunity? I applied for the MAA International Scholarship. at times. posters ethics expenses and posters to accommodate students -Most placements allow for some clinical observerships .

University of Toronto student contact: Tanu Sharma (tanusharma@utoronto.com) Agency/organization: Location: Cameroon Contact: N/ A Duration: N/ A N/A How did you hear about this opportunity? MAA/UTIHP Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: While in Cameroon I spent time observing in the gynecology OR and the labour and delivery unit. it would be more appropriate than a 1st year. research on the reproductive therapist who is experiences of women with physical disabilities. If a student is interested clinical understanding/knowledge that students at this site speak the language (Portuguese). to relyon a translator (who is not always readily for a 2nd year with more It becomes handicapping for relationship-building in this site. My UofT contact was an occupational her contacts in Cameroon where very important University of Toronto student contact: Kim Bremer (kim.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I . political and economic circumstances in resource poor communities.9- Overall: I would recommend the MAA international health scholarship to students with prior experiences abroad.bremer@utoronto.chiu@gmail.ca) Cameroon Working Group and . I also worked alongside disability groups and performed the chair of the International Center for Disability and Rehabilitation for this experience.h. My experience in Tanzania greatly enriched my knowledge about social.ca) Agency/organization: Location: Angola Contact: N/ A Duration: N/ A N/A How did you hear about this opportunity? MAA/UTIHP Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: It is very important available). University of Toronto student contact: Hannah Chiu (hannah.

com) .I was in Tamale.. Ghana.org Duration: N/ A How did you hear about this opportunity? N/ A Type of placement: Observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: It was impossible to fully comprehend had until I witnessed it firsthand..com) ..\ Agency/organization: Location: South Africa Child Family Health International "'. ~"..uniteforsight...: \_/ ~ 'fld· Contact: http://www.org/ Duration: N/ A How did you hear about this opportunity? N/ A Type of placement: clinical Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: It was a good experience for 1 month .cfhi... the devastating impact AIDS has Learning about this terrible disease in the unique context of University of Toronto student contact: Chris Zroback (czroback@gmail. but it does get you ready for the work.'-.... Not sure if the preparation work is still the same. a post-apartheid healthcare system was truly eye opening.10 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK Agency/organization: Location: Ghana Unite For Sight Contact: http://www. Note that the fundraising can be a challenge.. University of Toronto student contact: Emily Siu (ecysiu@gmail. There were learning modules to complete before going abroad and I had to spend time shadowing an ophthalmologist too.-\ .

O'T.J Contact: N/ A Duration: 8 weeks How did you hear about this opportunity? previous contact Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: No Description: epidemiologic Student reflections: N/ A University of Toronto student contact: Jason Zhu (jason. mission takes place end of February/early inquired about participating. I would read up more on the history being persistent in debriefing with the team at the end of and politics of the country and recommend and limitations of the physical exam. Zhejiang. The mission team is made up of staff from SM H. PT. administrators. The people you meet and work with are amazing and it is a great chance to learn the value University of Toronto student contact: Julie Thorne (julie.ca) data analysis .ca) Agency/organization: Zhejiang University School of Public Health ) Location: Hangzhou.thorne@utoronto. pharmacists.org/ Duration: 2 weeks. nurses. Student reflections: This was a really great experience and a well-organized international safe environment for my first international health experience. I recommend this to people who have a true interest in learning more about health and don't have a lot of elective time to commit. and their partners. including physicians.urban-angels.zhu@utoronto. Type of placement: Clinical Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: The mission is a joint ophthalmology/general communities could otherwise medicine mission that spends two weeks in various ORs and primary care clinics for people who in the Philippines running ophthalmology March How did you hear about this opportunity? I heard about it while on core Team rotation at SMH and St Michael's Hospital Urban Angels Mission not afford it. China . each day.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 11- ASIA Agency/organization: Location: Philippines Contact: http://www.

