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Risk Management in Indian banking Industry ii) Managing credit risk in Agriculture Lending iii) Management of stressed assets iv) Use

of securitization to improve profitability and management of asset liabi lity management Read more: on_topics_in_MBA_finance#ixzz1lJKnbfbF Working capital management in selective manufacturing companies. Cash management in selective Banks. Receivables management in selective companies. Inventory management in selective manufacturing companies. Inventory management in selective trading companies. Stock market analysis in selective listed companies in a particular stock exchan ge. A comparative stock market analysis in selective listed companies in selective s tock exchanges. Online stock market analysis in selective listed companies. Derivative stock market analysis in a particular stock exchange. Financial performance analysis in selective companies. Financial performance analysis in selective Bank. Financial performance analysis in selective insurance companies. Portfolio plans analysis in selective companies. Portfolio plans analysis among investors. Mutual fund performance in selective MF companies. Risk analysis in mutual fund companies. Risk analysis in stock market in selective companies. Attitude of investors about various investment avenues. Risk analysis in insurance in selective companies. Attitude of investors on gold & silver investment in a selective area. Attitude of investors on the investment on precious metals, arts objects and ant ique. A study on workings of Reserve bank of India, Bangalore. Attitude of public towards the usage of Banking financial instruments in selecti ve area. A study on working of selective bank branch. Attitude of investors towards post office savings, Deposits and Bond. Attitude of investors towards stock market and gild edged securities market. Attitude of public towards the usage of electronic purses(Debit & Credit card). Performance accounting in selective companies. Attitude of share brokers towards the present stock market scenario. An-in-depth analysis of financial statements of two or more manufacturing, retai l or any sector. A study on MPBF - A study conducted of any two or more Banks. An empirical study on the impact of global crisis on Indian economy particularly with reference to one or more industry. A case study on a particular Banks or FIs. The study on trend in various types of Insurance of two pr more Insurance compan ies. An In-depth-analysis of state budget and its implications on industries and indi viduals. A study on performance/problems of small scale sector in Bangalore city. A study on credit card system of few Banks and its analysis, impact on society. A study on online Banking systems of a Bank. A study on SHG - self help group scheme promoted by Bank and its effectiveness. Comparative study on loans and advances in any two Banks or public sectors / pri

Executive talent acquisition.comparison of selected consumer goods by different companies.. Study of staffing and recruiting challenges in India. A case study of Foreign exchange dealers / money changers. A study on pre / post crisis of real estate business in Bangalore city. Remuneration and employee motivation.. control and performance. Training and development programmes.. Strategic human resource design for a company... Leadership styles and analysis of the most suitable style in today s environment. An overall assessment on ethical programmes in private sector or public sector. A study on FMCG . organizational climate and performance.. Corporate Governance : Applications and impact. Ethical training programs. Determinants of executive compensation... Trade unions and their role in IT sector. HR audit. Measures of work .vate sector banks. Training needs evaluation of manufacturing organisation. Impact of health and wellness programmes on performance of employees. Human resource information system. Research on advantages and disadvantages of vertical or horizontal conflict. HR topics. Emerging alliances in health care... Employee retention strategies for financial services industry... 360 degree feedback and appraisal system of an organisation. religious and racial issues in MNC's. Employee attitudes. Public sector vs private sector on effectiveness of ethical programmes. Cross cultural. Effectiveness of workers participation in . Relationship between community and corporate sector (Community relations: Strate gies and Action) Competency mapping.. Development of organizational commitment. Project complexity. Code of conduct of MNC's. Different approaches for employee safety and health. . Global economic crisis and its impact on employees. Corporate sector and campus placement : A study with reference to Bangalore.... Social responsibilities of corporate sector with reference to IT and ITES sector ...