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oldchain industry, currently estimated to be worth Rs 10,000-15,000 crore, will scale up at a CAGR of almost 25 percent, to touch Rs 40,000
crore by 2015. The triggers are dear. The


latest budget has accorded infrastructure status to cold chain networks. Further, 'the planned addition of 15 more Mega Food Parks and 131 approved cold

projects under the National Horticulture Mission with a total capacity of 6.4 lakh metric tons is likely to reduce a significant share of the Rs 50,000 crore wastages in agricultural output that the country puts up with every year,' asserts VG Ramakrishnan Senior Director, storage Automotive Practice, Frost & Sullivan. In the absence of efficient cold storage and

transport facilities, of the approximately

104 million metric tonnes of g produce/product moved in the c~ year; around 100 million me are shipped via noa-refrigeraa As a result, India - the worl producer of vegetables and largest producer of fruits losing almost 30 percent of proc wastages. Shockingly, the gIoba for such wastage is just 5-6 p

as can trucks with wood as insulation. CMD..At 600 reefers. As our learnings grew.. it deploys an ERP solution that links all its 55 locations and the GPRS-basedtracking system mounted on its trucks.. " .:'. specialty chemicals and fruits. Coldex has been catering to the reefer sector for close to 15 years now. In the absence of proper regulation. This precludes vegetables.... In tum. CEO.' states Ravi Kannan. the Gwalior-based company adds 85-100 reefers to its fleet. there is a pressing needto ramp up the cold chain network. Coldex is not the only fleet operator to deploy ERP solutions. This is not to suggest that there are not enough classes of products that aeed cold chain storage and transport. The company can be so aggressive in fleet expansion because. Coldex's fleet is the largest in India. it should add up to quite a sizeable chunk of demand. "Traditionally bagging rerum loads has been a tough ask for cold chain transporters. Gati.. This indudes 300 MHCV s .~·~<:' . dose to 90 percent of these players belong to the unorganised sector. it may vary from 1. insulated trucks packed with seafood placed on ice-slabs can pass off for reefers. confectionery items..000-5. We faced chis issue too until the lase 3·4 years. Snowman Logistics Limited. partly owned by Mitsubishi Logistics boasts of a fleet of 150 trucks and 60-70 trucks available on demand. 'We started with small reefer transport operations during 1996-97.i':". chicken... solved the issue for us. virtually half of these vehicles would be deployed for the transportation of milk.::_:. the other difficulty to estimating demand is the presence of small operators.. we decided to make a wholesome play for the cold chain market in 2005.' states Gaurav Jain... Eacb year..~~~:... this means that return loads can be sought while [he truck is still on the move. Depending on who you are talking to.16 and 25 tanners ..000 units.. But. Supennarl<elS refrige"'te only high valuepreishables.----------c.''''l· - - - estimated to be around USD 340 million also caters to sectors such as chocolates.~L : .which are meant for primary transport (factory to regional warehouse) with the rest being for secondary and tertiary distribution (regional warehouse to intermediaries and then to the end customer). But sales predictions for reefer trucks market is a dicey affair at best. Swastik Roadlines Pvt Ltd. - /COVERSTORY _ . It isestimated that there are some 250 fleet operators who cater to the road cold chain transport business.':"':":"·.. But things are changing for the better. it has dearly.. milk. But. But..~~'-:':'l·.' " . film rolls.L.. The current pare of refrigerated trucks is estimated to be 25. Organised fleet operators such as TCI._. Part of the reason for this uncertainty is on account of infrastructural and environmental issues (Read:Challenges and constraints) confronting the cold chain business. ---- .. But. . Snowman. because. This allows for loading on the truck to be dynamically monitored. With so many sectors demanding cold chain trucks... quick service restaurants. The logistics specialist has not been as quick in adding to its fleet as Coldex. pharmaceuticals and vaccines. RK Foodland and Cold ex India are putting up contemporary reefer fleets as part of a rapidly growing cold chain industry. / COMMERCIAL VEmCLE .000 vehicles. The road reefer transportation market. of which Colde:x is a vertical . the implementation of an ERP system. Snowman. who own no more than 5·10 trucks each.

