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Published by: api-126578429 on Feb 12, 2012
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Windhoek Residents Directory 2004
!Naruseb, Alpheus
Box 40627 Windhoek35 Voltaire St.
Aakman-visser, Regine
Box 9585 Windhoek0 AVIS ROAD
Aaron, Laimy
Box 7457 Windhoek6 SOCIAL AVE
Abed, Festus Ringo
P/Bag 13347 Windhoek17 PRETORIA ST
Abed, ImmanuelNamunwa
P/Bag 13340 Windhoek2 FERRY ST
Abed, Johannes
Box 24245 Windhoek29 OHIMA ST
Abed, Samuel
Box 5092 Windhoek14 SHITENDA ST
Abel, Johanna
Box 85 Windhoek54 ZACHEUS MBAHA ST
Abel, Vanasiu
Box 50039 Windhoek78 EVELINE ST
Abett, Johanna
Box 28 WindhoekMIDMAR ST
Abiander, Natalia
Box 2379 Windhoek39 KAMBERIPA ST
Abiatal, Phillipus
P/Bag 11321 WindhoekKENNEY DAM ST
Abiatar, Jonas
Box 157 Windhoek45 SHITENDA ST
Abiatar, Martin
Box 11498 Windhoek0 ONGAVA ST
Abiatar, Toivo
Box 2379 Windhoek25 KAMBONDE GITOPE ST
Abiniel, Emilia Magano
Box 6382 Windhoek5 Ganges St.
Abiniel, Helvi
Box 3649 Windhoek2 CUBA ST
Abisalom, Abraham
Box 59 Windhoek17A OTTO SCHIMMING ST
Abit, Frans
Box 297 Windhoek108 OMUNGWINDI ST
Abner, Jafet
Box 2864 WindhoekRONA ST
Abniel, Timotheus
Box 2493 Windhoek71 OMUPWAKA ST
Abraham, A.k
P/Bag 12024 Windhoek926 INDEPENDENCE AVE
Abraham, BeataNdeshitya
Box 70800 Windhoek18 PETRONELLA ST
Abraham, Benhat
Box 3187 Windhoek38 SHITENDA ST
Abraham, Benyamin
Abraham, Elizabeth
Box 23742 Windhoek4 CESAREA ST
Abraham, Gabriel
Box 11766 Windhoek50 FILLISTYNE ST
Abraham, George
Box 13301 Windhoek13 OSHIMAMU ST
Abraham, Hafeni
Box 287 Windhoek8 OMUNGOO ST
Abraham, Johannes
Box 53 Windhoek108 OMUNGWINDI ST
Abraham, Johannes
Box 806 Windhoek132 OMURYAMBAMBI ST
Abraham, Johannes
Box 7026 Windhoek132 OMURYAMBAMBI ST
Abraham, Josef 
Box 2186 WindhoekAUDREY ST
Abraham, Joseph
Box 40798 Windhoek108 OMUNGWINDI ST
Abraham, Levi
Box 62291 Windhoek70 CITY ST
Abraham, Maria
Box 20192 Windhoek12 VICTOR NKANDI ST
Abraham, Mariina
Box 59 Windhoek28 ELIM ST
Box 8043 Windhoek27 GIHON ST
Abrahams, AlfredFrederik
Box 70598 Windhoek69 AMSTERDAM ST
Abrahams, AmandaJacoba
Box 70598 Windhoek11 ASBLOM ST
Abrahams, BrianHerman
Box 1627 Windhoek54 ROBERT MUGABE AVE
Abrahams, CharlotteAmorita
Box 24913 Windhoek15-Sep SCHINZ ST
Abrahams, EnricoDouglas
Box 8148 Windhoek10 SCORPIO ST
Abrahams, JohannaGetruida
Box 7306 Windhoek15 ERF. 960
Abrahams, KorneliaKolele
Box 23649 Windhoek110 ETETEWE ST
Abrahams, LeonardMichael
