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One good idea leads to another, and the wave expands with more quality, more value, and more innovation.
elcome to the 2011 Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) Core Product Catalog. You’ll find proven Sport & Work Knives, I.D. Works® Tools, and For Those Who Serve® Professional Knives & Tools. Sport & Work Knives & Tools. Regardless of economic conditions, we continue to work with the world’s leading designers, introducing new products that offer improved mechanisms and innovative product shapes, including our exciting line of I.D. Works® Tools. This exciting line is dedicated to multifunctional tools that are uniquely creative. Professional Knives & Tools. Our “For Those Who Serve®” line of professional knives has proven very popular with operators in the field. Supporting knife rights. Despite Americans’ clear Constitutional right to bear arms, knives continue to be regulated and treated as evil by some. Of course, in the hands of the wrong people, knives can be used in destructive and evil ways. So can a baseball bat. But that is not inherent in what has been called man’s earliest and most useful tool. During the past year, we have worked hard to support your legitimate right to carry and use a knife for constructive purposes. We recommend that you become politically involved, and that you make your views known to your elected representatives at all levels of goverment, including federal, state, and local. We are active members of the American Knife & Tool Institute and Knife Rights, Inc., organizations which are doing an excellent job of supporting knife rights and keeping Americans informed. For more information, we recommend that you visit www.akti. org and and join each of these excellent organizations. A note on counterfeit CRKT products. Because there has been an increase in the number of counterfeit “knockoff” knives bearing the CRKT logo, we encourage the end user to buy only from reputable dealers. See our web site for more information. Warranty Information. See page 79 of this catalog for complete information on our warranties for knives, tools, and accessories. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty on knives continues to be the best in the business. Check our web site. Our web site,, gives customers easier access, faster browsing and search capabilities, plus featured product special offers. Send us your comments. We always like to hear your stories about how you have used CRKT knives and tools. So send us a line or e-mail.



Rod Bremer, President

CONTENTS Innovation, Quality, Value Folder Systems Klecker NIRK™ & NIRK™ Novo Onion Ripple™ Onion Eros™ Delegate™ Vertex™ Pocket Classics Centofante Tribute™ Ignitor® Lift Off® My Tighe™ & Mini My Tighe™ The Natural® Gallagher Glide Lock™ Kommer Fulcrum™ Lake 111™ Z Lake Thunderbolt™ K.I.S.S.® & P.E.C.K.™ K.I.S.S.® Two-Timer™ Slip K.I.S.S.® and Slip K.I.S.S.® 2 Van Hoy Snap Lock™ Ashworth Turtle™ Gekkota™ and Gekkota™ Golf Edgie™ & Edgie™ 2 Drifter & Pazoda™ McGinnis Shrimp™ McGinnis Notorious™ & Premonition™ McGinnis Tuition® & Summa® Carson M4™ Carson M16® EDC Zytel® Carson M16® Zytel® Carson M21™ Carson M21™ G10 Graham Razel™ Fixed Blades Graham Razel™ Folders Dogfish™ & RSK Mk5™ A.G.R. Sting™ & SpareTool™

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Folts Minimalist® Kommer ExiTool® Kommer Collection Kommer’s Favorites Kommer Big Eddy™ Fillet Knives Veff M.U.K.™ Kommer Bear Claw ™ Renner Neckolas® Hammond A.B.C. Hole In One® Crossover® Slide Sharp™& Veff Sharp™ Eat’N Tool™ Get-A-Way® Driver Guppie® Li’l Guppie® Zilla-Tool® Zilla-Tool® Jr. Flux® Elishewitz Tao® Pens Williams Hisshou® & Shinbu™ Williams Hissatsu™ Williams Hissatsu™/ Heiho™ Folders Carson M16® Titanium Carson M21™ Special Forces Carson M16® Special Forces Carson Special Forces Desert Carson Desert Tactical Folders Fire Spark™ Emergency Rescue Knives Elishewitz F.T.W.S.® Ultima™ Crawford Triumph N.E.C.K.™ McGowan M.A.K.-1™ & Extrik-8-R™ Knife Designer Profiles Biotac™ Warranty and Specifications Nathan’s Knife Kit

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Not only do we have the widest array of cool innovations, more surprising new products are on the way very soon.

™ IKBS. The Ikoma Korth bearing system (IKBS) creates an amazing folder pivot that is lightning fast, smooth, rigid and also adjustable.

™ NIRK. As simple and rugged as a folding knife can be, made from two pieces of stainless steel, yet offering full lockback features.

® ExiTool. Russ Kommer’s emergency seat belt cutter clips onto any seat belt, and also has a window breaker and L.E.D. flashlight.

™ Fulcrum. This patented folding system opens the blade just by pushing the left frame, then pulling it back in one continuous motion. Slick!

® Crossover. It’s both camp shears and kitchen knife. Just rotate to separate the two components and press in the flexible handle guard.

™ Edgie. These self-sharpening folders hone their edges every time they are opened and closed, thanks to Maj. Howard Pope’s patent.

nnovation has been a critical factor in our growth, and this year is no exception. This Core Product Catalog includes the many proven products that make up our current product line. These products are available today at your local retailer, or at their distributors, or in our warehouse ready for immediate shipping. To better highlight our new and innovative products for 2011, we have chosen to produce a separate New Product Brochure, which features a full range of exciting new products such as the NIRK™ Tighe folder collaboration shown above. These new products will also be featured at trade shows throughout the world, and on our web site, Expect to see a surprising variety of new designs from our current award-winning designers, and from new designers as well.


™ Glide Lock. It looks like a traditional folder, but the patented folding system allows you to open and close the knife by the sliding bolster. ™ Turtle. Boyd Ashworth’s little Turtle design can be whatever you want: a knife, a money clip, a key fob, or a stylish neck pendant.

K.I.S.S.® Two-Timer.™ Wow! The first two-blade K.I.S.S. knife also features a LAWKS® mechanism for top safety.

Veff ™ Serrations. Many CRKT models feature exclusive patented serrations developed by Tom Veff for exceptionally fast, smooth cutting.

™ The Snap Lock. Ed Van Hoy’s award-winning 360˚ side-opening design has a lock that features 12 mating surfaces.

® Neckolas. The first G10 construction of both a knife handle and sheath, with a positive locking system released by the thumb.

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We continue our quest for the ultimate folding knife which offers the optimum in easy opening and safe use.
FOLDER SAFETY SYSTEMS. CRKT has led the way in developing improved lock and safety systems for folding knives. Our goal is to provide the optimum level of safety and security for each knife’s intended use. Before buying any CRKT knife, the buyer should be sure that it is suited to the intended use. Traditionally, pocket knives have been designed for over a century with a simple slip joint. They are intended for very light duty while cutting away from the user, such as sharpening pencils, trimming clippings, and opening cartons. Examples are the CRKT Edgie™ and Slip K.I.S.S.® For more arduous cutting tasks, modern folders feature locks which hold the blade firmly in the open position. CRKT offers many of these lock styles, including locking liners, frame locks, button locks, plus our Glide Lock™. LAWKS®. Many CRKT folders feature the patented Lake And Walker Knife Safety system. This system converts folders into virtual fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked, and when the LAWKS lever is slid forward. To fold the knife, simply slide the lever back, and release the liner. AutoLAWKS™. CRKT is the only manufacturer to offer our exclusive automatic version of the LAWKS system. A strong internal spring actuates the LAWKS system automatically when the blade is opened and locked. As with all CRKT folders, one-hand opening is easy, and with a little practice, closing a folder equipped with AutoLAWKS is easy too. Because it is fully automatic, we believe that the AutoLAWKS safety system is the most secure mechanism available for folders. L.B.S.™ Ron Lake, father of the modern folding knife, has developed his patented safety system for lockback folders. To lock the blade, either in open or closed position, just slide the small L.B.S. button forward. FOLDER ACTUATION SYSTEMS. We understand that many knife users today want fast onehand opening in their folders. CRKT models have traditionally featured convenient, prominent thumb studs, and many models have blade flippers to aid opening. For those who want a faster-opening action, our patented OutBurst® assisted opening system is the answer. It instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 20 to 30 degrees. The OutBurst spring holds the blade securely in place until you initiate opening. These assisted opening knives meet federal standards for folders, as confirmed by recent federal legislation. On many models, we have combined the OutBurst system with our locking and actuation mechanism, to give a new level of ease of operation and security when the blade is closed. Fire Safe®. This patent-pending system relies on a pin at the locking liner. The actuation mechanisms incorporates a spring-loaded button on the thumb stud. When you open a Fire Safe-equipped folder by pressing the thumb stud button, first the locking liner and pin are released. Then with a nudge of your thumb outward, the OutBurst assisted opening mechanism takes over and propels the blade into the open and locked position. The combination of pressing and nudging the blade helps prevent accidental opening.

OutBurst® Assisted Opening. Many CRKT folders come standard with our patented OutBurst assisted opening mechanism. 2011 CRKT models with OutBurst assist are listed on the following catalog pages:
Delegate™ Vertex™ Ignitor® Lift Off® My Tighe™ Mini My Tighe™ The Natural® Notorious™ M4™ Hissatsu™ Folder Heiho™ Fire Spark™ 8 9 12 13 14 14 15 29 31 64 64 70


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5185: Black Oxide Blade & Frame. The tighter the grip on the handle. Brushed Frame.” It certainly describes this folder line by Glenn Klecker. Four NIRK models are available. He has named it after his son: Nathan’s IRreducible complexity Knife.SPORT 5175 5180 5170 5185 NIRK & NIRK NOVO ™ ™ KLECKER Take two pieces of stainless steel. high hollow ground for easy cutting. At the front of the frame. Brushed Frame. It is very difficult. one for the survival kit.” which means “a single system composed of several wellmatched. 56-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. spring and lock.63” (194 mm) Weight: 3. resulting in a solid lockback folder. grind and bend them just right. plus a blade pivot screw. if not impossible. Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.093” (2. interacting parts that contribute to the basic function of the system. and are available in Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point™ Serrated edge options. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5175: Satin Blade. now in four models. ntelligent design advocate Michael Behe coined the term “irreducible complexity. wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. and has a Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point™ Serrated edge.5 ounces. the tighter the lockup. (99 g) Press at the base of the spine to release the lock. a thumb stud for opening. weight of only 2. almost indestructible folders. The blade can be opened with either hand using the oval thumb hole. and you have Glenn Klecker’s “irreducible complexity” folders.75” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. back spacer.50” (114 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. brushed frame and Razor-Sharp cutting edge.4 mm) Steel: 4Cr15MoVNi. flat. one for the boat.75” (70 mm) Thickness: 0. resulting in a very strong and safe steelon-steel lockup. cut. award-winning knife and tool designer from Silverton. carefully calculated to provide just the right spring action when the rear of the spine is pressed. making this an exceptionally safe design. very strong. the same lock tab ramps over a rounded detent to hold the blade in the closed position. Oregon. to accidentally release the lock. and it is very. Brushed Frame. 56-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.3 mm) Steel: 4Cr15MoVNi. The highcarbon stainless steel blade is a drop point shape with a deep belly. They are priced so you can afford several: one for the toolbox. The geometry of the cutout areas is critical. Specifications KLECKER NIRK™ NOVO 5170: Satin Blade. The 5185 tactical model receives a black oxide nonreflective coating. one for the backpack. I This lock tab mates with the notch in the blade. When the blade is closed. Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. There you have it: simple. The 5180 sport and work model has a high satin blade finish. one for the truck.131” (3. the lock tab mates with a notch in the blade to provide safe lockup. There are just two well-thoughtout pieces.25” (159 mm) Weight: 2.5 oz. All models have stainless steel pocket/gear clips. and with a swedged top edge to aid penetration.75” sheepsfoot blades. The innovation is Glenn’s use of a single sheet of stamped and folded stainless steel to serve as the folder frame. or NIRK™. A cam grind in the blade safely stops the blade at mid-point. 5 . (71 g) KLECKER NIRK™ 5180: Satin Blade. The new NIRK Novo models are slightly smaller with a 2.5 oz.

125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.5 mm) Steel: Acuto+. The Ripple™ K models receive a black titanium nitride coating.” These knives are noteworthy for their exceptional manufacturing quality.70” (69 mm) Thickness: 0. but its cut is neatly integrated into the grip design of the frame. Six Ripple models are available. Steel is Acuto+ stainless. Ken Onion calls this new category of knives “gentleman’s tacticals. and yields a folder with great rigidity and no blade play. Even the best conventional blade pivot bearings have some degree of friction which resists initial movement. premium stainless steel build. Specifications RIPPLE™ 2 K400KXP: Black Titanium Nitride Frame Coating. 6 O The Ikoma Korth pivot ballbearing system gives silkysmooth opening action with great rigidity. or “stiction. The larger Ripple™ K405 models feature 3. but with a dark ultramarine blue titanium nitride finish. the IKBS system is durable and requires little maintenance. The custom removable stainless steel clip and frame lock cut fit perfectly with the Ripple design theme. (65 g) RIPPLE™ K405KXP: Black Titanium Nitride Frame Coating. This innovative and simple design places eight uncaged ball bearings on each side of the blade pivot in races which are machined into the stainless steel handle. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge K405KXS: With Combination Serrated Edge K405BXP: Blue Titanium Nitride Frame Coating. and a high satin finish.50” (191 mm) Weight: 2. the blade has a ball detent.78” (96 mm) Open: Overall Length: 6.9 oz. It is compact and adjustable at the blade pivot screw if ever needed. plus almost unbelievable silky-smooth and fast opening action thanks to the use of the IKBS™ internal knife ball-bearing system.10” (2.50” (165 mm) Weight: 2. similar to VG10. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. the Ripple blade opening action is almost friction-free due to the IKBS ball-bearing system. In typical Ken Onion attention to detail.5 mm) Steel: Acuto+. The Ripple models are frame lock open build knives with stainless steel frames. They are instantly opened by pressing the blade flipper with either hand.3 oz. For safety while closed. to lightly reveal the underlying stainless steel on the high points.375” (111 mm) Open: Overall Length: 7. which is CNC machined with a complex “ripple” textured pattern plus 44 small lightening holes. The modified drop point blades have a high hollow grind. Not only is opening and closing exceptionally smooth. (82 g) . Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge K400BXP: Blue Titanium Nitride Frame Coating.” In contrast. 59-60 HRC Closed: Handle Length: 4. The smaller Ripple™ 2 models have 2. which are available in RazorSharp or combination serrated cutting edges.70” blades with Razor-Sharp cutting edges. swedged top edge. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge K405BXS: With Combination Serrated Edge Blade: Length: 3. the frame lock does not create an unsightly gap in the right frame. All models feature a removable stainless steel mirror-polished pocket clip.10” (2.125” blades. 59-60 HRC Closed: Handle Length: 3. which we then hand buff to give a pocket worn look— that is. The Ripple™ B models achieve the same effect.SPORT K405KXS K400KXP K405KXP K400BXP K405BXS K405BXP RIPPLE ONION ™ Ken Onion’s popular Ripple™ series of folding frame locks feature premium stainless steel build and stiction-free IKBS™ ball-bearing pivots. ur first collaboration with noted knife designer Ken Onion was the popular Ripple™ folding knife series. in two sizes and two color schemes. noted for its high chromium and molybdenum content and hardness of 59-60 HRC.

similar to VG10. and strong.0” blade.7 oz. Ken has incorporated the IKBS™ internal knife ball-bearing pivot system which gives almost unbelievable silky-smooth and fast opening action.4 oz. the Eros blade opening action is almost friction-free due to the IKBS ball-bearing system. The Ikoma Korth pivot ballbearing system gives silkysmooth opening action with great rigidity. which is CNC machined with a checked pattern. Specifications EROS™ 2 K450TXP: Bead-Blast Titanium Frame. Even the best conventional blade pivot bearings have some degree of friction which resists initial movement.079” (2. yet weighs only 1.00” (178 mm) Weight: 1. achieve light weight. The smaller Eros 2. Both models feature custom-designed.00” (127 mm) Weight: 0. but its cut is neatly integrated into the grip design of the frame.4 ounces. and provide gripping surfaces. requires little maintenance. W e’re delighted to introduce a collaboration with Ken Onion. The larger Eros has a 3.0 mm) Steel: Acuto+. stainless steel clips.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall Length: 7. 59-60 HRC Closed: Handle Length: 4. 7 . the IKBS system is durable. This innovative and simple design places uncaged ball bearings on each side of the blade pivot in races which are machined into the blade and handle.0 mm) Steel: Acuto+.” The two knives in the Eros series are featherweight folders with 6AL4V titanium frame-lock build. “gentleman’s tacticals. a “Ken Onion drop point.” Both knives are opened instantly with one hand just by pressing the small flipper extension of the blade. The Eros models are open build knives which use titanium frames in a coarse bead-blast finsh and stainless steel back spacers. The resulting folders are ergonomic.SPORT K455TXP K450TXP EROS ONION ™ Ken Onion has created a new folder category called “gentleman’s tacticals. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. and yields a folder with great rigidity and no blade play.00” (51 mm) Thickness: 0. or “stiction. a series of grooves.079” (2. 59-60 HRC Closed: Handle Length: 3. weighs an amazing 0. It is compact and adjustable at the blade pivot screw if ever needed.7 ounce complete with pocket clip! Ken was inspired in the design of these new knives by the study of organic natural shapes and modern building design. with a 2. We call the blade shape. and 21 small lightening holes.” In contrast. (20 g) EROS™ K455TXP: Bead-Blast Titanium Frame. with its high hollow grind and swedged top edge. the blade has a ball detent. The frame lock does not create an unsightly gap in the right frame. He realized that he could maintain strength. in a high satin finish with Razor-Sharp cutting edges. the Eros™ folding knife series.” These ultra-lightweights feature titanium build and stiction-free IKBS™ ball-bearing pivots.00” (76 mm) Open: Overall Length: 5. simple.00” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. For safety while closed. Both Eros models feature blades of Acuto+ stainless steel.0” blade. (40 g) Both Eros models feature a striking and unusual Ken Onion custom stainless steel pocket clip. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. Ken has created a new category of folding knives. high-mounted. by the thoughtful removal of frame material with CNC machining. Not only is opening and closing exceptionally smooth.

so another revolutionary statement made by the Delegate line is their remarkably affordable retail prices. When the blade is closed. Specifications DELEGATE™ GENTLEMAN 1053W: Satin Blade. Both models feature a high-mounted stainless steel clip. Delegate™ Gentleman. one-handed opening is a fast. Classic knifemaking tradition comes through in their understated design and use of natural materials. We have incorporated our patented OutBurst® assist with an exceptionally safe version of our patent-pending* Fire Safe® thumb stud release mechanism.096” (2. single movement of the thumb. so we call it the Delegate™ line. The user must know the secret rotating action to open the blade. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 2.6 oz. Our rigid InterFrame build uses stainless steel liners. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. But like the Founding Fathers. Aluminum Bolsters.7 oz. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 2. there is a revolutionary aspect to this line. cocobolo into a G10 bolster. The bright model 1055 has a satin blade and white bone scale inlays. This system provides exceptional safety because it is very difficult. you would feel right at home with our line of gentleman’s folders. to open the blade accidentally. Delegate™ EDC. (48 g) DELEGATE™ EDC 1055: Satin Blade.125” drop point blades of premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel.SPORT 1055 1055W 1053W DELEGATE ™ A classic knife line suitable for the Founding Fathers. We’re proud of the exquisite craftsmanship exhibited in the Delegate inlays. one locking.00” (178 mm) *Patent pending NOTE: Natural bone and wood components may vary in color and grain pattern. Cocobolo Scales. (77 g) 1055W: Black Blade. the OutBurst assist takes over and instantly completes the opening action. (74 g) Blade: Length: 3. We also offer a smaller Gentleman’s Delegate model with a three-inch blade and a weight of only 1.00” (76 mm) Thickness: 0.4 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Cocobolo Scales. In practice. Once the blade is open approximately 30 degrees. it is securely held in place by the OutBurst spring bias. I The OutBurst assisted opening mechanism cannot be actuated until you press the Fire Safe stud and nudge it.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV.7 ounces. in this case.098” (2. Aluminum Bolsters. 8 . Our two larger Delegate models have 3.50” (89 mm) Open: Overall length: 6.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.7 oz. and is also locked in place by the Fire Safe pin in the locking liner. White Bone Scales. while the dark model 1055W has a black oxide coated blade with cocobolo wood scales. which engages the blade. It also has a custom stainless steel clip. They could be a shot heard round the cutlery world.50” (165 mm) Weight: 1. simply press Fire Safe thumb stud and nudge it forward to begin blade opening. if not impossible. with black anodized 6061 aluminum bolsters and inlaid scales. G10 Bolsters. ® ® f you were a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. Bumping or pressing the thumb disk up or in does nothing. Our founders were a thrifty bunch. with our revolutionary Fire Safe release and OutBurst assist. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. It is noteworthy for its custom-style black G10 bolster perfectly inlaid with a cocobolo scale. To open the blade.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.

black hard anodized 6061 aluminum scales. and black Micarta scale inserts. Second. Vertex™ CP.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. You must both press down and nudge the blade outward deliberately. Scale inserts are hand shaped and polished cocobolo hardwood. which has a pronounced notch at the top of the blade thoughtfully integrated into the false grind near the tip. Micarta Scales Blade: Length: 3. and hand-shaped scale inserts of cocobolo wood or Micarta®. This effort has two main directions: innovative design and exotic materials. because simply pressing the Fire Safe button does not open the knife. We’ve combined these two thrusts in this knife line. When closed. 6061 anodized aluminum handles with cocobolo or Micarta inserts.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. Custom features include premium blade steel. For those who prefer a clip point blade style. Both Vertex models feature custom removable stainless steel clips in a black oxide finish. resulting in a secure and comfortable grip.1 oz. (94 g) VERTEX™ CP 1045: Clip Point Blade. we’ve created a vertex of another type– we have aimed our suggested retail price to intersect with your most optimistic price expectations. Looks like a custom to me. we offer the model 1045. It is both very fast.SPORT 1045 1040 VERTEX ® ™ This line has all the angles: Cocobolo or Micarta scale inserts. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. it’s a striking shape submitted by one of our many outstanding designers. to add value and give instant one-hand opening. We hope you get the point. that places a symmetrical scale precisely at the palm swell. the blade is safely locked by the Fire Safe pin.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. and very safe. It cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward. 9 .111” (2. (88 g) *Patent pending NOTE: Natural wood components may vary in color and grain pattern.3 oz.125” blades of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel in a satin finish.111” (2. and Fire Safe actuation. Vertex™ DP.8 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. stainless steel liners. Specifications VERTEX™ DP 1040: Drop Point Blade. and we named it the Vertex™ because that is the geometric point where two lines intersect.8 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. The model 1040 sports a drop point blade with a high hollow grind.25” (184 mm) Weight: 3. Both models are sized for daily carry. First. we built the Vertex line using the same materials a custom knifemaker would: premium blade steel. Cocobolo Scales Blade: Length: 3. Finally. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. ® ® ur continuing focus at Columbia River Knife & Tool has been to offer custom quality in popularly priced production knives. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.25” (184 mm) Weight: 3. O The OutBurst assisted opening mechanism cannot be actuated until you firmly press the Fire Safe button and nudge it. Then. with four-inch handles and 3. we built in our patented OutBurst® assisted opening with the patent-pending* Fire Safe® mechanism. OutBurst opening.

Pen Blades Closed: Handle length: 3. Spey Blades Closed: Handle length: 4.25” (57 mm) California clip point blade.00” (76 mm) Weight: 0.8 oz. The larger version of this single-blade classic design has a graceful down-curve at the butt. Sheepsfoot Blades Closed: Handle length: 3. (23 g) TEXAS TOOTHPICK 6061: California Clip Point Closed: Handle length: 3. Coping. Our three-blader has a swell-center handle with fully rounded ends and 2. These amber jig bone covers were specially developed for our CRKT Pocket Classic line. fit. and pen blades. This is the smaller personal carry version of the Texas Toothpick. Toothpick. with a 2. Whittler. Trapper. so-named because of its resemblance to a map of the State. This four-blader has a reverse curve Congress handle with squared ends and 2. This three-blade model has a subtle “S” curved handle with fully rounded ends and a 2. So we went to work to create a premium line of traditional pocket knives made with the best materials.06” (103 mm) Weight: 4. Our larger two-bladed Trapper has a gently swelling handle with Trapper style ends. Stockman. (45 g) CONGRESS 6062: Sheepsfoot. eople have asked us for years. and nickel silver bolsters. 10 . (57 g) BIG TRAPPER 6066: “A” Clip. plus small clip point.00” (76 mm) Weight: 2. (79 g) WHITTLER 6065: Long Clip. “Where are your classic pocket knives?” And we were slightly embarrassed to explain that we didn’t make them.SPORT 6061 6062 6060 6066 6065 6063 6064 CRKT POCKET CLASSICS Knife users worldwide are enthusiastic about our line of classic pocket knives made with premium materials in traditional configurations and blade shapes.50” (89 mm) Weight: 2. And knife users around the world have responded enthusiastically. Texas Toothpick.0 oz. They feature high-carbon stainless steel blades with Razor-Sharp cutting edges.8 oz. Big Trapper.75” (70 mm) California clip point blade.50” (89 mm) Weight: 2.25” (57 mm) large clip point blade.625” (67 mm) long clip point blade. Large Pen Blades Closed: Handle length: 3. a 3. and they’re available in seven of the most commonly requested styles. The traditional patterns include: Congress. (65 g) STOCKMAN 6063: Long Clip. We welcome comparison of this CRKT line to pocket knives made anywhere in the world. (65 g) TRAPPER 6064: Long Clip.50” (89 mm) Weight: 1. (102 g) NOTE: Natural bone components may vary in color and pattern. both in terms of quality and value.125” (54 mm) sheepsfoot plus coping. small pen. Specifications TOOTHPICK 6060: California Clip Point Closed: Handle length: 3. plus spey. with a 2.75” (70 mm) long clip point blade and a spey blade. Small Pen.6 oz.0 oz. and finish possible. Spey Blades Closed: Handle length: 3. and a slender 2.3 oz. P This view of the blade channel shows the stainless steel springs.3 oz. brass liners. and sheepsfoot blades. We call them the CRKT Pocket Classics. stainless steel springs.25” (83 mm) classic “A” clip point blade plus a spey point blade. Our smaller two-bladed Trapper is similar in design to its big brother. and large pen blades.50” (89 mm) Weight: 2. Short Clip. and special amber jig bone covers. brass liners. polished nickel silver bolsters and pins. Spey.

57-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. (43 g) NOTE: Layered Micarta patterns may vary with contour in hand finishing. not even a clip.875” (98 mm) Open: Overall length: 6.SPORT 6050 6055 CENTOFANTE TRIBUTE rank Centofante. Specifications TRIBUTE™ 2 6050: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. Frank’s final production collaboration. the handle is shaped and polished by hand.125” drop point Razor-Sharp blade of premium 7Cr17MoV stainless steel in a satin finish. design has assumed even more importance.13” (181 mm) Weight: 1. the Tribute 6055 received the IWA International Knife Special Design Award. ground and finished by hand. winning countless knife awards internationally.3 oz. We are also making the Tribute with a 2. The Tribute™.1 mm) Steel: 7Cr17MoV. and a knife should be beautiful as well as just useful. It is a classic drop point lockback folder.081” (2. First. The result: Two knives for gentlemen (or ladies) that are at home anywhere.06” open-build frame is simply two pieces of strong and lightweight Micarta®. we decided to name the series the Centofante Tribute™. Finally. as are the assembly pins. and a stainless steel back spacer. is a fitting statement of simplicity and craftsmanship. It has a high flat grind and a nail nick for opening.081” (2. “In a world of many products with identical function and quality. That’s it. no frills. and being inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame. We would like to see more pocket-knives like this. Tribute™ 2.” ™ Is it a Frank Centofante custom or is it a CRKT collaboration? We think Frank would be very happy with our Tribute™ lockbacks. While you’ll find many of Frank’s customs made with Damascus steels and exotic handle materials. and that is exactly how we are making the Tribute.06” (103 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. peened and polished pivot rivet. Marks of a fine custom: high flat grind blade.1 mm) Steel: 7Cr17MoV.875” handle. No bumps or facets. The 4. just the cleanest and simplest shape possible. The jury stated. resulting in an even more discreet. Frank was not only highly successful.3 ounces. 57-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. 11 . There is the stainless steel lockback lever which forms the spine. no complex mechanisms. passed away in September of 2009 before he could see this lockback design go into CRKT production. (37 g) TRIBUTE™ 6055: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. layered Micarta frame. he was perhaps best known for his sleek and simple lockbacks. lightweight carry at 1. In 2010.75” (171 mm) Weight: 1. layered in chestnut brown and black. F The butt showing the lockback lever. but he was a genuinely nice person who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.875” (73 mm) Thickness: 0. The pivot is peened in the style of Frank’s customs. serving as President of the Knifemakers’ Guild. all hand polished flush. stainless steel back spacers and assembly pins. Aesthetic qualities become a decisive criterion.” How To Make Folding Knives. After a few moments of reflection. published in 1988.5 oz. there is the 3. His meticulous approach to knifemaking is detailed in his chapter in the “Bible.875” blade and 3. with no gimmicks. one of the pioneers in the custom knifemaking movement.

textured and CNC machined to aid grip. Then the blade springs open instantly for use. Specifications IGNITOR® 6850: Polished Blade and Frame. The lightweight G10 scales are CNC machined to provide grip while also revealing the secondary color layer. It’s a modified drop point design with a high hollow grind. U. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. and 6865C. Black Scales. We use premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. W The OutBurst assisted opening mechanism cannot be actuated until you firmly press the Fire Safe button and nudge it. The blade receives a nonreflective dark gray titanium nitride coating. It cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward. 12 .50” (191 mm) Weight: 3. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6865: Titanium Nitride Blade. 6855C. We challenge you to find a knife of this quality for the money. layered G10 scales. by using premium blade steel.S. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. That’s why we call it the Ignitor®. this is a design for right-hand opening. Patent No. Fire Safe actuation. get down to your favorite retailer and put one in your hand. the blade is safely locked by the Fire Safe pin. Ignitor® Sport. with OutBurst opening. We also offer the Ignitor in a tactical color scheme. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. When closed. (99 g) IGNITOR®T 6860: Titanium Nitride Blade.110” (2. one locking. Did you feel a spark? If not. The frame uses our rigid InterFrame build with stainless steel liners. So that’s the Ignitor story.110” (2. You have your choice of a Razor-Sharp edge or combination Razor-Sharp edge with our patented1 Veff™ Serrations.939 2. Black Scales. The true breakthrough is our ability to combine our patented OutBurst® assisted opening with the patent-pending2 Fire Safe® mechanism.5 oz. D559. Yes. Combined RazorSharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. layered G10 scales. (99 g) 1.7 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV.5 oz. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6855: Polished Blade and Frame. and layered G10 scales. but it is the best integration of folder safety and fast access that we have ever seen in a sport and work folder. The “T” models feature black G10 scales.50” (191 mm) Weight: 3.7 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Green & Black Scales.38” (86 mm) Thickness: 0. Ignitor® T. The standard Ignitor models have a polished blade and frame.SPORT 6860 6855 6850 6865 IGNITOR ® ® This series is making a big bang. Green & Black Scales. with green and black G10 scales. Patent pending Available in clampack as 6850C. netting and vegetation. It raises the bar for all value-priced folders.38” (86 mm) Thickness: 0.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. ® e hope to ignite your passion for high-tech folders with this knife series. and patented features including assisted opening. It’s a contemporary and sophisticated look that exudes custom-knife quality. which are superior for fast cutting of cord. The deep finger choil and pommel fit the hand nicely. which provides maximum corrosion protection. Consider these features: First the blade. All models include a removable stainess steel clip. and optional Veff ™Serrations. a unique knife safety and our special serrations. The flat cross section makes for comfortable in-pocket carry.

