To Mr. Rajesh Vishvakarma Class Teacher- XII A St. Aloysius Sen. Sec. School.

11th Feb, 12.

Respected Sir Subject: Enquiry about my BATCH no with accordance to the board roll nos. Sir I beg to state that my board roll no is 1673229 which is not in sequence with the class roll nos. Technically my board roll no should be after Nandini but according to my knowledge it is after Prateek Pandey, So Sir Sharad had asked me to request you beforehand to avoid any confusions on the practical day of physics and chemistry. Henceforth I request you to please confirm my batch no to this army personnel according to my board roll no. So I can prepare accordingly. Thanking you.

Yours obediently Nipun Dawar Class- XII A Class Roll no- 121023.

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