University of Toronto student contact: Calvin Ke (calvin..12 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK Agency/organization: Location: China Contact: N/ A Duration: N/ A N/A How did you hear about this opportunity? MAA/UTIHP Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: Find a supervisor by yourself. because if you don't then you won't have any guidance or know what to do when you get there.ke@utoronto.ca) .

of any program I oversee. I worked in the department I oversaw the creation of a multiphase WHO. Student reflections: The opportunity qualitative continued to work at the WHO was invaluable. It is my goal to work as a clinician investigator My work at the WHO has made me acutely aware of the need for impact evaluations and in the future. Switzerland and of Knowledge Management Sharing and oversaw a joint research study between WHO Library and WHO Press. Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: I completed an internship at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters from June 13th 2010 to July 23rd 2010. In addition. It enabled me to use my prior experience in both research towards the process of designing a study.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 13 - EUROPE Agency/organization: World Health Organization ~ Location: Geneva. impact evaluation study on the academic productivity of the follow my research from inception to completion.int Duration: 6 weeks How did you hear about this opportunity? I obtained this position through a general application to the WHO internship program. Switzerland Contact: www. my I also believe that this experience will be of use to me and potentially pursue with the steering group for the study will provide me with the unique chance to and quantitative involvement in Geneva. However. During my internship. my application was greatly aided by my prior experience working on projects affiliated with the WHO. in my future as a physician. I can use this experience to ensure the continued University of Toronto student contact: Ayodele Odutayo . administrative improvement roles at an academic institution.who.

ca) UN General Assembly meetings at UNHQ for national HIV policy directions and UNAIDS Location: New York City progress. Would do it again! realistic and meaningful exposure to the workings of the UN and how global social and health policies are developed.. implemented University of Toronto student contact: Uitsile Ndlovu (uitsile.ndlovu@utoronto.14 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK NORTH AMERICA Agency/organization: Contact: Bertil Lindblad 60 E 42nd St # 932 New York. United States (212) 867-0536 Duration: 3. . However the UNAIDS NY office (staff) is so small.critiquing national policy . Type of placement: N/ A Would you recommend this to another medical student: N/ A Description: Monitoring reports. They truly provide interns with a and reviewed.5 months How did you hear about this opportunity? I applied. NY 10165-0910. Student reflections: I dreaded going because I had a vague idea about how mundane intern responsibilities are ...working with UNAIDS partners to organize events and meetings .

Knowing basic Spanish would be helpful. medical students and translators join the local staff at an Ayacucho hospital for 1 week.org/ How did you hear about this opportunity? Applied through the website. Peru Duration: 8 weeks ' Contact: http://www. -Includes various excursions on weekends (including Machu Picchu) and Spanish lessons. University of Toronto student contact: Brianna Empringham (brianna. Type of placement: Clinical Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: Volunteered -Stayed with a host family. but it was important operate with lower resources than they are used too.org/main/Home. It wasn't the to see how doctors to learn about sustainable global health. They see as many patients as a day allows and do as many procedures as supplies permit.fielding@utoronto. Student reflections: Very well organized & overall a great experience. (ryan. National Children's Hospital and Sexual Health Clinic .UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 15- SOUTH AMERICA Agency/organization: Location: Cusco. University of Toronto student contact: Ryan Fielding. United Planet Location: Ayacucho.unitedplanet. The Peruvians are very welcoming and the country Agency/organization: Duration: 3 weeks ' International Health Central America Institute Location: San Jose.ca) to learn from some very experienced doctors.empringham@utoronto.ayacuchomission. Peru Contact: http://www.html ' Duration: 1 week How did you hear about this opportunity? Referral from a friend Type of placement: Research Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: A group of American physicians. Student reflections: It was great opportunity best opportunity is beautiful.ca) Agency/organization: Mission Ayacucho with a psychologist at an orphanage with children aged 3-5.

