Safe Driving

Safe Driving Keys • Control: Human Vs Machine • Driving: 3 simple things • Behavior: Expect the unexpected Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 2 .

Control: Human Vs Machine • Accidents are caused by vehicles out of control • Every vehicle goes out of control beyond a certain speed (safe speed limit) • The safe speed limit depends on – Condition of the vehicle 60% – Weather and road condition 30% – Driving Skill 10% Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 3 .

Control: Conclusion • Never think your driving dexterity can control the vehicle • Drive within the safe speed limit • Maintain safe distance with the vehicle ahead • Safe distance is the distance required to stop the vehicle Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 4 .

Driving: 3 simple things • Three things are done in driving – Go (forward) – Stop – Turn • Avoid trying anything else on the road Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 5 .

Don’t learn bad habits from ignorant drivers • Example: flashing high beam to ask for pass. showing hazard indicator to indicate going straight . Never compromise for convenience • Learn from authentic sources.are bad habits Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 6 .Driving: Go (forward) • Know the traffic rules of the country/ region.

Driving: Go (forward) • Always drive in a lane • If lanes are not marked. imagine lanes • Follow the turning etiquettes (described later) while changing lanes • Traffic typically follows a pattern: dense-thin-dense. Try to stay at the thinner area of the traffic. Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 7 .

Driving: Go (forward) • Slow driving. not too fast and not too slow. • Drive at optimum speed. Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 8 . Good or Bad – Slow drivers face less accidents – But slow drivers cause more accidents because they block the traffic and force others to overtake them.

[by continuous use. This has caused many accidents] Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 9 . control the speed by applying proper gear rather than brake.Driving: Stop • Avoid sudden stopping • Gradually slow down and stop • While going downhill. brakes may malfunction.

miss it. go ahead and come back • Good Turning Practice – Plan for a turn and indicate ahead – Be aware of the vehicles around – Always look at the BLIND ZONES Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 10 .Driving: Turn (Follow these for Turning and changing lanes both) • Never turn suddenly • If you are about to miss a turn.

Driving: Blind Zones Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 11 .

Behavior: Keys • Two most important keys for safety – Patience – Forgiveness Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 12 .

allow. Its not a race Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 13 . plan to arrive late at your destination • You can’t really save time by driving fast.Behavior: Patience • If you are late before you start driving. (trust me!) • If someone wants to overtake or squeeze in.

Behavior: Forgiveness • Forgive other impatient drivers • Never be revengeful to other drivers • When bothered by other drivers. take a deep breath and let it go • The feeling of forgiving someone is much better than the pleasure of taking revenge Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 14 .

• Irrespective of the speed of vehicle. Who waits longer at the traffic light? Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 15 . there is always an average driving speed. Both meet again at the next traffic light. • Faster you drive. the average speed remains more or less same. longer you wait • Consider the case: vehicle A overtakes B.Behavior: Law of average • For any route.

– If you are overtaking too often. Don’t drive too fast or too slow • What is the normal speed? – Move with the traffic.Law of average: conclusion • The time saved by driving fast is negligible • Drive at normal speed. slow down – If more vehicles overtaking you. speed up Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 16 .

market area etc. • Waiting 5 seconds should not make you irritated or worried. Remain calm • 12 such stops cost you 1 minute but the return is immeasurable Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 17 .Behavior: 5 Sec rule • You should be ready to stop for 5 seconds any time during your drive • The stops may be at any intersection.

Be alert • Blind zones cause most accidents.Summary • Your vehicle may go out of control without your knowledge. Make it a habit to check them • Don’t drive too fast or too slow • Remain calm and happy while driving Enterprise System Solutions (P) Ltd 18 .

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