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Published by: Sheetal Kamble on Feb 13, 2012
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Our research topic is ««. Our objectives for this research are precisely: 1. To study the impact of celebrity endorsements in television commercials, in terms of its effectiveness regarding the sales of the product. 2. To study the impact of the convincing promises made in the television commercials about the efficiency of the product.

First, consumer luxuries have got democratized during this decade. Products that were considered for a few started to reach larger and larger masses of consumers ³ from colas to shampoos to ready wear to mobile to airlines. Categories that started in the 90s began to expand their footprint and became a part of mass life. Consumption and consumerism reached more people than it did in the 90s. Social inequity continues to be part of India·s economic, but the capitalistic principle that ´open up from the top to a few, and the benefits will flow down to manyµ has come true. Consumerism is truly mass! Along with this, has come a culture of upgrade and step movement rather than lifetime ownership and gradual movement. I think technology, mobile handsets in particular, made consumers get used to constant change ³ buying a new product even when the old one was ´functionalµ, thus breaking the barrier of the ´replace when it·s brokeµ mindset. And then this extended to other categories in life ³ from clothes to televisions to homes. Every Indian market presents an opportunity to marketers to get consumers to move up. As technology improves and consumers· disposable income increases, the willingness and propensity of consumers to make leaps from unbranded to branded and pay significant premier is also increasing. There is no longer ´lifetime ownershipµ, but ´lifetime consumer value·! Third, there has been a shift from product to services and experiences. And this is taking place across categories. Coffee has become Cafes, beauty products are transiting into Parlors ³ and this is going into small towns too with local ´auntiesµ sensing business opportunities opening parlors and beauty counseling centers at

famous artists and stars. Advertisements play with our emotions that are why they use sports. which were also local. In these ways thousands of people are daily massaged and manipulated. making false promises. The bombardment is torrential. manufactures (the private sector) have flooded the markets with new products and ever changing. And in every case. The consumer himself meets these expenses in the final analysis. This is gone now. brush. Manipulation in television commercials Most of the wonders promised in advertisements are not true. like of rice. They also use sexy images and fancy words to capture our attention. beautiful ladies. but not necessarily of higher quality. It is estimated that the price of a product may go up for up to 40% due to advertisement costs. The advertisers worldwide are succeeding in making people change their very living and spending habits. otherwise. But due to the rise of consumerism. There was a time most of these items being advertised today. or by manipulating the product qualities or by promoting celebrities to endorse their product and ensure credibility. Of course the marketing experts are groping for ways to keep sales soaring in the face of mounting saturation. these markets fosters the consumer the desire to purchase such products. Under the structural adjustment programme.home ³ and home videos have become multiplexes. Constantly the cry is to update. This suppresses the right of individuals to decide on their own free will. there were not many advertisements of the products of necessity. were rare commodities in India some years back. That is why they are ready to spend lots of money in the advertising industry. toilet cleaner. paneer. We used to buy them through rationing. what has these to do with the quality of the product on sale? They will send you a message that you have to be up to date. Celebrity endorsements in television commercials Celebrities are generally viewed by consumers as credible sources of information . making people to pursue false goals and values. These day to night bombardments from the media are just meant to convince us that we need what they are selling. These products were highly local in terms of purchase and were depended on the availability of the brand. Our consumer society was not built in a day. it provides marketers an opportunity to extract more value. masalas etc. Twenty years down the line.

promises which are made in the Indian commercials on television are really effective in pushing the consumers to buy the product. Our objective Through this research. when there isn·t any.about the product or firm they endorse. Celebrity familiarity and likeability are treated as if each were analogous to attractiveness . Celebrity endorsement creates and effectiveness however. which themselves are rather arbitrary. attractiveness also entails other characteristics such as personality and athletic ability. Far from just encompassing aspects of physical attractiveness. in fact. All the above research and data is strictly restricted to the Indian standards of advertising on the Indian consumers* . Thus many marketers and advertisers choose this tactic in their advertisements to indirectly create some connection of the celebrity with the brand. Trustworthiness is the degree of confidence consumers place in a communicator·s intent to convey the assertions s/he considers most valid. We also aim to find out the impact of celebrity endorsing brands on the purchasing choice of the consumers.Each celebrity attribute may. we intend to find out whether. the attractiveness construct is multi-dimensional in nature. be subsumed within the attractiveness construct.

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