It is both very fast. It’s a line that’s really taking off. (111 g) LIFT OFF® 6830: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6835: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. AUS 8. The left scale features a stainless steel insert with a bright brushed finish and deep arrow pattern. Lift Off models include a removable polished stainess steel clip. This is a knife for those who want a bit of style and shine in their personal carry. premium blade steel.2 ounces.13” (105 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. We did the work.88” (124 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. When closed. we also offer the slightly smaller Lift Off 2 models with a 3. T The OutBurst assisted opening mechanism cannot be actuated until you firmly press the Fire Safe button and nudge it. Just press and nudge for instant lift off. All these qualities come together in a knife group that is also very competitively priced. heavy-duty knives at 5. all you have to do is count backward from ten and visit your local cutlery retailer. The larger Lift Off models are full-size work and sport knives with 4. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.2 oz. because simply pressing the Fire Safe button does not open the knife. ® his sport and work folder series embodies everything that we look for in a CRKT product: rugged construction.SPORT 6820 6825 6835 6830 LIFT OFF ® ® This line has taken off: our striking design fully equipped with OutBurst opening.13” (181 mm) Weight: 3. Fire Safe actuation.00” (76 mm) Thickness: 0.50” (216 mm) Weight: 5. and very safe. You must both press down and nudge the blade outward deliberately before the Lift Off will open.9 oz. At its core is our InterFrame build with stainless steel liners.120” (3.88” handles and 3. good grip and balance. design. Specifications LIFT OFF® 2 6820: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6825: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8. and stainless steel scale insert. They’re solid. The Lift Off is available in both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edged models. Lift Off ®.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. The blade is a satin-finished modified drop point design with a notched and swedged top edge and a high hollow grind. Available in clampack as 6820C. one locking. In addition. we have incorporated our patented OutBurst® assisted opening with the patent-pending* Fire Safe® mechanism. To give instant one-hand opening.50” blades. All in all. Lift Off ® 2. both liners feature fine friction grooves at the finger contact zone. so we call it the Lift Off®. (147 g) *Patent pending The Lift Off uses our rigid stainless steel InterFrame build with Zytel scales and a stainless steel insert.120” (3.0” blade. the blade is safely locked by the Fire Safe pin. Blade steel is our favorite premium stainless steel alloy. It cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward. 13 . striking design and superfast assisted opening. and precision manufacturing. with textured black Zytel® scales. the Lift Off series is a remarkable package of engineering. For a personal carry. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.

Bead-Blast Frame. held in place by a single setscrew. (108 g) *U.124” (3.SPORT 1092 1090 1093 1091 1093K 1091K MY TIGHE & MINI MY TIGHE ™ anadian knifemaker Brian Tighe is a true Renaissance Man.6 oz. The frame-lock folder has an open build with heavy-duty 420J2 stainless steel frames and a 6061 T6 aluminum back spacer.0”. cord. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1091: Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge 1091K: Black Blade and Frame. Designed by knifemaker Tom Veff. the knife seems like a design exercise until you grasp it and understand that the concave cut scales are craftily shaped to enhance grip. Bead-Blast Frame.8 ounces.125” (206 mm) Weight: 5. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. The slightly smaller personal carry version of the My Tighe™ is not simply a scaled-down version of the bigger frame-lock model. workshop. Carry one and you will certainly start a conversation among knife fanciers everywhere. Mini My Tighe™.S. Georgia. but was carefully reproportioned by Brian. 1091KC. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.1 mm) Steel: 1. blade length is 3. with its asymmetrical spine facets. the blade is coated with black nonreflective titanium nitride for maximum corrosion resistance. Dual ramped thumb studs allow My Tighe models to be quickly opened with either hand. 1093C. 14 ™ Brian Tighe’s award-winning CRKT production folder is available in two sizes. In his St. highhollow grind and deep belly with recurve. reflecting his passion for design detail. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. Ontario. that the My Tighe was named the 2006 Imported Knife of the Year. . C The OutBurst assist mechanism is easily removed or replaced. (159 g) MINI MY TIGHE™ 1092: High Satin Blade.4116 stainless steel in a high satin finish and offer both Razor-Sharp and our exclusive Combination Razor-Sharp and patented* Veff™ Serrated edges. aggressive with contours in just the right places.0” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. At first glance.8 oz.50” (114 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. Patent No. Our patented OutBurst® assisted opening mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30˚.4116.73” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. Catharines. and vegetation. On our “K” models. Brian’s blade design is unique too. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1093: Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge 1093K: Black Blade and Frame. D559. in bead-blast or black dress. Handle length is 3.0 mm) Steel: 1.625” (92 mm) Thickness: 0. these unique scalloped and angled serrations cut through rope and cord smoothly without snagging. with patented* Veff ™ Serrations. We use 1.939 Available in clampacks as 1091C.4116. with an array of professional skills. and 1093KC. he produces a wide array of custom folders.73”. and black EDP plated on the “K” model. all with those signature touches that immediately make them stand out as Brian Tighe knives.5” (165 mm) Weight: 3. The injection-molded black Zytel® scales have a carbon fibre texture. and weight is reduced to 3. Specifications MY TIGHE™ 1090: High Satin Blade. Frames are bead-blast on the bright models. Exclusive Veff Serrations are angled and scalloped to cut quickly and smoothly through rope. The knife industry was so impressed at the Blade Show in Atlanta. much more convenient for daily in-pocket carry. All models feature a removable black Teflon-plated pocket/gear clip. It’s hard to ignore any Brian Tighe design.120” (3. We have translated Brian’s popular My Tighe custom frame-lock folder into an affordable production line.

we decided to produce all three. Just nudge either thumb stud outward approximately 30 degrees.150” (3. At 10.150” (3. Specifications THE NATURAL® 2 7080: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. as well as file work on the polished stainless steel back spacer.4 ounces. many with mid-level blade steels and Zytel® scales. also of polished premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. When it comes to grip. these three smaller personal carry folders have a 3. Arkansas. The Natural®. jig bone or Micarta. which is a simple and trouble-free mechanism. or “jeweled. you’d be pretty darned close. natural jig bone. (190 g) 7080J: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. P All Natural models feature our popular OutBurst assist.7 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV.3 oz. using premium blade steel and natural materials. Micarta Scales Weight: 6. butt pommel.” with a scalloped top edge and dual ramped Crawford-style thumb studs for opening.7 oz. They are really overbuilt for long life. this is a big hunk of knife.88” blade of premium 8Cr13MoV polished stainless steel and stainless steel liners so thick that it qualifies as a frame-lock folder. custom knifemakers in West Memphis. The Natural® 2. two deep finger choils and thumb friction grooves on the spine. Here’s our idea: we’re making a Crawford folder series that is as close to a custom knife as possible. at and Wes Crawford. They looked so good. and the OutBurst mechanism springs the blade open with a satisfying “click. Available in two sizes. When it came to choosing scales from custom-knife materials. And the scales are hand-shaped white bone with black G10 bolsters and a removable satin stainless steel pocket/gear clip. we had trouble deciding between natural white bone. a Crawford custom!” And except for the value price.7 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV.88” (98 mm) Thickness: 0. and black Micarta®. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.63” (194 mm) THE NATURAL® 7085: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. plus customquality scales of white bone. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.25” (83 mm) Thickness: 0. and you picked up any of these Natural folders without the CRKT logo. have produced many successful folder designs for CRKT over the years. (179 g) Blade: Length: 3. we call it the Natural® series. Jig Bone Scales Weight: 6. 15 . So here’s our bet: If you were walking through a custom knife show. this folder has it all: a full-size handle. “Wow. White Bone Scales Blade: Length: 3. The blade can only be called a “Crawford Marauder clip point.” as are all custom stainless steel clips.38” (111 mm) Open: Overall length: 7.25” (235 mm) Weight: 10. you would think. these are extremely heavy-duty frame-lock folders with our patented lightning-fast OutBurst® assisted opening.SPORT 7080M 7080J 7080 7085 THE NATURAL ® This production folder series uses premium natural materials just as Pat and Wes Crawford do in their customs.25” blade. All three also have dual thumb studs and OutBurst assisted opening.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Similar in design to their big brother. Logically. White Bone Scales Weight: 6. The thick stainless steel frames on the 7080J and 7080M are engine turned.5 oz. (184 g) 7080M: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. (295 g) NOTE: Natural bone components may vary in color and pattern. Natural 2 models feature back spacer file work. with a 3.” The stainless steel back spacer receives file work like the finest customs.4 oz.

” but of course. Slide the bolster out. o. slide the bolster out and rotate the blade closed with your index finger. 7. To close. Patent No. Barry Gallagher designed the Glide Lock folder series in the great tradition of the personal folder from times gone by.090” (2. 16 N When pressed upward. then slide the bolster down to lock. Scales are a dramatic gray/blue swirled pattern. The premium Glide Lock Ltd. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.2 mm) Steel: AUS 4.50” (165 mm) Weight: 1.581. compact. and it creates a tang to rotate the blade open. It relies on a sliding stainless steel mechanism hidden within one bolster. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. The swirls that result from injection molding resemble those found in natural materials such as amber. the patented Glide Lock bolster unlocks the knife and allows the blade to open. model features nonreflective titanium nitride coating on the blade and liners for ultimate corrosion resistance. The variegated swirls make each knife unique.875” (73 mm) Thickness: 0.6 oz. lightweight. The second new technology is the development of CPL composite materials.50” (165 mm) Weight: 1. It’s fast.875” blade in a brushed finish.88” modified drop point blade in satin finish and handle with a swell at the pommel for increased grip. Scales are a soft coral swirl. Jelly Roll Morton didn’t own a Gallagher Glide Lock™ folder at the turn of the last century.6 oz. and lighter than those natural materials. Silver/Blue Scales Blade: Length: 2.88” (73 mm) Thickness: 0. and secure. and can be used both on the Glide Lock scales and back spacer.60” (91 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. The Glide Lock 2 has a 2. . Available in three sleek models. The Glide Lock features a high-carbon AUS 4 stainless steel spear point 2. Slide the bolster back to lock the Glide Lock closed.085” (2. (45 g) *U. Gray/Blue Scales Blade: Length: 2. Coral Scales GLIDE LOCK™ LTD. We call these stylish and functional designs “gentleman’s knives. Indiana. The Glide Lock was named Most Innovative Imported Design of the Year at the 2008 Blade Show. just rotate the bolster with your index finger until the blade is open. you don’t have to be a gentleman to own one. 7415: Black Blade. (45 g) GLIDE LOCK™ 2 7420: Satin Blade. stronger. However. To open.SPORT 7420 7410 7415 GLIDE LOCK & GLIDE LOCK 2 ™ ™ GALLAGHER This award-winning gentleman’s knife series has a classic look and a patented* high-tech lock.75” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. with a nod to the classic style of the era. The stainless steel liners and bolster receive a vibratory finish. Scales are silver/blue swirled CPL. The first is the patented* Glide Lock mechanism invented by knifemaker Charles Kain of Indianapolis.2 mm) Steel: AUS 4. Specifications GLIDE LOCK™ 7410: Satin Blade. But if he had carried one into an ornately decorated saloon.321 NOTE: CPL scales may vary in color and swirl pattern. jade and mother-of-pearl. Barry Gallagher combined all this into three slender gentleman’s folders that fit comfortably in the hand and securely in any pocket.S. the CPL material is tougher. The sleek look of Barry’s Glide Lock depends on two modern technologies. Slide the bolster back and the blade is locked open. it would have looked right at home.

For traditionalists. ust when we thought we had seen every way possible to open a folding knife.75” blade in a modified drop point style with a high hollow grind. (54 g) *U.9 ounces. Blue Liners. simply release the stainless steel locking liner. (77 g) MINI FULCRUM™ 7408: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. and was given a Special Innovation award at the 2008 International IWA Show in Nuremberg. Mother-of-Pearl CPL Scales Blade: Length: 2. Fulcrum™. To open the Fulcrum. Vibratory Liners. Specifications FULCRUM™ 7403: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.90” (100 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. Vibratory Liners. Satin Blade. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. which we call the Fulcrum™.SPORT 7404 7403 7403P 7408 FULCRUM & MINI FULCRUM ™ J KOMMER ™ Opening is just “press down. The larger Fulcrum models have a 2.25” (133 mm) Weight: 1. The smaller Fulcrum model has a 2.045 NOTE: CPL scales may vary in color and swirl pattern.75” (70 mm) Thickness: 0. the base model 7403 features a satin blade finish.13” (79 mm) Open: Overall length: 5. We felt the Fulcrum Action was perfect for a sleek design proposed by knifemaker Russ Kommer. Blue/Black CPL Scales Blade: Length: 2. The build uses our high-carbon steel InterFrame with a steel pivot at the back spacer.7 oz. but scales are mother-of-pearl CPL. Build and action are identical to the larger Fulcrum. Mini Fulcrum™.9 oz. made from premium AUS 8 stainless steel. The stainless steel bolsters have a diamond pattern. and gray/black swirled CPL scales. a prototype arrived from knifemaker and inventor Charles Kain of Indianapolis. the deluxe model 7404 boasts a black titanium nitride blade finish.100” (2. The blade swings out to the 90-degree position. and wild blue/black swirled CPL scales. 7. pull up” in one continuous motion.19” (56 mm) Thickness: 0. and the blade continues to rotate open and lock in the open position. Indiana. It was voted the Imported Knife of the Year at the 2008 Blade Show in Atlanta.” To close the Fulcrum.513. and so we put Russ to work integrating it into his folder. Then pull the left side of the frame back. 17 . Germany. Patent No. press the left side of the frame down with your thumb. Black Blade. it makes an exclusive personal carry.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8. you can do it naturally in one continuous. To open the Fulcrum. that demonstrated his patented* Fulcrum™ Action. Black Blade. vibratory frame finish. Black Liners. Onehand closing is also fast and easy. For the more adventurous. This award-winning design is available in four models. At only 1.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8.S. or “fulcrumation. The blade swings outward 90 degrees. After a few openings. gripping with your index finger at the choil. It didn’t take us long to purchase the rights to this surprising new lock for use in CRKT production folders.100” (2. Satin Blade. It is also available with pink swirled CPL scales by popular demand. simply press the left side of the frame down with your thumb. deep blue titanium nitride frame. All models come with a removable stainless steel pocket/gear clip. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. The knife world enthusiastically embraced the Fulcrum. fluid action. To complete opening. Pink CPL Scales 7404: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.19” black-finished blade. pull the left frame closed with your finger and the blade continues to rotate open and lock. Gray/Black CPL Scales 7403P: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.25” (159 mm) Weight: 2.

(60 g) LAKE 111™ Z 7255Z: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 7256Z: Combo Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. we believe he has perfected the lockback folder.50” (89 mm) Open: Overall length: 6.S. others have tried to devise safeties for lockback folders. These models come with a custom stainless steel clip in a brushed finish.B.00” long when opened. How To Make Folding Knives. Oregon.125” (105 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. Over the years. He really has something to crow about.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.S. and a unique Ron Lake-style open build. The blade is a classic drop point with a flat grind for strength and a brushed finish.1 oz.S. Available in clampack as the 7255ZC. 18 . It works both when the blade is open and closed. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.090” (2.™) which allows the user to slide the small L. The lockback design allows for a very flat build. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. When locked open. (88 g) Denum carry sheath included. *U.B. button forward. In this case.25” (184 mm) Weight: 3. The combination of stainless steel liners and lightweight injection-molded glass-filled nylon scales results in a very rigid frame. Specifications LAKE 111™ Z 2 7253Z: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 7254Z: Combo Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2.™ safety that locks open and closed.50” (64 mm) Thickness: 0.110” (2. but Ron’s is the most effective and sophisticated we have seen. on Lake has been called “the father of the modern folding knife” and literally co-authored the book on them in 1988.125” blades and measure 7.140. R Slide the L. The larger models 7255Z and 7256Z have 3.S.B. button forward to lock the blade both in the open and closed positions. the handle features a basketweave texture and a pronounced finger choil and pommel.50” blades and are 6. workshop. and the lockback release allows easy one-hand closing.B. For grip. Blade steel is premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel (equivalent to AUS 8). father of the modern folding knife. We’re producing the Lake 111 Z in two sizes.110 Lake 111 models feature a flat cross-section for easy inpocket carry. The smaller Lake 111 Z 2 models 7253Z and 7254Z feature 2. 7.SPORT 7253Z 7254Z 7256Z 7255Z Sheath LAKE 111-Z ™ Ron Lake.8 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. he is always thinking. simply slide the button forward to lock the knife closed until its next use.S. Patent No.3 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. and the blade is locked.25” overall when opened. For those who are concerned about accidental opening. reinvents the lockback with his exclusive patented* L. Ron’s breakthrough is his patented* Lock Back Safety (L. in-pocket or on-belt. But while Ron is busy making stunning custom folders in his Eugene. Both sizes are available with Razor-Sharp or Combined RazorSharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges. A bonus denim carry sheath with belt loop is included with the 7255Z and 7256Z models.00” (152 mm) Weight: 2. Dual Lake-style thumb studs give fast either-hand opening. it is virtually impossible to accidentally release the blade even during vigorous cutting tasks.1 oz.

3 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. These are knives you can use while wearing gloves and under slippery conditions. plus a unique serrated tip.S. In the center pockets. this is a heavy-duty locking liner folder series. and blade length is 3. Our InterFrame build uses dual stainless steel liners. Thunderbolt means: Large.130” (3. The smaller Thunderbolt™ 2 models are ideal for every day carry (E. Blades are extremely strong dual-grind Tanto-style with a drop point top edge. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. and it is very effective when cutting cord and vegetation. we’ve incorporated the patented* LAWKS® safety. These are knives you can depend on. which effectively converts your folder into a virtual fixed blade when actuated. All models come with a custom stainless steel clip in a black oxide finish. Patent No.75” (222 mm) Weight: 7. ergonomic handle with a center swell and grooved areas at the thumb and pommel. Blade steel is 8Cr14MoV high-chromium stainless steel with a special nonreflective black oxide coating. 6061 aluminum scales. with extra serrations placed at the tip for fast penetration. just like the storied Thunderbolts of aircraft history. and you find the name Thunderbolt connected both to the P-47 fighter and A-10 fighter bomber.808 Combination serrated edge models are unique. aircraft aluminum InterFrame build. (162 g) LAKE THUNDERBOLT™ 7132: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 7133: Dual Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edges Blade: Length: 3. (210 g) *U. Fast one-hand opening is accomplished by a large oval thumb hole with friction grooves on the outboard edge.SPORT 7132 7130 7133 7131 THUNDERBOLT LAKE ™ In aircraft history. Because we expect this affordable series to be used for the roughest work and sport jobs. 19 . dependable.90” blades. Our Thunderbolt is a big knife with big value.7 oz. with a stainless steel clip and our patented LAWKS® safety. Briefly. Razor-Sharp-edged models are also available. Specifications LAKE THUNDERBOLT™ 2 7130: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 7131: Dual Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edges Blade: Length: 3.3 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. S Heavy-duty build incorporates stainless steel liners.437” (87 mm) Thickness: 0. Weight is 5. tudy aircraft history. Our larger Thunderbolt™ models are frankly big honkers.4 oz.875” (124 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. which are also black oxide coated.). LAWKS safety and custom pivot screw. Available in clampacks as the 7131C and 7133C.D. rugged.” Those words also fit Ron Lake’s locking liner design for the CRKT Thunderbolt™. bronze anodized inserts provide subtle contrast. Ron Lake has designed a large.4 oz. They are both invariably described as “large. Both sizes are available with Ron Lake’s unique Combination Tip TriplePoint™ Serrated edges. all at a fabulously competitive price.90” (99 mm) Thickness: 0.437”. with premium blade steel.130” (3.C. one locking. 5. This is the first application we know of in which serrations have been added to a Tanto tip grind.75” (197 mm) Weight: 5. Dependable.596.7 oz.31” (109 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. weighing in at 7. with 3. The 6061 aluminum scales are anodized charcoal gray and CNC machined with milled pockets to further aid grip. Rugged.

S.I.I. 2-piece construction with integral frame lock is safe.S. precision fine blanked for superior fit and smooth operation.25” (108 mm) Weight: 0.K. frame.25” (57 mm) Thickness: 0.625” (67 mm) Open: Overall length: 4.®.S. and 5520KC. Just think of it as a sweet little K. the frame lock snaps crisply in behind the blade to give a sound lockup. ® ™ Here is where it all began: Ed Halligan’s original single-side designs in your choice of size. none offers the simple elegance of Ed Halligan’s original design.0 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. 5510KC. Specifications K. is the revolutionary high-tech statement by Knifemakers’ Guild member and K.S.S. and as the blade is fully rotated open. the more Ed’s design is imitated.S. The K. clip and hardware in black nonreflective Teflon® plating that is tough and long lasting. The blade can be closed with one hand.S.120” (3. 5500KC.E.I. simply by releasing the frame lock.S.S. (26 g) Available in clampacks as 5500C. 5510C. .S. The K.S.S.I. In fact. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 2.I.™ in the Dark is our smaller black-on-black model with black Teflon plating for those who prefer the tactical look. weighing less than 1 oz.S.S.® blade shape is Tanto-inspired—Chisel-Point grind on the front and flat on the backside—so that when the blade is closed onto its handle/frame.S. The Original K.C.S.C.™ (or Precision Engineered Compact Knife) is Ed’s baby. the graceful 1.E.S. the precision fit effectively “seals” the cutting edge to the frame. with its Tantoinspired blade and bead-blast finish. series blade edge is tightly and securely sealed against the handle when closed.5 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. When open. even though it’s exposed.E.S. A thumb stud is used to one-hand open the blade. It stands for “Keep It Super Simple. as a key chain knife. and with splitring or lanyard. the better it looks. Ed Halligan’s unique two-piece construction features an integral frame lock.K.® 5500: Bead-Blast Finish.C.S.K. blade style and finish. and a breakthrough design which seals the cutting edge against the handle. strong.S.S. The P.” Ed Halligan. In the wake of the success of the K.E.5” (89 mm) Open: Overall length: 5.9 oz.™ 5520: Bead-Blast Finish. Both blade and frame are 3Cr13 stainless steel in a fine bead-blast finish.C.S.I. The Original K. Delilah’s P.I. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5520K: Black Teflon Finish Blade: Length: 1.625 inches long when closed. and none offers the value of CRKT quality manufacturing.E.I.” It’s one honey of a knife.S. and secure. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5500K: Black Teflon Finish 5510: Bead-Blast Finish. Like all folding knives in the K.75” Razor-Sharp Wharncliffe blade is a high-performance cutting tool suited for hundreds of daily tasks. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.® in the Dark features blade.S.C. and only 2. as a money clip knife.I. a flock of imitators has appeared. 5520C. and P. here’s nothing like the real thing. & P .S.I..75” (44 mm) Thickness: 0. The design of the K.K. designer “Daddy K.I. 20 T K. family.S.I.SPORT 5520 5500K 5520K 5510K 5500 5510 K.I. series pocket/money clip permits them to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket.100” (2.3 oz. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge 5510K: Black Teflon Finish Blade: Length: 2. (65 g) DELILAH’S P.K.75” (146 mm) Weight: 2.

5” (89 mm) Open 1: Overall length: 6. one small blade for detail tasks. Because both Eds are successful custom knife designers for CRKT.125” (54 mm) Thickness: 0.S. just like the Original K.SPORT 5515 5515 5515 K. O The Two-Timer’s smaller pen knife blade fits perfectly in this CNC-machined relief in the larger Tanto blade. So there you have it. Proof that two Eds are better than one. The large blade. and got the two of them together. Too cool. And so cool that it was named Most Innovative Imported Design at the 2007 Blade Show.375” large blade is Tanto-inspired with a Chisel-Point grind on the front and flat on the backside—so that when the blade is closed onto its handle/frame. TWO-TIMER ® ™ Ed Halligan meets Ed Van Hoy in a high-tech collaboration resulting in an amazing dual-blade K.00” (152 mm) Open 2: Overall length: 5. 5. The small blade is opened by pressing the extended blade tang with the finger.5 mm) Steel: 420J2.S. Soon the K.I. 21 . and the frame lock is virtually impossible to release by the most vigorous use until the LAWKS lever is retracted.0 oz.S. The 2. There was much work to be done. When the LAWKS lever is pushed forward with a flick of the thumb.S.® knife with LAWKS ® safety.I. and most successful and copied two-piece knife ever.S. The small 2. Patent No. Both blades can be closed with one hand.S. and custom stainless steel pocket/money clip are 420J2 stainless steel in bright vibratory finish. The Eds had to design a detent mechanism that would allow both the large blade and small blade to open and lock independently.S.® knife designed by Ed Halligan. called Ed Halligan. Two blades. 51-53 HRC Blade 2: Length: 2. he was willing to collaborate to make his brainchild even more sophisticated.S. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. we did the gentlemanly thing.I.S. We asked the Eds to incorporate the patented* LAWKS® safety on the larger blade.080” (2.® TWO-TIMER™ 5515: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade 1: Length: 2. just press on this cool flipper. and sent a handmade sample knife to us. the knife becomes a virtual fixed blade. the most sophisticated K. the precision fit effectively “seals” the cutting edge to the frame.S. frame. knife ever built.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0. which also creates a grooved thumb security grip. ne day Ed Van Hoy was looking at a CRKT Original K. Specifications K. (85 g) *U. simply by releasing the LAWKS® lever and frame lock.I.I.I. And it’s still a thin and lightweight personal key fob and money clip knife. It’s a tribute to Ed Halligan that as the designer of the original.S.S.S.® Two-Timer™ was born. with one hefty blade for tough jobs.S.I.0 mm) Steel: 420J2. The smaller blade is 420J2 stainless steel with a bead-blast finish.S.180” (4.596.808 To open the smaller blade.75” (146 mm) Weight: 3. A light came on in his head.125” drop point pen knife blade folds perfectly into a CNC-machined relief in the larger blade. A milled slot is used to one-hand open the large blade. The result is a unique frame lock folder with two blades. He saw a cool way to add a second blade.

like the firewall on a vintage Bugatti Type 37 racer. It has a 2.S. Anthracite Scales Blade: Length: 2.I.” We told Ed what you wanted. then look no further. We offer a multicolor abalone shell look and also a pearlescent anthracite gray.8 mm) Steel: 3Cr13.® 2. he added two carefully contoured scales for comfort and as blade guards. with a nail nick for opening. In the process. 2 ® ® Imagine a traditional slip-joint K. Ed had to design this twist into the Slip K. with lots of style and a little bling-bling. the classic slip-joint pocket knife usually has a steel frame with full-length brass liners. Specifications SLIP K.SPORT 5565 5569A 5569 5565A SLIP K.00” (152 mm) Weight: 1.S. no clips.S.I. Ed went away to his workshop in his usual quiet way.0 oz. You did.75” (70 mm) Thickness: 0.080” (2. if you want a great lightweight pocket knife at a great price. Next. models are not heavy-duty work knives. s the noted architect Mies Van Der Rohe said. (28 g) SLIP K.I. (51 g) NOTE: Scale materials may vary in color and pattern. so please choose one of them if you have a rough job to do.S.® 2 5565: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. there is a deep finger choil for grip. A These polished brass “miniliners” position the blade laterally in the open position.8 oz. 22 .I. Ed has removed everything but the bare essentials. and riveted on two small brass liners to locate the blade laterally. family designs. Anthracite Scales Blade: Length: 2. knife yet.S. in strong and lightweight translucent composite material. Multicolor Scales 5565A: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.8 ounces. the Slip K. The high-carbon steel blade looks at first glance like any other flat-ground drop point pocket knife.S. We had customers say.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0. and nearly flat on the back—similar to other K.S.110” (2. high-carbon stainless steel frame.S.” And this Ed Halligan design is an answer to your request for a little less of his very popular K.® 5569: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. The result is the lightest full-size K. which has a 2.S. we’re offering an even smaller model. but weighs in at only 1. Ed minimized the stainless steel frame. and one day a package arrived with the prototype of our Slip K.60” (91 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. the frame is engine turned. Just the lightest possible knife for everyday pen knife chores like opening packages and sharpening pencils. Ed had to put a unique twist in the frame.S. For proper blade/frame alignment. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. adding rigidity.S. & SLIP K.I.25” (133 mm) Weight: 1.S.S. Our catalog is full of knives with advanced locks and patented safeties for arduous cutting chores. the Slip K.S. No. and in the process he has solved some deceptively challenging design problems.75” blade.® knives. “Less is more.S.S.12” (79 mm) Open: Overall length: 5. “How about a simple pocket knife version that uses a traditional slip joint? No frame locks. Because you asked for it. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.I. Multicolor Scales 5569A: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.S.S. And Ed Halligan once again gave a perfect shape to this vague idea. As a final touch. To achieve proper alignment.® pocket knife.S.I. But it is unusual in that the grind is asymmetrical—about 80% on the front. However.I.I.I.S.I.375” blade and weighs just one ounce.I.® folder. For example.0 mm) Steel: 3Cr13.S.S.S.S.