ibai.. PRODUCT RANGE: MATRIX . COLD CB1UN SOLUTIONS . Delhi and Ahmedabad. Panacea Biotech and the Adani Group. The company's 1l0using space has grown from 9. Tel Supply Chain Solutions . The tics giant owns 55 reefers. Cochin. while the rest are two axle trucks. Narulas. with average thickness of TllTA.360 'ts to 16. NEW AGE B·ODYBUILDING Given that reefers many need to travel more than 1. CEO. Ferraro Roche. too has cold chain storage facilities aennai. The use of PUF insulated fibre panels..' states Jasjit Sethi. 16 are multi axles. Dr. Coldex actually gets its sandwich construction FRP panelled bodies built in-house through attached body builders.V"Utod Saffiry sa ye that Tilt a MOIO"" ". Amul. Kolkata..000 km carrying perishable cargo at fixed temperatures in the ~25 to + 25 degree band.[el1l have very stringent design specifications rded as much focus to the setting up ild chain warehouses. Reddy's. it is not surprising that fleet operators are being particular about container bodies. with a er 15 being outsourced. Hyderabad.250 pallets ar the moment. 'Of our fleet. Key clients for TCI include Cadbury-Kraft..

while the fest are two axle trucks: states Jasjit Sethi..360 pallets to 16.2 chassis have had some success ill Ihe market Vinod Sahay says thaI Ta ta Molor~·· reefers stringent desigll "P aeifica tions have very accorded as much focus to the setting up of cold chain warehouses .. '.. '. - . 16 are multiaxles... .... TCl Supply Chain Solutions. ... Reddy's.:: ... Delhi and Ahmedabad. .-._ .-. ~~:..BUlLDING Given that reefers many need to travel more than 1.. __ . ~~ . CEO.BODY ..~~ . • • _ -' . _..j ~ ~~.: ~ ..-.. Hyderabad. based 011iI.~ . with a further 15 being outsourced.. Amul. Panacea Biotech and the Adani Group.: ""..roIu~DlI. it is not surprising tha1 fleet operators are being particular about container bodies. ..: ._ L .- - ..-. COnll!ill1d l".-.-. FLBJ 6. with average thickness of TATA COLD CHlUN SOLUTIONS~PRODUCT RANGE MATRIX COMMERC1&L VEBlCLE f ...' '~-'"'._~:' ~~.. The logistics giant owns 5S reefers. Dr.The company's warehousing space has grown from 9. .-!_. ' .250 pallets at the moment. Ferraro Roche. Mumbai.' ~ - -- ___ ~SPEAR' ~lJU~_i~:'.. Cochin.. ~' ~ .~-. Coldex actually gets its sandwich construction FRP panelled bodies built in-bouse through attached body builders. The use of PUF insulated fibre panels. 'Of our fleet.. Key clients for TCI include Cad bury-Kra ft. -.000 km carrying perishable cargo at fixed temperatures in the -25 to +2S degree band. Kolkata.E . : .~·I' -~.. -...- COVERSTORY."<~ ':!: • . Hille's reefer.-. Tel coo has cold chain storage facilities in Chennai. .:...... NEW AG.A~F.. Narulas. .=:~~~..~: •• - S" -_-I~ .::.

