Problem Set #3 Bard High School Early College Queens 9th Grade Algebra NO calculators allowed.

Directions: Solve the following problems on loose leaf paper. Make sure to give credit to anyone who helped you. Your loose leaf paper should have the following header: Your Name Problem Set #3 Collaborators: 1. Evaluate each expression.

(a) (
( [ ] )


(b) ( (d) [
and .

) ( ) ]



2. Evaluate the following with

(a) (b) [ { }]



3. A triangle has a base of 3 yards and a height of 12 inches. Find the area of the triangle: (a) in square inches (b) in square yards

4. Kent runs 8 minutes per mile. How many miles does he run in 360 seconds? 5. Three men, A, B, and C, upon forming a partnership invested $1800, $2500, and $4000 respectively. The net profits at the end of the year amounted to $415. How should they fairly split the profit. Note: Because they each invested different amounts, it is not fair to split the $415 into 3 even pieces.

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