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Lab Template Bio

Lab Template Bio

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Published by: Oz Nur on Feb 14, 2012
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Name: Date: Research Question: Hypothesis: If, then, because Experimental Design Diagram: IV: Levels of the IV Repeated Trials DV: Controlled


Raw Data Table: Table 1: Descriptive Title

Processed Data Table(s): Table 2: Descriptive Title

Table 3: Descriptive Title

Table 4: Descriptive Title

Equation(s) and Sample Calculation(s):

. and a legend. if necessary. y Errors/limitations list any/all sources of error EXPLAIN how they possibly affected the data. Make sure you understand what type of graph to use.Figure 1: Descriptive Title Your graph should show the PURPOSE of the lab and you should NEVER graph all of the individual trials. Make sure you include all labels. study guide. y Improvements how to fix EACH error you described. Textbook. y Restate the hypothesis and explain results (Why?) support/refute hypothesis CANNOT PROVE ANYTHING. titles. Increasing the number of trials is understood and does not need to be mentioned. notes you must cite your references. y Attempt to explain the biological significance. Conclusion/Evaluation/Discussion: y Restate the purpose of the experiment.

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