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Krafts February 2012 Newsletter

January flew by and now it is suddenly February. Thanks to all of you for coming and helping with Pioneer Day. It is always a fun event. February continues our sound of the week program with the letters V, F, and X, plus a special Dr. Seuss week! X will be the first time that we will focus on finding words that end in the letter sound. The children are doing an excellent job of word building and putting sound units together. There are so many parts of building phonetic awareness. They are having a blast! We are full steam ahead on individual workjob cards, and the children are really getting into it. Remember children must complete the entire card before reaching in the treasure bag. This delayed gratification is a hard concept for some of our students! Valentine Parties will be Tuesday February 14th from 10:15 to 11 and 2:15 to 3:00. CAP will deliver the Valentine treats that were ordered to our room to go home at the end of class time. Children may bring valentines for their classmates to school beginning on Monday, February 13th. to drop in to the special valentine sacks we will be making. I will send home a class list the children can copy names from if theyd like to. If this is too difficult for your child, do not make an issue of it. Leave the cards unaddressed, and they can slip one into each sack. (They should be able to sign their own names now to each card if the cards are not too small.) On a developmental note, some of the preschool teachers are beginning to hear the common phrase youre not my friend or you cant come to my house, to my partyetc. (even though actual birthdays are months away) We expect this but continue to emphasize that kind words for our friends is a life skill. Please reinforce this at home to make good choices in playmates, words, and actions. This is a training ground for them to use in older grades and relationships. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Kraft