Type of placement: Clinical & observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Undecided Description: 1. working with clinician on preventative treatment for a population with the group responsible for creating a transition care. there.Main Office Tel: (506) 2234-6354 or (506) 2234-6347 / / Fax: (506)22-26-30-47 Email: info@ihcai.). so I think it's important Olive Branch Ministries this group before they proceed on the trip. medicine. Student reflections: I would have to decide on recommending someone of before recommending it based on the student who was asking. this was a religious group. Clinical experience was not as robust however.fuller@utoronto. working program for children moving to adult care for cystic and discussed over email the opportunities available at the institute with coordinator fibrosis and other chronic illnesses. health system outside of Canada.ca) Agency/organization: Location: Peru Contact: N/ A ' Duration: N/ A How did you hear about this opportunity? N/ A Type of placement: Observership Would you recommend this to another medical student: Yes Description: N/ A Student reflections: I went to Lima. I found it very useful to see a For myself.) and the group offered many different optometry. it was a good experience. and learned a lot about that on the elective.org/ IHCAI . University of Toronto student contact: Colleen Fuller (colleen. It was a great experience because I got to provide hands-on care (taking vitals. assisting with dentistry etc. It was very well organized and overall .5 weeks in sexual health clinic.ihcai. Some clinical time. for people to research etc. pharmacy. However. surveillance and STI of >90% sex workers.org How did you hear about this opportunity? Discussed with another student who had been with the organization. 1. Peru for 2 weeks (1 of which involved clinical work) with a group to provide medical care to the community surrounding one of the orphanages they are affiliated with.. problem. but that is partly because of inexperience of the student in this new situation. I am not particularly religious and did not have a however others may not feel the same way.16 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK Contact: http://www. disciplines (dentistry. but there were significant challenges that I would want to inform the experience in a blanket statement.5 weeks at the National Children's Hospital.

rampy@gmail.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 17- a great and safe experience. University of Toronto student contact: Malena Rampy (malena. the group typically organizes some sight-seeing for a few days following the clinical week. com) . Further.

18 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK 2 INTERNATIONAL ELECTIVES/PROGRAMS Please find a list of organizations below who offer opportunities for medical students to work in low-resource settings.. . The University of Toronto Global Health Liaisons in no way endorse these programs. Please notify us of any changes in contact information.

conditions in different 78 countries throughout For more information: It also helps to broaden the students understanding of medical and social countries. and clinical case discussions.org of alcohol hand sanitizers and modern washing stations Social Medicine Course In Northern Uganda Dates: January 10-february 4. projects are the focus of BABU: 1) Rural medical relief 2) Hospital infection control via introduction 3) Nursing education & training For more information: thebabuproject. 2011 (inquire about dates for next year) Location: Lacor Hospital in Gulu. Uganda Who: This intensive course designed for 15 international in a resource-poor medical students (clinical years) and 15 war. ward rounds. as well as public health education. http://www. and Nepal Pediatric Placement The Nepal Pediatric Placement is organized by the charitable organization Understanding empowering (BABU). http://www.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 19- IFMSA SCOPE Sponsor: International Federation of Medical Students' Associations Nowadays 78 countries are involved in IFMSA SCOPE. The exchange program offers students unique educational and cultural experience in addition to the regular medical curriculum. human rights. The aim of SCOPE is to promote international understanding international and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals through exchange of students.ifmsa. community for away-rotations can also be arranged. Currently over 6600 international the world are taking part in SCOPE. films. In all these countries. and Ugandan medical students (3rd-5th year) from Gulu University intersects the study of clinical medicine setting with social medicine topics such as globalization. Credit For more information: .org/ exchanges are made every year. narrative medicine. there are 1003 Medical schools and 676 of them have an IFMSA Local Committee.com!watch?v=gLHGpY4EDwg course is taught through a combination of lectures.youtube. small and field visits. Its mission is to contribute Bringing About Better Currently 3 main to improving child healthcare in Nepal by local health care professionals. What is the course: This highly-interactive large group discussions. among others.