“When can I get a smaller personal version?” Ultimately. Available in clampacks as 5102C. Chair of the IWA jury and consultant for the Knife Award. and 5120C. Opening and closing can be accomplished with one hand and is truly slick and quick.50” (64 mm) Thickness: 0. “The decisions of the jury were almost unanimous. removable Weight: 2. weighing only 1. the more it locks the blade in place. The jury commented.375” (111 mm) Clip: Single. with dual thumb disks and dual removable pocket/money clips on the larger models. All-steel construction means it is just about indestructible. (43 g) VAN HOY Just about everybody likes these award-winning ambidextrous side-opening folders and money clip knives. or 180˚ in either direction with a stainless steel clip in place.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4.0” (76 mm) Open: Overall length: 4. Snap! The Snap Lock is truly ambidextrous.120” (3. The pocket/money clips are removable. When closed. resulting in a little gem with a 1. Germany. E d Van Hoy is a well-known Virginia custom knifemaker and instructor who has a flair for the dramatic and unusual. the more you realize it is one great work tool. 23 .SPORT 5102 5120 5112 SNAP LOCK & SNAP LOCK 2 ™ ™ Specifications VAN HOY SNAP LOCK™ 5102: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5112: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. and will last for years. It immediately won the Designer Knife award at the 2004 IWA show in Nuremberg. almost a Wharncliffe.5 oz. (77 g) VAN HOY SNAP LOCK™ 2 5120: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 1. we knew we had to offer a production version. and was named “Overall Knife of the Year” at the 2004 Blade Show in Atlanta. Simply press the thumb wheel and rotate the blade. and left and right clips are included with the larger models. right. It has been called a “far-out folder” but the more you handle and carry the Snap Lock. “Everything in one: gadget. for truly ambidextrous use. and clip have a contemporary bead-blast finish. Georgia. Five lightening holes also add a decorative touch. we were able to create the Snap Lock 2 at 70% of the original size. so it will last for the life of the knife. it is a minimal but very usable handle.” The Snap Lock’s unique cam opening and locking mechanism allows fast one-hand opening and closing. ornament.5 ounces (43 g). 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. and here it is. The blade can pivot a full 360˚ with no clip.” stated Margaret Spindler.7 oz. The harder you grip the handle. frame. When his custom Snap Lock™ was given the “Most Innovative Knife Award” at the American Knifemakers’ Guild Show.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. removable Weight: 1. utensil and money clip. The next question was. when open. in two ingenious packages. 5112C.75” (44 mm) blade. thanks to twelve positive locking surfaces between the frame and locking lugs. The handle itself is likely the biggest “spring” ever devised for a knife-locking mechanism.120” (3. the AUS 4 stainless steel wishbone frame is a 100% effective blade edge guard. Blade. Ed’s cam locking system features two thumb wheels. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4. The AUS 4 stainless steel blade itself has a subtle drop point shape. the CRKT Snap Lock.75” (44 mm) Thickness: 0. and is available in both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges. right and left.125” (156 mm) Clips: Two. so it is a very safe and secure system.

you’ll have a useful pen knife. The Turtle knife makes a stylish and unusual pendant when strung on your favorite silver chain (not included). It comes with CPL handle scales on the front and back for wear as a pendant on your favorite neck chain (not included). available in a polished finish or black anthracite titanium nitride coating. Ultramarine Blue Scales 5900W: Black Titanium Nitride Frame.00” (25 mm) Thickness: 0.00” (76 mm) Weight: 1. we discovered today’s advanced CPL composites. And by the way. pink. 24 . our Boyd Ashworth Turtle™is available in pink.3 ounces. Just fold out the hidden chain holder and you are ready to make a fashion statement. (45 g) (with clip) NOTE: Scale materials may vary in color and pattern. Turtle” models won back-to-back Best Miniature Folder awards at consecutive Blade Shows. The Turtle frame is high-carbon stainless steel. blue. Pink Pearlescent Scales Blade: Length: 1. Use your Turtle knife as a handy money clip. The 1. Yes. Golden Brown Scales 5910P: Polished Frame.3 oz. No. and weighing only 1. only 2.0” long when folded. or as a key fob.6 oz. they don’t have one of these. White Pearlescent Scales 5910A: Polished Frame. In lieu of exotic handle scale materials. simply unscrew the back scale and attach the polished money clip. This material is exceptionally strong and tough. No matter where you go. and came up with our production Ashworth Turtle™ series. Available in clampacks as 5910AC and 5910GC. Because of the molding process.080” (2. fossil walrus. W e first noted Georgia custom knifemaker and Knifemakers’ Guild member Boyd Ashworth when his custom “Thomas C. if they have everything else. used widely in modern bowling balls.SPORT 5910A 5910G 5900B 5900W 5910P TURTLE ASHWORTH ™ Is it a knife? Is it a money clip? Is it a pendant? Is it a key fob? Yes. but this is a useful pen knife suited to hundreds of daily tasks around the house and office. These innovative little jewels were marked by the use of Boyd’s own Damascus steels and exotic materials such as mother-of-pearl. They make great conversation pieces and are useful and affordable gifts both for men and for women. wooly mammoth. Five scale colors are available: black. And by popular demand. We engineered the CRKT Turtle to be convertible. gold. so every Turtle is unique. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 2. Anthracite Black Scales 5910G: Polished Frame. (37 g) (with scales) 1. white. If you prefer. Consequently. and at the demand of many ladies. Specifications TURTLE™ 5900B: Black Titanium Nitride Frame. you could spend close to four figures to own one. Believe us.00” (51 mm) Open: Overall length: 3. and gold. We thought the concept of the pendant/money clip knife was brilliant. there are no exotic materials. the swirl patterns vary considerably. no Turtles were harmed during the filming of this catalog page. they are cute little knives.0” Razor-Sharp stubby spear point blade is polished high-carbon stainless steel. The scales can be injection molded in an almost infinite variety of colors and swirl patterns.0 mm) Steel: 420J2. from clipping recipes to opening packages to sharpening pencils. Just press the blade tang to open with either hand.

which can be a pocket clip. Weighing only 1. Here’s a tool for the serious golfer that has it all in one small and lightweight package that’s easy to carry around the course. comprising all geckos. which is a great place to stash all your golf winnings. Push the other tab. (51 g) GEKKOTA™ GOLF 5310: Divot Fork. Money Clip Blade: Length: 1. and the other a golf tool. Gekkota™ Golf.8 oz.375” (35 mm) Thickness: 0. or a money clip. No more ruining the pockets in your golf trousers with the sharp points of a regular divot tool. Bottle Opener. It is firmly held open by the frame lock cut into the Gekkota stainless steel back panel.093” (2.375” long spear point blade with a CRKT script laser cut in it. one a daily personal carry. There’s a magnet which holds a stainless steel ball marker.125” (54 mm) Open: Overall length: 3. (51 g) Caution: Magnet may harm electronic media. Both models have a handy bottle opener when you need to open your favorite soda or microbrew. Money Clip. Both these cute little Gekkota models make affordable and unusual gifts and premiums. How about Launce Barber and Tom Stokes’ multifunctional Gekkota line? M ost of our readers will know that Gekkota is an infraorder in the suborder Scleroglossa. both for men and women. The folding loop allows both lightweight Gekkota models to become a handy key fob so it’s there when you need it. Finally there’s the stainless steel money clip. this is a lightweight tool that has hundreds of daily uses.8 ounces. Magnetic Ball Marker Closed: Handle length: 2.8 oz. Then you look more carefully. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 2. But what’s this? Push one of the little flipper tabs.50” (89 mm) Weight: 1. Specifications GEKKOTA™ POCKET 5300: Knife with Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.125” (54 mm) Open: Overall length: 3. this looks like a brooch with a gecko design on the green anodized 6061 aluminum face.SPORT 5310 5300 GEKKOTA ™ We’re always looking for the innovative and unusual. But what the heck is the CRKT Gekkota™? Well. it’s a useful little product designed by Launce Barber and Tom Stokes that’s available in two models.50” (89 mm) Weight: 1. Gekkota™ Pocket. Screwdriver. Screwdriver. and you have a tool that is both a blade screwdriver and a bottle opener. The folding loop allows you to attach the Gekkota Golf to your golf bag with a small carabiner or clip. and out pops a 1.4 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. handy when you need to open your favorite soda or microbrew. Bottle Opener. And there’s a folding loop that allows the Gekkota to be carried on a neck chain or by a small carabiner. At first glance. First. there’s the screwdriver and bottle opener. which can certainly come in handy on hot days on the course. and find the stainless steel clip on the back. 25 . there’s a fold-out locking divot fork with two tines. Second.

it is important during a long cutting work session to periodically open and close the blade to maintain the edge. because they hone their edges every time they are opened or closed.5 mm) Steel: 420J2. thanks to inventor Maj.643. which helps cutting action. Howard Pope and knifemaker Steve Jernigan. Yellow Scale Insert Blade: Length: 3.25” (83 mm) Thickness: 0.875” (73 mm) Thickness: 0. garden stalks. who collaborated with custom knifemaker and Knifemakers’ Guild member Steve Jernigan.SPORT 6444B 6444Y 6442 EDGIE & EDGIE 2 ™ ™ These two patented* knives sharpen themselves. A textured surface and soft grooved TPR insert give excellent grip under all conditions.25” blade. That’s the Edgie story. Patent No. 6444BC. we’ve used our InterFrame build.8 oz. The 2. Blue Scale Insert 6444Y: Microserrated Cutting Edge. Steve Jernigan came up with a dual-edged Edgie lockback with a 3. Blue or yellow insert models are available.100” (2. We call it the Edgie™ line. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.100” (2.3 oz. and even ripe tomatoes. All Edgie models feature removable stainless steel clips in satin finish. and 6444YC.). Specifications EDGIE™ 6442: Microserrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. (108 g) EDGIE™ 2 6444B: Microserrated Cutting Edge. Here it is. (122 g) *U. 6.934b2 The Edgie 2 features a lockback design. grooved soft TPR inserts and textured Zytel scales for grip.00” (178 mm) Weight: 3. For strength and long life. 51-53 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.S. Original Edgie™.50” (191 mm) Weight: 4. It’s not too glamorous. The first CRKT Edgie is a single-edged utility knife. This makes the Edgie tops for cutting cardboard boxes. man has dreamed of a knife that would sharpen itself during normal use. ince the dawn of human history.125” (105 mm) Open: Overall length: 7.30” (135 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. . The lockback release is at the butt for exceptional lockup safety. just a tale of affordable and tough little work knives designed to take a lot of use and stay sharp. Of course.5 mm) Steel: 5Cr15MoV. the patented* brainchild of inventor Maj. the frame is superstrong thanks to our stainless steel InterFrame build with Zytel scales. Not only do you never need to sharpen the Edgie blade with stones or wheels. The diamond sharpening strip causes a tiny burr to form. placed at the precise angle to give the blades a sharpening stroke as they are closed and opened. cord. Howard Pope (USAR Ret. Available in clampacks as 6442C. but you should not. The injection-molded Zytel® scales have castellations at the spine and a checkered inset pattern to enhance grip. Next. rope. The long blade slot allows easy one-hand opening. Again. The “American Eagle Wharncliffe” blade grind tapers at the tip for better penetration and much easier cutting of thick materials such as corrugated cardboard. because it may alter the blade’s proper self-sharpening edge angle. with two stainless steel liners and stainless steel back spring. The secret is diamond-coated spring sharpeners built into the folder frames. acting as a microserration. all in satin finish. 26 S Diamond-coated springs hone the cutting edges at precise angles every time an Edgie is closed and opened. Edgie™ 2.875” high-carbon stainless steel blade in satin finish features a strong full-width spine.

and then a brushed finish on the outer surface only. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 3. and removable custom clip. It also features a 2. (43 g) PAZODA™ 6480: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6490: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. (91 g) Blade: Length: 2. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. Pazoda models feature a stainless steel frame-lock build. It is simply an incredible value in an all-stainless steel folder. dual thumb studs. Or you can take any one to your local trophy house for personalized” (76 mm) Open: Overall length: 5.125” (54 mm) Thickness: 0. gray titanium nitride coated. The Pazoda™ is a stylish frame-lock folder with a 2. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 6460K: G10 InterFrame Build. see our web site.875” 8Cr14MoV stainless steel blade with a Razor-Sharp edge and a brushed finish. W Drifter G10 models feature stainless steel InterFrame build. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. A stainless steel clip is included. leaving an ample bright area for imprinting. (68 g) 6450S: Steel Frame-Lock Build.100” (2. and all have flat areas that are perfect for our “Company Billboard” imprinting by laser or silk screen. (88 g) 27 . Available in clampacks as 6460KC and 6490C. removable custom clip.100” (2. pricing and minimum quantities of custom “Company Billboard” imprinting of CRKT knives with your logo or message. For more information on colors. They’re high-quality knives that are priced low enough to purchase in quantity. The stainless steel frames are also given a gray titanium nitride coating. A stainless steel clip is included.2 oz. The Pazoda is available in both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges.625” (67 mm) Thickness: 0.SPORT 6450K 6470 6460K 6480 6450S 6490 DRIFTER & PAZODA ™ A collection of high-quality affordable little knives that seem to shout: “Engrave your name or put your company logo right here!” hat makes a good logo knife? It should be affordable. So we are very happy to present the Drifter and Pazoda™ series.625” (92 mm) Open: Overall length: 6.50” (165 mm) PAZODA™ 2 6470: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. The oval blade hole allows fast either-hand opening. The smaller Pazoda™ 2 is similar in design and materials to its larger brother.875” (73 mm) Thickness: 0.875” drop point blade in a gray titanium nitride finish.5 oz.1 oz. and it should have some large flat areas on the blade or frame suitable for logo imprinting. It features an InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and a black stainless steel clip. The Drifter G10 is a locking liner folder with black G10 scales and a premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel 2. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. It is available in both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges.crkt. The flat titanium nitride-coated frames are ideally suited for imprinting. Opening is via an oval blade hole.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. The Drifter and Pazoda series open a new vista on the world of affordable logo knives.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV.4 oz. but with a 2.125” Razor-Sharp blade.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Weight: 2.50” (165 mm) Weight: 3. The Drifter Stainless is a stainless steel frame-lock folder.75” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. www.125” (130 mm) Weight: 1. Specifications DRIFTER 6450K: G10 InterFrame Build.100” (2.625” premium 8Cr14MoV blade.

But most impressively. Metallic Pink. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 1. The left frame is skeletonized to save weight. or a gift knife. Although short. The left frame is 6061 anodized aluminum on the colored models. and gives rock-solid lockup.75” (44 mm) Thickness: 0. We have value-priced the Shrimp so anyone can afford one as a key chain knife. Torx® fasteners are used throughout.2 mm) thick. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1184: Metallic Purple Scale. but a real sport and work knife. and Metallic Purple. a width common on much larger folders. with thin blades and slip joint pocket knife frames. The Shrimp is not a toy. there are two finger choils and the frame has a rounded contour. which is why this knife is in our catalog. It is opened by a large CNC-milled nail notch. eliminating the need for separate liners. Gerry McGinnis had a radically innovative idea. for example. the blade is a full 0. Five color schemes are available: Black. the Shrimp has a removable stainless steel pocket clip in bead-blast finish. a first knife. Metallic Orange. It is made of premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in a high satin finish. he category of “key chain knives” has been around for a long time. and stainless steel on the bead-blast model 1181. It is high hollow ground and has a slight swedge on the top edge. The right side frame is 3Cr13 stainless steel on all models. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1182: Metallic Orange Scale. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1183: Metallic Pink Scale. To aid grip. (54 g) Shrimp features include a moonglow back spacer.9 oz. solid frame lock and large blade pivot means that this is one shrimp that doesn’t wiggle! But there’s more to the story. and fold-out key chain loop.5” handle.50” (64 mm) Open: Overall length: 4. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1181: Bead-Blast Stainless Steel Scale. And please remember. .125” (3. so you can quickly find your Shrimp at night. 28 T The Shrimp’s stainless steel frame lock is like that on larger knives. these are little pen knives. Just like our larger knives. but it’s really a small rugged utility folder that glows in the dark. The Shrimp has a frame-lock build. There are aggressive friction grooves on the spine for the thumb. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 2. Specifications McGINNIS SHRIMP™ 1180: Black Scale.25” (108 mm) Weight: 1. He calls it the Shrimp™.125” (3. Take the blade. stainless steel clip. with a modified drop point shape with recurve.75” blade and a 2. And there’s a small key chain loop that folds out of the frame. The combination of thick blade.2 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV. There are Teflon® bushings at the blade pivot. it is fully featured.SPORT 1181 1180 1184 1182 1183 SHRIMP McGINNIS ™ You could think of it as a big key chain knife. The only difference is that it has a 1. The revolutionary idea is this: make a small knife with premium quality materials and big knife build. Stainless Bead-Blast. but as a term of endearment for a tough little guy. we’ve added a back spacer of moonglow plastic that glows in the dark. And finally. In most cases. a money clip knife. the name Shrimp is not intended as an insult.

50” (114 mm) Open: Overall length: 8.939 NOTE: Layered G10 patterns may vary due to hand finishing.D. one a hefty assisted-opener. H The Notorious features OutBurst assisted opening and a very strong stainless steel frame lock. The handle is exceptionally strong and rigid with two stainless steel frames and a stainless steel back spacer. the knife does not need either thumb studs or nail nicks for opening. D559.1 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV.0 oz. with a RazorSharp high satin blade. There are ample friction grooves at the thumb. frames and clip. The stainless steel strip liner and removable pocket/gear clip are blue titanium nitride coated to match the blue G10 layer in the handles. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. plus combination Razor-Sharp and our patented Veff™ Serrated* edge.SPORT 1168K 1167 1163K 1162 NOTORIOUS & PREMONITION ™ McGINNIS ™ Gerry McGinnis has been busy developing these popular designs. The frame is a lightweight open build of hand-contoured.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. The frame is curvilinear to fit the hand.0 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Both models have a removable stainless steel clip. which also acts as a blade guard. Bead-Blast Frame. the other a lightweight E. Gerry has created a blade with both excellent cutting ability and good penetration. Black Scales. (57 g) McGINNIS NOTORIOUS™ 1167: Satin Blade.C. This smaller every day carry (E.D. Premonition™. with a flipper. Two models are available. swedged at the top edge. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. Notorious™. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1163K: Black Oxide Blade.119” (3.125” (105 mm) Open: Overall length: 7.S. Here’s a full-size frame-lock folder with our patented OutBurst® assisted opening system. webbing and canvas. The black Zytel® back spacer is forward on the handles.121” (3. The 3.31” (186 mm) Weight: 2. By maintaining a full-width spine nearly to the point. allowing maximum blade length for this length of handle. ow does Gerry McGinnis keep his grades up as a student at North Carolina State University and still keep coming up with interesting knife designs? We don’t know. Patent No.50” blade is a modified spear point with a recurve and a very high hollow grind. with black G10 scales. Gray Scales. Because of the flipper.C.0 oz. which gives superior cutting through rope.25” drop point blade is premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with a high hollow grind. The 3.25” (83 mm) Thickness: 0. The lightweight Premonition opens easily and quickly by pressing this flipper. bead-blast frames and clip. but here are two more that we just couldn’t resist putting into production.) features a precisely angled flipper for extra-fast one-hand blade opening. 29 . Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1168K: Black Oxide Blade and Frame. (142 g) *U. and gray G10 scales. and is amply skeletonized with nine lightening holes on the other frame. Gerry has designed G10 scale onlays which fit the hand nicely and are CNC machined to give additional grip. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. or black oxide coated with combination Razor-Sharp and our patented Veff™ Serrated edge. The sport and work model is bright. Pressing one of the dual ramped thumb studs instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30˚. The tactical model is black oxide coated on blade. layered blue/black G10. Combined RazorSharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.00” (203 mm) Weight: 5. with a stainless steel strip lock inlaid into a machined relief in one handle frame. It is available satin finished with a Razor-Sharp cutting edge. Specifications McGINNIS PREMONITION™ 1162: Satin Blade.

Available in clampack as 1166KC. is one of the most attractive we have ever manufactured.SPORT 1166K 1165 1161 1160 TUITION & SUMMA ® ® McGINNIS ® Two work knives featuring premium blade steel and hand-shaped Micarta scales. The custom stainless steel pocket/gear clip in satin finish is removable. and a rigid Zytel® back spacer. but the graceful and sinuous shape of the Summa. which also acts as a blade guard when open. with our exclusive combination Veff™ Serrations. Specifications McGINNIS TUITION® 1160: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1161: Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. The broad sheepsfoot 2. The Tuition® is a compact and powerful work knife that is just right for shop and outdoor tasks. full-size folder with a 3. The Razor-Sharp model 1165 has a satin finished blade. Patent No. As a business student in college. . netting. plus thumb friction grooves. While stubby.120” (3.75” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 6. swelling at the palm and offering a deep finger choil that transitions into the flipper blade guard. and features hand-shaped black and green layered polished Micarta® scales. twine. for an effect that is cool and understated.75” drop point blade of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with a very high hollow grind. while the Summa® T 1166K offers tactical black oxide coating for maximum corrosion resistance.6 oz.0 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Custom quality and materials at an incredible price.4 oz. hand-shaped black and blue layered polished Micarta scales. feel.939 NOTE: Layered Micarta patterns may vary due to hand finishing. At CRKT. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge McGINNIS SUMMA® T 1166K: Black Oxide Blade. accurate trimming and excellent tip strength. But he will be when the word gets out about his production CRKT Tuition® and Summa® knife designs. These two locking liner folders offer the materials and quality usually found only on custom knives costing many times as much. Both Summa models feature an open InterFrame build with stainless steel liners. For fast either-hand opening. Our stainless steel InterFrame build is exceptionally rigid. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3.120” (3. The liners and custom removable stainless steel clip receive a blue titanium nitride coating.88” blade has a high hollow grind that gives fast cutting. Both knives are offered with Razor-Sharp edges or our exclusive combination patented* Veff™ Serrations for fastest cutting through rope. balance and grip.88” (124 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. The Summa features blue ti-nitride on its stainless steel liners and clip to match its blue and black Micarta scales. Everything is just right: look.S. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.63” (168 mm) Weight: 3. Gerry thought these CRKT designs should be named after words that are foremost on his mind right now. (102 g) *U. the Tuition flipper blends with the deep finger choil as an effective blade guard for secure grip.1 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. oung knifemaker Gerry McGinnis is not well known– yet– in the cutlery world. the Tuition handle is shaped for grip.88” (73 mm) Thickness: 0. Blade steel is premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel in a satin finish. almost uninterrupted by studs or hardware. just press the flipper. The larger Summa® is a sleek. One-hand opening is fast using the friction-grooved flipper.75” (95 mm) Thickness: 0. D559. (96 g) McGINNIS SUMMA® 1165: Satin Finish Blade.50” (216 mm) Weight: 3. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. 30 Y When open. and vegetation. we have never produced a knife based on eye-appeal alone.

C. Our heavy-duty InterFrame build is true to Kit’s design. white bone.7 oz. we decided to add some more value by offering our patented OutBurst® assisted opening. M4 models have dual thumb studs for ambidextrous one-hand opening and bronze and Teflon® bearings at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth. It creates a virtual fixed blade when actuated after the blade is opened and locked. and a stainless steel back spacer.C.D. complete with OutBurst® assisted opening and LAWKS®safety on two models. Stag Scales.0” (178 mm) Weight: 3. Our lightweight model features white bone scales and contrasting black G10 bolsters. hand contoured like a Carson custom. The M4 line features natural materials. But since 1990. Specifications M4™-02: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. C The LAWKS safety allows two M4 models to become virtual fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked.596. LAWKS Safety Weight: 4. LAWKS Safety Weight: 3. I’ve made many variations on it. (105 g) *U. The 3. Stainless Steel Bolster. Available in clampack as M4-02SC. 31 . from exotic collectibles to working tacticals.C.SPORT M4-02W M4-02 M4-02S M4 CARSON ™ Kit Carson’s classic custom folder is a popular CRKT E. with form following function.25” blade is a high-hollow-grind drop point of premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in a bead-blast finish with a Razor-Sharp edge. You can also have the M4 with burled wood scales and brushed stainless steel bolsters. and burled wood. So here you have a friendly E. M4™-02W Burled Wood.S. All three models have high-mounted pocket/gear clips. Kit says. But I still get more and more calls to make the M4. Kit’s most consistent selling custom model has been his classic M4™. which we offer in many CRKT production models. plus our LAWKS safety. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. In his usual unassuming manner. Bone Scales. knife that fits the hand naturally for all kinds of cutting and carving tasks.D. Stainless Steel Bolster. in maybe 20 versions.) M4™-02S Stag. and our patented* LAWKS® safety on models with the stainless steel bolster. 5. M4™-02.) size. It’s simple. Patent No.121” (3. “I guess you’d say it’s my flagship custom. It’s a very classy look. (116 g) M4™-02W: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.3 oz. G10 Bolster (without LAWKS Safety) Blade: Length: 3.75” (95 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. fast action.D. with dual stainless steel liners. Burl Scales. one locking. ustom knifemaker and Knifemakers’ Guild member Kit Carson is widely known for his M16® design. model.25” (83 mm) Thickness: 0. (A LAWKS safety cannot be fitted with this bolster. Like Kit. including stag. (94 g) M4™-02S: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. Our OutBurst assisted opening mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30 degrees. also with the LAWKS safety.1 oz. it’s a bit unassuming. While we were engineering it.808 NOTE: Natural bone and wood components may vary in color and grain pattern. This deluxe model has a traditional look with stag scales and brushed stainless steel bolsters.” We offer the M4 design in Kit’s smaller every day carry (E. No tricks that look slick but aren’t worth a flip in your hand.1 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV. but it’s a knife you’ll come back to year after year.

you get the AutoLAWKS safety. M16-01KZC. which speeds opening of the blade and acts as a blade guard when the blade is open. black frame and hardware.5 oz. Specifications M16®-01Z: Bead-Blast Spear Point Blade.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr15MoV. The M16®-10KZ is again the same design with black EDP blade.C. black frame and hardware.098” (2. and you have one of the truly great knife values of our time. The real breakthrough was our ability to engineer our patented* AutoLAWKS™ knife safety into all models. and also allows easy field-sharpening. Standard models have a bead-blast finish.00” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. the result is amazingly rigid. 5.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. The M16®-10Z features a dual hollow grind Tanto-style blade with Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges similar to our “Big Dog” M16 models. Our knife users told us. dual thumb studs. H As on larger M16-Z models. (68 g) M16®-10Z: Bead-Blast Tanto Blade. (71 g) * U. Our our popular M16 Compact Every Day are available are available in our tough. Our rigid InterFrame build uses dual stainless steel liners.13” (181 mm) Weight: 2. The M16®-01KZ is the same design with black EDP blade. Zytel is a fiberglass-filled nylon that offers excellent toughness and resistance to solvents. Blades are AUS 4 high-carbon stainless steel which gives an ideal combination of toughness and edge-holding ability in a work knife. while our very popular “K” models have a black EDP finish.’s the best value in the work and sport knife world.098” (2.C. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge M16®-10KZ: Black Tanto Blade.437. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.808 and 7. and M16-10KZC. affordable InterFrame build.00” (178 mm) Weight: 2. ere is Kit Carson’s M16® Every Day Carry (E. So we set about to make the Zytel E.” We heard you. Patent Nos. Zytel scales and hefty Zytel back spacer. The M16®-01Z uses our popular spear point slim profile blade with a RazorSharp edge. affordable InterFrame/Zytel® build with AutoLAWKS™.D. webbing.4 oz. 32 . That starts with textured Zytel® scales and a dual 2Cr13 stainless steel liner InterFrame. It is ideal for fine cutting and carving tasks. The result is maximum blade strength and ability to saw through cord. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M16®-01KZ: Black Spear Point Blade.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr15MoV.S. M16-10ZC. Assembled with Zytel back spacers and Torx® fasteners. Frame and Hardware Blade: Length: 3. Frame and Hardware Blade: Length: 3. Carson Flipper and removable clip. Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot and an adjustable pivot screw allow for perfect blade action.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.596.SPORT M16-01Z M16-01KZ M16-10Z M16-10KZ M16-Z EDC M16 EDC-Z ®® CARSON Nowpopular M16 Every Day Carry designs Carry models in our tough. nets or vegetation quickly. making these folders into virtual fixed blades when locked.822 Available in clampacks as M16-01ZC. Of course. all models feature the Carson Flipper. and one that won’t break us up if we leave it on a job site or drop it in the river. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. including black-on-black models.D. which automatically actuates when the blades are open.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. “We want an affordable work knife that we can give hard use without feeling guilty.) with our Zytel® InterFrame build. Add to these features the standard removable Teflon®-plated stainless steel clothing/gear clip plus the CRKT limited lifetime warranty.

