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Published by: Nicole Liu on Feb 13, 2012
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E-Shopping Corporation inserts Fiesta Mall, Inc.'s trademark as a Meta tag in E-Shopping's Web site's key-words field without Fiesta's permission in a manner that suggests Fiesta authorized the use. This is a. copyright infringement. b. patent infringement. c. trademark infringement. [Using trademark of other company (without permission) in the metatag and when it confuse customers, is a case of trademark infringement.) (Stim, 2010, p.444). d. no infringement. Ross e-mails Super Snowboard Company's marketing campaign to Winter Sports Corporation, Super's competitor, without its permission. This is a. copyright infringement. b. patent infringement. c. trademark infringement. d. a theft of trade secrets. [Trade secrets are ay information which has commercial value and must be maintained in confidence i.e. not known to the competitors (Stim, 2010, p.528). Further, marketing campaign of the company belongs to information that is related to trade secrets. So this act, is a theft of trade secrets.. Omar sends Nell an e-mail ad touting software that will cloak its user in "the anonymity of the Internet." Nell pays Omar for the software, which is never delivered to her. This is online a. auction fraud. b. puffery. c. retail fraud. [As online retail fraud are the one where consumer pays directly i.e. without bidding; for the item that are never delivered.] (Miller and Jentz, 2009, p.181). d. frustration but not fraud.

(2009). and trademark. copyright. Eleventh Edition.Law 2 References Miller LeRoy Roger and Jentz. Stim Richard. Ninth Edition. A Gaylord. Inc. USA: Cengage Learning. (2010). . Patent. USA: Delta Printing Solutions. Business Law Today: The Essentials.

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