Lack of Security and its Effect on industry,Economy,Government

Prepared by:Nur Amanina Sahira bt Mat Musa 961028-03-5428

To understand what preventive measures make the most sense.The Meaning of Computer Security  We have seen that any computercomputerrelated system has both theoretical and real weaknesses. we consider what we mean when we say that a system is "secure . The purpose of computer security is to devise ways to prevent the weaknesses from being exploited.

Lack of security give effect on: Industry Economy government .

Effect on industry Secret files of a company can be destroy.Unethical employees break into their employee computer to exploit a security weakness .stolen and hack by hackers.

Effect on economy Privacy activity increase because lack of security and make economy of a country easily being hack. .

Effect on government Some corparate spies have excellent computer and network skill and are hired to break a specific computer and steal it proprietary data and information .

Example : ‡ Destroy the nation¶s air traffic control system ‡ Electricity ‡ Generating ‡ Companies or telecommunication infrastructure .

security and government. .Conclusion Security precaution is important in industry. it can give negative effect to the industrial activity. economy of a country and government in a country.If the are lack of security. itseffectonindustryeconomyand government .Reference  www.

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