The OEMs are getting into reefers in quite a co-ordinated fashion too.a:mf:tU Oi\ ~ Go..niI!~ F'. ~.' discloses Karman.. despite the higher initial acquisition cost of Ei20 percent. Hino and Tara Motors. Stainless eel is a big conductor of heat. can provide higher horsep""""" InIcks for direct driven refrigeration syslems. 'GD"~f'. ~. MCV and HeV plartorms Rajive Sa.'.n. Trineln Wireless' Cold 510l1l.haria sa ys thai ALl.ol time update" temperature inside !he reeler. when injected between tainless steel panels creates quite a few ilPS that allows heat to while UF insulation. Even Snowman gets FRP panelled bodies from body builders like CEBBCO andSuraksha.. in the vans instead of the conventional PUF injection technology gives the bodies far superior insulation Monil... It is clear that these new age containers will pay _off many times over. The lower thermal conductivity value of 0.01 WIM deg. CEBBCO has set up India's first dedicated plant forme manufacture of PUF insulated GRP fibre panels. 'Reefers are a very promising CDrpDl"alO Fl~ C l M. / - - /COVERSTORY ~~ - Toto. An additional container roof of 1Smm thickness prevents heat transfer from the roof which helps reduce the heat load by 15 percent and increases the temperature holding capacity of the refrigerated vans. it is also looking at tapping certain overseas FRP specialist body builders too. In any case. ~..· ~ - .na g.:o!!li R·ufc:r liruck!.mil!!f. 'We are talking to a few application builders in Malaysia and Dubai. CEBBeD.oring SYstem can monitor an d send re.panil&li ea.!)1 510_nII. ilie container floor is fitted with gratings which ensure uniform circulation of air throughout the container. Further. When 1'1' use GRP panels with insulated PUF Lt together through vacuum bonding.~h! PoOlic...2kg m3. CEBBCO has supplied 50 container bodies as samples to Ashok Leyland.. Motors has developed II reefa ra across Its LCV. Executive Director..fllnal ~) =. 'Our panels meet lIic! European ATP standards. However. R~mD'I:~GtI~lo. reefer trucks are among the 8 sectoral initiatives (application development for promising segments) that Tara Motors is working on.L1 & D. Trans:p(lrtiln~1li lDgfstks . ' explains Ajay Gupta.ravc-l& TClW' Op. This is in alliance with French rompany La Capitaine. of the .r i40Oitorillg T.the result are container walls that are a fraction as heavy as a stainless steel body and hugely more efficient. - 115mm and density of 40+/. The plant came up March and has entailed an investment f Rs 12~13 crore. In fact.K reduces the time required to bring down the temperature in the van..& Co~I"iII!!'" Co_bJP.J. Com.

They get constant power. The prices of the fully built vehicles range from Rs 20~22lakh for 16 tonne GVW 4x2 trucks. Differing from Tata Motors' ins on insulated GRP panels. a neet of 150 reefers with another 6Q. since most bodies do not undergo the centre of gravity test. _ . The indicative prices of fully built reefers are as follows: COMMERCIAL VEHICLE I Snowman operate.'The thickness of the inner panel should be at least 120 rom. Again" the hinges of the doors should close properly. ThecompanyrecommendsonlyCarrier or Thermo King branded refrigeration units . Rs 2B~30 lakh for 2S [anne GVW 6x2 trucks and Rs 32~34lakh for 31 tonne GVW 8x2 trucks. ~ . MD Suraksha. It h out more than 5. The advantage of the former is the e reparability (dle entire GRP pane to replaced in lite event of damage) minor damages and lower initial COl there is no compromise on the fee instance. . .body should allow for compHance with CVMR specified GAWR of 6 tonnes on the front axle and 10 tonnes on the rear. -w _ •• ~ • "~ • •• f. we insist on suitable reinforcements. ~ good growth.' COVER STORY I I. Ashok Leyland too has put out a trial batch of 50 fully built vehicles in association with body builder over the last six months.. mu> King claims Inal its T-. the container.Series mfrigerntion 'systems am S peroent quieterlhan prodeets from oompeting stables.ho's . Sales of reefer trailers have yet to pick up. The based Rs 35 erore Suraksha is j India's biggest body builders.' says Vmod Sahay.0 "'hen il cornea to customers in the cold chain business. needless to say. putting out 100 ba month. the doors of the reefer ar of a strong aluminum steel compos' does not allow for the leakage of air from the truck.ideally powered by their own engines. but that number has since to 60~70 bodies per month now.70 available easily at hand. they may topple over. M&HCVs at Tata Motors. Head Sales and Marketing. And. Ashok has adopted the pragmaticapprOl getting the vehicles made of G with sidewalls made of corruga sheets oraluminum composite m with interlocking panels. Tata Motors has pretty stringent design parameters . Ihe going has not bj great in recent limes' Until July.. Its good that the government recognises that one way to combat inflation is to increase food supplies by reducing wastages. Naturally. ". then we can always supply a truck with a more powerful engine. if the customer still wants a direct driven AC. customers are JasjiJ: Selhi"s Tel caiers to the "." /'. otherwise the AC can leak.' clarifies Sabay. . sector. The company's fully built vehicles division in Lucknow has come up with designs for 11 PUF insulated GRP panelled reefers (see table) based on platforms ranging from the Ace to the 4018. ". Moreover.The whole true with an IB month warranty fr company. 'Y '. Of course.' st Varese. Such containers are primarily used for export operations.. 'Refrigeration units with their own engines are always preferable on account of a number of reasons."". The body building partners are primarily CEBBCD and Zep Infrarech. The bodies should also come with aluminum gratings for floor cooling and aluminum C rails to protect the cargo from impact.'f :.000 reefers over tt decade. 'I can cite lite example of a fleet who bas a 250 strong fleet of our . . the 'supply of which is not interrupted by the truck passing through gradients or the truck being parked. So. But.' explains Sahay. Th .

