Job Description ± MT

Job Summary: To meet revenue targets across a certain set of customers by nurturing client relationship and providing solution to the customer by evaluating their financial needs. Key Responsibilities: 
To deliver the desired revenue target numbers 

Cross-Selling to existing customers & Acquisition of new customers  Financial planning of the customer  To provide solutions to the Customer¶s financial needs  To systematically execute the sales process to facilitate delivery of revenue targets  Preparing and maintaining Sales Call reports and all relevant MIS

Compensation & Benefits  Cost to company : Total Fixed Pay + Variable Pay+ Benefits  Total Fixed Pay: Rs. Total fixed pay will increased to Rs 3. Group Medi-claim (self & family) worth Rs 4 lac and Personal Accident cover worth Rs 8 Lac Gratuity on completion of 5 yrs of service 2 .75 lacs per annum  Variable pay is in form of the Sales Incentive which is a certain percentage of the revenue generated by an SRM.  On Confirmation. you will be entitled to the following: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Local Conveyance as per applicable policy Mobile phone usage bill reimbursement as per applicable policy LI worth Rs 8 lac. Average incentive earned by an SRM is Rs 72.  Benefits: Over and above this.00 lacs per annum.000 per annum. 2.