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Hydraulic-Training Axial Piston Units Basic Principles

Types of Hydraulic Circuit ‡ open circuit ‡ closed circuit ‡ semi-closed circuit .

Open Circuit .

Closed Circuit .

Principles of Function ‡ Swashplate ‡ Bent-Axis .

Bent-Axis .

Swashplate .


Rotary Group Forces .


Examples of Types of bent axis .

Examples of Types of swash plate .

Controllers .

Variable Motor of Bent-Axis Design for Open and Closed Circuits Automatic Control. High-Pressure-related .

for Open Circuits High Pressure Applications .Variable Pump of Bent-Axis Design.

Constant Horsepower Control LR .

Variable Double Pump with 2 parallel Bent Axis Rotary Groups .

Variable Pump of Swashplate Design for simple mobile applications in closed circuit .

Variable Pump of Swashplate Design high-pressure mobile transmissions in closed circuit .