A. GREETINGS and LEAVE TAKING Activity 1: Look at the Picture and answer the questions. 1. What are the two people doing? 2. Where are they? 3. Do they know each other?

Activity 2: Fill in the bubbles with greetings and leave takings that you are familiar with.

Teacher : What are you doing here in the hospital? Lusi : I am going to visit my neighbor.Activity 3: Open your book. 1. I have to go now. See you at school tomorrow. Nick. Teacher : I see. How are you? Lusi : I¶m very well. Lusi : Good morning. Good bye. practice speaking the dialogues with your partner. thank you. Teacher : Good bye. Nick : How are you doing? Lusi : Pretty well. Are you alone? Lusi : No. I¶m sorry. thanks. I¶m with my Mom. 2. EXPLANATORY NOTES: . She has just delivered a baby. Lusi. sir. sir. Lusi. There she comes. Nick : How is Hendra? Lusi : He¶s fine. Lusi : Nice to see you too. Teacher : Good morning. Nice to see you again. After that. Nick : Hello. Lusi. Listen to your teacher and repeat each expression your teacher says. thank you.

1. Hardono of Java Tour. You are at the bus stop. Where are they? 4. Then. You say good bye to Rena and wish that you will see her again soon. let me introduce you to Mr. After that. You say hello to her and ask her about her school. practice speaking the dialogues with your partner. Rena.Hardono : How do you do? It¶s very nice to meet you. Compose a dialogue based on the situation below. I don¶t think we have met. Who are they? 3. I¶m Baskara. 2. Iskandar.Activity 4: Work with your partner. What do you think the two people are doing? 2. You meet an old friend of yours. In the middle of the conversation you see the bus coming. Mr. What are they saying to each other? Activity 6 Open your book. Baskara : Excuse me. . Hardono. Mr. INTRODUCING YOUR SELF AND OTHER PERSON Activity 5 Look at the picture and answer these questions 1. Talita : Mr. Renata. Baskara : Nice to meet you. I¶m Renata. B. Listen to your teacher and repeat each expression your teacher says. Smith. this is Mr. act it out before the class. our 1Marketing Manager. Renata : Hello. Iskandar : How do you do? Mr. Renata : Nice to meet you. waiting for a bus to take you home from school.

Mr. family. address. Then act it out in front of your friends. Include your name. Mention as much information as you can. and your future plan. Iskandar : It¶s nice to meet you too. . please write a speech of introduction about yourself. EXPLANATORY NOTES Activity 23: On a piece of paper. hobby.