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Alaska Map

Name________________________ You will follow the instructions below to create a detailed map of Alaska. Color it neatly, using the elevation key as a guide. Follow the directions in the order given to make it easier.
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Add title: Alaska Using your atlas label the latitude lines 55N, 60N, 65N, Arctic Circle and 70N in pencil onto the map. When completed correctly, outline with a sharpie/marker. Make a compass rose, and elevation chart (map), and a map key. On your key show the symbol for the capital city, smaller cities, and rivers Then label with pencil, final copy with sharpie/marker: a. Russia b. Canada c. Juneau d. Anchorage e. Nome f. Fairbanks g. The Alaskan range h. The Brooks range i. Gulf of Alaska j. Bering sea k. Bering Strait l. Yukon river m. Kuskokwim river n. Seward Peninsula o. Alaska Peninsula p. Aleutian Islands Choose colors for your elevation chart and color your map like the physical map in your atlas. Use colored pencils, markers only for highlighting/labeling. Be sure to label and color Russia & Canada in a neutral (buff) color.





Number Iditarod race checkpoints on map and put names for each checkpoint for this year¶s race.