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Hello, Cousin?

By Elton Camp From a creature like this they say were sprung From back in the time when earth was young Charles Darwin was the first man known to see Just how a thing like that could possibly be He served as a naturalist onboard a sailing ship And the Beagle, to the Galapagos took a trip Finches on the islands gave him an inspiration That the church said would lead to his damnation Why, that blasphemous, evil, atheist ball of slime Claims that plants and animals change over time. But we all know the earth was made in just a week So a claim like Darwins makes us want to shriek. He insisted that the way present life did arrive Is that it had to be the fittest that would survive Those who ridiculed him, he didnt mind to tell As far as I am concerned, you can go to hell. But over time, the church had a change of view Now it thinks that what he said may well be true Whenever it is a huffing, puffing reverend that I see Then it sort of makes me wonder if it just might be