(111 g) M16®-04Z: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M16®-14Z: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. The M16®-02Z and 12Z are tough little bulldogs. For lightning-fast opening. dual thumb studs.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4.120” (3. Specifications M16®-02Z: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M16®-12Z: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. or years. Every day. not fad.9 oz. which is not only an aid to opening the blade.25” (235 mm) Weight: 6.822 Available in clampacks as M16-12ZC and M16-13ZC. just press the blade guard and flick your wrist. with dual grind Tanto-style blades. We overbuild it for rigidity.S.596. (176 g) * U. And we assemble the handle with superior offset Torx® fasteners. They use our very successful InterFrame construction. F Tops in value: AutoLAWKS safety. We’ve also incorporated our patented* AutoLAWKS™ automatic knife safety into all models. especially when wearing gloves. Patent Nos. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. stainless steel InterFrame.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. tough.5 mm) Steel: AUS 4. The blade is locked and ready.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4. which converts the M16 Zytel series into virtual fixed blades when their blades are open and locked.138” (3.7 oz.625” (117 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. 33 . All styles have Teflon® bearings and a removable Teflon®-plated stainless steel clothing/gear clip. 5. Carson Flipper blade guard and removable stainless steel clip. Day after day.118” (3. and offer both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges. using solid Zytel back spacers. They are ideal for a variety of carry positions.437. And they are exceptional values.25” (184 mm) Weight: 3. Kit Carson’s M16® designs have been our most popular series. The hefty M16®-04Z and 14Z Big Dogs offer larger dual grind Tanto-style blades.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7.25” (210 mm) Weight: 3. The M16®-03Z and 13Z are slimmer designs with spear point blades. All models feature the Carson Flipper.SPORT M16-12Z M16-04Z M16-02Z M16-14Z M16-03Z M16-13Z M16-Z ® ® CARSON Value and versatility: Kit Carson’s M16 designs with AutoLAWKS™safety. We use our tough AUS 4 high-carbon stainless steel for the blades to give greater everyday utility. These are full-size working knives suited to large hands and heavy-duty tasks. but acts as a blade guard when the blade is open. textured Zytel® scales over a 420J2 stainless steel liner InterFrame.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9.2 oz. These knives are built for function. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. Think of the M16-Zytel as a Clydesdale—ready to rush a knight into battle or pull a beer wagon. And our Zytel® version has built the largest user base of all. and a tough AUS 4 blade.808 and 7.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. (105 g) M16®-03Z: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M16®-13Z: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. The handle is exceptionally rigid and fills the hand perfectly. Zytel scales.

375” (137 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Available in clampack as M21-14C. Patent Nos.808 and 7. 34 . 5. All fasteners.5 oz. including the clip screws. using premium AUS 8 stainless steel in nonreflective frost finish to offer superior edge retention. yet retains a full width central spine for most of its length for maximum strength.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. So there you have it.38” (187 mm) Weight: 3.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8.S.437. the request was for a deep-bellied spear point blade with recurve. the M21 is the series for you.138” (3. We have also incorporated our patented* AutoLAWKS™ automatic knife safety into all M21 models.822 The deep-bellied blade is ground with a recurve and false edge to give maximum strength in a spear point. They are CNC machined with a perimeter radius for a comfortable grip with or without work gloves. (94 g) M21™-04: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M21™-14: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. deep-bellied spear point blade.3 oz. Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot assure velvety-smooth one-hand opening and closing. M21™ models feature the very popular “Carson Flipper” blade extension. W The Carson Flipper aids opening and the AutoLAWKS safety turns the M21 into a virtual fixed blade automatically. but your work tasks demand a deep-bellied blade. we knew we should offer it in two sizes similar to the “Little Bulldog” and “Big Dog.31” (236 mm) Weight: 5. using Kit Carson’s trademark dual checkered thumb studs which also act as a blade stop.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. same long life.114” (2.SPORT M21-04 M21-14 M21-12 M21-02 M21 CARSON CARSON ™ And then you asked for Kit Carson’s aluminum frame build with a powerful. There is a single stainless steel locking liner with friction grooves for positive locking. same excellent value. with our AutoLAWKS™safety. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. Every model features a removable Teflon®-plated stainless steel clothing/gear clip. hard anodized charcoal gray.” The swedged and recurved blade is ground to a spear point shape. which converts them into virtual fixed blades when their blades are open and locked. skeletonized to reduce weight. We offer both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge grinds. which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard. As soon as we saw the first sketches. same functional features.9 mm) Steel: AUS 8. If you love the Carson line. In this case. The grind incorporates a false top edge and deep belly. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. are Torx®. it is bound to spark calls for variations.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. Same premium build. Kit Carson’s open build uses contoured handles of 6061 T6 aluminum.596. Specifications M21™-02: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M21™-12: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. (156 g) * U. hen a series like Kit Carson’s aluminum-handled line has been so successful. You got it.

There are many reasons custom knifemakers choose an InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and G10 scales in preference to aluminum or even titanium scales. and clip reversed. the M21-02GL. it is cooler to grip in the beating desert sun. t began like a Christmas wish list. U. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. (173 g) 1. Every model features a removable Teflon®-plated stainless steel clothing/gear clip. the smaller size with Razor-Sharp edge.” Everything you could ask for in a custom-quality work knife at a great price. which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard. D559.S.138” (3. the aggressive G10 texture gives unparalleled grip. Choose from two sizes. it is lightweight.38” (187 mm) Weight: 3. New Left-Hand Model. So there you have the M21 G10 series. First.808 and 7. Patent Nos. Unlike the typical custom knifemaker. 5. hardware and clip are black oxide coated.939 2. we got everything we wanted. ho. the M21-02GL.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. All fasteners. just like our original M21 aluminum series. Second. we are able to engineer our patented2 AutoLAWKS™ automatic knife safety into all M21 models. it is very strong. This year. G10 is an insulator with a low specific heat.S. (105 g) M21™-04G: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M21™-14G: Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. including the clip screws.1 oz.596. and now with a true left-hand model. These M21 models also feature the very popular “Carson Flipper” blade extension. locking liner. 35 . Therefore.1 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. Patent No. Does that make us feel jolly? Ho. What if we could build Kit Carson’s M21™ series just the way a custom knifemaker would: with a G10 and stainless steel InterFrame build and a titanium nitride-coated premium stainless steel blade? What if we could bring it in at a very competitive value price? Just like a kid on Christmas morning.375” (137 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Third. Liners. and finishes– all at a value price. in your choice of Razor-Sharp or our exclusive Combined Razor-Sharp and patented1 Veff™ Serrated edge grinds.437. ho! I We now offer a true left-hand model. Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot assure velvety-smooth one-hand opening and closing.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. we are responding to demand with a lefthand model. and warmer to grip at subfreezing temperatures. And finally. which converts them into virtual fixed blades when their blades are open and locked.7 oz. We call it a “premium value line. with the AutoLAWKS safety. the swedged and recurved spear point blades are made of premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with a nonreflective black titanium nitride finish which gives maximum corrosion resistance.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. are Torx®. using Kit Carson’s trademark dual checkered thumb studs which also act as a blade stop. The swedged. U.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0.SPORT M21-04G M21-14G M21-02G M21-12G M21 G10 ™ Specifications M21™-02G: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge M21™-02GL: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. Left-Hand Build M21™-12G: Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. On all models. deep-bellied blade is available with our exclusive Veff Serrations for fast cutting of cord and vegetation. build.122” (3.822 CARSON This G10 work knife series features premium materials.31” (236 mm) Weight: 6. As is standard practice on CRKT folders.

radiator hose. 7.0”.9 oz. one for pushing or tapping.8 oz. wants one immediately. each one unique in the knife and tool world. The handle terminates in a ring for the little finger. It’s an ideal everyday carry for the craftsman. (391 g) Sheath: Overall length: 9.250” (6.70” and 7. The full-tang blade is 0.88” (149 mm) Weight: 3. U. The Razel SS7 is an effective chopping tool for woodworking.125” (29 mm) Length: 3. Reaching into tight spaces and push cutting with the chisel edge. 58-60 HRC Knife: Overall length: 12. It’s a cross between a chisel and a razor with a knife handle.25” (311 mm) Weight: 13. mortises and tenons.939 2. plus a 3.4 mm) Steel: 9Cr18MoV. developed their custom Graham Razel™ in 2001. slickest conditions without fear of losing your grip.25”. Knife? Chisel? Yes. How are mechanics. Use it to cut through thickets and to release tangles of rope or nets. plus a hardened steel windowbreaker tip. They’re three extremely high-quality work tools.5 oz. hand-contoured Micarta® handles. The Ringed Razel™ has cutting edges of 1.0” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. (139 g) 1.4 oz.70” (94 mm) Thickness: 0. removing paint and stickers.5” (241 mm) Weight: 4. 58-60 HRC Knife: Overall length: 5. wire insulation.180” (4. hunting. There is a flat at the end of the handle for tapping.180” (4.70” top cutting edge with patented1 Veff™ Serrations. farmers. (28 g) RINGED RAZEL™ 2012 Blade: Width: 1. The CRKT production Razel models follow the Graham concept faithfully. Cutting things like paracord. camping.8-ounce work tool with the look of a cleaver and the heft of a hatchet.50” (190 mm) Weight: 5. The result gives two useful Razor-Sharp edges.007. And maybe the most useful fixed blade cutting tool series ever devised. Prying tight-fitting parts. You can use this tool in the wettest.6 mm) Steel: 9Cr18MoV. Tennessee. built to custom standards. and friction grooves at the blade spine for the thumb. and customfitted Kydex® sheaths.15”. with very thick full-tang blades of premium 9Cr18MoV (similar to 440C) stainless steel in a brushed finish. U. Not the Razel. And just about every serious craftsman we show them to.0” (102 mm) Weight: 1.15” (55 mm) Thickness: 0. (111 g) Sheath: Overall length: 4. Its Kydex® sheath features our patented2 quick-release system. Chiseling to make reliefs.6 mm) Steel: 9Cr18MoV. You also get two strong blade points.25” thick with cutting edges of 1. and home craftsmen using their Razel models? Jon Graham reports: Scraping gaskets.S.2011 2012 2013 RAZEL FIXED BLADES ™ GRAHAM Here’s the original Graham concept. Our Stubby Pocket Razel™ has cutting edges of 1. plastic ties and tubing. Opening feed bags and cutting through bales of hay. 58-60 HRC Knife: Overall length: 7.125” and 3.25” (184 mm) Top Serration: 3. the Razel does it.S. hen the Graham Brothers of Graham Knives in Cleveland. Taper reaming a hole with the twist of the wrist. (40 g) RAZEL™ SS7 2013 Blade: Width: 1. D559. Patent No.0” (127 mm) Weight: 1.70” (43 mm) Length: 7. (156 g) Sheath: Overall length: 5.352 .0 oz. The comfortable contoured Micarta handle makes this a tool you can use for hours. and the other for precise cutting. and is ideal for clearing brushy trails.0” and 2. The Ringed Razel above also has a little finger ring. You name it. The butt features a bottle and jar opener.0” (25 mm) Length: 2. Patent No. 36 W All three Razel models feature hand-shaped Micarta scales. Our Razel™ SS7 is a humongous 13. most knife blades came to a single point. carpenters.9 oz. Specifications STUBBY POCKET RAZEL™ 2011 Blade: Width: 1.

with a slightly curved 3.0” (51 mm) Thickness: 0. ur CRKT fixed-blade Razel™ series designed by Jon Graham of Graham Knives in Cleveland. and pommel swell. mechanic. But many insisted that we make folding versions. The hand-contoured ram horn scales swell to fit securely in your palm.923” (23 mm) Length: 2. and clip it back into their pocket or work apron without looking down for a sheath. has captured the attention of every craftsman who has seen them. 5. simply press the small blade guard.13” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.130” (3. Available in clampack as 4030C.25” (83 mm) Open: Overall length: 5. webbing. strapping. so they could whip out the knife for a task. To initiate one-hand blade opening on the Stubby Folding Razel. Integrated into the design is the patented1 LAWKS® safety.1 oz. which effectively converts the Folding Razel into a virtual fixed blade— very reassuring when you are using your knife for difficult and tiring tasks. too. 37 . O The Folding Razel comes with two clips.808 2.13” thick blade.75” (121 mm) Open: Overall length: 8.939 NOTE: Horn and Micarta components may vary in color and grain pattern. (125 g) FOLDING RAZEL™ 4030 Razor-Sharp Cutting Edges 4035 Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edges Blade: Width: 1. U. and vegetation. such as shaving just a few thousandths of an inch from a woodworking cut. hose. close it with one hand. And it is strong enough with hefty liners. This is a knife you can use for hours on end without discomfort. electrician. Tennessee. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.00” (203 mm) Weight: 6.130” (3. so here they are. We had to admit it was faster. The handle has a rounded cross section. the hardest-working knives we have ever made. Removable stainless steel clips are included on all models. Patent No.S. The Stubby Folding Razel™ is a short little frame lock with straight cutting edges of 2. We believe the Folding Razel™ is the most comfortable knife we have made yet. sculptor.923”. It is also available with our exclusive patented2 Veff™ Serrations for the fastest possible cutting of rope. a 0. Here’s custom knife quality in a very affordable work tool.4 oz. It’s a full-size working knife with stainless steel InterFrame build and handcontoured black and white swirled Micarta® scales.SPORT 4035 4030 4020RH RAZEL FOLDERS ™ GRAHAM Serious craftsmen love the Razel™ idea.3 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV. a deep finger choil and ample thumb friction grooves. to handle any rough cutting job. make the cut. U. But some demanded folders. Because we know that craftsmen respect a quality tool. open it with one hand. or home hobbyist.13” main cutting edge and 1. so Graham Knives went to work and these folders are the result. and a conventional pocket/gear clip. (173 g) 1.0” and 0. Three stainless steel back spacers yield an easily cleaned open build. deep finger choil. or cleaning up the inside corners of a mortise.S. we decided to make these models using premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blades and top-of-theline scale materials. Whether you’re a woodworker. a mini-clip for low in-pocket carry. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 3. Specifications STUBBY FOLDING RAZEL™ 4020RH Razor-Sharp Cutting Edges Blade: Width: 0. The blade is easily opened with either hand.596. D559.25” (32 mm) Length: 3. Patent No.25” chisel tip edge. you’ll become attached to this little guy. plus grip notches at the finger tips and friction grooves at the thumb. thanks to dual knurled thumb studs. This is the perfect tool to use for any precision cutting task.25” (133 mm) Weight: 4.3 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV.

0 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. (23 g) RSK Mk5™ 2380: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 1. Whether it is wilderness or urban survival. (26 g) RSK Mk5 SHEATH Material: Zytel Length: 2. oug Ritter’s RSK Mk5™ (Ritter Survival Knife) is not a knife you would use all day for normal work tasks.25” (57 mm) Width: 1. It seemed like the perfect affordable CRKT production knife.9 oz. Weighing in at less than an ounce. T D om Krein is a young custom knifemaker who has created quite a stir with his Mid Tech Dogfish neck knife. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 3. based on Doug’s philosophy that “if it isn’t with you.25” (133 mm) Weight: 1. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 5.140” (3.equipped.47” (37 mm) Weight: 0.25” (57 mm) Thickness: 0. bevel grind the 2. so here it is.120” (3. Tom has a great sense of style.25” modified Wharncliffe blade. Use that Dogfish face to open bottles or metal lids on jars.75” wide-chord drop-point blade with a high flat grind. 2370 2371 2380 DOGFISH & RSK Mk5 ™ ™ Sometimes simple is better.3 oz. gut a fish. the Mk5 will do its part to keep you alive and kicking. the Dogfish™ is graceful. org) and an international authority on survival equipment.75” (44 mm) Thickness: 0.” it is compact and light enough to fit in almost any small personal survival kit or stash-away location. or with the Biotac™ (see page 79). Or add a lanyard through the eye opening.5” (89 mm) Width: 1.81” (97 mm) Weight: 0. itself the result of collaboration with Dr. the skeletonized fixed blade sports a 1. (9 g) The RSK Mk5 has a skeletonized perimeter frame with a nylon lanyard to add extra security and grip. We E. construct shelter.SPORT Survival accessories not included. wire cut it from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel. it can’t save you™.D.5 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. Andrew Osbourne. Dogfish available in clampacks as 2370C and 2371C. dress game or for selfdefense. give it a fine bead-blast finish and add a Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge.5 oz. It’s a useful. friendly minimal knife that’s a great value.5” (38 mm) Weight: 0. Specifications DOGFISH™ 2370: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 2371: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2.8 oz. Doug is the founder of the Equipped To Survive™ web site (www. The RSK Mk5 is a collaborative effort based on Georgia knifemaker David White’s custom Shrewd Survival Knife.M. (43 g) DOGFISH SHEATH Material: Kydex or Zytel Length: 3. You also get a custom-fitted six-eyelet Kydex® sheath that grips the knife securely for inverted carry with the neck chain included. and also has that dogfish face at the pommel which turns out to be—a lanyard hole and bottle opener! It has a secure finger choil and friction grooves at the thumb spine and near the butt. Includes a custom-fitted Zytel® sheath and a mint-size carrying tin along with Doug’s suggestions for building up your own personal survival kit. The ergonomic curved handle provides a secure and comfortable two-finger grip while a brightly colored nylon cord fob adds additional length and grip. so unlike many skeletonized flat blades. But. Here are two skeletonized fixed blades designed as personal carries for emergency and survival use. Use it to make fuzz sticks. yet robust enough that it’s a knife you can bet your life on™. gives a secure grip. 38 . The high-carbon steel blade has Doug’s preferred stonewashed finish for improved corrosion resistance.

5 mm) Steel: 1050. The detent also allows inverted carry with a lanyard.2 oz. (34 g) without straps 2. All in all. Just insert the hex bit into the 6 mm wrench to use the SpareTool as a T-driver for flat and Phillips head screws. a file edge.” The result is the SpareTool™. is first of all a knifemaker. bottle opener. even with gloves on. (28 g) R aleigh Tabor is a bit of a perfectionist and has a “feel for the steel.197” (81 mm) Thickness: 0. A large lanyard hole is provided.G. The bit is stored in the molded Zytel® retainer. which is first hot forged and then precision ground into final shape. (110 g) STING SHEATH Material: Cordura/Zytel Length: 6. S The Sting thumb detents lock the knife into the sheath and allow a secure grip. A.G.7 mm) Steel: 5Cr15MoV. Like A.R. but it makes an ideal utility and survival tool. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 6. Russell.0 oz.G. Starting with a Razor-Sharp Wharncliffe fixed blade from 5Cr15MoV stainless steel bar stock. 39 . The CRKT production Sting™. STING™ 2020: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edges Blade: Length: 3.125” (54 mm) Weight: 1. and a 6 mm wrench which also serves to drive the included double-ended flat and Phillips screwdriver hex bit. ay “A. Raleigh has also incorporated a pry bar/nail puller.25” (159 mm) Weight: 1. The integral handle is contoured to fit the bare or gloved hand nicely and provides heft and balance. Specifications A. It begins life as an ordinary blank of 1050 carbon steel. (45 g) SPARETOOL SHEATH Material: Zytel Length: 3. The injection-molded Zytel sheath has a notch which locks it securely to a ball detent so the blade is fully protected when using the other tool functions.85” (174 mm) Weight: 3. or carry as a neck knife.25” (83 mm) Width: 1.” because this living legend was one of the inventors of the modern knife industry.50” (165 mm) Width: 2.” After a long career as an autobody man.” and you have to immediately say “first. A removable belt clip allows carry on belts.137” (3. “I became interested in gadgets. a simple and honest offering from CRKT. I tried to incorporate several tools into one slim and trim tool that would be easily accessible and useful. It’s just a few ounces in the pocket or pack.75” (44 mm) Weight: 1. (68 g) with straps SPARETOOL™ 2395: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. We apply a black nonreflective powder coat finish to resist corrosion. Russell himself. the Sting is a tough character that has earned its respect. Hot forging is the reason the Sting is so tough. is a multipurpose one-piece utility knife that is just about indestructible. 52-55 HRC Knife: Overall length: 6. But despite all his awards and achievements. The spear point blade features two Razor-Sharp cutting edges. complete with a custom Cordura®/Zytel® sheath. webbing and straps. similar to the alloy used in traditional Samurai swords.6 oz. he became a custom knifemaker. He says.9 oz.0” (51 mm) Thickness: 0. with thumb detents for grip. ruler scales in inches and millimeters.108” (2.4 oz.G. it’s a handy and useful precision-built gadget that will appeal to every craftsman and outdoorsman. allowing the use of a wrist lanyard.SPORT 2020 2395 STING & SPARETOOL ™ ™ Two little utility and personal defense knives designed with a real sense of why you often need a small knife in the outdoors or in the workshop.

55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 5. friction grooves for the thumb.8 mm) Steel: 5Cr15MoV. aided by three finger choils. It is also an excellent survival knife. and a braided fob. but they are also the most useful for their size that we have seen. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 5.13” (130 mm) Weight: 1.4 mm) Steel: 5Cr15MoV. Minimalist® Bowie. and can be used for camp chores. True to their name. The knife is held securely in place by a positive detent which locks the base of the blade in place for maximum safety.125” Tanto blade shape is very strong because of the strong central spine of metal which extends nearly to the tip. This 2.C. thanks to the unusual geometry of the full-tang blades. woodworking and precision carving. Unlike many small neck knives. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 5. which explains why the Minimalist family continues to grow.6 oz.0” Wharncliffe blade has a point which gives excellent penetration.13” (130 mm) Weight: 1. N.7 mm) Steel: 5Cr15MoV. The Minimalist Bowie makes a great wilderness carry. giving a surprising level of comfort and control in a lightweight fixed blade. 40 .125” (54 mm) Thickness: 0. including titanium chopsticks.108” (2. as well as an outdoor utility knife.100” (2. which allows push cutting. His Minimalist® neck knives have proven to be very popular. who makes a remarkable range of custom objects. Minimalist® Tanto. Minimalist® Wharncliffe.0” (51 mm) Thickness: 0..125” (54 mm) Thickness: 0. (31 g) MINIMALIST® TANTO 2386: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. This version has a straight Razor-Sharp front edge. this handle is really functional for a wide variety of daily cutting tasks.SPORT 2387 2385 2386 MINIMALIST FOLTS ® The most comfortable small fixed blade design we have ever seen is available in Wharncliffe. Tanto and Bowie blade grinds. lan Folts is a knifemaker and metalworker in Greenville. while the Razor-Sharp straight edge is perfect for scraping.5 oz. Specifications MINIMALIST® WHARNCLIFFE 2385: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. hand-contoured green-black Micarta® scales.1 oz. A The Minimalist fits the hand perfectly.80” (46 mm) Weight: 0. The Minimalist Bowie blade is an ideal short skinning blade for the hunter. (14 g) NOTE: Layered Micarta components may vary in pattern due to hand finishing. so we now offer three CRKT production versions. and a concave main edge which feeds material into the edge for fast cutting.110” (2. Available in clampacks as 2385C. cooking. The 2.6 oz. We also offer a deep-bellied clip-point Bowie style 2. And they are certainly a great value. (45 g) MINIMALIST® BOWIE 2387: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 2. Because the knife and sheath weigh about two ounces together. Each Minimalist comes with a custom-fitted Zytel® sheath and neck paracord for inverted carry as a neck knife.125” blade for those who desire a classic hunting knife blade shape. it is a personal carry you will barely notice. (45 g) MINIMALIST SHEATH Material: Zytel Length: 2. and 2387C.5” (64 mm) Width: 1. these really are minimal fixed blades. and even skinning and dressing in a pinch.00” (127 mm) Weight: 1. 2386C. They are very small and lightweight knives which give surprising comfort and control.

(45 g) Battery: 3V CR2032 Lithium The ExiTool clips over any standard car or truck seat belt and is styled to be completely unobtrusive. Its blade is made of Razor-Sharp high-carbon stainless steel. L.D. However. The side windows of modern vehicles are made of glass which is tempered to shatter on impact.75” (70 mm) Weight: 1. In an emergency. 41 . Specifications EXITOOL® 9030: Seat Belt Cutter. there are the difficulties of escaping a vehicle that has been submerged in water. the breaker can allow instant escape through a side window. if the vehicle’s doors are jammed closed. It includes a seat belt cutter.D. For best results. We think every vehicle should have at least one ExiTool.E.50” (13 mm) Hardened Steel: 60-61 HRC Handle: Length: 2. The ExiTool fits unobtrusively onto any standard seat belt with a simple folding clasp. ® E very driver has a concern about being trapped in a vehicle in an accident.D. The breaker has two emergency uses. flashlight belongs in every vehicle When Seconds Matter. there is the worry about being unable to release a seat belt because it is jammed or if the release is inaccessible. hit the window as close to the bottom edge as possible. a tungsten carbide window breaker. Just grasp the ExiTool body firmly and strike the window to break it.E.6 oz. and will cut seat belts in one quick pull. a window breaker and a bright L.E. too. We call it the ExiTool®. most safety experts recommend using the air supply which is trapped inside before breaking a window to avoid a sudden onrushing flow of water. just grab the ExiTool and you have a seat belt cutter. On dry land. The ExiTool features a small tungsten carbide breaker point.E. If the vehicle is submerged. Of course. flashlight. Window Breaker. Water pressure may make it difficult or impossible to open doors or lower windows until water has seeped in and the internal pressure is equalized. and L. Second.E. light uses one replaceable CR2032 3-Volt lithium battery. First. this will vary depending on the depth of the water and the condition of the passengers. the flashlight is useful in non-emergency situations. window breaker.D. The L. Custom knifemaker Russ Kommer recognized the need for a simple and affordable emergency tool. and a bright L.SPORT 9030 EXITOOL KOMMER ® This Russ Kommer-designed seat belt cutter. Flashlight Blade: Length: 0. The ExiTool will allow driver or passengers to break the window instantly when it is needed. The seat belt cutter has been carefully designed so that it is virtually impossible for even the smallest fingers to accidentally reach the blade. emergency light.D.

T. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 7. 400 diamond grit.8 oz.6 oz. the full-tang blade is mated to a stainless steel bolster and walnut scales.S. The blade is high-carbon 9Cr18MoV stainless steel with a mirror finish.0” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. he takes it on the next hunting trip he guides and uses it on the skinning and dressing of Alaskan moose. allows the sportsman to touch up hunting knives quickly in the field. we have included a braided leather thong for grip and a handy nylon sheath with the P.375” (187 mm) Weight: 6. rounded edges are just right to sharpen serrated knife edges.S. 42 . That’s good enough for us. (37 g) P.T. (193 g) Sheath: Weight: 2. And in typical CRKT style. sitting in a duck blind. The blade receives a high hollow grind for top skinning performance.140” (3. The Brow Tine features stag handles held by brass and stainless steel mosaic pins in the traditional manner.™ PELVIC TOOL/SHARPENER 2851: Length: 4.T.5 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. There is a pinned stainless steel bolster and the hand-finished stag handles are held by mosaic pins. The tapered.8 oz.5” (114 mm) Thickness: 0.0 mm) Steel: 1. A thick custom leather sheath is included.160” (4. The back side has two grooves designed to sharpen fishhooks and arrow broadheads. Use the flat side to touch up hunting knives. 58-60 HRC Knife: Overall length: 7. Russ is always thinking.™ (Pelvic Tool/Sharpener) because splitting the pelvic bone of larger animals such as White Tail Deer and Alaskan Moose is difficult with a conventional blade and may cause damage to the knife as well. In addition.4116.SPORT 2850 2860 2851 THE KOMMER COLLECTION Premium outdoor tools from hunting guide and knifemaker Russ Kommer.5 mm) Steel: 9Cr18MoV.S. with a No.S. Quality knives for serious hunters. The Bez Tine™ Skinner is a classic fixed-blade skinner with a blade of 1. (108 g) NOTE: Natural horn and wood components may vary in color and grain pattern. Russ designed our P. Specifications BEZ TINE™ SKINNER 2850: Classic Skinner Blade: Length: 3. A tooled leather sheath completes the package.T. At the handle.T. Whether climbing up a ridge. There is no need to pack a hatchet. And he thought you might like these tools. Russ says they work just as well in Montana and Tanzania. They’re all Alaskan classics. which is perfect for every outdoorsman who appreciates old-style design and quality. or casting down a riffle.0 oz. 400 diamond grit on the P. held with stainless steel pins and meticulously hand-contoured. is a high-carbon steel wedge with a chisel edge which will neatly split the cartilage at the pelvic bone seam aided by the tap of a nearby rock.140” (3. Our these quality products survived his field test. 51-53 HRC Weight: 3.T. (74 g) BROW TINE™ HUNTER 2860: Classic Drop Point Blade: Length: 3. caribou and bear. The P.25” (184 mm) Weight: 4. Our Brow Tine™ Hunter is a traditional drop point hunter with stag handle. No. creating a useful field sharpener. and then is mirror polished for maximum corrosion resistance. And in case you can’t get to Alaska on your next hunting trip. The handle features four deep finger choils for grip under the slipperiest conditions. (113 g) Sheath: Weight: 1. that you’ll cherish and leave to your children. we have coated the P.25” (83 mm) Thickness: 0.S. including conventional serrations and our exclusive patented* Veff™ Serrations.4116 high-carbon stainless steel. B efore Russ Kommer puts his name on a knife or tool.S.3 oz.

We have used our rigid InterFrame build on the Surf ’N Turf.9 mm) Steel: 12C27 Sandvik.0” blade of high-carbon 5Cr13MoV stainless steel. And the blade is short enough that you can work inside the animal and feel where you are at all times. Our new model 2845.8 oz.SPORT 3075 2840 Sheath 2845 KOMMER’S FAVORITES Russ Kommer comes up with two versatile hunting knife/sheath models. Stag Scales Blade: Length: 3. You just use the hump near the end of the blade to locate your index finger.338. Separate cavities avoid rattles. . . with two stainless steel liners. Because this knife does both jobs very well. However.0” (152 mm) Width: 3.15”. It doesn’t interfere with your rifle or back pack. He has used it daily in the field as a hunting guide in Alaska and around the world. and a full-length stainless steel back spacer at the spine. and it’s not always banging the bush plane or fouling the pack horse rope. elk. plus a folding fillet that’s also a great big game boning knife. and moose. O The 2-Shot sheath is convertible left or right. which gives the blade toughness and flexibility.” The skinner has a full-tang fixed blade of 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel with stainless steel bolsters. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 11. Available in clampack as 3075C. “I’ve always preferred a smaller semi-skinner. (108 g) 2-SHOT® SHEATH Sheath: Overall length: 6. Russ says. Horizontal carry keeps it out of the way of rifles and gear. Dual grooved thumb studs allow fast either-hand opening. There is a removable mirror-polished custom stainless steel pocket/gear clip.15” (80 mm) Thickness: 0.9 oz. I never carry a box of shells out of camp . you’ll always have those two shells to get you home. a horizontal sheath makes getting around easier. Scales are hand-shaped black Micarta® as found on the finest custom knives. And many will use it both for fishing and hunting. It owes its versatility to the slender upturned 5. We believe that the serious outdoorsman will immediately recognize the quality and value. and the pockets will handle ammunition from .0” (76 mm) Weight: 4.8 mm) Steel: 5Cr13MoV. Russ explains: “For me. They won’t rattle around. which we call Grandpa’s Favorite™. caribou. even for the biggest of game.30” (185 mm) Weight: 3. usually just a magazine and the two cartridges in my sheath. those of us who are salmon and halibut fishermen saw an exquisite folding fillet knife.070” (1.5 oz.114” (2.243 up to .50” (292 mm) Closed: Handle length: 6. those who love to hunt could only see the perfect boning knife for deer. we had to name it the Kommer Surf ’N Turf ®. Specifications KOMMER 2-SHOT® SKINNER 2840: Semi-skinner. which is completely smooth for ease of cleaning. 43 .50” (165 mm) Weight: 5. No matter what happens. (139 g) KOMMER SURF ’N TURF® 3075: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 5. and mirror polished for best stain resistance. It is high-taper-ground to perform smooth. NOTE: Natural horn components may vary in color and grain pattern. features traditional stag scales with brass pins. (156 g) W Just pop the snaps. Orange G10 Scales GRANDPA’S FAVORITE™ 2845: Semi-skinner. accurate slicing. ne of Russ Kommer’s favorite custom knife/sheath packages is the 2-Shot®. The model 2840 features hand-finished orange G10 handles fitted with stainless steel pins.” hen Russ Kommer sent us his new folder prototype. and you always have two shells left to get you home. 59-61 HRC Knife: Overall length: 7.0” (127 mm) Thickness: 0. both mirror polished for ease of cleaning. Blade length is 3. one locking.

44 . safe hold. Russ granted CRKT the exclusive rights for the production models. (94 g) 3008 SHEATH Material: Zytel Length: 10. (48 g) 3010 BIG EDDY™ II Blade: Hollow and Taper Ground.25” (311 mm) Weight: 3.0” (254 mm) Weight: 1.7 mm) Steel: 420J2. which creates an air pocket to lift and “float” fillets off.75 oz. the flat grind side won’t dig into fish skin.75” (375 mm) Weight: 3. After many hours of filleting 40-pound Alaska Salmon with the great skill and care required.75” (171 mm) Thickness: 0.7 oz. Available in clampacks as 3008C and 3010C. Razor-Sharp Filleting Knife with Triple-Point Serrations Length: 6.25” (235 mm) Thickness: 0. Triple-Point™ Serrations help you cut through gristle.3 oz. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 14. bones and fins. The unique Twin-Fused™ handle is a rigid. came up with the breakthrough blade grind that puts our Big Eddy™ at the head of the class.7 mm) Steel: 420J2. Each Big Eddy fillet knife comes with a polypropylene lanyard and injection-molded Zytel sheath with belt loop. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 12. Its streamlined sheath is injection-molded for long wear and stylish utility.065” (1. The hollow grind on the top side of the blade “floats” fillets off. The Razor-Sharp 420J2 stainless steel blade features Russ’s high hollow grind on the top of the blade. while the flat taper ground side glides smoothly across the skin. Razor-Sharp Filleting Knife with Triple-Point Serrations Length: 9. (105 g) 3010 SHEATH Material: Zytel Length: 12.5” (318 mm) Weight: 2.1 oz. Traditionally. comfortable checkered Kraton® grip for a firm. high-impact polypropylene core wrapped with a soft. the answer for a vastly improved fillet knife came to Russ—put a hollow grind on the top side of the blade and a flat grind on the bottom. (60 g) KOMMER Featuring Russ Kommer’s unique hollow/taper ground blade that “floats” fillets up and off. gifted knifemaker and hunting and fishing guide.SPORT 3010 3008 BIG EDDY ALASKA FILLETS ™ Specifications 3008 BIG EDDY™ Blade: Hollow and Taper Ground. The polypropylene lanyard adds extra convenience. R uss Kommer. Kommer’s Big Eddy adds special ease and speed of filleting to the quality of the world’s finest filleting knives—all at a remarkable price. After making and rigorously testing a custom version and proving how well the concept worked. fillet knives have had a symmetrical grind.065” (1.

and 3011WC. which is useful in emergency situations.U. wet. 3011BC. or cleaning the catch. sitting there between strikes.K.U. it won’t ruin your whole day of fishing.™) after years of frustration with gimmicky knives that didn’t do the job. And finally. whether cutting herring.070” (1.9 oz. Not a multi-tool that did an ‘okay’ job at a lot of things. Fish or cut bait? The Marine Utility Knife comes in handy in both cases. At the butt. Second. Tom wouldn’t have anything but a full-tang blade of high-carbon stainless steel for strength. And it has a soft. (82 g) Plastic blade protector included. and designer of knives and serrations.U. And it should be a knife that you can grab with one hand and use to cut a rope in an emergency. Tom says the straight edge cuts cleanly against a cutting board. Then there is the row of non-slip grooves along the top of the blade.K.25” (108 mm) Thickness: 0.™ 3011K: Black Handle 3011B: Blue Handle 3011G: Green Handle 3011W: White Handle Blade: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge with Veff Flat Top Non-Stick Serrations Length: 4. Available in clampacks as 3011KC.U. These are friction grooves for your thumb. Tom explains that it gives you knuckle clearance when cutting bait or slicing fish on a cutting table. ” So he went to work. First you notice that the M. there are a few more friction grooves at the butt top and index finger choil to enhance feel. but not a ‘good’ job at any one thing in the boat. I also wanted a one-piece fixed blade that did not require a college degree to open and operate it.K. 45 . has an offset handle angle. wide serrations make quick work of rope and cord.U. thinking about the perfect fishing knife. T om Veff says. on the bank. ™ Specifications M. you see the rounded-back drop point blade with a straight cutting edge in combination with a concave serrated section. even though it also has the lowest price of any knife in our catalog. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 9. You choose from four handle colors for best visibility.00” (228 mm) Weight: 2. grooved polypropylene handle with four finger choils to give you all the grip possible when your hands are cold. He designed one of the most carefully thought-out fixed blades we have ever produced. That makes them great for those times when you need to cut a nylon line or other tough materials. VEFF Avid fisherman Tom Veff designed the Marine Utility Knife (M. “I fish a lot. Because Tom knows knives from his life as a meat cutter. professional knife sharpener. and slippery. and wanted a fishing knife that was truly useful.K. The serrations are Veff Flat Top Non-Stick Serrations—there is no sharp point to snag. The blade’s rounded back reduces the risk of cutting entrails when cleaning fish. That’s quite a story for an inexpensive little knife. Even in a budget knife.K.™). He calls it the Marine Utility Knife (M. or on the cleaning table. And it should be affordable so if it accidentally goes overboard. Its handle should be brightly colored so you can find it quickly in your boat or tackle box.8 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. there’s a lanyard hole and a blood groove spoon. The M. 3011GC.SPORT 3011W 3011B 3011G 3011K M. Probably only a serious fisherman could design it.K.U. but they also work great as a fish scaler.

75” (146 mm) 2510: Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge with Tear Drop Tip Blade: Length: 2. Conditions there are rugged. uss Kommer is a bright young custom knifemaker who was based in Anchorage.25” (108 mm) Width: 1. bush pilot and commercial fisherman who sees one.2 oz. Alaska.75” (146 mm) 2515: Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge with Pointed Tip Blade: Length: 2.4 oz. Friction grooves are placed on the blade spine. he hasn’t been able to meet the demand.) We developed one of our CRKT trademark high-tech sheaths for the Bear Claw that’s only 1. either from the climate or the work folks are doing.3 mm) Steel: AUS 4. Positive locking system keeps knife securely in sheath.1 oz.SPORT Sheath 2500 2515 2510 BEAR CLAW KOMMER ™ Designed in Alaska for those times you wish your knife was part of your hand.3 mm) Steel: AUS 4. using the Torx® tool and screws provided. thanks to the generous size finger hole. R Razor-Sharp or Triple-Point Serrated styles handle any type of cutting quickly. The sheath also has a total of seven lanyard holes and belting slots to permit a variety of carry positions.3 mm) Steel: AUS 4. (91 g) Knife: Overall length: 5. As a result. durable.130” (3.2 oz. Blades are full-tang. easy to access and control. acts just like an extension of your hand.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0.130” (3. He thought a knife that was easy to grip and hard to lose would be a big hit. and prized by bush pilots. It is the perfect emergency cutting tool for anyone who needs to quickly cut rope. 55-57 HRC Weight: 3.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0. plus Triple-Point™ Serrated with tear drop tip for fast cutting without danger of point penetration—ideal for law enforcement and emergency rescue personnel.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0. taper-ground AUS 4 stainless steel with a fine bead-blast finish.75” (146 mm) BEAR CLAW SHEATH Material: Black Zytel Overall length: 4. especially if their life is going to depend on it. (31 g) 46 . of tough. webbing or netting. a cutting machine that. But it seems that every parachutist. commercial fishermen. for many years.2 oz. wants one. injection-molded Zytel.130” (3. 55-57 HRC Weight: 3. 55-57 HRC Weight: 3. It allows efficient quick release of the knife—just thumb push against the sheath to release smoothly and quietly—or give a sharp pull. and independent women. His original concept was a self-defense knife for women that would be lightweight. The contoured Zytel® handle fills the hand neatly. and since he made the first Bear Claw™.81” (46 mm) Weight: 1. and a lanyard is provided. It features molded-in threaded fittings for attachment of the wide black stainless steel Teflon®-plated pocket clip at either end. The Bear Claw weighs in at a lightweight but stout 3. Specifications BEAR CLAW™ 2500: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge with Pointed Tip Blade: Length: 2.1 oz. (96 g) Knife: Overall length: 5. (The tear-drop-tip model is a bit heavier. The Bear Claw is available in three blade styles: Razor-Sharp and full TriplePoint™ Serrated with pointed tip. choil and near the tip for maximum blade control and safety. Russ and CRKT teamed up to make the production Bear Claw. (91 g) Knife: Overall length: 5.

To release the knife and draw it. or boot.0” drop point blade with a sharp tip. Specifications RENNER NECKOLAS® 2390: Blue/Black G10.00” (51 mm) Thickness: 0. The Neckolas sheath is really the secret to the system.060” (1. the sheath and clip weigh only 1. 47 . The included black nylon lanyard allows wear as a neck knife.38” (137 mm) NECKOLAS SHEATH Material: G10 Overall length: 3. just ‘pinch’ the springbar extension with your thumb. the knife weighs only 1.SPORT 2391 2390 NECKOLAS RENNER ® So you want a lightweight and handy fixed blade that can be carried in any position? Here’s Terry Renner’s high-tech solution. making the Model 2391 the ideal lightweight whitewater knife.77” (45 mm) Weight: 1. To release and draw the Neckolas. The orange 2391 features a blunt tip and full Triple-Point™ serrations for use as a whitewater and extrication knife. just pinch the integral sheath springbar and withdraw the knife. (34 g) Knife: Overall length: 5. But he has a fertile mind. which allows the blade tang notch to clear the sheath’s retaining pin momentarily. As a result of this skeletonized high-tech construction. is becoming well-known for his high-end folders and art knives.2 oz. custom knifemaker and owner of TR Blades in Palmetto. pants or shirt pocket. We believe it is the first G10 sheath ever made. Any place you can clip something. T erry Renner. (34 g) Knife: Overall length: 5. 58-59 HRC Weight: 1. It will quickly cut through cord and seat belts without tip penetration. and makes a lightweight survival and utility knife for all kinds of tasks.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV. Florida. 58-59 HRC Weight: 1.” Together. as the Neckolas name suggests. The key to easy re-insertion is the thumb notch on the sheath top edge.” The result is the Renner Neckolas® knife/sheath system. which led me to design a locking sheath which could be manipulated with one hand. “This knife can be more handy than a folder. “Rather than discarding the ‘Hole Idea. we have chosen G10 because of its rigidity and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. clipped to a T-shirt. Both knives feature full-tang premium 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blades.’ I thought of the fixed blade format. For the Neckolas scales and sheath. We’re offering two models. The Neckolas clips securely to PFDs. “I wanted a retention system that would release and capture the knife with the same motion. Just insert the blade into the sheath and ‘pinch. Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge with Tear Drop Tip Blade: Length: 2. The blue/black 2390 has a Razor-Sharp 2.060” (1.” Terry also designed a reversible removable stainless steel clip system which allows left or right hand carry.00” (51 mm) Thickness: 0. sandwiched between G10 scales and held securely by stainless steel pins and the finger-ring insert.2 ounces. and the idea for the Neckolas came while he was toying with an index-finger-ring folder design. you can store the Neckolas for quick access. He says.0 oz.75” (95 mm) Width: 1. (28 g) NOTE: Layered G10 components may vary in color and pattern. Terry says.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr13MoV. It occurred to me that composite materials would allow the sheath to act as its own retaining spring.38” (137 mm) 2391: Orange G10. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge with Pointed Tip Blade: Length: 2.0 ounce. He says.2 oz.’ The knife clicks into place.

SPORT 2604 2604 2605 A. Aqua is designed to fill all the needs of the scuba diver and whitewater enthusiast in a single knife. All bases covered.25” (210 mm) Weight: 4. It is also an indispensable work tool for swift water rescue teams. Simple. the steel is first mirror polished to close the pores.C. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. The finger choils are heavily friction grooved for sure grip. The two CRKT production versions are faithful to Jim’s designs and priced to put them within reach of everyone who depends on a knife for work. The black injection-molded Zytel® scales have an aggressive texture. or with a neck cord. survival and rescue. with a false top edge and Triple-Point™ Serrations. Both blades are full-tang skeletonized designs of premium AUS 8 stainless steel.160” (4. Specifications HAMMOND A. Extremely corrosion resistant.B.0 oz. SHEATH Material: Zytel Overall length: 5. (96 g) HAMMOND A. paramedics. Operator’s Model has a drop point dual grind Tanto Razor-Sharp blade.B. they are used for a multitude of attachment orientations: on diving buoyancy compensators and pocket flaps. (96 g) HAMMOND im Hammond is an active outdoorsman as well as a custom knifemaker and Knifemakers’ Guild member.C. When his diving and whitewater friends pointed out the need for a better multipurpose fixed blade.B. and then black titanium nitride coated.B.C. pilots.50” (64 mm) Weight: 3. kelp. The blunt point won’t pierce air compartments if accidentally dropped. (113 g) A. on PFDs.160” (4.B. (130 g) A.75” (95 mm) Thickness: 0.C. Operator’s Model available in clampack as 2605C. The A. webbing. nets. It is an ideal general-purpose fixed blade for hikers. fishing line. 48 J Sheath includes a Belt Panel and fasteners allowing the most secure attachment to belts and webbing.4 oz. The top Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge is ideal for rapid rough cutting through cord. OPERATOR’S MODEL 2605: Drop Point Tanto Blade.6 oz.4 oz. The bottom hollow ground Razor-Sharp edge is suited to fine cutting tasks.5” (216 mm) Weight: 4. 58-59 HRC Knife: Overall length: 8.C.75” (95 mm) Thickness: 0. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. Aqua comes with an additional set of high-visibility yellow scales. .B. or the Operator’s drop point Tanto blade for tactical use. and for safe release of whitewater entanglements. parachutists. AQUA 2604: Blunt Dive Blade. For maximum corrosion resistance. and they are held in place with corrosion-resistant stainless steel Torx® fasteners.C.C. with dive leg straps. climbers. Strong.50” (64 mm) Weight: 3. The pointed-tip A.B.C. he developed his custom A. Black finish brass Chicago screws allow adjustment of the knife compression fit into the sheath. Equally important. and law enforcement. plus a Torx tool allowing you to quickly switch scales.C.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8. and military personnel. The Zytel sheath with dual attachment panels and black stainless spring steel clip allows eight carry modes and countless variations.37” (136 mm) Width: 2.B. (All Bases Covered) knife/sheath system. Versatile.37” (136 mm) Width: 2. Jim Hammond has All Bases Covered with this knife/sheath system. available as the ultimate dive and whitewater knife or as a rugged tactical knife.B.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8. SHEATH Material: Zytel Overall length: 5. Choose from blunt Aqua blade for dive and whitewater use. 58-59 HRC Knife: Overall length: 8. The blunt-tipped A.

webbing. and make a much safer. He thoughtfully split the frame with swells at the top. which we can only call a “Hitchcock blade. The blade has that 360˚ “sweet swing. After designing a particularly complicated multi-tool. I thought that I could integrate the two ideas. and lanyards.” We think it’s right on target. the lock also grips tighter for increased safety. Tom thought. Tom also designed a spring-loaded carry carabiner (non-weight-bearing) so you can securely hang the Hole In One on belt loops. and I also saw an interesting side-opener. friendlier utility knife in the process. D-rings. like a knife. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 8. Both blade and frame have a durable nonreflective bead-blast finish. Its locking mechanism locks both open and closed. “I began looking at the trend to knives with finger holes. when the knife is gripped tightly during use. I’ve used it for everything from opening packages to cooking dinner. Continue rotating until the lock snaps firmly into place in the open position.” He says. Most important. it is a completely ambidextrous knife. but a versatile.6 mm) Steel: 420J2.SPORT 5150 5160 HOLE IN ONE HITCHCOCK ® Here’s a lightweight winner that’s a tough and versatile outdoor knife.25” (133 mm) Weight: 3.125” (206 mm) Closed: Handle length: 5. The model 5160 single-hole blade is plain for easy cleaning. while the fancy model 5150 receives five lightening holes in the blade spine. Tom says.8 oz. The design of the knife gives many grip options. It also will work as a bottle and jar opener. Oregon.140” (3. outdoor knife that is going to last a long time. or grasp either the frame finger choil. The index finger can go through the blade hole. simply press down on the lock release lever. The blade shape was then dictated by the handle shape.“This is not a high-force knife. webbing or lanyards.50” (64 mm) Thickness: 0. T om Hitchcock is an industrial designer based in Talent. fun. formed to fit the hand. which is a single piece of 420J2 stainless steel. 49 . But it wasn’t as simple or easy as I first thought. Because there is no conventional clip. To open the Hole In One blade. (108 g) The Hole In One has a handy carry carabiner (non-weightbearing) to attach to belt loops. “Now I’d like to design something simple. bottom and butt to add more comfort without adding weight. and rotate it to either side. or even the blade finger choil if greater control is necessary. Specifications HOLE IN ONE® 5150: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge with Drilled Blade 5160: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge with Solid Blade Blade: Length: 2. We logically called it the Hole In One®.” Tom began with the perimeter frame.” It has a high flat grind with a gently curved Razor-Sharp edge.” You can use the carabiner gate of the Hole In One to open a wide variety of beverage bottles and jars. This is a fast one-hand operation.

the Crossover has some limitations. Pull it out for scissors use.0” (229 mm) Width: 3. 50 . and it’s a premium-quality shears.5” knife capable of slicing and dicing your next meal.080” (2. lid lifter/ screwdriver. As a bonus.63” (92 mm) Weight: 1. Available in clampacks as 5005C and 5006C. Later. grouse. but none have done it as well in a functional. On a tossing boat in the open ocean. You also have a precision scissors which can be handy if you suddenly need to trim clothing. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 9. plus an extended lid lifter/ screwdriver that has dozens of uses around the camp. here’s a world-class solution that would have delighted Marco Polo. It’s perfect for hunting camp. hiking camp.7 oz.50” (140 mm) Thickness: 0. others have tried this combination. which makes preparing birds much easier and faster. the Crossover also has a unique semicircular notch near the shears tip which is designed as a grill scraper. It’s a chef’s knife without compromise— well balanced. and you have a high-carbon steel kitchen knife ready to slice and dice. RV kitchen. they are far safer than a knife when venting your salmon or steelhead catch. when you need a camp kitchen knife. It won’t fill out your tag. the Crossover can be fully cleaned while disassembled. it won’t dry your socks by the campfire. W hen you want to travel light. The Crossover has a special boning notch on the shears. and it won’t stay up all night to watch for bears. The Crossover also has a jar and bottle opener. and grill cleaner. It’s called the Crossover®. press the flexible scissors finger loop back into the handle. heavy-duty shears come in handy. lightweight package. Yes. it’s the perfect outdoor companion. (116 g) CROSSOVER® SHEATH (Included with 5006) Overall length: 9. so nothing collects at the pivot point. pheasant.50” (241 mm) Weight: 4. On the trail. But other than that. press the handle guard in. perfectly sized for every chore from slicing steaks to chopping onions. In the outdoors. with ergonomic injection-molded Zytel® handles. Twist at the pivot. Unlike conventional shears. and you have a quality Razor-Sharp 5. simply twist the Crossover handle to release the scissors pair. and yacht galley.1 oz. goose or turkey. from opening jars and bottles to tightening screws. The Crossover is built with full-tang high-carbon stainless steel frame underlying the knife/scissors. tents or sails. And they are essential when cleaning your duck. Specifications CROSSOVER® 5005: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 5006: With Leather Sheath Blade: Length: 5. kitchen knife. (48 g) The flexible finger loop is steel reinforced. The scissors finger loop is made of flexible TPR with a stainless steel strap core for long life.0 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. fishing camp.SPORT 5005 CROSSOVER ® We think it’s the world’s best camp shears/scissors combination. bottle opener. press it in the handle slot for knife use.

Indiana. Two sharpening guides are included.5” (267 mm) Width: 4. Patent No. punches.0 oz. The larger rod also has a 6” flat side. tactical and kitchen knives. work. U. It is a versatile and indispensable tool that belongs in every workshop. scissors and saw chain. tool box.5” (38 mm) Replacement Rod Kits are available: SS01RK: 1 Fine White Rod 1 Coarse Gray Rod 2. and also as the designer of our patented1 Veff™ Serrations. wood carving and lathe tools.” as are many other knife owners. and finish the edge with the fine white rod.9 oz.88” (149 mm) Weight: 2. Specifications VEFF SHARP™ VEFF1: System with storage case Grit: 600 Diamond Handle: Length: 2. and slide on the cap.S. You start with the coarser gray rod. router bits. you can keep every knife you own sharp– including serrations. It works equally well on gut hook knives and seat belt cutters. wood chisels. pressing down lightly with a circular “locomotion” action. The system includes an anodized knurled aluminum handle and two threaded 600-grit diamond-coated sharpening rods. 7. The larger rod has three straight sections in sizes 11/32”. It allows the user to keep a keen edge on all types of cutting tools including serrated and plain edge knives. The smaller rod has three 2” straight sections in sizes 3/32”.939 SLIDE SHARP™ SS01: System with storage case Base: Natural finish ash Rods: MRI #229 Porcelain 0. Wisconsin came up with the idea for the Slide Sharp™ and contacted Charles Kain. One has a slight angle for putting an edge on sport.38” (162 mm) Weight: 2. Together they developed the breakthrough. T The six stepped-cylindrical sections of the Veff Sharp rods give you the right size for almost any serration. just pull your blade through a sharpening guide slot. ™ With these two patented sharpening systems. (82 g) Rod 2: Length: 5. The second has a steeper angle for heavier tools such as choppers and machetes. and to remove the burr on the back side. You then repeat the same action as needed in the opposite slot.310” (8.991 A Use the flat side of the Veff Sharp to put an edge on knives and tools with plain cutting edges. 51 . The Slide Sharp uses a unique system of injection-molded nylon guides to hold the knife edge at the specific angle required for optimum sharpening. 1/2” and 5/8”.S. and 1/4”. He is truly “addicted to sharp. The handle and rods fit neatly in a nylon storage pouch. a custom knifemaker in Indianapolis. Steve McCowen of Iola.45” (240 mm) Guides: Nylon.5” (114 mm) Depth: 1. To sharpen. select the sharpening guide needed for your knife. The Slide Sharp system comes with two porcelain sharpening rods. A hardwood base holds a porcelain sharpening rod. He designed the CRKT Veff Sharp™ to be the ultimate portable multipurpose field and bench sharpener. The Veff Sharp is effective on most serrations and does not create egg-shaped serrations as tapered sharpeners do.SPORT VEFF1 SS01 VEFF SHARP & SLIDE SHARP ™ om Veff is well known as the preeminent professional knife sharpener in the Pacific Northwest. 3/16”. fter many years in the knife industry. D599. U. slide a return spring over it. gut hooks.0 mm) x 9. 15˚ and 20˚ angles STORAGE CASE: Material: ABS Length: 10. (57 g) 1. Patent No.467. Simply insert the rod in the base. razor edges–even chisels and router bits. tackle box and hunter’s pack. patented2 Slide Sharp edge honing system.625” (67 mm) Rod 1: Length: 6.


Ya gotta eat, so never be without an Eat’N Tool in the outdoors.

Just put your finger through the hole like this to use me as a soup or breakfast spoon around the camp stove.

My four tines are short, but they’re surprisingly effective as a fork, especially if you’re hungry and it’s all you have.

Spoon, fork, bottle opener, screwdriver/pry tip, metric wrenches, carry carabiner.

Open your favorite sodas, microbrews, and food in glass containers with my built-in bottle and jar opener.

Eat’N Tool™ Specifications
Model 9100C: Bead Blast Model 9100KC: Black Oxide Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC Tine Length: 0.075” (2 mm) Total Length: 4.0” (102 mm) Tool Weight: 1.5 oz. (43 g)

This little flat tang does a fine job as a flat bladed screwdriver in a pinch.

You can also use the flat tang as a pry bar when you need to get something open in the city.

I have three hex wrenches cut into my body, 10 mm, 8 mm, and 6 mm, which can be very handy when something comes loose. I also come with a small carry carabiner so you can attach me to D-rings or loops on clothing or packs.
Carabiner is non-weight-bearing.



I can work alone, or with the rest of the gang.

As a compact screwdriver, I have four standard flat and Phillips hex bits to tackle almost any job.

