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State roads now ruled by one more Ghost
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December 31, 2011 DC Kochi

rolls royce

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Business tycoon Ravi Pillai owns three Ghost.15. Dr Nayar¶s Ghost is 20. Dr GPC Nayar.G.5 feet long and 2. as Kerala gets its second Rolls Royce Ghost on road. among which one runs on Kerala roads. He has also paid Rs 24. ³I am happy to be the owner of a Rolls Royce.25 feet wide. ³I¶m not much of a fan of fancy numbers.7 crore. Though.600 as road tax for 15 years and Rs 3.P. In a show of economic prowess. The latest to join the Rolls Royce family in god¶s own country is the chairman of SCMS group of educational institutions. Dr Nayar is not the first person to own a Rolls Royce Ghost in Kerala. Dr Nayar is not ready to book for a fancy number. However. His other Ghosts are in Dubai and Mumbai. it will be used by its chairman Dr Nayar. has applied for the Kerala registration number.C Nayar with his Rolls Royce Ghost in Kochi.´ he said.39. who bought a Rolls Royce Ghost EWB. Despite spending so much on the car. The dark indigo coloured beauty was brought from United Kingdom last week. . shelling out a whopping Rs 4. yet another Malayali has bought a beauty on wheel.´ said Dr Nayar. which has a temporary Maharashtra registration now. The car. the car was bought by Prathap Foundation for Education and Training.960 as insurance fee for one year.