uab. lab-work and of course.Egypt which is a full member of the International Students' represents in 97 Countries with more than 1 million medical students worldwide. 2011 Location: Lasi. During two weeks. http://www. 2011 Application deadline: May 1. Bucegi Mountains.ro/summerschoollform. and the Black Seas. please email us SCMSA Are you looking for something new? Something that can change your life? Wanna meet new Doctors or Future Doctors? This is what you are looking for: We are a Non-Profit Future Doctors from more than 110 different map! SCMSA is an independent. Federation Organizations of Medical countries non-governmental Associations and non-political (IFMSA) which Organization with Doctors & in the world.20 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK If you would like further information. from ANY POINT on the World's federation of medical students in 105 National Member It is a full member in IFMSA . you will have the opportunity to learn from the greatest surgeons in Lasi. case conferences.html The Gorgas Courses in Tropical Medicine Date: See website Application deadline: See website Location: Peru Includes lectures.ssmi. you will take part in relaxing trips to the most fascinating tourist attractions in Romania: Castle of Dracula.. Number of participants: 20 For more information: http://www. hospital visits. diagnosic laboratory medicine unit.com/ For more information: The Surgery Summer School in Romania Date: 17-31 July. 2011 Application deadline: See website . to practice and work with them in lectures. For more information: http://gorgas. at social.scmsaonline. Taught in English by International faculty. Last but not least. Peles Castly.dom. the cultural center of Romania. Suez Canal University.edu/ and daily bedside teaching on a 36-bed tropical Lumbreras Tropical Medicine Course Date: April 4-29.com have any questions or are interested in applying.medicine@yahoo. Romania The fourth International Surgery Summer School is an academic event that will take place in Lasi.

to manage infectious and tropical diseases. volunteer rough grants to service. religion or nationality. AJWS is dedicated to alleviating poverty.org/volunteer/ For more information: American Jewish World Service American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is an international development organization motivated by Judaism's imperative to pursue justice. advocacy and education. Entry requirement: For full information Third or fourth year-medical students clinical.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 21- Location: Peru Cayetano Heredia University is oering a four week clinical experience at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt in Lima. hunger and disease among the people of the developing world regardless of race. in existing institutions.pe/tropicales/capacita/rotacclini. when growing have needs that cannot yet be met locally. give advice or techniques and content. and graduate programs. in addition. or of tertiary education. viral hepatitis. http://www. microbiology and pathology issues diagnosis. and treatment of infectious and tropical diseases. and II gaps in teaching sta. academic aspects of the development It supports projects related to both academic and nonof in establishing new departments. fasciolasis. research institutes and expanding and diversifying Faculty volunteers institutions participate provide models for instructional in all these projects and may. Objectives: 1) To develop skills for prevention. 2) To integrate the knowledge in epidemiology. Peru (all lectures are given in English). mycobacterial. parasitology. HTLV-1. as well as accidents caused by strongyloidiasis. poisonous animals. cysticercosis. AJWS fosters civil society. brucellosis. . and free-living amebiasis.edu. parasitic. is includes assisting in the development undergraduate new universities and colleges.upch. bartonellosis.htm American Medical Student Association Affiliated Programs Academics for Higher Education and Development AHED assists in capacity building in higher education in the developing world. anthrax. paracoccidioidomycosis. grassroots organizations. leprosy. typhoid fever. yellow fever. cyclosporidiasis. dengue. Clinical Setting Peru has an unusually wide spectrum of tropical diseases including leishmaniasis. echinococcosis. faculties. diphylobotriasis. malaria. teach courses. including bacterial. and.ahed-upesed. and viral infections. and application visit http://www. responding to the needs and goals of the host countries and institutions.