You can also use me as an angle driver when the going gets tough by moving my bit adapter to the hex driver wrench. Just push the button and I’m a bright little L.E.D. flashlight. I’ll show you the way.

Screwdriver, flat and Phillips hex bit carrier, wrench, bottle opener, L.E.D. flashlight with carry carabiner.
I also have an oxygen bottle wrench on my underside, which makes me useful for emergency rescue use.

Get-A-Way® Driver Specifications
Model 9094: Driver with Hex Bits: 1 small flat, 1 medium flat, 1 small Phillips, 1 medium Phillips Model 9095: Knife Maintenance Kit, Driver with Torx® Bits: Nos. T5, T6, T8, T10 Handle Length: 3.75” (95 mm) Handle Thickness: 0.5” (13 mm) Wrenches: Hex Bit, 10 mm, Oxygen Bottle Tool Weight: 1.9 oz. (54 g) Batteries: Two CR927 3V Lithium Here I am hooked up with the Zilla-Tool® Jr.

The pry bar on my underside works well to open bottles and jar lids, among other things. It’s also removable if you want.
Knife Maintenance Kit 9095

Each of my bits has a spring-loaded ball detent to keep it in the holder, and a fingernail groove to aid bit removal. My bit driver adapter lets you use all my fullsize hex bits with the Zilla-Tool Jr.

Here I ’m working with the Li’l Guppie®.
Available in clampacks as 9094C and 9095C. Patents pending.



Named Blade 2007 Best Buy of the Year

Hi, I’m the Guppie! Put me to work for you.

My adjustable wrench jaw opens to 1/2” so you can use me for all kinds of light repair and assembly jobs.

Thanks to my carabiner gate, I’m easy to carry on a belt loop, D-ring, pack or rope. (But I am not a weight-bearing carabiner.) And here is my highcarbon stainless steel blade with a RazorSharp edge. You can open and close it with one hand. My removable bit carrier is also a highintensity L.E.D. light. It has two strong magnets to hold it securely to my left side. My stainless steel clip will hold me in your pocket or on gear, which gives me a lot of versatility.

Adjustable wrench, knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, carry carabiner, removable bit carrier with L.E.D. light.

Guppie® Specifications
Model 9070: Bead-Blast and Black Model 9070K: Black on Black Blade Length: 2.0” (51 mm) Blade Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC Handle Length: 3.5” (89 mm) Tool Weight: 4.1 oz. (116 g) Bit Carrier Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 g) Batteries: Two CR927 3V Lithium

I make a great little money clip, too, for those who like to keep a thin wallet.

One more trick: My carabiner detent will open bottle caps and metal jar lids.
Available in clampacks as 9070C and 9070KC. U.S. Patent Nos. 6,223,372 and D576,002. Carabiner is non-weight-bearing. Magnets may harm electronic media.



Hi, I’m the Li’l Guppie! Smaller, cuter, but just as hard-working.

My adjustable wrench jaw opens to 10 mm so you can use me for all kinds of light repair and assembly jobs.

Carry me on a belt loop, D-ring, pack or rope. (Remember, my cool carabiner is not designed to be weightbearing.) I have a small highcarbon stainless steel blade with a RazorSharp edge. You can open and close it with one hand. At my tail is a simple blade screwdriver tip that will handle many smaller-size screws in a pinch.

Adjustable wrench, knife, flat and Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, carry carabiner.

Li’l Guppie® Specifications
Model 9075: Bead Blast and Black Model 9075K: Black on Black Blade Length: 1.0” (25 mm) Blade Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC Handle Length: 3.0” (76 mm) Tool Weight: 1.9 oz. (54 g)

The base of my jaw guide has a Phillips screwdriver which will fit smaller Phillips-head screws.

My stainless steel pocket clip also makes a lightweight and compact money clip.

My little curved fin is designed to be a hook that opens bottle caps and metal jar lids.
Available in clampacks as 9075C and 9075KC. U.S. Patent Nos. 6,223,372 and D588,885. Carabiner is non-weight-bearing.


They have both fine flat and circular toothed gripping surfaces. (210 g) Black nylon sheath included. 56 . bottle opener. To open my knife blade quickly.0” (76 mm) Blade Steel: 3Cr13. You can store my two screwdriver hex bits in these handle reliefs.” It also acts as a blade guard when it’s open. clip and sheath. wire cutter and stripper. Daddy Zilla.4 oz. I’m designed with a comfortable ergonomic handle so I can help you get a lot of real work done. Near the base of the pliers. using the end of my pliers handle like this.625” (244 mm) Tool Weight: 7. knife. U. just press this little “flipper.S. with a slight needle nose taper. My pliers jaws are spring loaded. flat and Phillips screwdrivers. Magnets may harm electronic media.TOOLS Meet the monster tool! That’s me. Available in clampacks as 9060C and 9060KC. D557. Pliers. My custom stainless steel clip will hold me in your pocket or on gear. No. and also a notch near the handle for wire stripping. Pat. I have a very useful wire cutter. 51-53 HRC Handle Length: 6.100. blade open: 9. I can open bottles too. Zilla-Tool® Specifications Model 9060: Bead-Blast and Black Model 9060K: Black on Black Blade Length: 3. I also accept other standard hex bits.5” (165 mm) Length. Or it can be removed if you want to use my nylon sheath.

Zilla-Tool® Jr. U. Multitools And I’m the little monster. I’m designed with a comfortable ergonomic handle so I can help you get a lot of real work done. 51-53 HRC Handle Length: 5. Specifications Model 9065: Bead-Blast and Black Model 9065K: Black on Black Blade Length: 2. They have both fine flat and circular toothed gripping surfaces. I can open bottles too.8 oz. 57 . An adapter is available so I can also use standard hex bits.TOOLS 2008 Top Award. To open my knife blade quickly. Pliers. Pat. with a slight needle nose taper. just press this little “flipper. I have two special small screwdriver hex bits in these handle reliefs. using the end of my pliers handle like this. Near the base of the pliers. My pliers jaws are spring loaded.S. and also a notch near the handle for wire stripping. blade open: 7. bottle opener. It can be removed if you want to use my nylon sheath. My custom stainless steel clip will hold me in your pocket or on gear.100.25” (133 mm) Length. knife. D557.25” (57 mm) Blade Steel: 3Cr13. clip and sheath. (108 g) Black nylon sheath included.50” (190 mm) Tool Weight: 3. Available in clampacks as 9065C and 9065KC.” It also acts as a blade guard when it’s open. Not a handful yet. I have a very useful wire cutter. flat and Phillips screwdrivers. No. wire cutter and stripper. Magnets may harm electronic media. but wait until I grow up.

(51 g) Flux Driver 9047C Hex Bits: 1 Phillips.E.D.D.D.8 oz.5” (140 mm) Weight: 1.6 oz.35” (85 mm) Weight: 1. Batteries: Two CR927 Flux Wine Tool 9043C Corkscrew. (17 g) Lightweight carabiner tool system with knife. (28 g) Dual Chassis 9041C Weight: 0. hex driver. Batteries: Two CR1230 Flux Flash Drive 9044C Memory: 2 GB Micro SD™ Interface: USB Converter Handle Length: 3.E.E.25” (57 mm) Handle Length: 3.E. wine tool.0 oz. light and flash drive components.D. Light 9046C Handle Length: 3.35” (85 mm) Open Length: 5.0 oz. (51 g) Flux L. 2 Flat Handle Length: 3.E. (28 g) L. Foil Knife.25” (32 mm) Handle Length: 3. (6 g) Flux Pack Case 9049 Zippered nylon carrying case with belt loop to carry all your Flux components and accessories.D. Flux® System Components This new system gives you total control of the tools you carry on the springloaded aluminum carabiners. Light.35” (85 mm) Weight: 1. Flux® System Components Flux Knife 9048C Blade Length: 2.TOOLS Named Blade 2009 Innovative Import of the Year Just pick and click the tool you need.4 oz.E.8 oz.35” (85 mm) Weight: 1. GoPlay® Pack 9040GPC Wine Tool and L. L. Carabiner is non-weight -bearing.35” (85 mm) Weight: 1. Light 9046C Flux Flash Drive 9044C Also available: Dual Chassis 9041C 58 Single Chassis 9042 Weight: 0. Single clampacks include a Single Chassis 9042: Flux Knife 9048C Flux Driver 9047C Flux Wine Tool 9043C Flux L. .D.2 oz. GoNerd® Pack 9040GNC Hex Driver and Flash Drive. Dual component clampacks include a Dual Chassis 9041: GoWork® Pack 9040GWC Knife and Hex Driver. (40 g) L. Bottle Opener Blade Length: 1.

and the 2 GB USB flash drive snaps out automatically.D. There is a small storage compartment which will hold extra memory cards.E. light has a stainless steel pocket/ gear clip which allows you to attach it to the bill of a cap for handsfree use. Quickly attaches to clothing and gear. 59 . To remove them.E. Press the gray button once to light a single L. and light your work space.D. Fold out the wine tool cork lift to use its double hooks to quickly open microbrews and lift jar lids. The L.. Continue to insert the wine tool corkscrew until you can brace the cork lift against the bottle neck and gently pry upward.The first lightweight carabiner tool system designed to fit your active outdoor lifestyle.D. press up with the thumb. Fold it in before using the corkscrew or bottle opener. Open the high-carbon stainless steel knife blade quickly with either hand using the ambidextrous thumb disk. The wine tool has a serrated blade to help you remove neck foil. or other standard hex bits.’s to give maximum light. The handle protects the flash drive when not in use. The driver hex bits have retaining ball detents. To apply more torque. and lift with the fingernail groove as shown.E. Insert and close for secure storage.D. Press the button to actuate the driver L. press the locking liner aside with your thumb and rotate the blade closed with your index finger. you can use the handle as a T-driver with any of the included hex bits. press again to light both L. Press the button on the flash drive holder. one medium flat and one small flat. The driver is a handy screwdriver with three standard size hex bits: one Phillips. simply insert into any computer USB port.E. To close. To use the flash drive.

chest or abdomen with potentially lethal results if the assailant does not break off the attack. . In Chinese philosophy. Tao means “the way. depending on the type of threat. if the attack persists. they are very different from the other aggressive-looking pens and kubotans on the market. (48 g) Refill: Fisher Space Pen #PR4 Each Tao Pen comes in a zippered Nylon storage case which also makes an excellent gift box.7 oz. CRKT Tao® Pens. It has a tungsten carbide ball point and thixotropic ink which will write in freezing cold. When you can’t take a knife or handgun. plus brown with bright grooves and black with bright grooves. precision-machined and hard anodized. underwater and at any angle—even upside down. the more pointed butt of the pen may be used to thrust or provide a disabling pressure point behind the ears. including Okinawan Te. 60 A The heavy cap screws securely in place. “At the lowest level of engagement. If the user is threatened or attacked. The butt of the pen features an Elishewitz logo. “At the second level. they do not look threatening.” The pens are made of 6061 aluminum. And appropriately. All Tao models are functional writing instruments which use the Fisher® Space Pen ball point cartridge. these stylish writing instruments may save your life. ward-winning knife designer Allen Elishewitz has lived in the Far East and has practiced martial arts over the past 30 years. and has a castellated impact crown. the impact crown on the cap can be used to strike the assailant on the head or hands by raking or thrusting. “The softest thing in the world overcomes the hardest. However. Specifications ELISHEWITZ TAO® PEN TPENAOD: Nonreflective Olive Drab TPENAK: Nonreflective Black TPENABS: Brown with Bright Grooves TPENAKS: Black with Bright Grooves Pen: Overall length: 5. Four color schemes are available: nonreflective olive drab and tactical black. and castellated for greater impact. combined with the pewter-toned stainless steel pocket clip. Allen notes.P R O TPENAK TPENABS TPENAKS TPENAOD ELISHEWITZ TAO PENS ® Lao-tzu said. you can rely on the Tao.” And so someday. the pen point may be thrust for penetration in soft tissues of the throat. and is pointed to focus more energy when thrusting. Northern Shaolin and Kali. boiling heat. in which a sudden. and may deter the attacker with minimal injury to him. both when open and closed. “These pen designs are evolutions of the custom tactical pens I have offered successfully for many years. but are useful high-tech writing instruments with a stylish and futuristic design. gave Allen the perfect background to design these defensive writing instruments.” the fundamental or true nature of the world.63” (16 mm) Weight: 1. unforeseen physical attack can come at any time. The flutes and grooves on the pen.75” (146 mm) Diameter: 0. at the armpit or throat. along with his experience as a Recon Marine. The heavy cap is threaded so that it will not pull off in use. that is. provide a secure grip. the pens can be used at three levels of defensive force. these pens reflect the current state of today’s world. “At the third level. Thai Boxing. This training. a pressurized design developed for NASA. This provides notice of self-defense.

To honor and respect our military is to honor and respect ourselves and our nation. P R O F E S S I O N A L C A T A L O G ® Setsunin tou Katsunin ken “The righteous Warrior cuts down evil and by doing so gives life to those upon whom evil would prey. The ideal of the Gentleman Warrior is not an outdated concept. This kanji expresses an ideal for a class of people with both power and responsibility. design and value for you. We are fortunate that these Warriors still exist. They are our Samurai. We are fortunate that they volunteer to protect and defend us in a world of danger and difficulty. our emergency services teams. We are a free people because of those who have served with honor and courage. It is as necessary today as it was for our ancestors.” This is the work of the Warrior.2 0 1 1 FOR THOSE WHO SERVE The kanji at left reads Samurai–One who serves. our police. 61 . We thank you for your service and strive to make knives of the best possible quality. Those who serve us today are our military. These Warriors are the ones who protect and defend our society. our Constitution and our property.

875” (352 mm) Width: 3. giving excellent grip under all conditions.3 ounces. could only be used effectively on open fields of battle. 62 L Hisshou means “certain victory. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 13. military swords have been sized to fit the fighting environment.9 mm) Steel: YK-30.” Shinbu means “divine valor. They are designed for multiple carry options depending on the choice of the operator. James has followed centuries of Japanese tradition in designing these classic cord-wrapped handles with ray skin underlays. The Hisshou 13” full-tang dual grind Tanto blade is YK-30 high-carbon steel. Fighting in close or confined quarters required shorter swords. 57-59 HRC Knife: Overall length: 18. (465 g) SHEATH: Material: Kydex Overall length: 13.0” (330 mm) Thickness: 0. Specifications HISSHOU® 2910: High Satin finish.75” (375 mm) Weight: 13.P R O Sheath 2910 2915 HISSHOU & SHINBU ® ™ et us be clear: the Hisshou® and Shinbu™. Each Hisshou and Shinbu model comes in a lacquered wooden presentation box with a fitted red insert. These knives come into play when the operator’s firearms cannot be used. (377 g) SHEATH: Material: Kydex The back of these models feature the traditional dual grooves found on fine Samurai swords. which is in wide use. as often happens in entry and search operations.25” blade and a weight of 13. James developed these designs to meet the specific requests of coalition forces overseas for a more powerful tactical tool than his CRKT Hissatsu™. There is also a quick-release retaining strap. the Hisshou also offers superior slashing ability as compared to the Hissatsu. such as the English broad sword and Japanese katana.6 mm) Steel: YK-30.4 ounces. which compares very well to more modern handle materials.233” (5. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 9. high satin finished. Each of these knives comes in a custom dark lacquered wooden box for presentation and storage. A belt clip can be attached with the Chicago screws provided for vertical carry. The Shinbu is easier to carry and conceal. The Hisshou and Shinbu demand respect. and are certainly not sport or work knives. webbing and equipment. The sheaths have detents which grip the knife securely and wide entry lips which allow the knife to be returned to the sheath with one hand. The long. tapered tip grind is designed for maximum slashing power combined with superior penetration. with a 9. At 16. designed by James Williams. 57-59 HRC Knife: Overall length: 14. are specialized tools intended for military personnel and special forces operators.0” (76 mm) Weight: 6.38” (467 mm) Weight: 16.” They are the modern embodiment of the close-quarters sword of the Samurai.260” (6.3 oz.7 oz. The convertible belt clip system allows fast and secure attachment to belts. Historically. These are knives that would have been carried by the Samurai.4 oz. (190 g) SHINBU™ 2915: High Satin finish. Long swords. We have designed custom-fitted Kydex® sheaths with a convertible beltmounting system for each knife.25” (235 mm) Thickness: 0. . but they can truly be a lifesaver for the military professional. such as the sailor’s cutlass and the Japanese wakizashi. which is similar in size to the Hisshou.

The Hissatsu Zytel sheath features a belt clip plus multiple holes and slots.1 mm) Steel: 440A. The custom injection-molded Zytel® sheaths (in matching black. For those who prefer a nonreflective finish. His system of defensive tactics. either as a primary or a secondary weapon to augment the handgun in the hands of trained professionals.25” (311 mm) Weight: 7. As one who has trained tactical law enforcement and military forces for the SureFire Institute.0 oz. double injection-molded with a high-impact polypropylene core. Desert Tan or blue) grip the knife firmly. by touch. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 8. a Hissatsu Trainer is now available with a blue handle and aluminum blade with a rounded trainer edge. butt and hilt. the designer of the Hissatsu™. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 8. Designer James Williams is a martial arts instructor whose techniques have origins in the ancient Samurai system. webbing or equipment. 2907T 63 . known as The System of Tactical Strategy.1 oz.1 mm) Aluminum: 6061 Knife: Overall length: 12. This is a focused single-purpose knife for use in anti-terrorist/close-quarters battle (CQB) environments. (227 g) HISSATSU TRAINER 2907T: Natural Aluminum finish. A key part of this system is the Hissatsu based on an old Japanese design.25” (311 mm) Weight: 4. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 12. He knows cutlery as President of Bugei Trading Company. he has developed a unique and powerful approach to unarmed combatives. but is Twin-Fused™.200” (5. allowing many attachments with webbing and paracord. The handle is in a traditional Japanese pattern.200” (5. the Hissatsu is available with a black EDP blade or in Desert Tan dress with titanium nitride blade coating. made famous by the legendary Samurai warlord Takeda Shingen. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 7. Rounded Trainer Edge Blade: Length: 7.9 oz. flat package makes for easy carry with many options for placement on tactical gear. (116 g) SHEATH: Material: Zytel Overall length: 9. vertical or horizontal with the black two-piece screws provided. There are also holes and slots for carry on belts. (224 g) 2907K: Black EDP finish.6 oz.P R O Desert Sheath 2907D 2907K 2907 Sheath HISSATSU ™ The ultimate close-quarters tactical knife/sheath system for professional law enforcement and military use is available in three finishes and a trainer. provides enormous penetrating power and superior slashing capability in one blade. Specifications HISSATSU™ 2907: High Satin finish. and a nonslip Kraton® handle surface. which works with the natural motion of the body. and have removable belt clips which can be attached high or low. (227 g) 2907D: Desert Tan Titanium Nitride finish. Oyatsubo. The unique shape of the blade. even in compromised lighting conditions. the emperor node on the omote (outside/ public side) of the tuska (handle). J ames Williams.0 oz. producer of fine Samurai swords.125” (181 mm) Thickness: 0. has its origins in the ancient Samurai military systems as well as the Russian military art of Systema. To aid in law enforcement and military training. Enormous power in a light. high satin finished.25” (57 mm) Weight: 3.25” (235 mm) Width: 2. The Hissatsu’s dual grind Tanto blade is 440A stainless steel. (102 g) Available in clampacks as 2907DC and 2907KC. is a former Army officer and martial arts practitioner/instructor with over 50 years of experience. allows you to know which direction the blade is facing.125” (181 mm) Thickness: 0. James arrived at this modern version as a backup weapon for close-quarters combat. The Hissatsu is intended for use only by trained law enforcement and military tactical team professionals.

ames Williams is actively involved in teaching Military special operations and government security professionals who must at times perform their daily high-risk duties in environments which do not allow them to carry firearms or a large fixed blade knife such as the Hissatsu™.1 mm) Steel: AUS 8. As the blade is opened it locks automatically with our patented1 AutoLAWKS™ safety.808 The Hissatsu Folder is designed for penetrating ability in tactical situations. OutBurst assisted opening.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0.S. Because some operators prefer it. yielding knives that are truly ambidextrous.150” (3. 5. They asked James to design a folder with the defensive power of the Hissatsu that could be carried in a pocket or clipped under a jacket. U. On our larger models. 64 J Larger models feature our patented AutoLAWKS safety. thanks to G10 scales. and black Zytel® or G10 scales.0” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. (164 g) 1. which is important in high-stress rapid-deployment situations. If required.437.822 2.S. It offers maximum penetrating power in a compact package. textured to provide a secure grip.125” blade for easier concealed carry.808 and 7. which instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30 degrees.00” (178 mm) Weight: 3. Patent No.0” (127 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. It creates a virtual fixed blade when the LAWKS lever is actuated after the blade is opened and locked. This makes the Hissatsu Folder a virtual fixed blade instantly. The blade shape is a classical Samurai design which gives outstanding penetrating power as well as exceptional slashing performance.596. (102 g) HISSATSU™ FOLDER 2903: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge. Blade steel is AUS 8 stainless steel with nonreflective black Teflon® coating. . The CRKT Hissatsu™ and Heiho™ Folders are the result. It weighs only 3. Our smaller Hissatsu-style model has a satin-finished 3.or left-handed with a single screw. we have used our patented2 LAWKS® safety on the Heiho. These tactical folders for professionals are overbuilt to last. the OutBurst mechanism can be quickly disabled with a single setscrew. Patent Nos.875”.596. Specifications HEIHO™ FOLDER 2900: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.6 ounces. 5. Both sizes also use our stainless steel InterFrame build with stainless steel liners. U. Both sizes incorporate our patented OutBurst® assisted opening mechanism. which gives the security of a fixed blade knife. Here it is shown going through thick plywood with a single thrust. this is as much defensive security as you can find in a tactical folder. AutoLAWKS Safety Blade: Length: 3. OutBurst assisted opening. blade length is 3. and the custom Teflon®-plated stainless steel clip can be quickly and easily mounted right. one locking. safely under the legal limit in most jurisdictions.8 oz.8 mm) Steel: AUS 8. Heiho™ Folder.75” (222 mm) Weight: 5. A thumb disk allows rapid opening with either hand.875” (98 mm) Thickness: 0. LAWKS Safety Blade: Length: 3.P R O 2900 2903 HISSATSU & HEIHO FOLDERS ™ ™ Folders designed for politically sensitive environments in which professionals cannot carry either firearms or the Hissatsu™ fixed blade. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. Hissatsu™ Folder.6 oz. For those who have a need to use them. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.122” (3.

it Carson.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8. Of course.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8.808 and 7. full-size working knife with a dual grind modified Tanto-style blade. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. all with our AutoLAWKS™safety. lighter and slimmer. The ambidextrous thumb stud with checkered surface provides instant access in any circumstance. Blades are AUS 8 stainless steel. the production M16T models have been taken a step further with the addition of our exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS™ safety. The result is a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel or aluminum.4 oz.13” (181 mm) Weight: 2. 5. became famous for his titanium frame M16 customs.C. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. which form the open-build frame. Patent Nos. Precise. True to Kit’s custom design in all details.. Kit Carson still marvels at how well our production titaniums compare to his customs. and an almost indestructible frame. are CNC machined from 6AL4V titanium. K It’s a work of precision machining art in titanium that produces an almost indestructible frame. a very popular slender shape that is ideal for a variety of carry positions. 65 . the T models feature the signature “Carson Flipper” extension to the blade. the result of Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot. which automatically turns the folders into virtual fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked. One-hand opening and closing is quick and smooth.P R O M16-01T M16-13T M16-14T M16-TITANIUM ® CARSON Kit Carson’s knife that started the M16 revolution is available in three popular sizes: E.098” (2. The “Big Dog” M16®-14T is a hefty. Slim Profile.00” (102 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. The titanium frame is minimally ceramic bead-blast finished to enhance grip. The M16®-01T is similar to our Every Day Carry M16 spear point models. Premium quality. which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard. Faithful replicas.125” (79 mm) Thickness: 0. chosen for edge retention and durability. The slim profile M16®-13T has a spear point blade.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8.D.4 oz.25” (210 mm) Weight: 3. Amazing value for those who want the ultimate M16.7 oz.437. M16T models now come with the AutoLAWKS safety.822 Available in clampacks as M16-13TC and M16-14TC. making it easier to carry. This steel can handle the most rugged cutting tasks and still be field-sharpened. but in a titanium build. (162 g) * U.S.625” (117 mm) Open: Overall length: 8.118” (3. in nonreflective fine bead blast finish. which automatically makes them virtual fixed blades when opened and locked.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. It is just that much smaller. (96 g) M16®-14T: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.99” (102 mm) Thickness: 0.596. Specifications M16®-01T: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. The single 420J2 stainless steel locking liner with friction grooves provides positive locking. Smooth. with Combined Razor-Sharp and TriplePoint™ Serrated edges on the two larger sizes. (68 g) M16®-13T: Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. and Big Dog.138” (3. designer of the M16® Series.25” (235 mm) Weight: 5.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. The handles. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. Both models feature a removable Teflon-plated stainless steel clothing/gear clip.

6 mm) Steel: AUS 8. The series features our patented2 AutoLAWKS™ safety. combination Veff Serrations.S. retired Sergeant Major and Knifemakers’ Guild member Kit Carson. and four-position clip give the most folding knife possible in high-stress tactical situations. G10 scales. Now you have a choice. It immediately turns the folder into a fixed blade when the blade is opened and locked. 66 A A true hilt.7 oz. Many operators prefer G10 because of its aggressive texture. resulting in a true hilt.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. Patent No. Our production aluminum frame SFs are based on Kit Carson’s custom designs. The ambidextrous thumb studs with checkered surfaces provide instant access. but with the addition of a second Carson Flipper on top. All knives in this series are equipped with clip options that allow four-position carry on belts or webbing— tip up.S.437. The blade is similar in shape to the Carson M21. we received requests from professional knife users in the military and law enforcement for the larger “Big Dog” size with a more versatile blade shape.2 oz. Available in clampack as M21-14SFC.140” (3. and an extremely strong spine. A black titanium nitride blade coating protects against corrosion and gives a low-reflectance finish.939 2. left or right. This model features a stainless steel InterFrame build with black G10 scales. We talked to the designer of the series. and the M21™ special forces series is the result. tip down.822 The M21-14SFG blade has a deep-bellied cutting edge. We use premium blade steel on both models. we also offer this knife as the M21-14SFG with InterFrame build. Blade steel is 8Cr14MoV stainless. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. 5. The blade grind is a deepbellied spear point with a Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge on the M21-14SF model. and insulating properties in very hot and cold conditions. M21™-14SF Aluminum. In addition to the original model with InterFrame build and aluminum scales. Deep-bellied spear point blade. The safety still allows the quick and smooth onehand opening and closing that our Carson series is known for.) The M21-14SF series is a true advance in tactical locking liner folders. and our exclusive patented1 Veff™ Serrations. (176 g) 1. and is today an even better value. which provides fully automatic actuation. Specifications M21™-14SF: Aluminum Scales. Blade steel is AUS 8 stainless. . Deep-bellied spear point blade.808 and 7. hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum.P R O M21-14SFG M21-14SF M21 SPECIAL FORCES ™ CARSON Our popular special forces M21 with its deep-bellied blade is available in both aluminum and G10 InterFrame builds. U. U. with a perimeter radius.596. (Caution: These knives are not designed for tip-up in-pocket carry. 58-59 HRC Weight: 6. fter the success of our M16 Special Forces series.375” (137 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Stainless steel locking liners with friction grooves give positive locking. (162 g) M21™-14SFG: G10 Scales. with contoured handles of black.31” (236 mm) Weight: 5. AutoLAWKS safety. D559. M21™-14SFG G10. Patent Nos. Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Steel: 8Cr14MoV. light weight.