Box 86099 Windhoek60 HYDRA ST
Abrahams, LeonardSydney
Box 70125 Windhoek38 LIBERTY ISLAND ROAD
Abrahams, Magdalena
Box 1412 Windhoek19 ANEMONE ST
Abrahams, Magrieta
Box 61351 Windhoek17 HENRY VAN ECK LANE
Abrahams, Pieter Eino
Box 61351 Windhoek13 J JAMES ST
Abrahams, RachelRigina
Box 23285 Windhoek41 GARNET ST
Abrahams, Stella M
Box 231 Windhoek38 Don St
Abrahams, SylviaRebekka
Box 10581 Windhoek41A MARTHA ST
Abrahams, Wahl,Francois
Box 2842 Windhoek51 PASTEUR ST
Abrams, John
Box 40196 Windhoek22 ROSS ST
Absai, J
P/Bag 12005 Windhoek36 LUCIA ST
Absai, Joseph Joe
Box 96452 Windhoek25 ICHABOE ST
Absalom, David Iilende
Box 13235 Windhoek108 OMUNGWINDI ST
Absalom, Fillemon
Box 21408 Windhoek108 OMUNGWINDI ST
Absalom, Johannes
P/Bag 22715 Windhoek43 OMBUNGU ST
Achilles, Matheus
Box 7931 Windhoek78 MERSEY ST
Ackerman, MariaJohanna J
Box 20437 Windhoek59 RABEN ROAD
Ackermann, GudrunVernica
Box 31603 Windhoek27 GUTSCHE ST
Ackermann, KurtWerner R
Box 40024 Windhoek07-Mar COPPER ST
Adam, David Nicolaas
Box 80323 Windhoek86 MONTREAL ST
Adam, Safoora
Box 8635 Windhoek6 JAN BRAND ST
Adams, A
P/Bag 13215 Windhoek56 OMURYANGAVA ST
Adams, Andries
Box 23208 Windhoek13 MIDDLEWICK ST
Adams, Anna Johanna
Windhoek Residents Directory 2004
Box 10110 Windhoek22 ONIKS ST
Adams, BenjaminMichael
Box 885 Windhoek25 OHWA ST
Adams, Cyril Gerome
Box 70521 Windhoek0 PAVO ST
Adams, Dawn
Box 11815 Windhoek4 PORTIA ST
Adams, Dennit Burt
Box 80836 Windhoek51 SEAN MACBRIDE ST
Adams, Donald Petrus
Box 62357 Windhoek0 SIGMA ST
Adams, Edgar
Box 6529 Windhoek7 SLANG ST
Adams, Gillroy Basil
Box 10802 Windhoek36 STEPHENSON ST
Adams, Helena
Box 24409 Windhoek11 GEELSYSIE ST
Adams, Hulda
Box 5603 Windhoek0 ADDIS ABABA ST
Adams, JohannesMartinus
Box 70001 Windhoek70 ZWARTS ROAD
Adams, John David
Box 10246 Windhoek2 DUNCAN ST
Adams, Joseph John
Box 3494 Windhoek56 CITY ST
Adams, Leon Donald D
Box 21819 Windhoek18 WITVALK ST
Adams, LeopoldtJustine
Box 10461 Windhoek4 KOEKOE ST
Adams, Lorraine
Box 3820 Windhoek10 PAVLOV ST
Adams, MarianaZelnadia
Box 25181 Windhoek4 MARCH ST
Adams, Mark Edward J
Box 3820 Windhoek10 PAVLOV ST
Adams, Monique
Box 20409 Windhoek2-12 97-115 KOINSEB ST
Adams, Resina Silvia A
Box 6404 Windhoek6 ALBATROSS ST
Adams, Robert Clife
Box 80323 Windhoek53 VIENNA ST
Adams, Sandy Salomien
P/Bag 13186 WindhoekHOUSE NR.34
Adams, Sharon-ann
Box 20287 Windhoek7 TARENTAAL ST
Adamson, HerculesPhilippus
