PHStat2 Version 2.7 Readme.

PHStat2 is Windows software that assists you in learning the concepts of statistics while using Microsoft Excel. PHStat2 allows you to perform many common types of statistical analyses working with and using the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. The rest of this document is organized into sections hat will assist you in setting up and using PHStat2. If you have used PHStat2 previously, read the " What’s New in PHStat2?" section to learn the improvements that this version of PHStat2 contains. (This section can also be found in the PHStat2 help system.) Table of Contents 1 Technical requirements for PHStat2 2 Configuring Excel Add-ins for PHStat2 3a Configuring Excel 2000-2003 Security for PHStat2 3b Configuring Excel 2007 Security for PHStat2 4 Setting up PHStat2 5 Using PHStat2 6 Updating PHStat2 7 Troubleshooting PHStat2 8 What's New in PHStat2? Note: In this document, the symbol è means “on the next submenu, select.”

1 Technical requirements for PHStat2
There are separate requirements for using PHStat2 and running the PHStat2 setup program. The requirements for running the setup program are more exclusive. If you plan to setup PHStat2, make sure to review all of the requirements that follow. Requirements for using PHStat2: Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP (any version)/Vista computer system. Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, or 2007. Excel 97 users must apply the SR-2 or a later free update from Microsoft. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak–VBA add-ins installed (supplied on the Microsoft Office/Excel program CD). For Excel 2000 through Excel 2003, Microsoft Office macro security level set to Medium (see topic 3 in “Configuring Microsoft Excel Security for PHStat2”) For Excel 2007, Trust Center Macro Settings set to Disable all macros with notification (recommended) or Enable all macros (not recommended). See section 3a or 3b for more details. (There are no security settings in Excel 97 or the original, unpatched version of Excel 2000.) Updated anti-virus program, optional but recommended. Internet access for downloading Microsoft Excel updates from and PHStat2 updates

click both of them. When you are finished using PHStat2. Requirements for running the PHStat2 setup program: CD or DVD drive. for greatest security. verify that they are checked. the Windows system files that may get replaced or added during the setup process will require up to 6 MB additional hard disk space. On some older systems. you need to verify that two add-ins that are included on the Office of Excel program disk have been already installed. To double-check that your copy of Microsoft Excel contains these add-ins. which would prevent PHStat2 from functioning properly. If you have such an account. open Microsoft Excel and select Tools è Add-Ins. open Microsoft Excel and select Tools è Customize. as they become available. In the Security Level tab of the Security dialog box that you can set the security level to High. If the two check boxes are unchecked.VBA check boxes appear in the Add-Ins available list. (You can reverse this setting at any time.prenhall. click the Medium option and then click OK. then click OK. Optional but recommended. open Microsoft Excel and select Tools è Macro è Security. If you cannot see the Macro choice on the Tools menu. To double-check that the security level is not set to High. remember to reset the level to Medium before you next open and use PHStat2. you will need to rerun the Microsoft Excel (or Microsoft Office) setup program and select these components. and then exit Excel to save these settings. it may be hidden from view due to the way that Microsoft Office is currently displaying menu choices. affects all Microsoft Office programs. . 3a Configuring Excel 2000-2003 Security for PHStat2 The Microsoft Office macro security level must be set to Medium in order to allow PHStat2 to properly function. Setting the security level in this dialog box. Windows user account with administrator or software-installing privileges (applies only to Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista or networked users only). Clearing this check box will cause every Microsoft Office program to show every choice on every menu. Approximately 10 MB hard disk free space while running the setup program and 3 MB hard disk space after program setup. To double-check this.). clear (uncheck) the Menus show recently used commands first check box if it is checked and click Close. ask your network or lab technician for assistance.from www.) Clearing this check box will also be helpful when using PHStat2 as you will be always able to see every choice on the PHStat menu that appears inside Excel. 2 Configuring Excel Add-Ins for PHStat2 If you are using an Excel version earlier than Excel 2007. (If you set the level to High. If these add-ins do appear. In the Customize dialog box. If they do not appear. Student or faculty accounts used to login onto networked computers in academic settings typically do not have this privilege. verify that the Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak . In the Add-Ins dialog box that appears.