'Having a reefer application on the Dost. VEHICLE . where it enjoys a leadership position.But. The next frontier is the Dost. Since 1993. before doing so. Covering LeV and Hev applications.' asserts Amol SandH. -. CEBBCO. '- - . will allow us to tap intO the last mile reefer market. door opening and dosing cycles.' states Rajive Saharia.' he states. the world's leader in high technology heating. weight load considerations.' explainsPankaj Mehta. - /COVERSTORY - They are used to transport Amul's Dairy products from Gujarac to Assam. Asst. Ashok Leyland. The other key OEM when it comes to offering fully built reefer solutions is Hino Motor Sales India Private Limited. ~.ays thaI a smart ERP system helps Snowman ba. and also. The body builders are among TSI.:_ _. EVP. in both single temperature and multitemperature versions. . I COMMlERCJ:lU. if there is a need for freezing. ED. Carrier Transicold has served the transport refrigeration business in India. ~ ..'[ .. . Fully built COOL COMFORT Doing homework with customers is not an option but a necessity for AC manufacturer Carrier. 'We pride ourselves on ihe reliability and fuel-efficiency of our solutions. Ashok Leyland is also quite open to offering trucks with the 213HP engineinstead of the traditional 160HP if customers want a direct driven AC. But. This includes. ~. 'We check on a variety of factors before offering the right AC. . Suraksha and AI Mulla.:. they must conduct proper homework with their customers.. expected cargo volumes. the products are designed to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from ·30 to 55 C. About 50 units of tbe Japanesecompany's FL8J 6x2 hauler have beensold as fully built reefers in the price rangeof Rs 32-35 lakh.g return loads vehicles must be the norm and not [ust an exception. speaking from a bird's eye view. insulation intensity. The Vientiane and Ravi Kannan . Hino Motor Sales India Private Limited. Like Iata Motors. air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier Transicold is a unit of Carrier Corp. Director Carrier Transicold India.. the engagement of OEMs in the reeferbusiness needs to go up.

