Oldstyle Serif or

Based on the hand lettering of scribes, these fonts look very familiar and because of this they are unobtrusive. a.)Stress (letter changes weight) is diagonal. b.)Lowercase serifs have a slant. c.)Transistions are moderate. d.)The most readable font. The serifs lead your eye and help to identify the individual letters. It is the best for body copy (large amounts of text ex. a books main info) e.)Minion/Times/Goudy/Garamond/New York

Modern Serif or
Slab Serif or

1700 type became more modern looking=machine like. a.)Stress is vertical. b.)Lowercase serifs are very thin and horizontal. c.)Transistion (thick/thin) are extreme. d.)Not suitable for body copy because extreme tranisition dissapear when small. Good for Display/Heading=titles.

(also called Clarendon or Egyption) Reaction to the extreme transistions of modern fonts. a.)No stress or very moderate (vertical). b.)Lowercase serifs horizontal. c.)Transistion (if there are any) very moderate. d.)Suitable for body copy. Sometimes called schoolbook because this font was associated with childrens books. Readable in body but makes a “darker page” because the type/font is heavier.

e.)New Century Schoolbook/Courier/Officina Serif