make sure you have reviewed the details of the previous two sections and have verified that your copy of Microsoft Excel is properly configured and that your system meets all technical requirements listed in section 1. In the Excel Options dialog box that appears. As the setup program runs. Page 3. 4 Setting up PHStat2 To use PHStat2. first click Add-Ins and clear. click Macro Settings in the left pane and click either Disable all macros with notification (recommended) or Enable all macros (not recommended. PHStat2 program files will be copied to your hard disk. use only if the other choice fails to allow PHStat2 to function properly). Double-click this entry to begin the PHStat2 setup process. Important information. click the Enable Macros button to allow PHStat2 (virus-free. Windows system files may be updated. PHStat2 will add a new PHStat menu to the Microsoft Excel menu bar. use My Computer or any Windows Explorer window to locate the Setup. you will see a macro virus warning dialog box as you attempt to open PHStat2. you may be asked to reboot your system before using PHStat2. enhanced versions of PHStat2 that add new capabilities or clarify user issues may be . as shipped) to be opened. If you prefer. 3b Configuring Excel 2007 Security for PHStat2 You must change the Trust Center settings to allow PHStat2 to properly function. if you are using Excel 97-2003. this menu will appear in the Add-Ins tab. will be presented and you will have an opportunity to change the default target directory (Program Files\PHStat2) for the PHStat2 files. click Trust Center and then in the Trust Center panel. if necessary. click Trust Center Settings.xla file. 5 Using PHStat2 You use PHStat2 by double-clicking the Desktop PHStat2 icon or selecting PHStat2 from the Start menu PHStat2 program group. During setup. if necessary all of the check boxes under the Add-ins banner. Having verified these things. Should this dialog box appear.exe program entry in the CD-ROM PHStat2 folder. and Desktop icons and a Start Menu program group for PHStat2 will be created. such as the terms of the license of use. 6 Updating PHStat2 From time to time. Once properly loaded. Click the Office Button. In the left pane of the Trust Center dialog box that appears. you will be stepped through a series of dialog boxes in which you need to click the Next button to proceed. When you use the correct Excel security settings (see Section 3a or 3b). Next.PHStat2 Readme. When the setup program completes successfully. Before using the setup program. If you are using Excel 2007. you can use the Excel (File) Open dialog box to open the PHStat2. and then click Excel Options in the Office menu. containing the component of PHStat2 that works inside Microsoft Excel. you first need to run the PHStat2 setup program to add PHStat2 to your system.

8 What's New in PHStat2? PHStat2 is continually being for such updates. Be sure to review only those web pages that apply to your version of PHStat2 (version 2. . Then review the PHStat2 help system topics for the procedure as well as the topic "Preparing Data for Analysis" to verify that any data necessary for the procedure has been properly organized in your worksheet.7. you possess the original CD-ROM and the textbook in which it was packaged. Simple Linear Regression: Clarified some labels in the optional Estimate worksheet. The macro security setting is incorrect.prenhall.7. If you plan to use PHStat2. this problem can also be caused by certain settings in older anti-virus programs that have not been properly updated. 7 Troubleshooting PHStat2. One-Way Tables & Charts: Added “Percentage Column” as an Output Option. you should regularly check the PHStat web site at www. F Test for Differences in Two Variances: Two-Tail test formula to determine whether to reject null hypothesis corrected. If you need further assistance. PHStat2 updates will be freely downloadable by you if. Added output option for confidence interval estimate." Most problems of this type are caused by user accounts that do not permission to setup up application software in a networked environment. New default worksheet title “Pooled-Variance t Test”.0 since version 2. Most unexpected errors arise from incorrectly prepared input data. Z Test for Differences in Two Means: Upper-tail test formula to determine whether to reject null hypothesis corrected. Stepwise Regression: Removed limit on the number of X variables permitted. You can also visit the PHStat2 website www.0: Full compatibility with Excel 2007. Less likely.5.7). (correction code relocated to DLL file) McNemar Test (for differences in two proportions) for the latest information about PHStat2 or to e-mail Pearson Education technical support a specific question about PHStat2. Unable to complete the PHStat2 setup process. Changes in version 2. Best Subsets: Subsets results table reorganized. remember to regularly check the web site for the latest updates to PHStat2 as discussed in the "Updating PHStat2" section.prenhall. first read the help topic for the PHStat2 procedure by clicking Help in the procedure’s dialog box.published on the Prentice Hall web site. "Unexpected error" message when running a PHStat2 procedure. As you use PHStat2. Review the section "Technical requirements for Phstat2. at the time of download. t Test for Differences in Two Means: Added “assumes equal variances” to worksheet.. Change setting to Medium option as explained in Section 3a or 3b. This is PHStat2 version 2. PHStat menu fails to open or fails to appear on the Microsoft Excel menu bar. First verify that PHStat2 was properly set up of your system.

PHStat2 Readme.. Page 5. Minor reformatting of dialog boxes for several two-sample for the latest updates and enhancements to PHStat2. Minor rewording to some labels in several two-sample procedure worksheets. Copyright 2007 Prentice Hall. . Note: Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Z Test for Differences in Two Proportions: Added output option for confidence interval estimate. Inc.prenhall. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check the PHStat website www. Minor rewording in PHStat2 user notes that are attached to several worksheets. All rights reserved. This document is current as of November 2006. a division of Pearson Education.