Tanto blade. the M16-SFs are “folding fixed blades. The SFG models feature our exclusive Veff Serrations for rapid cutting through cord. 58-59 HRC Weight: 6.437. (162 g) M16®-14SFG: G10 Scales. light weight.596. We now offer two true lefthand models.625” (117 mm) Open: Overall length: 8.99” (101 mm) dual grind Tanto blade and full-size handle with butt pommel. which turns the folders into virtual fixed blades automatically. Combo Veff Serrated Cutting Edge M16®-13SFGL: Left-Hand Build Blade: Steel: 8Cr14MoV. this model is similar to the M16-14SF with slightly more heft. (102 g) M16®-13SFG: G10 Scales. It is available in true left-hand build as the M16-14SFGL. They are special knives. Patent No. M16-13SFGC.50” (89 mm) dual grind Tanto blade and is ideal when weight and bulk must be kept to a minimum.0 mm) Steel: AUS 8. Tanto blade.2 oz. This model features a 3.S. and premium AUS 8 stainless steel blades. Kit’s trademark dual checkered thumb studs are standard. 58-59 HRC Weight: 4. The open build allows two Carson Flippers to be incorporated. This model is similar in features and dimensions to the M16-13SF.118” (3. Blade. It is available in true left-hand build as the M1613SFGL. Combo TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.138” (3. M16-14SFC.6 oz.S. All knives in this series are equipped with clip options that allow four-position carry on belts or webbing. M16®-13SF Slim Profile Aluminum. stainless steel liners with friction grooves. frame and hardware are nonreflective tactical black.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8. On all models. Patent Nos.25” (235 mm) Weight: 5.” Now available in true left-hand build. Again.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. M16®-14SFG Big Dog G10.0 oz. The AutoLAWKS safety lever and locking liner are reversed for lefties. (169 g) 1. Our aluminum frame SFs feature contoured scales of hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum. in your choice of aluminum InterFrame build or G10 InterFrame build. Our G10 models feature scales of black G10. Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges are standard. 5. designed by the military for special forces use.808 and 7.P R O M16-14SFG M16-13SFG M16-13SF M16-14SF M16 SPECIAL FORCES ® CARSON Special knives designed with military special forces in mind. The dual grind Tanto blades were specified because they offer maximum strength. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. and premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel blades with our Combination patented2 Veff™ Serrations.25” (113 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. rope. Combo Veff Serrated Cutting Edge M16®-14SFGL: Left-Hand Build Blade: Steel: 8Cr14MoV. T hese knives share a unique design offering a combination of Carson M16 Series features requested by military procurement specialists.939 67 . U. This is our hefty utility version. G10 is often preferred for its aggressive gripping texture. All SF models feature our exclusive patented1 AutoLAWKS™ automatic safety. and superior insulating properties. and vegetation. Specifications M16®-13SF: Aluminum Scales.25” (210 mm) Weight: 3. stainless steel liners with friction grooves. U. with a 3. M16®-14SF Big Dog Aluminum. Combined RazorSharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. Available in clampacks as M16-13SFC. M16®-13SFG Slim Profile G10. Blades receive black titanium nitride coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Two sizes are available. D559. one-hand opening and closing is quick and smooth.822 2. resulting in a true hilt– very rare in folding knives. and M16-14SFGC. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.7 oz.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. with a perimeter radius for a comfortable grip with or without gloves. (113 g) M16®-14SF: Aluminum Scales.

S. M16®-13DSFG Slim Profile G10. M16®-14DSFG Big Dog G10. resulting in a true hilt— up to now rare in folding knives.0 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. On all models.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. n the process of developing our line of Carson special forces G10 M16® and M21™ models. left or right. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. designed by the military for special forces desert use. . This view shows the DSFG stainless steel InterFrame open build with stainless steel back spacers and G10 scales. All have combined Razor-Sharp and patented1 Veff™ Serrated edges.99” (101 mm) dual grind Tanto blade and full-size handle with butt pommel. 5. M21™-14DSFG G10. This model features a 3. (113 g) M16®-14DSFG: Dual Grind Tanto Blade.140” (3. The blade is also 3.1 oz. Patent Nos. Blade and scales are nonreflective Desert Tan. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.) They are special knives.808 and 7.75” (121 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. G10 is often preferred for its aggressive gripping texture. onehand opening and closing is quick and smooth.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0.S. Desert Tan dress. Premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel blades receive titanium nitride coating for maximum corrosion resistance. This is the choice for those who prefer the M21 deep-bellied blade shape.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. which automatically turns the folders into fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked. tip down.P R O M21-14DSFG M16-14DSFG M16-13DSFG SPECIAL FORCES DESERT G10 Specifications M16®-13DSFG: Dual Grind Tanto Blade. light weight.99” (101 mm) long.120” (3.822 CARSON Our value-priced premium-quality G10 folders are an exceptional line of military knives for desert environments.25” (210 mm) Weight: 4. (167 g). This is our hefty utility version. and stainless steel liners with friction grooves. and the insulating properties which make it cooler in heat and warmer in cold than metal.9 oz. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3.939 2. Patent No. All models feature our exclusive patented2 AutoLAWKS™ safety. So here are three models with Desert Tan blade and scales.25” (235 mm) Weight: 5. U. The open build allows two Carson Flippers to be incorporated.5 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5. 68 I The DSFG series feature dual Carson Flipper hilts. It weighs 5. and the handle is the same size and shape as on the larger M16-14DSFG.25” (235 mm) Weight: 6. The open InterFrame build uses Desert Tan scales of G10. it became apparent that there was a demand for these models from coalition forces serving in desert environments. (Caution: These knives are not designed for tip-up in-pocket carry. AutoLAWKS safety and four-position clips.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Kit’s trademark dual checkered thumb studs are standard. Just like their black tactical counterparts.0 ounces.596. It weighs only 4.9 oz.437. (173 g) 1. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. All knives in this series are equipped with clip options that allow four-position carry on belts or webbing— tip up.50” (89 mm) dual grind Tanto blade and is ideal when weight and bulk must be kept to a minimum. with a 3.140” (3. D559.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. (167 g) M21™-14DSFG: Deep-bellied Spear Point Blade.0 oz. U. these knives share a unique design offering a combination of Carson SF series features requested by military procurement specialists. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.

P R O M16-14ZSF M16-13ZM M16-14D DESERT TACTICAL FOLDERS Specifications M16®-13ZM: Build: InterFrame with Zytel® Scales Color: Desert Tan with Bead-Blast Blade Blade: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Length: 3. 5. Weight is a hefty 6.138” (3. (99 g). One-hand opening and closing is quick and smooth. All models feature our exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS™ safety. tip down. All blades have Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges. The 3.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4.5 oz. (181 g). M16-14ZSFC.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. (156 g) * U. (181 g) M16®-14D: Build: 6061 T6 Aluminum Frame Color: Desert Tan Handle and Blade Blade: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Length: 3.808 and 7.25” (235 mm) Weight: 5. Blades are nonreflective bead-blast finished AUS 4 stainless steel.25” (210 mm) Weight: 3. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.5 oz. (Caution: Not designed for tip-up in-pocket carry. left or right. chosen for edge retention and durability.S. these popular Desert Tactical Folders all feature our AutoLAWKS™ safety.596. Our tactical SF models feature two Carson Flippers.25” (235 mm) Weight: 6. the result of precision tolerances and Teflon® bearings at the blade pivot. which automatically turns the folders into fixed blades when the blade is opened and locked. They blend and almost disappear in the desert.75” (121 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. and Desert Camo pattern Zytel scales.) Available in clampacks as M16-13ZMC. M16®-14ZSF Special Forces.118” (3. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.99” (101 mm) AUS 8 stainless steel blade. The contoured handles of 6061 T6 aluminum are hard anodized Desert Tan. hardware and a tool to allow four-position carry– tip up. This is an aluminum frame M16 in desert camo. This model features a 3. threaded stainless steel back spacers. resulting in a true hilt when the blade is opened. receives a highly corrosion-resistant Desert Tan nonreflective titanium nitride coating. The dual ambidextrous thumb studs with checkered surfaces provide instant access in any circumstance. and M16-14DC. on belts or webbing. allowing four-position carry on belts or webbing— tip up.99” (101 mm) Thickness: 0. The M16-14ZSF and M16-14D feature two clips. Patent Nos.138” (3.437. Please note: These knives are not designed for tip-up in-pocket carry. Our Big Dog Zytel version has a 3. and is usable in a variety of carry positions.4 oz. tip down.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. M16®-14D Desert Big Dog.5 mm) Steel: AUS 4. he service men and women of the coalition forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan require cutting tools that can stand up to the harsh demands of the desert. T M16-13ZM and 14ZSF feature special Desert Camo pattern Zytel scales on a stainless steel InterFrame.5 mm) Steel: AUS 8. extra screws and a Torx® tool. Each M16-14ZSF and M16-14D comes with two stainless steel Teflon-plated clothing/gear clips. left or right.822 69 CARSON Designed especially for coalition forces.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. . Our Carson Desert Tactical Folders have been developed specifically to blend into the desert environment. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4.4 oz.99” (101 mm) blade and full-size handle with a pommel which is exceptionally powerful in tactical situations.5 oz. M16®-13ZM Military.50” (89 mm) spear point blade and weighs only 3. It comes with a removable Teflon®-plated clothing/gear clip. (99 g) M16®-14ZSF: Build: InterFrame with Zytel Scales Color: Desert Tan with Bead-Blast Blade Blade: Combined Razor-Sharp & TriplePoint Serrated Cutting Edge Length: 3.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. Our two special M16 Zytel® models feature our super rigid InterFrame build with 420J2 stainless steel liners. It is ideal when weight and bulk must be kept to a minimum.

437. We added a tungsten carbide window breaker to the M1614ZER to make it easy to shatter car side windows in one fast impact. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. Designed for quality. (96 g) Knife: Overall length: 5.25” (235 mm) Weight: 6. We have chosen tough blade steels to withstand abuse.R.808 and 7. Specifications BEAR CLAW™ E. (176 g) * U. and given them a polished finish to resist corrosion. we think these knives are the best value available for daily duty carry. with all the trademark Kit Carson features. This mid-size M16 with spear point blade is a perennial favorite. EMT. New this year is the “Big Dog” M16. E. Patent Nos. Handles have scales of tough Zytel® in high-visibility orange. the Zytel scales can be removed with a Torx® tool so the full-tang blades can be thoroughly cleaned after use in muddy or salt water.6 oz. making it perfect for seat belt removal during emergency rescues and extrication from lines or nets in the water. This is the smaller Tanto-blade version of Kit Carson’s very popular M16 Zytel line. On the Bear Claw E. A The new M16-14ZER features a seat belt cutter on the Carson Flipper. visibility and affordability. If you’re a rescue professional.75” (121 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. we have priced them to be as affordable as possible.375” (187 mm) Weight: 3. A stainless steel pocket/gear clip and our exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS™ automatic safety are also standard. The very strong blade grind.822 Available in clampacks as M16-12ZERC and M1613ZERC.R.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4.75” (95 mm) Thickness: 0.75” (146 mm) Zytel locking sheath included.375” (60 mm) Thickness: 0. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. M16®-13Z E. Finally. highway patrol.25” (133 mm) Open: Overall length: 9. Combination Triple-Point™ Serrated edge and Carson Flipper make this a compact and versatile rescue folder. A locking Zytel sheath has slots for carry on belts or webbing. 70 . A stainless steel pocket/gear clip and our exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS™ automatic safety are standard.R.118” (3.S. and also acts as a blade guard when open..120” (3.R. KNIVES Special knives for firefighting. plus a stainless steel clip and AutoLAWKS safety.5 mm) Steel: AUS 4. Bear Claw™ E. M16®-12ZER Blade: Length: 3.R. whitewater and underwater rescue.00” (76 mm) Thickness: 0.2 oz.C. (102 g) M16®-13ZER Blade: Length: 3.R. M16®-12Z E.3 mm) Steel: AUS 4. 5. The Carson Flipper allows instant one-hand opening.2-ounce knife has a large 3.596. Automobile side windows shatter with one quick whack from the butt of the knife. The Combination Triple-Point™ Serrated edge speeds cutting through cord and vegetation.5 oz. t the request of those in the emergency services field. plus a removable stainless steel clip.75”-long Triple-Point Combination Serrated Tanto blade that is able to tackle virtually any emergency task. At the request of rescue professionals.R.4 oz.138” (3. This popular Russ Kommer design has a blunt tip and serrated edge.B. This hefty 6. and A. we have modified some of our most successful designs for these rugged applications.P R O M16-14ZER M16-12ZER 2510ER Sheath M16-13ZER 2510ER E.R.25” (210 mm) Weight: 3.0 mm) Steel: AUS 4. 2510ER: Blunt Tip and Serrated Edge Blade: Length: 2.50” (89 mm) Thickness: 0. (99 g) M16®-14ZER Blade: Length: 3. we’ve taken Kit Carson’s popular M16-14 and added a seat belt cutter to the flipper and a tungsten carbide window breaker to the butt.130” (3. M16®-14Z E.25” (108 mm) Open: Overall length: 7. 55-57 HRC Weight: 3. 55-57 HRC Closed: Handle length: 5.

We have combined our patented OutBurst® assisted opening with the patentpending1 Fire Safe® mechanism. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 3. and polished four-position stainless steel clip. The Fire Spark is the most fully featured tactical folder we have ever offered. The back spacer is relieved to allow a double lanyard loop to be cut in the stainless steel liners. which culminates in a “skull cracker” pointed tip. Frame. three-position stainless steel clip. and the LAWKS safety.121” (3. 58-59 HRC Closed: Handle length: 4. (150 g) 1. We also offer the Sport 1050. Then the blade springs open instantly for use.1 mm) Steel: 8Cr14MoV. or when wearing gloves.875” (98 mm) Thickness: 0. and features four finger choils to give optimum grip. The blade on the Fire Spark is a modified tactical spear point design with a Razor-Sharp edge. We add 6061 aluminum scales. It is the best integration of folder safety and fast access that we have ever applied to a tactical folder. including Fire Safe and OutBurst assisted opening. which effectively converts the folder into a virtual fixed blade when the LAWKS lever is pressed forward. which has a high satin blade finish. It cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward. O The OutBurst assisted opening mechanism cannot be actuated until you press the Fire Safe stud and nudge it. Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 1050K: Black Oxide Blade. which are CNC machined to receive black textured G10 inlays. We call it the Fire Spark™.63” (219 mm) Weight: 5. Black Scales. The innovative construction starts with our rigid InterFrame build with stainless steel liners. The Tactical 1050K is finished in nonreflective black oxide on blade. the blade is safely locked by the Fire Safe pin. Silver Anodized Frame.808 The butt features a lanyard loop and stainless steel back spacer ending in a pointed “skull cracker” tip.75” (121 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. The handle is a full 4. and it is also a great value.75” long to be comfortable for those with large hands. Finally. although it also makes a fine general-purpose sport and work folder for those who want to carry a large knife. high hollow grind and swedged top edge for penetration. silver anodized frames. U.S. Black Scales. Specifications FIRE SPARK™ 1050: Satin Blade. Patent pending 2. one locking. to maintain lockup in high-stress situations.3 oz. and hardware. 71 . 5. When closed. and it is primarily intended for law enforcement and military professionals. Blade steel is premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel. we’ve incorporated the patented2 LAWKS® safety. and Hardware. Patent No. there is a strong stainless steel back spacer that extends to the butt.P R O 1050 1050K FIRE SPARK ® ™ This hefty tactical design combines everything we know about folders. Two models are available. The cross section is flat enough for in-pocket carry. Finally. ® ® ur goal in producing this folder is to combine all of our recent technological advances in one heavy-duty tactical folder.596. frame.

Their Ultima™ achieves 22 out of 23 ideal contact points with its unique patent-pending handle. U.30” blade.4116 stainless steel with a black titanium nitride coating and our patented2 Veff™ Serrations. 55-57 HRC Knife: Overall length: 10. SK 5 carbon steel was chosen for its strength and hardness.S. Top Chisel Grind Blade: Length: 6.T. They give dramatically improved cutting ability on rope. (238 g) SHEATH: Material: Cordura/Zytel Overall length: 13.8 oz.30” (160 mm) Thickness: 0. the handle has a semi-hilt.S.007. and textured scales. plus four finger choils and a parrot beak at the end for maximum security. an adjustable leg strap. The Ultima’s custom black Cordura®/Zytel® sheath has an injection-molded liner. The injection-molded Zytel® scales feature an aggressive pyramid texture. Ultima™. On the Ultima. hence his interest in designing a superior fixed blade. (306 g) SHEATH: Material: Cordura/Zytel Overall length: 14.5 mm) Steel: 1. New Mexico inventor Michael Martinez. For maximum versatility.95” (125 mm) Thickness: 0.5 oz.T.939 . Specifications ELISHEWITZ F. parrot beak. The top of the blade features a four-inch-long flat grind with a chisel ground edge for heavy hacking and chopping tasks. Dual belt loops are Velcro® adjustable. The blade is black powder coated.8 mm) Steel: SK 5. These serrations are wide and angled at 60 degrees to the edge. mud and oil.S. Allen has considered every facet of the full-tang 6. designed For Those Who Serve®.S. & ULTIMA ® ™ How would you like your tactical fixed blade? We have two of the most advanced. or “ooze grooves” which channel away water. The Ultima has a 4. The custom black Cordura®/Zytel® sheath has an injection-molded liner. handle is designed for grip. The Elishewitz F. There are ample grommets with a length of 550 paracord included.370” (365 mm) Width: 3. Patent No. slicing smoothly and effortlessly. head of the design firm.7 oz.® knife/sheath system is the culmination of two years of work. there are ample grommets with a length of 550 paracord included. The blade tang is taper ground to allow the handle to swell at the palm and become narrower at the end. 7. Patent No. 72 A The F. The injection-molded black Zytel® scales feature over 70 triangular grip segments.63” (295 mm) Weight: 10. plus a slotted sheath back that can mount on MOLLE gear. The tip is a modified spear point with full width near the tip for penetrating strength.875” (73 mm) Weight: 5. each with convertible MOLLE-compatible sheaths. A lanyard hole is provided. these triangular blocks are separated by “ooze grooves” that allow water and mud to channel away from the grip.® 2060: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge.230” (5.180” (4.95” full-tang blade of 1. Group Design.4 oz.W. Likewise.S.352 2.. Inc.0” (330 mm) Width: 2.T. webbing. llen Elishewitz is a serious martial artist.S. The resulting cutting points bite instantly and dig deep upon contact. reached out to a team of medical specialists to design the ulimate ergonomic knife handle. (162 g) 1. 57-58 HRC Knife: Overall length: 11.W. strapping.039” (245 mm) Weight: 8.W. and leather.W. D559. (213 g) ULTIMA™ 2125KV: Black Ti-nitride Blade.4116. four finger choils. separated by sipes.031” (77 mm) Weight: 7.P R O Sheath 2125KV 2060 F. Two handle straps with snaps qualify the system as jump and water operation accepted. U. with a semihilt. Combined Razor-Sharp & Veff Serrated Cutting Edge Blade: Length: 4. plus a slotted sheath back that can mount on MOLLE gear. Dual belt loops are Velcro® adjustable. Horizontal grooves are placed under the fingertips for optimum feel. an adjustable leg strap. There is also a utility pocket .T.

Specifications TRIUMPH N.C. Patent No. Pat Crawford designed the Triumph N. You decide whether you need the minimal and very flat satin model 2030. Triumph N.007. (80 g) 2030CW: Black EDP Finish.™ (No-nonsense Emergency Compact Knife) for just those occasions. The Biotac™.C.K. or the grip and comfort of the cordwrapped 2030CW.C. Cord-Wrapped Handle. Users just loop the cord through the eyelets of the Triumph N. sheath and slip the Biotac harness over their shoulders or around their waist for comfort and concealability under uniforms.™ Cord Wrapped. with recurved dual-grind Tanto to aid cutting and a false top edge grind for penetrating power.K.™ 2030: Satin Finish.4 oz. or a same-side draw to a reverse grip. with either a cross draw to the forward grip. The deluxe system includes the knife with a nonreflective black EDP coating.E.™) ™ E very professional operator knows about those situations when their primary weapon cannot be used. The basic sheath has detents which grip the knife securely for inverted carry as a neck knife with a chain (not included). Simply press in the injection-molded nylon retaining clip for instant attachment or release.C. Sheath Included Blade: Length: 2. and a Biotac™ harness.E. Think of them as little insurance policies.E. The olive drab nylon paracord wrap gives excellent feel and grip. designed by Ed Van Hoy. (71 g) BIOTAC™ Length: To fit 50” (127 cm) chest Cord: Mil-Spec 550 Parachute Cord Weight: 1.E. Triumph N. whether due to surprise attack. 7. Both Triumph N. Drawing from the Biotac is lightning quick from any of six basic positions.™ Satin. (28 g) * U.5” (64 mm) Weight: 0.C. 73 .P R O Sheath with Biotac 2030CW 2030 Sheath with Clip CRAWFORD TRIUMPH N. Sheath and Biotac Included Weight: 3.C. knife in a satin finish plus a custom Kydex® sheath with a patented* quick-release belt-mounting system. O. This patented belt clip system allows instant attachment and removal from belts.K.14” thick blade used on the Crawford customs.K.5 mm) Steel: 3Cr13.0 oz.C.D.E.K. The harness is a length of mil-spec 550 paracord.352 The 2030CW comes with an olive drab cord-wrapped handle as well as a Biotac carry system. the custom Kydex sheath and belt clip described above.E.K. proximity of bystanders. Our basic system includes the Triumph N.E.5 oz.S.75” (70 mm) Thickness: 0. webbing and equipment.C. We offer two different knife/carry systems. equipment malfunction or lack of ammunition. Both combinations are exceptional values. and terminates in a fob.E. models are based on the same beefy 0.138” (3. 51-53 HRC Knife: Overall length: 6.8 oz.50” (165 mm) Weight: 2. (23 g) Weight with clip: 2.C.95” (100 mm) Width: 2. tactical vests or shirts. When all else fails. (96 g) SHEATH: Material: Kydex Overall length: 3. is a revolutionary way to carry fixed blades. you might need Pat Crawford’s Triumph™ No-nonsense Emergency Compact Knife (N. A spring-loaded locking retainer allows adjustment of the Biotac even when wearing it. In this case it is a full-tang skeletonized design.8 oz. cord-wrapped handle.K.E. The belt clip can be attached with the Chicago screws provided for vertical or horizontal carry.K.K.

A fitted Kydex® sheath is included which allows easy carry on belts or webbing.K.K.A.A. plus SRT and military entry. The heavily textured and grooved G10 scales offer an aggressive grip and allow control when wearing gloves. A twist breaker groove allows controlled breaking of automobile side windows.2 oz. made of tough 3Cr13 stainless steel. .-1 & EXTRIK-8-R ™ ames McGowan is a professional firefighter in Toronto.K.0” (254 mm) Sheath: Cordura Weight: 3. The Extrik-8-R™ is a lightweight seat belt cutter and multi-tool. Kydex Sheath.K. EMTs.5 oz. and Phillips screwdriver tip to the other end. rescue workers.96” (50 mm) Weight: 1.A.2 oz. (283 g) Knife: Overall Length: 10.A. he has designed the CRKT production M.A.A. It has a blunt chisel pry-bar tip for opening doors and windows and a Razor-Sharp knife edge suitable for heavy cutting or hacking tasks. The M.K.-1™ TACTICAL SYSTEM 2052K Includes 2050K M. Cordura Sheath. he started making “hard working knives” and joined the Canadian Knifemakers’ Guild in 1998.K.2 oz. M.-1™ (Multiple Access Knife) is a rescue and rapid entry knife.-1™ System includes the M. based on the day-to-day needs of professional firefighters.K.K.A. A reflective orange paracord lanyard is included.P R O 2051 & 2051K Sheath 2050 Sheath 2050 2050K Sheath 2050K 2051 2051K M.-1™ and Extrik-8-R™ emergency rescue tools. and a black Extrik-8-R™. Drawing from his extensive real-life fire and rescue experiences. The M.K. It is available in satin and nonreflective black Teflon® finishes.0 mm) Steel: 3Cr13. Specifications M.K. J Use the M. (147 g) EXTRIK-8-R™ 2051: Satin finish 2051K: Black Teflon finish Length: 4. police Special Response Teams. while a carbide tip butt breaker allows smashing of building windows or automotive back glass. and military operators.K. The M.0 oz.-1 with Cordura Sheath and 2051 Satin finish Extrik-8-R™ above.K.K. the M.-1™ 2050: Satin finish Blade: Length: 3. M. The M.A. and a satin finish Extrik-8-R™.A. (42 g) Sheath: Kydex Weight: 1.A.-1 2050K tool. Designed for military and police use.A.-1 2050 tool.-1 twist breaker for controlled breaking of windows or the carbide butt breaker for shattering. The satin finish M.K. An 8mm groove functions as a wrench for disconnecting GM-style side terminal batteries.A.0” (76 mm) Thickness: 0. (91 g) M.-1 2050 comes complete with a custom Cordura® sheath which will hold a shove knife and an Extrik-8-R™ tool.K. Due to his passion for the outdoors.A. James has added a simple blade screwdriver tip to one end.200” (5.17” (106 mm) Width: 1.-1 Tactical 2050K is a special model in nonreflective black Teflon® finish with a black lanyard and a custom multi-function Kydex® sheath.A.A.A. 74 ™ Indispensable rapid entry tools designed by a firefighter for emergency rescue.K. They can be removed for cleaning.A. (34 g) The Extrik-8-R quickly cuts through seat belts in one quick stroke with no risk to responder or victim. It also has a rectangular relief which is sized to be an oxygen bottle wrench.-1 gives two window-breaking options. Canada. Ontario.-1™ SYSTEM 2052 Includes 2050 M.-1™ TACTICAL 2050K: Black Teflon finish Sheath: Kydex Weight: 5.-1™ Tactical System includes the black M. It makes the perfect rescue combination for anyone responding to an emergency scene.-1 with Kydex Sheath and 2051K Black finish Extrik-8-R™ above. 51-53 HRC Weight: 10. The Extrik-8-R also has a hand-tied reflective orange paracord fob.K. It has finger holes and grip grooves allowing use even with the heaviest gloves.

In 1996 he earned a Mastersmith rating from the American Bladesmithing Society and won the B. He started making knives when one of his hunter clients brought a custom knife and dressed an entire moose without sharpening it. and we have worked closely with them to produce production versions of their custom designs.E. we have also worked with bright young industrial designers. growing up enjoying the woods and trout streams in the mountains of north Georgia. including the Hammond A. has been a commercial hunting guide since 1980.I. everything hasn’t been invented yet. He does all his own work. He says.” Jim Hammond was the first knifemaker to work with CRKT. what tools were needed and how to achieve the top fit and finish. he says: “I strive to follow form and function in the knives I design and build. who took Russ into his shop and showed him how to grind. and as we say. and has been translating his custom versions of it into CRKT production knives.R. Ontario.. travel. Crawford handle materials include wood. beginning in 1994. he makes self-defense. in 1985—when he says his background in scrimshaw and leather working fell in line with his interest in stock removal knifemaking. (Keep It Super Simple) singlesided knife series which has been widely copied. fancy pen work and special customer requests. Hammond Knives & Designs. including heat-treating. He joined the Knifemakers’ Guild in 1971. I have found knifemaking to be my calling. and also invented the L. specializing in military and collector grade tactical fighters and folders. North Dakota. both fixed blade and folders. making each aspect a celebration of style. When I was first introduced to custom knives. specializing in high-tech. has been featured in national knife.S. while maintaining the vision of a design’s purpose and application. After 37 years as an aircraft technician with Delta Airlines. Hughes as the “Father of the Modern Day Folding Knife. flair. Oregon. These are the people who make this catalog possible. No. stag horn. Georgia.” Pat Covert of American Handgunner has said. and his custom catalog shows a range of fixed blade knives.I. he founded Halligan Knives in Sharpsburg. plus the Kommer Fulcrum and ExiTool. Hughes award for Best Knife by a Mastersmith. Fighters and Boot Knives. Jim says about knife design: “Excellence. and I use it for everything I need to do around the house and work. He has also designed many knives for CRKT. rising to the level of Sergeant Major. self-defense tactical folders. photographer and extraordinary custom knifemaker and CRKT knife designer. LLC. Micarta. In recent years. got hooked and never looked back. Surf ’N Turf.C. He says. has been a member of the Knifemakers’ Guild since 1973. and we expect to continue to provide exciting new designs. He was among the first to integrate titanium into his folders.K.” Nothing reflects this approach more than the Carson Design of our M16 series.” His custom workshop is in Ridgeville. I knew I could make them as well. “Brian Tighe has risen from the rank and file of edged weapons artisans to the rarified air of the top 10 elite. Ed Halligan “Big Daddy K. “I set out to make a quality knife that would perform and be comfortable to handle. They also offer options such as file work. we are proud of our record of awards from national and international knife shows. His sense of design is extraordinary. Kentucky. He teaches bladesmithing seminars and knifemaking at the college level. ivory. and making Damascus steel for his own use in various patterns. All the time spent outdoors as a young man and the time spent around the world with the Army has strongly influenced the knives I create. shooting and general interest magazines. Pat. He began making his own line of knives in 1997.B. His designs for CRKT folders set new standards of construction for production folding knives.™ lock back safety system. which have proven to be exceptionally popular with knife enthusiasts and the general public. His company. 75 . Pat Crawford and his son Wes are recognized as leading practitioners of the bladesmith’s craft. Ron Lake is a custom knifemaker in Eugene. and was labeled by sportswriter B.” Pat and Wes designed the CRKT Triumph N. Arkansas. Hunters. He was elected to the Cutlery Hall of Fame in 1998.” He is the designer of many CRKT products. and fishing. Kit Carson of Vine Grove. He began working with noted Alaskan knifemaker John Shore. the National Knife Museum and the Randall Knife Museum. all available with a variety of exotic handles and with engraving. and would like to thank all the people who have helped me along the way!” Brian Tighe is a Canadian “Renaissance man”: tool and die maker. He is a voting member of the Knifemakers’ Guild. developer of the patented knife blade lock safety known as LAWKS®. who have given our product line an entirely different look. A Knifemakers’ Guild member since 1978. About his philosophy of knife design. Jim became a full-time knifemaker. He is the inventor of the K. not to follow fads. including the hefty Thunderbolt line and the Lake 111 lockback line.” was the second noted knifemaker to work with CRKT. The M1614M won a comparison test conducted by Germany’s Messer magazine. Kit has been an avid hunter and fisherman for over 40 years.” He is a partner with Michael Walker in Lake & Walker Bullfrog® Knives. forging. Columbia River Knife & Tool has sought out the best custom knifemakers.. He uses the stock removal method. He has made knives for 30 years and has been a full-time knifemaker since 1993. Russ Kommer of Fargo. I knew from my experience how to cut metal.B. I test my knives by carrying one every day. My reputation has been built around solid working knives. all strong and graceful statements. From the beginning. hunting knives including the Bez Tine and 2-Shot. and to skeletonize his frames and handles to reduce weight and enhance the grip of the knife. Their company. and has conducted folding knife seminars around the world. This highly successful knife series was named one of the Top 10 Factory Tactical Folders of the Decade by Blade magazine. PTS. is in Arab.S. Knives made by Ron are included in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution. His favorite pastimes when not making knives include golf. “I started making knives because I always carried one and had a passion for them. inlays. military and folding knives. He has received numerous awards. I also get a lot of feedback from customers who use my knives to make their living. function—three fundamental keys of quality I strive for in each knife. he is noted for his exquisite and prized work in many different styles for folders and fixed blades. While not every creative new design has been a big seller. Big Eddy Fillets lines. is located in West Memphis. “We won’t make dull knives.S. He is the designer of the CRKT Bear Claw.KNIFE DESIGNER PROFILES Meet the knife designers who have worked hand-in-hand with CRKT to translate their creative and innovative designs into affordable production knives. Pat says. favoring different and unique knives. and has been a full-time knifemaker since 1972. which is built for function. In addition to three-dimensional carved knives. and producing a thing of beauty that will stand the test of time. Fillet Knives. and Natural series. “The reason I make knives is for the personal satisfaction I receive in being my own boss. After graduation from Clemson University in 1977. the National Metal Museum. These are qualities that have propelled Tighe to the top. his pride of workmanship exemplary. Crawford Knives. a pioneer in the combat folder genre.R. We think it’s important that these designers are recognized and receive credit for their work.C.S. and other exotic materials which are available.S. He co-authored the book “How To Make Folding Knives” in 1988. is a retired professional soldier. Alabama. including Bowie and Camp Knives.