is approach followed from a community collaborative partnership of local opinion leaders and a committed law students from the United States gathered information the community.ca/Residency/R3 11 Positions Are All Filled/Category 2 Programs. It is a unique opportunity investigators collaboration.htm#GH Enhanced Skills Programs . social work and on the strengths.ubc. students in the health professions..org/who we are/ For more information: Ghana Health and Education Initiative GHEl's objective is to help build a sustainable future for the people of Ghana through community-based health and education projects.ghei. and a two month international field placement in For more information: http://www. and conditions of After analyzing the results and various strengths and experiences of those involved. http://ajws. concerns.org/index. a Postgraduate Programs R3 Enhanced Skills in Global Health Would you like to work with underserviced populations or populations in crisis.S. For more information: http://www. while promoting the values and of global citizenship within the Jewish community. to gain invaluable experience and training in global health issues and international .2010- Fogarty International The International graduate-level Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows opportunity for Clinical Research Scholars Program (ICRS) is an exciting international U. program of action was drawn up. and non-U.html assessment whereby a group of medical.familymed. • • • 6 month training program to increase the capacity of Canadian physicians to work effectively resource limited settings within Canada and other countries open to any physician graduating from a UBC residency program or practicing physician flexible program. self-directed with tutorials.22 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK sustainable development responsibilities and human rights for all people. but feel you need more skills? The Department of Family Practice R3 Enhanced Skills program offers a global health skills training program. A limited number of fellowships are Center (FIe) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical research training at top-ranked NIH-funded of Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows (FICRS-F)Support Center at for the next generation being offered through the Fogarty International and the Fogarty International Vanderbilt University to experience mentored research centers in developing countries.S.

ca/education/program/ . training.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 23 - For more information: http://www.ficrsf /fellows/the- fellows-program McGill University Humanitarian The Humanitarian Studies Initiative for Residents relief operations to carry out in Studies Initiative for Residents (HSIR) is an exciting new program designed to train health and humanitarian work. this could be completed The HSIR program requirements Involvement Monthly seminars and journal clubs at McGill in the McGill Global Health Course for health profession students issues at Harvard University held placement studies HSIR participants will receive: Two-week intensive course on humanitarian One to three month supervised international Guided production o o o Mentorship Weekend long held simulation exercise in Massachusetts of an academic work in humanitarian by both McGill and Harvard faculty Studies upon program completion with the HSIRstudents and faculty as and involvement Certificate in Humanitarian Continued mentorship alumni For more information: http://hsi. Kennedy School of Government Tufts University The Friedman School of Nutrition Brigham and Women's Hospital Mass General Hospital Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Children's Hospital of Boston is flexible thus enabling each participant If the participant's include: is to full the program requirements immediately during Science and Policy at Tufts University Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Harvard University The HSIR curriculum his or her residency or fellowship.mcgill. HSIR will offer participants the ability to interact with faculty and students from a wide variety of local and international • • • • • • • • • • • institutions such as: McGill Medical School McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy Harvard Medical School/School of Public Health The John F.o rg/welco m e-to. The goal of the Initiative is to train participants and essential skills that best prepare medical residents and fellows with a vested interest in humanitarian elective international current humanitarian humanitarian issues as well as the methodologies workers to operate in the field. foga rtyschola rs. • • • • • • residency or fellowship program does not allow after their for time away to complete the HSIR held placement.

org/document. .24 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK 3 SUMMER ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Summer courses are offered at a number of US educational institutions accredited by the Association of Schools of Public Health.asph.. The University of Toronto Global Health Liaisons in no way endorse these programs.cfm?page=1002. Please notify us of any changes in contact information. dates and contact information. All information was retrieved from: http://www. They offer public health training in a variety of different concentrations and settings. See below for program details.

