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OBJECTTIVES:After performing this experiment,the student will be able to: I)dertermain the relationship between the voltage applied to the current and the Formulate Ohm Low. Ii)Compere measurement value and calculated value MATERIALS/ :i)power supply (3v-18v) APPARATUS ii) analogue multimeter iii) project board iv) jumper vi) reisistors 180Ω,330Ω,820Ω

the voltage that we use is different as 0V. 9V. we found that when went the voltage is fixed. andvoltmeter connected in parallel for higher resistance in the meter. 6V.. we use certain voltages to test the current value is in the circuit. besides the ammeter connected in series because of low resistance on the meter. 3V. In our experiment.paralleid circuit Ampere meter. one to measure the current and the other to measure voltage.And went the voltage is reduce half the current flow goes through the resistance will be high.double resistant in circuit will cause the current through the resistance will be reduced by more.series circuit . we found that if the value of this voltage is high. then the current will increase . we also find ammeter connected in series and a voltmeter is connected in paralleld. we use two meters.DISCUSSIONS In our discussion. 12V. In our study. Voltmeter.

other than a meter to measure the current and voltan. . the current will increase if the highervoltage to the circuit.-CONCLUSIONin our conclusion based on the graph that we draw. and to get the voltage we must multiply the current by the resistance (I x R).kita also to knowthe value of the voltage and current through Ohm's law. to measure the current we have todivide the voltage by the resistance (V / R).