meat. That is the reason Thermo King 'offers the T-1200R Spectrum. fish and sea products at ~15 degrees. The last major input going into a reefer truck is a telematics device. 2. 'Such information which can be passed on to drivers as well as fleet managers may be regular in nature or triggered by a certain event. This allows an unlimited number of users to remotely view not just the truck's location. This may be ach. Now.000-3. that only give a summary of journey after the vehicle has docked. QSRslike McDonald" consolidate vegetable. than those from competition's stables. Its dealer network includes more than 36 service centers spanning major cities in India . medicines at 15 degrees. track and trace mechanisms can only reveal 50 much. vaccines 10 to 20 degrees and chemicals at 10 to 20 degrees. not all refrigeration units need to be so full of the bells and whistles.this is useful in the case of fast food chains. Atanu Maity. processed food at 0 degrees. need to reduce the price of refrigeration systems meant for SCVs. The Oasis range for large trucks comes with its own engine and is especially designed for hot desert and tropical conditions and can run in temperatures as high as 55 C.000 truck bodies a month. Thermo King India says. It does so by using technology such as an Electronic Throttling Valve (ETV) usually found in such trailer units..OOOWof refrigeration capacity at O°c. Mumbai and Bangalore. Thermo King claims that the 'l-Series units are up to 6 percent quieter Ga urav lain gay" that Colde>: is on target to acquire another 86"100 reefers this yeM. Business Head. . enter Trinetra Wireless' Cold Storage Monitoring Solutions. Features such as being able to remotely transfer data as well as the superior aesthetics and mountings may not be required for this end of the market. balancing temperature management and fuel economy. but half the price.L VEmCLE I control software.. While fruits and vegtables need to be kept cool at 5-10 degrees. which has a classleading 11. And. The Coimbatorebased company offers a hardware device and subscription to a cloud computing based software. Using the all-new Truck Smart Reefer 2 (TSR-2) controller and contemporary COMMERCIlI. and vegetables in a single truck for distribution to local outlets on a Just in Time basis. but also whether the temperature in the reefer is withina particular range and if the door is open. Both Carrier and competitor Thermo King are cognizant of the need for reefers with multiple temperature refrigeration chambers . Xarios truck ranges are commonly used for chilled transportation and are fitted to be directly driven.' Both Carrier and Thermo King are up against assembled Chinese and Korean ACs. operators of reefers in India have used data loggers.ieved through de-specing. meat and poultry at -18 degrees. Carrier has offices in Delhi. ice-creams need freezing of -25 degrees.Ajay Gupta can afford to be patient! because his company alre ady make. bread. In addition to these alerts. dairy products at 0 degrees. Optional door switches are available to minimise temperature fluctuations during multiple delivery drops by automatically switching off the unit each time the doors are opened. 'We lIla). that are mostly directly driven. meat and ice-cream in different compartments within the same reef". the T-Series Spectrum operator can select from a range of programmable features to precisely tailor unit performance to the needs of the load carried. Based out of Bangalore. which consolidate icecreams. But. Conventionally. Transport and Retail.

S1JMMINGUP 'There has been a lot of hype about the cold chain sector for five years now.000 units of the 3.' explains Jayamhra Jayachandran.' expresses CEBBCO's Ajay Gupta. increased FDI in retail will be the trigger. Yet. While Trinetra prices its products according to their value. But. despite all the constraints. COMMERCIAL VEHICLE I . accounting for 500~1. Trinetra Wireless .CSMS have been a fast moving item for Trinetra Wireless.OOO~4. 'Factors such as increasing urbanisation and exposure to western culture.. growing health consciousness.000. CEO & Director.' states Hino's Amol Sandil. we are patiently waiting for it to pick up real momentum. government subsidised food parks PPP projects and tax breaks as well as increased FDI and foreign food retailer interest all augur weU for the cold chain sector. they are all based on Chinese hardware. 'But.regular ones against overloading and overspeeding can also be incorporated into the system.OOO telemaricssolutions sold over the last two years .. changes in shopping behavior.. ' asserts Jayachandran. cheap com peting vehicles can start at as low as Rs 7. which is difficult to service and the software has infinite bugs. the CV industry feels that an explosion in the cold chain 4ndusrry is inevitable. Maybe.