Participants include public health professionals. Environmental Health. Duck Tours. primary care practitioners. Nutrition. 2011. 2011 The Summer Session for Public Health Studies is intended for health professionals in training or those who are considering a midcareer change into public health and feel the need to strengthen their skills. Infectious Disease. 2011. Participants will spend their time in Boston learning about biostatistics. epidemiology. Contact: Lori Chibnik. The Summer Session offers courses in the following areas: • • • • • • • • • • Epidemiology.bu.2011 For the seventh summer. and candidates for a part-time MPH program. clinical trials and statistical genetics from some of the great. and . Lung.edu. Health Care Management. They will visit the Framingham Heart Study. Practicing biostatisticians and clinical researchers from the Boston area will be visiting and speaking to the students over the course of the program.2011 Summer II:August 1. Human Development. Statistical Analysis. DM-Stat. sibs@bu. Society. and Health.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 25- Boston University School of Public Health Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Dates: June 13-July 22. a six-week program focused on inspiring qualified undergraduates to pursue graduate study in biostatistics.July 29. It's not all work though.edu/sibs. we will be enjoying the sites of Boston with trips to the Museum of Fine Arts. 2011 Application Deadline: February 1. For more information: http://sph. Economics. Inc.August 19. and Blood Institute. award winning professors from Boston University. The program is funded by the National Heart. 2011 Application Deadline: March 4. Biostatistics. Boston University School of Public Health will be holding their Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS). Global Health. and Harvard Clinical Research Institute. Harvard School of Public Health Summer Session for Public Health Studies Dates: Summer I:July 6. Museum of Science and a trip to Fenway Park to see the World Champion Red Sox. physicians in training (including preventive medicine residents and medical students in an MDjMPH joint degree program). physicians engaged in the evaluation of health care delivery and management.

P. and for evaluation of clinical effectiveness in specialty medicine.edu Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica. for population-based primary care. or to become acquainted with a new field of study.hsph.edu. and society Principles and practice of injury prevention Beyond the basics: evaluating injury prevention Health policy and management Leadership in strategic health communication: HIV/AIDS.jhsph. and reproductive health Reproductive health and development Epidemiology and biostatistics Tropical medicine and public health Mental Health Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health H.harvard. Contact: Roberta Gianfortoni. educational opportunities for public health practitioners and other professionals who are unable to devote full time effort to their studies during the regular academic year.26 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK These courses provide the framework for advanced study in every field of public health. (617) 432-0090 The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Summer Institutes 2011 Dates: May 31 . programs and policies For more information: www.L. see website. The Summer Institutes also serve as a convenient way for health professionals to further their education in a variety of public health disciplines. 2011 (specific dates vary by program) Application Deadline: Vary by program. For more information: www. Contact: summer@jhsph.edu/summer.. The public health "core" curriculum offered during the Summer Session remains largely the same from year to year. intensive.harvard. roberta@hsph.edu/summer. Mexico 16th Annual Summer Program in Public Health and Epidemiology Dates: See website for 2011 dates Application Deadline: See website . Health emergencies in large populations making a difference in infectious diseases. They are essential for the practice of public health.E. The Summer Institutes at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health provide short-term. behavior. There will be 11 summer institutes offered in 2011: • • • • • • • • • • • Health.August 13.

biostatistics and statistical analysis software.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 27- The National Institute of Public Health of Mexico's (INSP-Mexico) 16th Annual Summer Program will continuing education for students and professionals in the fields of public health and epidemiology. Week long courses in "Program Evaluation" and "Survey Design" will be complemented by the introduction of the new Certificate in Public Health Management and Leadership. This expansion is directly related to the expanded mission of the newly formed Center for Public Health Practice and the ongoing commitment of the College of Public Health to meet the evolving needs of the public health workforce. Contact: (777) 329 3010 or insp. June 20. the U. 2011 Each July. including "Disaster Epidemiology" and the "Management of Emergency Public Health Services. including: public health." The second week (July 18-22.mx/paspe/. infectious diseases. health systems.insp. The short courses. Cuernavaca and Tapachula.osu. and nutrition. the College of Public Health has trained hundreds of students.edu/practice/summerprogram/index. environmental and occupational health. For more information: www. and will include nationally and internationally recognized professors from Mexico. non-governmental organizations and private entities will offer scholarships to program participants. and the Americas. 2011 (Week 2) Application Deadline: Monday. Through the program. Several practice-based epidemiology courses will be offered.mx. July 18-22. epidemiology. This program brings faculty from across the globe to provide hands-on education and training in a flexible short-course format. Various institutions.cfm. for the past 11 summers. This component of the program will focus on the most important skills and tools public health practitioners need to manage and lead their programs and organizations. practitioners. University of California. 2011 (Week 1).paspe@insp. Latin America and the Caribbean.2011) will focus on methods in applied public health practice. and researchers in applied biostatistical and epidemiological methods.S. the INSP-Mexico will continue to improve the practice of health professionals in Mexico. Berkeley School of Public Health Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness (CIDER) Summit 2011 Dates: See website for 2011 dates Application Deadline: See website . 2011) will still focus on applied biostatistical and epidemiological methods. The first week (July 11-15. The program will take place at the INSP-Mexico campuses in Mexico City. The Ohio State University College of Public Health Applied Biostatistical/Epidemiology Methods and Applied Public Health Practice Dates: July II-IS. For more information: http://cph. This year's program has been expanded to include methods in applied public health practice. workshops and certificate programs address a variety of important and timely topics.