Box 23834 Windhoek6 SPITSKOP ST
Adank, Esther Fredrika
Box 9084 Windhoek68-71 HELIODOOR ST
Adelaar, Ulrike
Box 9191 Windhoek48 AKWAMARYN ST
Adolf, NyambaliAbraham
Box 60166 Windhoek43 SHITENDA ST
Adonis, Ann Miranda
Box 1435 Windhoek3 MACKENZIE ST
Adonis, Steve Evan
Box 2696 WindhoekSTOCKHOLM ST
Adrian, Rolf Peter
Box 30 Windhoek50 KUISEB ST
Aerla, Anneliese
Box 5356 WindhoekAMASONIET ST
Afonso, Joao
Box 7268 Windhoek28 ALEXANDRIET ST
Afrikaner, Anna
P/Bag 13317 Windhoek3 IOTA ST
Afrikaner, AnnetteAgnes
Box 7214 Windhoek114 ARIES ST
Afrikaner, Brigitte
Box 11262 WindhoekERF.288
Afrikaner, Dorothea
Box 3411 Windhoek7 H G VEII ST
Afrikaner, Eduard
Box 7758 Windhoek04-Feb FILLISTYNE ST
Afrikaner, Ella
P/Bag 13301 Windhoek24 MONTREAL ST
Afrikaner, Elsiena
Box 60029 Windhoek31 TROAS ST
Afrikaner, Emanuel
Box 62847 Windhoek32 SHENANDOAH ST
Afrikaner, Fiena Aletta
P/Bag 13317 Windhoek63 CAESAR ST
Afrikaner, Fransiska
Box 61829 Windhoek60 OMBOMA ST
Afrikaner, GenosaMagrietha
Box 7585 Windhoek42 MADRID ST
Afrikaner, Gerhard
Box 5813 Windhoek10 AUGEIKAS ST
Afrikaner, Hanna
Box 7758 Windhoek9 EDEN ST
Afrikaner, Heinrich
Box 7446 Windhoek128 OMURYAMBAMBI ST
Afrikaner, Isak
Box 7692 Windhoek52 ZACHEUS MBAHA ST
Afrikaner, Jeremias
Box 59 Windhoek44 VIENNA ST
Afrikaner, JohannesJorries
Box 60399 Windhoek86 OMUPWAKA ST
Afrikaner, JokenGethard
Box 23034 Windhoek28 JOHANNES TUEJIJAMA ST
Afrikaner, Lydia
Box 7585 Windhoek8 CHALDEER ST
Afrikaner, Maleagi
Box 2133 WindhoekMICA ST
Afrikaner, Margaret
Afrikaner, Marline
Box 4094 Windhoek178 GLADIOLA ST
Afrikaner, Michael
Box 3366 Windhoek8 ONDJOU ST
Afrikaner, PetrusTheobond
Box 50123 Windhoek20 ONDJIMA ST
Afrikaner, Renate
Box 985 Windhoek678 INDEPENDENCE AVE
Afrikaner, S
P/Bag 13289 Windhoek680 INDEPENDENCE AVE
Afrikaner, Samuel
Box 7649 Windhoek24 AGRIPPA ST
Afrikaner, SylviaBarbara
Box 60642 Windhoek9 PERSKE ST
Afrikaner, Willem
Box 7427 Windhoek41 OKARUNDU ST
Agapitus, Asteria
Box 8107 Windhoek10 SALK ST
Agapitus, KasperArueendo H N
Box 25533 Windhoek92 TAUBEN ST
Agenbach, Isabella
Box 30 Windhoek104-108 WERNER LIST ST
Agenbach, JacobusAdriaan
Box 22338 Windhoek20 SIMPSON ST
Agenbach, JobiasAndries
Box 1571 Windhoek24 VAN ASWEGEN ST
Ageshe, Mashuna
Box 1868 Windhoek0 ADDIS ABABA ST
Agnew, Ivan CharlesJacob
Box 24153 WindhoekNO. 16
Ahmed, Iqbal Hassan
Box 70564 Windhoek65 POTGIETER ST

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