SUPPORT A HEARING FOR HB1714 The Repeal of Common Core State Standards from SB2033

Common Core State Standards must be repealed because they will:
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limit CHOICE in learning by narrowing curricula from prescribed standards prevent parent, school board and legislative ACCESS to state education standards, prevent parents, teachers and administrators from benchmarking their students over states promote ‘fuzzy math’ and standards that are not testable, and cost state tax payers unknown thousands of dollars to implement implement a NATIONAL curriculum against federal law

Resolutions against the Common Core State Standards have been advanced by
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the National Federation of Republican Women (unanimous approval) and, the American Legislative Exchange Council* (ALEC) Closing the Door on Innovation (a conglomeration of national education leaders and policy writers) National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) passed a resolution against Common Core in 2010 but are officially neutral on adoption

*Awaiting approval by the Board of Directors after receiving a $376,63 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, underwriters and contributors to the Common Core State Standards Initiative Think Tanks and Policy Organizations Against Common Core      Heritage Foundation Friedman Foundation Goldwater Institute
Truth in American Education

American Principles Project

CATO Institute Conservative Teachers of America Hoover Institute Eagle Forum Pioneer Institute

States Not Adopting Common Core State Standards Initiative Alaska Minnesota Texas Nebraska Virginia

States Who Are Attempting - or Have Attempted - To Push Back the CCSSI New Hampshire Indiana Alabama Wyoming Indiana

Restore Oklahoma Public Education Jenni White, President 405.473.8801