University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences Summer 2011 Dates: See website for 2011 dates Application Deadline: See website The online MPH program in Public Health Practice (PHP)offers elective courses during two summer sessions. Updates on healthcare associated infections.uiowa. Contact: Katie-Yamaki@uiowa. The courses are part of the PHP program. Certificate in Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemiology.idready.edu/phsi/about. For more information: http://www. Contact: (510) 643-4939 or idready@berkeley. or some Master of Science (MS) degree programs.htm.28 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK The CIDER Summit is a two-day conference that will highlight the advances in the epidemiology control of emerging infectious diseases. The Institute provides students a way to commence or continue study for a Master of Public Health (M PH) degree. Current immunization issues. resistance. and and For more information: www. Population and Development .org.continuetolearn..edu University of Iowa School of Public Health College of Public Health Summer Institute Dates: See website for 2011 dates Application Deadline: See website The College of Public Health Summer Institute offers graduate level courses for public health professionals and current graduate students. Antimicrobial Global health. Possible topics to be covered include: • • • • • • Lessons learned from recent food borne illnesses. but non-degree (non-matriculated) students may also take courses. Emerging infectious diseases in the United States.edu. a Certificate in Public Health. The Summer 2010 courses are: • • PUBHLTH 525: Ethical Issues in Public Health PUBHLTH 614: International Health.

jodygray@umich. For more information: www. Infectious Diseases. SAS. Longitudinal Studies. Health Policy. Community-Based Research. Survival Analysis. Pharmacoepidemiology. Behavioral Change. Scientific Writing. Geographic Information Systems. as well as an online pre-recorded course in Intermediate Epidemiologic Methods. Injury and Violence The session will also offer distance learning courses in Fundamentals in Biostatistics and Fundamentals in Epidemiology.edu/epid/GSS.netl.sph.umassulearn. For more information: University of Michigan School of Public Health 46th Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology Dates: July 10-29.umich. 2011 Application Deadline: June 1. Global Health. Contact: Jody Gray.edu. Multi-level Analysis in Public Health. Cancer Epidemiology. CME credit is available. .and three-week • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • courses include topics such as: Fundamentals of Biostatistics and Epidemiology. 2011 The University of Michigan School of Public Health's Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology offers courses for all public health professionals and those interested in health research. One.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I- 29- • • PUBHLTH 726: Health Economics and Reimbursement PUBHLTH 780: Public Health Law www. Clinical Trials. (734) 764-5454. Applied Public Health Practice. Social Epidemiology. Logistic Model. Linear Regression.

