Courtneyn Buffalo Bucket s List

1. Go to a Mighty Taco and eat an el nino and a three cheese burrito 2. Skate downtown at Fountain Plaza (Rotary Rink) 3. Go to a Sabres game 4. Go to a Buffalo Bandits game 5. Go to a Buffalo Bisons game 6. Go to a Buffalo Bills game 7. Visit Kelsey Sweet at 66 Carrow Street Orchard Park NY 8. Eat at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery 9. Eat wings at Duffn and the Anchorbar s 10. Go to the Labattn Pond Hockey Tourney in s February

Ride the metro 14.11. Get some desserts at Sweet Tooth on Elmwood 17. Eat at Dougn Dive at the Small Boat s Harbor . Go to the Hatch on the Harbor and eat there and then get ice cream and watch the sunset 12. Go to the Burchfield-Penney (Art Gallery) 22. Eat a steak hoagie at Jimn Steakout s 18. Go to SPOT Coffee on Elmwood and on Delaware and Chippewa 16. Eat at Panon on Elmwood s 20. Eat at Towne Restaurant on Elmwood 19. Go to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery 21. Visit Frank Lloyd Wrightn Darwin Martin s house 23. Go shopping on Elmwood 15. Visit the naval ships and the commercial slip near the Sabres arena 13.

24. Walk on Bird Island Pier under the Peace Bridge .

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