Weekly Plan

Monday 2/13/12 8:30-9:00AM Breakfast 11:30-12:00PM Lunch
Chex oranges 1% milk PBJ on wheat pretzels string cheese strawberries blueberries 1% milk Crackers apples 1% milk Painting

Tuesday 2/14/12
Cheerios pineapple 1% milk Heart pancakes eggs bacon pineapple apples 1% milk Watermelon hearts heart crackers 1% milk V-day project

Wednesday 2/15/12
Oatmeal apples 1% milk

Thursday 2/16/12
Cheerios apples 1% milk

Friday 2/17/12
Toast oranges 1% milk Refried beans rice cheese fruit salad 1% milk

Heart macaroni Chicken tortellini soup & cheese quesadillas sugar snap peas oranges fruit salad 1% milk apples 1% milk pineapple goldfish 1% milk Clay Graham crackers apples 1% milk Glue guns

3:00-3:15PM Snack

Ritz crackers apples 1% milk Collage


Fine Motor/ Manipulatives Science/ Sensory table

Perler beads

Cereal necklaces Cutting practice

Cereal necklaces

Perler beads

Chocolate playdough/ Valentine's sensory bin (all week) Typewriter

Pink Flubber

Baking soda and vinegar mixing

Pink Flubber

My Place project

Literacy/ Writing

Name Hunt

Movable alphabet

Pretend restaurant


Note: This Friday is Parents' Night Out. For those children signed up, you can pick up at 8:30 pm. Also, send pajamas if your child would like to change into them.

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