funded by the National Heart. Food protection. 2011 Application Deadline: See website The three-week institute offers a variety of courses for everyone practicing in or studying public health or related fields. 2011 The Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS). • . response. epidemiologists. Public health preparedness. carls020@umn. 1 University of South Florida College of Public Health Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Dates: May 16-June 24. broaden career options or explore a new area of interest. Infectious disease epidemiology. Environmental health sciences.30 -I GLOBAL HEALTH EXPERIENCES HANDBOOK University of Minnesota School of Public Health 2011 Public Health Institute Dates: May 23-June 10. Global health. Course concentration • • • • • • • • • areas include: Applied biostatistics and research. The program features: • • Six-week living and studying on the Tampa campus of University of South Florida. hands-on labs.hands-on training and lectures with top biostatisticians. Public health leadership and management. Contact: Chris Carlstrom.edu 1 (612) 624-3029. Field visits to various healthcare service and research settings.edu (612) 626-8434. tayI0427@umn. and recovery.. learn best practices. For more information: http://sph. or Meghan Taylor. Courses emphasize theory to practice with opportunities for field trips. case studies. 2011 Application Deadline: March 14. Participants can expand their professional expertise.umn. Culturally responsive public health practice. and simulations. Lung. and Blood Institute. analyses of real data sets from landmark studies.edu/ce/institute. and Women and child health and nutrition. College credits (four) that can be transferred back to the participant's home institution. and clinicians. It also exposes the students to exciting career opportunities in health-related fields. is a six-week program to stimulate undergraduate students' interests in pursuing a graduate program in biostatistics.

living. (813) 974-7840. . Course topics include epidemiology. and how this affects public health. case-based training is a trademark of the Summer Institute and all courses are designed to be relevant to both emerging and everyday challenges. Practical. (206) 685-2931. health communication. and travelling all paid for by the program. and Tuition and fees.usf. It is sponsored by the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice in the University of Washington's School of Public Health. "Tools of the Trade: Practical Skills for Managers" will also be offered again this year. University of Washington School of Public Health 20th Annual Summer Institute for Public Health Practice Dates: August 8-12. which looks at issues such as land use and transportation. New courses include a course on leadership and management and a course on health and the built environment.usf. The 20th annual Summer Institute for Public Health Practice will take place on the University of Washington Seattle campus this summer from August 8-12.htm Contact: Chris Baaske. For more information: http://health. libraries and other facilities.edu/publichealth/epb/sibs/index.cbaaske@health. food.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I . collaboration. and evaluation. Contact: Trudy San Jose White. A wide variety of extra-curriculum activities. For more information: www. which focuses on modern technologies assisting practitioners with communication.nwcphp. Participants from across the country will discuss what is current in public health practice and hear from leading experts on cross-cutting issues. This year's Summer Institute also includes four plenary sessions which feature experts and panels from across the nation sharing their experience and knowledge about current issues and trends in public health. Participants will be able to network with colleagues to learn what other communities are doing to improve public health.31- • • • Access to university computing systems. program planning. program coordinator. 2011 Application Deadline: See website Learning about how to improve the health of the public has become a summer tradition at the University of Washington. and decision-making.edu.org/si.


Department of Family Practice Global Health Program: http://globalhealth.mcgill.ih.ca/ Other Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health OPENCOURSEWEAR (OCW) projectwebsite that provides access to content of the school's most popular courses.ca/globalhealth/studentreports/ University of Alberta International Health: http://www. University of Toronto International Health Program Global Health Education Consortium: www.ca/ McGill Medicine Global Health Program: http://www.ubc. will be available in the coming weeks.globalhealth.gheducation.org/ International opportunities in Medical Education (Association of American Colleges): http://www.asp http://www.dal.org/ .htm Dalhousie University clinical electives database (for 3'd & 4th year students): http://gho.jhsph.UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I .org/global.utoronto.med.sunsih.htm University of British Columbia.org/resources/opportunities/index.faimer.ifmsa.org/ http://www.org/en/index.33 - Canadian Institutions Canadian Federation of Medical Students Global Health Program: http://www.ca/aboutsunsih Federation of Medical Students Association: Network for Social & International of International Student University Foundation Health: for advancement Medical Education and Research: http://www.medicine.csih.asp Dispatches from the field. including student reflections.cfms. including information and knowledge about public health challenges and their potential solutions: http://ocw.htmI Global Health council: http://www.edu/ Canadian Society for International International health: http://www.faimer.ca/dalhousie-students/past.mcgill.ca University of Toronto.ualberta.ca/globalhealth/ Comprehensive list of student reports from McGill Medical School: http://www.ca/programs/globalhealth.dfcm. Family and Community Medicine Global Health Program: http://www.

University of Toronto I Medical Society I 2011 .

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