As a former professional runner. and produced the first commemorative pocket knife. Zilla-Tool Jr.C. James Williams is a former U.” His knives have been featured in many knife annuals and magazines. Launce Barber is dedicated to discovering great design ideas by using the most fundamental tool we all share in common– our creative minds. Blade Show 2004. he designed a unique boot knife he called the Sting.C. members of royal families..S. Inc. Best Damascus and Best Folding Knife. In 1994 he began hand-forging carbon steel blades and making basic Damascus steel. specializing in folding and fixed blade Damascus designs. started the first knife mail order business. With his classical art background. He began making knives part-time in 1993 for local sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciated high-performance tools and handmade craftsmanship. Knife World and The American Blade.. Russell has been deeply involved in the knife industry for over forty years.. He designed and produced the first linerless pocket knife with all-plastic handles in 1970. Most Innovative Import Design of the Year (Blade Magazine 2003).G.W. he specializes in large-scale bronze casting. Ed Van Hoy has been making custom knives since 1975. Russell List of Knives for Immediate Delivery. Allen is the designer of many successful models for CRKT.T. Gorman. SHOT Show’s Best (Army Times 2007). including the Elishewitz F. Li’l Guppie.” Michael Martinez and his father Baltazar E. My passion for my work is stronger and more alive than it has ever been. and 2008 Blade Show Accessory of the Year. Michael’s work is in private and corporate collections internationally. In the early 1970s.I.D. and the Hissatsu and Heiho Folders.G. Army officer with over fifty years of experience in numerous martial arts and combatives disciplines. Launce and Tom’s design collaborations and vision brought life to the I. Allen Elishewitz is a world-renowned custom knifemaker. He is internationally known as a trainer of special operations units. He is the designer of the popular Hisshou and Hissatsu Fixed Blades. A former student of R. TwoTimer. and Best Collaboration. a tactical edged weapon training organization. For CRKT production knives his awards include: Overall Knife of the Year. 2008 IWA International Knife Award.G. Import Knife of the Year. producer of fine Samurai swords. he arranged the first collaboration between a knifemaker and knife manufacturer.D. Tom has been instrumental in conceptualizing. and 360 Degrees LLC. His work has been featured in many magazine articles and front covers as well as several museum-quality books. He also designed the Gekkota Pocket and Gekkota Golf tools. His home and studio are in Abingdon. wide-ranging design firms. Best Buy of the Year (Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair 2007). including Blade and Knives Illustrated. His mailing list was used to found the first two knife magazines. he introduced the A. Ohio Valley Knife Show 2005.S. Oregon Knife Collectors Association. a small knife intended for hunting and personal defense. including the Guppie.. but rather to offer the best alternative possible when circumstances demand other options. low-light tactics. His designs display a rare combination of artistic form and function. He has always enjoyed a design challenge and has been involved in many creative and interesting design projects including NASA wind tunnel research. Montana. he still runs 16 miles a day. now Blade. A. Guild Show 2002. His knives have received awards including Best Art Knife and Best of Show. Zilla-Tool.A.S. He is also a student of the martial arts and is an active club boxer.KNIFE DESIGNER PROFILES Barry Gallagher is a custom knifemaker whose workshop is in Lewistown. combined with his background in the martial arts and as a Recon Marine. Ed is designer of recent CRKT award winners. His father Baltazar was a mechanical engineer working on classified nuclear system design for the defense department for more than 30 years. “My tastes. In 1968. Martinez have invented a number of products including the patent-pending Ultima fixed blade. was the first member of the Knife Digest Cutlery Hall of Fame. His early interests in knives. He received a degree in the art of metal engraving from Montgomery Community College. Ed is a member of the North Carolina Knifemakers’ Guild and a voting member of the American Knifemakers’ Guild. a unique approach to unarmed combatives based on the ancient samurai system of close-quarters combat. A.I. Most High Tech Design–S. Collectors of his work include heads of state. A registered engineer. Michael is a noted sculptor in Albuquerque. American Bladesmith Society and Knifemakers’ Guild where he served on the Board of Directors. New Mexico.C.G. the Snap Lock side-opening folder and the K. He has received too many awards to list. In 1975. He is the designer of successful CRKT designs including the Glide Lock.G. designing. Blade Show 2005. founded The Knife Collectors Club™. Tom Stokes. 76 . members of elite special forces units and serious enthusiasts of fine craftsmanship.. he taught mathematics for engineering design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of New Mexico. Nothing is compromised in the making of any of my knives—nothing. plus the Biotac carry system. and in 1995 he became a full-time knifemaker. government agencies. Product design is not static even after the product hits the store shelves–it’s dynamic. James states that the goal with the Hissatsu Folder “was not to replace the fixed blade knife. Blade Show. and firearms. He says. His work has been awarded numerous prizes throughout his career. In 1987. Works line with Launce Barber. self-defense. Works line. France 2002. Virginia. Most Innovative Knife–Guild Show 2004. His focus is to produce innovative and creative design by discovering elegant new solutions for old problems. Paris. tactical fixed blade and our Tao tactical pens. and has missed workouts only 16 days in the last 35 years. Over the years he has been a member of the Italian Knifemakers’ Guild. led him to become one of the premier tactical knifemakers. He knows cutlery as President of Bugei Trading Company. this self-taught artist has designed a wide range of innovative knife models as well as luxurious pens and watches. and Outside the Box. Inc. James is an expert in both ancient and modern martial arts. He feels that it’s very important to partner with individuals and companies that are leaders in their industry and understand and share his long-term vision for a product.S. He is President of Group Design. Best Fantasy Knife. Texas. Tom Stokes is an experienced product designer and mechanical engineer from the University of Virginia who has worked in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. and law enforcement organizations. Launce and his long-time engineering and design partner. Most Innovative Import Knife of the Year. PKA Show. and engineering the tools seen in the CRKT I. Russell Most Innovative Folding Knife. whose studio is in Canyon Lake. Best in Show (SHOT Show 2003). and Get-A-Way Driver. Russell™ One Hand Knife™ which was one of the first production knives to use a blade thumbstud for one-hand opening. the new Shinbu Fixed Blade. he founded the first “after market” for knives. He has developed The System of Strategy. was a founding member of the Knifemakers’ Guild. Tom has been involved in the knife and tool industry for over ten years and is experienced in the use of high-end CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and rapid prototyping technology. have won numerous awards for product design including the prestigious international iF Product Design Award Silver 2004. Blade Show 2007. talent and technique have continuously evolved since the first knife I made. including the A. the A. The CRKT factories continue to be amazed at his mastery of computer aided design when we deliver his final computer files for prototyping and manufacturing. both foreign and domestic. James teaches combatives.

The limitations of factory knives became evident. Amour. learning mostly from Internet forums. became the youngest knife designer in this catalog. I read every book and magazine I could find on knives and knifemaking. He is the designer of the CRKT Neckolas.G. and feel naked without one. Nolen. which the company makes in many sizes and styles. locking Damascus folders. In my personal experience. In the past few years that has evolved into successful limited production collaborations with a number of makers incorporating his functional knife design philosophy and an eye for simple. at which he was awarded the 2006 Best New Maker credits. The three years I spent with Bob was like getting a degree in knifemaking. practical and beautiful blade design. This led to my passion which is creating my own handmade knives. Jon started making kit knives on a table with basic tools in 1994. and has done work for other knife makers. His philosophy is that a cutting tool should be comfortable to use and efficient for the task at hand. In 2006. Arkansas. He started making knives when he was 15. along with fighters. Doug’s aim is to maximize functionality and minimize all else. “I rely on knives daily. which to the casual observer seem to be the work of a designer with decades of experience. is an avid outdoorsman and Toronto Firefighter. who he says “was very generous and helped advance my knifemaking skills. Jon discovered handmade knives in a magazine and knew that was something he wanted to do.” as he puts it. The son of an Army First Sergeant. Terry developed a fascination with edged objects. and I began collecting custom-made knives. and got interested in folder designs with flippers. 77 . He has concentrated on mostly flipper designs and perfecting the mechanism because of their ambidextrous one-handed opening characteristics and ease of use. I also offer filework and exotic handle materials. He is the designer of the CRKT Ashworth Turtle series. and incorporate some truly innovative locking mechanisms. Because he was always intrigued with cutting edges. Tennessee. He is designer of the CRKT Razel and Folding Razel. He has been hooked ever since.” In the late ’80s while stationed at Aviaono AB Italy. Inc. During that time.” Doug Ritter is an internationally acknowledged authority on survival equipment. This has had an influence on how I shape my handles and design my knives. This proved a valuable experience when I later worked for A. fishing and camping. he traveled extensively and always sought out knife shops wherever his father was stationed. Terry received his formal knife making training in the shop of R. “everything you need. building on his experience as a diesel technician. and at a young age he was taught the importance of a good knife. My interest in knives has been lifelong.” Jon Graham of Cleveland. I have adopted the idea that form must follow function in a knife. he established Veff Sharpening Service in Oregon City. both making and using knives. Terry Renner is an artist and mechanical designer who previously designed and constructed tooling and fixtures for the bicycle industry for thirty years. and constantly strives to improve his designs and skills.” Gerry transitioned from mostly fixed blades to folders in about a year. After getting out of the Air Force and settling into a job. My specialties are turtle folders with mosaic turtle Damascus. He regularly attends the Blade Show.” He has a vivid. sweeping. and I’d love to see that notion return as a part of our values and traditions.K. James is the designer of the CRKT M. equipped. McGowan Knives. His reputation for producing a very high polished. “I sold my first custom knife in 1993.D. it was natural for him to improve on pre-existing designs. creative imagination and a flair for incorporating organic and animal forms into his custom art knives with names such as “Pocket Goblin” and “One Arm Bandit. surgically sharp convex edge has led to his customer base extending throughout the United States. Premonition. Shrimp. particularly with folders. Graham Knives specializes in utility tactical designs with an emphasis on E. He is the current President of the Florida Knifemakers’ Association. Georgia. He says. In my experience as a Registered Nurse and ER trauma nurse for 13 years I have learned a lot about anatomy. Canada.” In his shop. “At the age of seven I got my first knife. Learning from veteran knife makers such as Murray St.” Boyd’s folding turtle knife won backto-back “Best Miniature Folder” awards at the Blade Show in 2001 and 2002. My first taste of real knifemaking started with sweeping the floor in Bob Dozier’s shop. Doug doesn’t claim to be a knifemaker. and haven’t been without one since. In 1989. The demands by friends and colleagues for my custom designed knives grew and through their encouragement I began offering my products to the public in 1998 as a member of the Canadian Knifemakers’ Guild. he went to full-time maker status with the creation of his company. hunters and gents. Gerry McGinnis is a business student at North Carolina State University. “I grew up with a knife in my pocket (age 6). Gerry placed 2nd in the 2008 Custom Knives and Guns Knifemaker Buildoff in the folder category and has been mentioned several times in Blade Magazine as a new maker to watch. he entered the meat industry and was a journeyman meat cutter and meat department manager for 20 years. He says. but he is not shy about promoting the practical design features that he prefers to see in a functional survival tool. curvy shapes. James McGowan of Toronto. Tired of making other people’s designs. but his favorite knife line is the custom Razel with dual edges. Summa. As a young man.Tom Veff developed a love of knives at an early age. The compact RSK Mk5 is his first CRKT collaboration and the first to be distributed widely through normal knife sales channels. Terry’s knife designs feature fast. who. nothing you don’t™. He says.-1 and Extrik-8-R. and Notorious. Oregon. ergonomic handles and thinly ground blades. He found that he had a natural ability to put an edge on all types of cutting tools. My knives are characterized by simple clean lines. My mission is to provide high-quality products for people who demand hard working knives. was born to a father who had an appreciation for knives. in 1999 Jon asked his brother Josh to go in on some equipment and learn how to make knives by stock removal. He says. This led him to design Veff Serrations. During my youth as an Eagle Scout going hunting.D. Tom Krein is a full-time knifemaker with a shop in Gentry. TR Blades. I enjoy forging my own Damascus steel.A. He founded and publishes the renowned Equipped To Survive web site (www. but it wasn’t until 1994 that I successfully completed my first knife. Gerry is the designer of the Tuition. I developed an appreciation for an expertly crafted knife. at age 20. He met Alan Folts. He is a Journeymansmith with The American Bladesmith Society. and built up his equipment from hand tools to power tools. J. which have proven to be the most efficient and effective serrations available to date and are used exclusively by CRKT. ergonomics and how the body works. He decided to incorporate some of his own ideas and began designing knives that were task specific.C. I developed my own formula for producing durable and aesthetically pleasing knives which can endure extreme conditions. Roger Toner and George Tichbourne. Russell in their custom shop. he specializes in fixed blades using handle materials from the practical to the exotic. Much of my knifemaking education has come from the Mastersmith’s teaching at the annual Jim Batson Blade Symposium. and a spare-time preoccupation with fabricating new and different locking mechanisms for folding knives. Ontario. and we hope to find other outlets for Doug’s specialized expertise. Twelve knives later I knew this was an occupation I wanted to and is Chairman of the nonprofit Equipped To Survive Foundation. fixed blade pocket knives. Columbia River Knife & Tool is extremely happy to have an expert on personal and outdoor survival on board. He is also an accomplished wildlife carver. “By the time I was a teenager I knew I wanted to make my own knives. Boyd Ashworth is a custom knifemaker whose workshop is located in Powder Springs.

influenced by the guys from Korth Cutlery. Doing collaborations has helped me bring out my ideas. swords and art collectibles. including Allen Elishewitz. “iF”. Alan is adamant about teaching and passing on the skills of custom knifemaking to others. The SpareTool originated through my interest in gadgets. winning “Best of Show” and honorable mentions. because I know that most people do not want to have to oil and wipe down their blade each time they use it. and appropriate technology. I wanted to build a side-opening knife that was simple. gadgetry. my life was influenced by blades. I began working in the autobody industry and owned several businesses before retiring. is a custom knife and hand tool designer with many products to his credit. We are delighted to have him as part of the CRKT design team. About ten years ago I started reading books on how to build folders. Howard Viele. Oregon. fun and easy to use. He has been designing knives and combination hand tools since 1979. Alan specializes in both limited production small fixed blades and one-of-a-kind fixed blades and linerlock folders. mainly the Japanese style swords and knives. Ken is the designer of the successful CRKT Ripple and Eros folder series which incorporate the IKBS ball-bearing pivot system. creating a new product class. He is best known for small carriable blades. Liong Mah is a designer working in New York City. plus leather sheaths to fit each one. such as the CRKT Folts Minimalist. During his college career he entered knives in Art Shows. market and establish my name as a custom maker. Smith. He also makes custom neck knives. Col. Frank served on the Board of Directors of the Knifemakers’ Guild for 20 years. I was also very inspired by Ed Halligan and the simplicity and elegance of his knife designs. He also teaches classes in design. and was affectionately known as the “Godfather of the Guild. Hawaii. He has extensive experience in designing and engineering products and manufacturing technology for the outdoor industry. permaculture. a costly and time consuming method.“Since I was a kid. Product Design Award and two Blade Magazine Awards. Alan has been teaching knife enthusiasts and assisting other makers with their craft for many years. I prefer blade and handle materials that are low maintenance. safeties.S. where I am still an avid hunter and fisherman. He was also awarded a scholarship based on his artistic/design abilities. Edward Baca. Frank Centofante.This helped me understand the anatomy of a folding knife. passed away in September. I have been very lucky to work with some of the best makers in the industry. Ken was inducted into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008 and is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful knife designers of our time. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. to create a knife that is safe. He holds more than 36 patents on locks.KNIFE DESIGNER PROFILES Alan Folts of Greenville. He received numerous awards both nationally and internationally and was granted a U. pioneering our CRKT venture into knife safety and education. and Jim Whers. where I learned the basics of metallurgy. I have always been a perfectionist and would not offer a product to anyone unless it met my approval. knifemaking and business in his home state of Hawaii. have proper ergodynamics. International Multitool of the Year twice. completely unique in its form and function. He was also a member of the Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai.” Ken Onion is a custom knifemaker and designer who lives and works in Kaneohe. versatile. where we were stationed during my teens. He says. functional and beautiful. it is also a passion and an obsession. serving as Vice President for three years and President for eight years. He is the designer of the NIRK Lock mechanism on the new NIRK Novo and the NIRK-Tighe knives. North Carolina. has been making knives since 1992. and a sleek and often futuristic design. and this was the idea behind the Hole In One. In my adolescence I started to work on my father’s shop. He has been making custom knives since 1991 and invented the first commercially successful assisted opening mechanism in 1996. kitchen knives. Jeremy Marsh. His knife and tool designs have resulted in over 22 patents. In 1986 I started my Mechanical Technician course. Glenn was a Captain in the U..S. safe. and designs. I decided to try my hand at knifemaking and discovered I had a ‘feel for the steel. “Much of my knife making inspiration has come from Nature. Ken has a wide variety of other product designs to his credit and in the works. My father always encouraged me. He was a co-author of the book “How To Make Folding Knives” and an immaculate craftsman. has designed a wooden knife for kids called Nathan’s Knife. which is the only award voted on by members of the Knifemakers’ Guild. Albert Einstein said to make things as simple as you can and no simpler. I make it as if it was for myself. one of the pioneers of the custom knife movement. I began designing and making folders and straight knives by hand. I like to blend old styles with modern materials. I traveled most of my life. In Wyoming. John W. I learned to enjoy the outdoors and the challenge of hunting and fishing. 2009. who both were very generous with their time and knowledge. Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm where he led a detachment of 100 Marines. He is a prize-winning sculptor. Phil Boguszewski. Flavio Ikoma is a Brazilian knife designer who says. “As the son of an Air Force Lt. and conducts classes on knife technology around the world. I incorporated several tools into one slim and trim tool that is easily accessible and useful. “As a kid my uncle would give me pocket knives and I would see what I could change to improve the design. My books would have knife drawings in them instead of school work.” He is designer of the popular CRKT Eat’N Tool. I started to make knives professionally for the Brazilian market in 1993.” Glenn Klecker is an award-winning knife and tool designer who lives in Silverton. and have received numerous awards. Oregon. Every time I make a knife. yet very practical. Raleigh Tabor says. Alan won “Best Fixed Blade” at the 10th Annual Southeastern Custom Knife Show. His other interests include building custom bicycles. My first knives were made of bamboo. for which he received the Navy Achievement medal for Superior Service. He was inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame and was a recipient of the Knifemakers’ Guild Red Watson Memorial Friendship Award. He began making knives in 1969. He has collaborated on production designs with a number of prominent manufacturers. I learned how to use AutoCAD and that has really helped me to create my designs. In 2003 Duane Weikum helped me promote my knives in the U. In 2002 I invented IKBS along with the guys of Korth. Tom Hitchcock of Talent. Alan joined the North Carolina Custom Knifemakers’ Guild.’ As time went on I felt I had come upon a challenge I could actually enjoy. Patent for Folding Knife With Secondary Locking Mechanism. including the prestigious IWA. mechanisms. Making knives for me is not only a job I like. When my father retired in the ’70s we moved back to our home state of Georgia. where I had access to new tools and materials. I soon found that by word of mouth it had turned into a success. and a professional inventor. This bearing system eliminates blade play and makes for a very smooth and fast action. As enjoyable as my hobby was. Upon moving to North Carolina in 1995. but the only way to ensure the quality my customers demand and deserve. Brad Southard and Keith Edick. too soon to see his CRKT Tribute lockback line become a production reality. that both function well. In addition to cutlery. and along with his son Nathan.” We look forward to seeing more Tom Hitchcock designs in the future.” 78 . My mentors in learning about the knifemaking industry include Matt Conable. He is also an expert marksman in both rifle and pistol.S.

Minimalist. Usually they break or fail from what we call “tool abuse”—using them for unsuitable tasks like prying or pounding. Glide Lock. Hisshou.E. Remember that the colors and textures in this catalog are as close as modern reproduction processes permit. and inexpensive. we’ll replace the knife. including L. Columbia River Knife & Tool Z000. For simplicity. Shinbu. LAWKS. Bear Claw. K. For Those Who Serve. and in natural materials such as leather. models with serrations will weigh a fraction of an ounce less. Zytel®. CRKT LIMITED FLUX COMPONENT WARRANTY. GoNerd. Guppie. Big Eddy. Fulcrum. Kraton® and Cordura® are trademarks of DuPont. The Natural. Triple-Point. Under shoulder carry with underarm retention.S. CRKT accessories. Inspired Design Works.B. I. uses nylon cord and a locking slider to place a knife in almost any inverted carry position desired. NIRK. 2-Shot. It is simple. consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. OutBurst. horn and wood. M. Coverage ends if you sell or otherwise transfer the knife to someone else. Therefore.D. AutoLAWKS. Crossover. we create more options and choices for the buyer. Specifications BIOTAC™ BIOTAC: Length: To fit 50” (127 cm) chest Cord: Mil-Spec 550 Parachute Cord Weight: 1. CAUTION: Flux carabiners are non-weight-bearing. M. Teflon®. which could result in injury to you or damage to the knife. Blade lengths in this catalog are measured according to 2006 American Knife and Tool Institute guidelines.WARRANTY SPECIFICATIONS. Heiho.. in layered Micarta and Web: www.T. in our swirled CPL scales. Extrik-8-R. systems and flash drives. The electronic portion of CRKT products. Hissatsu. 2. Bio neck carry with underarm retention. SpareTool.A.crkt. Biotac. so this exclusion or limitation may not apply to The Columbia River Knife & Tool name. (Exceptions are the A. Premonition. Carry options include 1. Ignitor. OR 97062 USA Tel: 503/685-5015 Toll free: 1-800-891-3100 Fax: 503/682-9680 E-mail: info@crkt. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase. designed by noted custom knifemaker and inventor Ed Van Hoy. Fire Safe.I. This warranty does not cover breakage or failure due to misuse of the knife. 4. F.S. but variations occur in finishing processes such as anodizing and titanium nitride coating. This warranty runs as long as you own your knife.T. is covered by a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. Lake 111. As we use more premium materials.0 oz. Micarta® is a trademark of Westinghouse.W. Failure to properly maintain your knife also may cause its mechanisms to not function properly.C. GoWork.Works. Pazoda. BIOTAC ™ This lightweight Ed Van Hoy fixed-blade carry system allows maximum flexibility. Vertex. Creative. The system works comfortably with open or concealed carry. Snap Lock. CRKT Flux components are covered by a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. Small of back carry with dual shoulder cords. P. M4.S. Eros. (28 g) Columbia River Knife & Tool® 18348 SW 126th Place Tualatin.. Fire Spark. and IKBS are trademarks of Columbia River Knife & Tool or their licensees.D. M16. Misuse of your knife can cause serious injury or even death. The knife will last longer. Centofante Tribute.Tuition. Slide Sharp. including deployment systems. Zilla-Tool Jr. Get-A-Way Driver.K. It is designed for carry of fixed-blade knives of all sizes which have a positive locking sheath with a detent or snap to securely hold the knife in place. Follow the do’s and don’ts which are included in your CRKT knife package and the knife will last longer and you’ll be safer too. Gekkota.E. left or right. Brow Tine.S.S. Kydex® is a trademark of Kleerdex Company. GoPlay.. Knives as good as ours rarely break or fail because of a defect.. Veff Serrations. Summa. Waist carry. © Copyright 2010. Tao.C. Turtle. Delegate. Thunderbolt.. Specifications on CRKT products are subject to change without notice. 5. L. lightweight. It can also cause your knife to break or fail and the CRKT limited lifetime warranty will not apply. Blunt Tip and M. Veff Sharp. Flux. Also. blade tip breakage is not covered by our warranty. Sting. Writing and design: Rick Campbell. Edgie.. Razel. Notorious. Surf ’N Turf. CRKT ACCESSORY WARRANTY. Ultima. RSK Mk5. Dogfish. Zilla-Tool. Triumph N. Ripple. fully adjustable for length.K. or if your CRKT knife is modified in any way.K. T he Biotac™ fixed-blade carry system. we give the weight of models with a Razor-Sharp edge.-1 models. Neckolas. When Seconds Matter.K. Li’l Guppie. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. M21. P.U.-1.. CRKT Logo. If one of our knives ever breaks or fails because of material or manufacturing defect. Printed on recycled paper. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages. 12/10 79 . and you’ll be safer too.. Use of a knife for any purpose other than cutting voids the warranty. ExiTool.) So please match the tool to the task.A. Bio neck carry with halter retention. This warranty does not cover failure of mechanisms due to your failure to properly maintain them. Shrimp. and is adjustable to handle small to very large fixed blades. CRKT LIMITED LIFETIME KNIFE WARRANTY. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover loss of removable parts. Principal photography: Rose Studios. Obviously. 3. and 6. Two-Timer. and use your knife only for cutting. such as those typically made of Zytel® or Kydex®. so visit your local CRKT retailer and view actual products under natural lighting conditions to ensure complete satisfaction. Do not use as a climbing aid.K. Standard carry around the neck. My Tighe. Hole In One.B.C. and sharpeners have a one-year limited warranty against defects in material or manufacturing. CRKT LIMITED ELECTRONICS WARRANTY. Lift Off. Bez Tine.E. Eat’N Tool.

org and www. or it can be sanded. stained. We especially recommend the American Knife & Tool Institute’s free downloads on knife education and selection. Specifications NATHAN’S KNIFE KIT 1032: Softwood Unassembled Model of a Lockback Folder Blade: Length: 3. sealed. painted and decorated as desired. knives can be used in destructive and evil ways. with the fundamentals of knife safety and responsibility. (51 g) AGE: Recommended for children age seven and older.SPORT NATHAN’S KNIFE KIT Here’s a softwood model kit designed to teach knife construction and safety fundamentals to the next generation of knife and join each of these excellent organizations.8 oz. Depending on the skill of the 80 . seven years of age and older. Nathan’s Knife functions like a real lockback when assembled. in today’s culture. It never occurred to us that our knives could be weapons. and that we were duty bound to use it responsibly. came up with this idea for a pre-cut. painted and decorated as desired. Sadly. Many of us at CRKT were part of the great tradition of responsible knife ownership and education. Not only is it an easy first woodworking project.25” (83 mm) Closed: Handle length: 4. We expect to receive many digital photographs.akti. Despite Americans’ clear Constitutional right to bear arms. easily assembled softwood knife kit. lenn Klecker’s Web: www. Columbia River Knife & Tool® 18348 SW 126th Place Tualatin. the knife can be assembled from the bag by press fit.625” (117 mm) Open: Overall length: 8. G The bamboo spring and wooden locking bar are precision cut and can be easily assembled by press fit. Nathan. We encourage all parents to continue this tradition of responsible knife ownership. and we’ll post them on our Facebook page.00” (203 mm) Weight: 1. so we never used our knives to threaten or harm anyone. For more information. So can a baseball bat. we named it Nathan’s Knife Kit in his honor. Of course. we recommend that you visit www. and comes with complete instructions and knife safety education tips. in the hands of the wrong people. But that is not inherent in what has been called man’s earliest and most useful tool. It can be glued. but it is an excellent way to acquaint children. knives continue to be regulated and treated as evil by some. knives have been demonized. OR 97062 USA Tel: 503/685-5015 Toll free: 1-800-891-3100 Fax: 503/682-9680 E-mail: info@crkt.kniferights.crkt. and we certainly would have been severely disciplined by our parents and had our knives taken away if we did. We learned that it was an honor to carry a knife. Naturally. The kit is slightly oversized for easy assembly by young hands. glued. and Nathan’s Kit is an excellent first step.

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