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English-Gypsy Songs

English-Gypsy Songs

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Published by Neill Henderson
Charles leland 1875
Charles leland 1875

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Published by: Neill Henderson on Feb 13, 2012
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" Under the hedge at my ease I'll stay,

Singing so jolly the livelong day.

My horse is a Rommany, just like me,

He's stealing the farmer's oats, you see.

Cheer up, brother, never sorrow !

Luck will come again to-morrow.


If you care for nothing, you needn't doubt

But luck will come by and will find you out


For jolly good luck, as you well may see,

Is a friend to the regular Rommany.

Cheer up, brother, never sorrow,

Luck will come again to-morrow."

Janet Tuckey.

The incident here described is substantially the same as one

narrated by an old Gipsy in Surrey as having occurred to

liiinself. In justice to the old man, it should be admitted that

the theft of the donkey and horse is a poetic fiction.


Yeck dlvvus pirdum me trin-desh meeya sar mlro

puro Pirengro, pari chumbor te hdvya, dickin E6m-

mani kair

aprc puri chiruses. Kennadoi yuv sikkerdas m(ingy

a tan adru o char, kai a Gorgio te well dick chi-

chi, ilwer odoi yuv sikkerdas mengy sikko, kai yuv's

pal o kako beshede alay, sasti beshya kenna. Sa mendui

ghiom pash 'Ginny Pdnni, te pari o Stans Chumbei',

te Staines, kai a waver kushto pdl o mdndy kairdas a

boro kuraben apre ye prasterin o 'ye grya, te so vioni

an k6ni, kcti niTro Boro Kitchema, nAwo Giv-Puvior,

'pre Borgav, te yuv rlkkerdas mlro chukko. Awer .sa

sig mendui pirressa, ghiom amande agal buti kusi kitche-

mor, talla jfdlin adr(i, for mlro chukko boricd paslicr a

bar, sa dennc miro rikkcrin-mu.sh kanidas kcnnadci

a cutter o levinor. Kennasig apru yo nak o' tlic

liivvu.-^, miro puro pdl aiikairdas ta niizzcr to mujtr

lis adr6 Icster shorro, te mdndy IcUcdum a drum o'

dellin lescro a pash kordnna. Te sa yuv so6 a kcllin

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