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Typical Day in My Life[2].

Typical Day in My Life[2].

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Published by Moniruzzaman Karjon

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Published by: Moniruzzaman Karjon on Feb 13, 2012
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(((A typical day in my life

There are no typical days in my life. Every day holds a whole new adventure. And every day has its own memory. Except those days that nobody wants to remember. A day like that makes me angry, disgusted and sometimes sad. And I try to forget about it by laughing although I know it's fake. Every human being has his good days and his bad days. Bad days are the days you want to forget, but you can't. I have faced a lot of bad days in my life and there is only one thing that can take your mind of it. In my life I have gone through bad days. Sometimes after those days are gone I cried, fought or I might even screamed. Every day is special whether it was a good day or a bad day either way it is still special. In my life right now I'm going through good days. I don’t know if God is rewarding me for the bad days that I had and how I moved on with it? But what I realized that my life is taking a turn to the better. But I don’t think that I will ever forget those bad, horrible disgusting days. That’s why I want to be a doctor. So I can help people who need help the most. Helping people for a living is like a dream to me. I know that I will work hard for it. So when I become a doctor I will make a difference in people's lives. And if I lose a patient it will only get me closer to God. People think that I want to be a doctor for the sake of money. People who say that are the people who make me angry the most. Those people create my bad days. People who encourage me and people who tell me what I can be, those are the people who make me feel better most about myself. Because my dad raised me to know what I want without anyone telling me what is good for me. That is why I don’t listen to those people who say, "You are not cut out to be a doctor" and I answer saying, "I know what is best more than anyone". That is where they keep quite because now they know that can't change my mind. And I am confident about what I want to be when I grow up. But that doesn't effect my good days or my bad days. Because I'm still human, I make mistakes. But behind these mistakes I hold a


I lose faith by saying.secret "learning from them". That moment I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. I know that because I have visions about important people in my life. Because I know if I fight for what I think is true I will never be wrong. As the clock ticks with my advice they know what they want to be. sister. and I believe that those people are going to be remembered in their countries' history. My job now is to wait and see what happens with my life changing decision. I see sick. Not even my weakest moment where I break down in tears. Becoming a doctor is no longer a dream it's an obligation that I have to follow. "I can't live up to my vision. I believe that is what makes a man. dad. I give them advice I know they're going to follow. So I can help people specially my mom. Badayan 10th grade class A rushdysalim@hotmail." But in my heart I know that is not true. No one can stop me from becoming a doctor. My days are unpredictable. Because sometimes when I feel venerable. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my dream. But from what I learned from this is nothing worth having comes easy. As the days roll by I'll know what my true calling as a doctor is. by: Abdulrahman Abdullah Y. to see what happens in my life. I think my life will begin when my heart tells me that I'm ready to work hard for my dreams and obligations. As I said before I'm not the kind of person who has typical days. and it's my job to follow this journey. But I know it will come sometime soon. I see a lot of people doing the same. But the hardest thing for me is having visions about myself. and that is what I'm doing. everyday has its own journey.com . brother and my friends. even if the odds were against me. but their disease has no cure. That is why I'm going to fight for what I believe is true. And one of those people is my mom. helpless people that have the money to go to the best hospital in the world.

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